Best Online Clothing Stores for Women

Best Online Clothing Stores for Women: Online shopping is as common in this world as people breathing. Be it men or women, guys or girls and kids or adults, everyone like this ease of shopping. Now you would not have to get your car keys and head to a mall for doing window shopping. Just relax in your room and scroll through the choices online.

In this section we have specially handpicked some amazing online clothing stores for women only. Sorry guys, you would have to wait for some time!

Well, these women’s clothing online stores have a huge collection of trendy and latest clothes that any woman would like to wear. Everything related to clothes like size, price, and fabric is sorted on these stores as they are one of the best online clothing stores for women.

This is just like shopping in the retail stores. These women’s clothing stores online give you a full representation of how the clothes would look on you and you can also read reviews about them too. This is just like buying grocery, you just need to pick the right one and without any hassle it will be delivered to you in no time.

10+ Best Online Clothing Stores for Women

Online Clothing Stores for Women

If you are ready to donate some time of yours then ladies, we have this ultimate list of different online clothing stores for women listed for you. These stores are highly admired and sought after in terms of quality, price and looks. I am sure you would not regret spending your valuable time and money in one of these best online women’s clothing stores.

1). Zara


Want to know what is the morning ritual of most of the ladies? Well, it is waking up and hogging into the online store of Zara to see the latest trends and discount section. This is like their very own newspapers for fashion and it is true indeed.

Among all the online clothing stores for women, Zara stands out and depicts the true fashion goals. You can download its app for android as well as iOS devices too.

This is a Spanish based brand and most famous for well-crafted pants and classy outer wears. Shopping from Zara is like the most stressful part, because you cannot decide which outfit should be left out as they are all super pretty.

2). COS (Collection of Styles)


No, we are not talking about Trigonometry here. This is about the math of fashion and style and COS seems to be leading in it. Among all these online clothing stores for women, COS is the one every woman can look for.

As if H&M was not enough to ruin our pocket money and savings that they came up with COS to spoil us more. This is like showering women with the latest trends and fashion items. In fact, apart from clothing they take care of your footwear and accessory needs too.

Since its launch in 2007, COS has become an everyday necessity for women around the world. They have the best of the well-tailored clothes and chic dresses in their kitty. This is one of those online clothing stores for women, they can’t stop drooling over for.

3). The RealReal


If you were thinking you have had enough of these online clothing stores for women, then “The RealReal” came midway to spoil you even more. This store is famous for selling the pre-owned designer outfits from brands like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc.

This is like the heaven specially designed for women to explore all the designer brands and that too on affordable prices. Once you start going through their collection there is no way to step back and you would surely end up buying something.

The RealReal is one of the leading online clothing stores for women operating in United States and deliver the shipments to the entire world. The RealReal is surely going to become your next destination for shopping from now on.

4). Forever 21


Forever 21 is like the love of most of the women and this love is surely trustworthy. Forever 21 has been operating from a great time and has acquired so many customers since then. Particularly if you are looking for something chic and stylish then this is one of those perfect online clothing stores for women which are like match made in heaven.

Forever 21 is the 5th largest retail store in the entire US and also the favorite destination of young girls and ladies to go for shopping to. This is one of the most ideal place to look for, when you are planning to buy some affordable yet stylish stuff.

Apart from having quirky fashion items, they also have a wide range of footwear and exclusive accessories for the women too.

5). Styles for Less


Styles for Less is one of the hottest destination if we are talking about the list of online clothing stores for women. It has been 20 years and they have reached to 160 stores and some amazing styles. They also have these exciting offers running throughout to attract more and more customers each day.

Their name says it all about themselves. They try to provide clothing for such an affordable price that you would not be able to say no to them at all.

They also give free shipping on every order which is more than $50. They not only stick to the skinny girls, but offer special clothing lines for plus size women too. Among all the online clothing stores for women listed here, they are really amazing.

6). Necessary Clothing


On the road of being a style chic, necessary clothing is like the perfect support that you need. This is one of the leading online clothing stores for women which is operating in NYC and offering the stuff which is the desire of every woman.

It started as a boutique in 1995 and then expanded more to become the fastest growing online store in NYC. It ships across the world with different terms and conditions.

In their styles, they have some solid clothing items and different accessories too. They have different categories like New, the $7.99 shop and many others. This bifurcation eases the way you can shop with them. With flexible return policies they are becoming the favorites of many women.

7). Clothing Under 10


Just when you thought how much this fashion game can grow, online clothing stores for women like clothingunder10 came to your rescue. As the name says it all, this is basically a discount shopping where everything that you want is worth less than $10.

However, you can get stuff worth more than $10 but they are also quite affordable and fashionable too. This is like the match made in heaven for all those shopaholic women out there.

Unfortunately they currently they only ship within US only. However, if you want to get your orders shipped outside the country then you would have to contact them for it. This is surely a place to go, when you want to buy something on discount.

8). Rue 21


Another one in our list of online clothing stores for women is Rue 21. This is a really versatile store and most importantly the clothes are really affordable and cute too. As far as quality is concerned, this store does not let you have any issues regarding it.

You can actually shop amazing clothes in a range of about $10-$20. Headquarter of this store is in Pittsburg and they have more than 1100 stores in 48 different stores.

From swimwear to latest dresses and tops, they have what a girl wants in her wardrobe. If you are a woman who is looking for quality product in less price then this store can be the perfect match for you.

9). Deb


The real struggle of shopping understands the girl who is plus size and she usually does not get what she wants. But this is one of those online clothing stores for women which is trying hard to break all the stereotypes in this era.

You just name the piece of clothing and they have it all with them. From swimwear, intimates to denims and dresses, they have wonderful collection for the plus size women.

It is so good to see clothing stores like these which are working beyond mainstream to style people, other stores do not even think about. If you are a plus size woman, then it is the time to show off your curves with confidence and deb.

10). Aritzia


Another one in our list of online clothing stores for women is the very renowned Aritzia. The store actually hails from Vancouver, Canada. It was started by Brian Hill in 1984. And after getting so old, this store is keeps on growing with each passing day.

Their idea is simple which is to offer some of the best clothes to women and their customer seems to like that.

They supply to their customer across the entire globe with exceptional quality and amazing looks. Their return policies are also simple and you can return any item within 30 days. Amongst the collection for women, you can have tops, blouses, shirts, dresses, denims and various other outfits at reasonable and affordable prices.

11). ASOS


For all those women who feel young in their heart, this is just the right destination for you for all your shopping problems. It’s time to give a makeover to your wardrobe with one of the most suitable online clothing stores for women, ASOS.

This is not only an ordinary store from where you can shop, but an entire fashion community instead. Apart from buying latest outfits, you can also get to know about changing trends and fashion content here.

They ship to every possible destination in the world, and hence this increases their popularity. With the amazing discount offers and more than 80,000 brands to offer, this site is no less than a treasure for all women. Ladies, it is the time that you reveal your cool side with ASOS.

12). GAP


Like there could have been anything better than GAP in the life of all women and girls out there. Not only women, but this brand is equally loved by all men too. You know what is the best part about GAP? Well, it does not judge women on the basis of color, age, situation and needs. It just provide perfect clothing for all.

From regular clothing line to maternity fits, GAP has got everything covered for all the women in the world. It has stores in various countries and it provides shipping worldwide.

One of the most famous and renowned online clothing stores for women, GAP is the ultimate solution to every single type of clothing needs of a woman.

13). Banana Republic


If people could form a nation of clothing then its name would have been Banana Republic for sure. So, next time you feel like shopping then go Banana ladies! This is basically owned by Gap Inc. but their collection are really different.

Among a huge collection of clothes, they always have some discount offers running on their site. Isn’t it just perfect for the women who are looking for the best online clothing stores for women?

Not only the latest trend, but they also keep you hooked to them by displaying what they are about to launch. This keeps you updates with your fashion game. Check out their collections and you would not be able to resist yourself from buying one or two.

14). Ralph Lauren


If you are a woman who have not heard of Ralph Lauren yet, then girl you really need to do some research on your fashion skills immediately. This is one of those most sought after online clothing stores for women who is like the god of fashion industry.

Of course the prices are quite high and very little stuff is something that normally women can afford. However, you can find something really amazing in the SALE section on at least 70% discount offer.

Amongst the best collection, you can try out the famous Polo t-shirts and their work wear is also recommendable. You would surely love shopping here but beware because you might get addicted to it.

15). Buckle


If you are someone who is looking for affordable clothing items with minimum to medium pricing then Buckle is just perfect for you. Not only clothing but it is also a retailer in footwear and accessories too for both men and women.

This is basically an American brand and it has over 450 stores in 44 different states. It has stores in different countries as well. Buckle feature different brands like Oakley, Nixon, American Fighter, Rock Revival etc.

This is one of the best online clothing stores for women features in this list and if you have time then you must visit your nearby Buckle shop once. You can find different dresses, tops, bottoms and other fashion items in their collection.

16). Lord and Taylor


Lord and Taylor is a famous name in the world of online clothing stores for women. It was launched in 1826 and since then it has not left any stone unturned to set up its unmatchable reputation in the fashion industry.

They just do not manufacture clothes, but some timeless classic pieces which would not look old or dull even after 100 of years. Their quality and style is surely a goal for other fashion brands.

Lord and Taylor presents thousands of brands to the customer and to name a few, there are Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Their motto is simple, they want Lord and Taylor to become your favorite store.

17). Boohoo


Starting from the small area of Manchester, Boohoo has become quite a name in the industry of online clothing stores for women. This is like the fashion directory that every woman must own.

If you would open the women section in this online clothing store, then it would open as if you are looking on an endless list of fashion items. This store is no less than a wonder for the fashionistas out there looking for a wardrobe makeover.

From sexy dresses to cool tops, maternity wear to hot lingerie world, they have what every woman want in her closet. Check out the SALE section and get ready to amaze because what you will see is no less than a miracle.

18). Revolve Clothing


Another one in our fiesta of online clothing stores for women is Revolve Clothing. It was started in 2003 by 2 friends and now revolve clothing is a company of over 600 employees. They serve more than 500 brands for women and men clothing like Free People, Mara Hoffman, Marc Jacobs, and Parker etc.

They are setting new trends in the fashion industry. You can follow them on different social networking sites and get to witness their amazing creations out there too.

You can find some serious fashion goals at some really low prices. However, not all items are in your budget but if you would give it a try then you would not be disappointed with their service.

19). Urban Outfitters


Making their presence felt in the international fashion market, Urban Outfitters is giving some tough competition to the other online clothing stores for women. At Urban Outfitters they offer thousands of brands like Adidas, Beholder, and Glamorous etc.

They ship almost everywhere internationally. They also offer free shipping on returns inside continental US. They have some really cute collection of dresses and rompers.

Apart from dresses, they offer tops, bottoms, swimwear, accessories, shoes, vintage items, intimates etc. This can be your favorite go to destination for shopping anytime soon. They have a SALE section where you can check out some amazing stuff at a discount rate.



SSENSE is a perfect example of how music and fashion can be blended together and make an excellent outcome. It was launched in 2003 and since then it has not looked back. This is a perfect destination and online clothing stores for women available for luxury shopping.

It started from Montreal, Canada and now has reached to an outstanding position in the fashion world. It features different brands like Wang, Ambush, Kuho, Land of Women and many more on their site.

However, this is a not so affordable store for the ladies out there but the quality is promised and it is never compromised. If you want to buy some regular stuff of clothing then this would not be suitable for you.

21). Free People


Apart from being one of the most popular online clothing stores for women, this is also a live fashion fiesta for the all the fashion lover women in the world. It has stores in different countries. This store basically operates in US but ships world-wide.

If you are a woman who has a special love for bohemian fashion then this is just the perfect idea for you to browse through the collection of this online store.

This store is actually affordable and provides you chic Boho prints that are way different than the regular stuff.


I hope you must have heard about many of these online clothing stores for women earlier and some names are new as well. But what matters is the kind of product they are selling online. They are exclusive, they are new and most importantly they are affordable.

You can be rest assured in terms of delivery and other clauses like return policy and refunds etc. Each online clothing stores for women has different refund and return policy but they are flexible enough for customers.

I hope you would like shopping out there in these stores. With their mesmerizing collection, there is no way to escape from their enchanting fashion displays.

Have a happy shopping ladies!

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