Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning: If you’re a tattoo lover you probably know about the Cherry Blossom Tattoo that is in trend these days among both men and women in different styles. This cherry blossom is also known as the Sakura tree that is an origin of Eastern culture that means the China and the Japan.

This article is about Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning. If you are curious to know the meaning of Cherry Blossom Tattoo, this article is for you.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo does not only look gorgeous but it also has its importance and a meaning. The cherry blossom tattoo meaning contains the Japanese warriors as you all know the Samurai. These Samurais have the power to slice all the body parts in just a blink.

Not just Samurai, but there were people called Bushido which love peace and nobility. So apparently the cherry blossom tattoo meaning defines a highly noble man that includes respect and honor and the warrior characteristics. This tattoo defines both Samurai and Bushido.

The cherry tree is known for its strongness and hardness which is same as the Samurai but the blossoms are really delicate just like Bushido, so people having these types of things justify the cherry blossom tattoo meaning.

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Cherry Blossom Tattoo for Men and Women

The cherry blossom tattoo can be preferred by both men and women and so the cherry blossom tattoo meaning. Only style and structure of the tree differs but the tree remains the same to make this symbol’s tattoo suited for all genders all personalities.

Generally, women love to get the Sakura tree drawn on their bodies but with some easy tweaking, men are also getting attracted to it as the cherry blossom tattoo meaning is really unique.

This is how the cherry blossom or Sakura tree tattoo can be done for both genders to adopt the cherry blossom tattoo meaning:

  • Women always prefer some girlish things in their tattoos; cherry blossom tattoo also follows the same trend. Women love to get their blossom tattoo with a mixture of some hearts and butterflies or even stars.
  • Men, who want the cherry blossom tattoo, prefer to edit it to make it masculine to match up with their personality. So they get it done by having some symbols as fire or skull.
  • Any gender can make it done by combining different quotes and sayings that suit their personality in different colors.

Best Body Places for Sakura Tree Tattoo

This is the biggest decision to get the right body place and this depends on different tattoo designs. You have to find a perfect place before going to the tattoo parlor to have the Cherry blossom tattoo along with the cherry blossom tattoo meaning.

This is basically a tree, so it has flowers designs and that takes a big space for sure. So you have to choose a part that can have this large tattoo easily without compromising the space.

The Sakura tree can be done diagonally as this is the right way to get it and you can choose a place like the upper back, the back ribs, the wrist, the lower leg or the neck, but upper back is the coolest play to have this tattoo.

You can also have it on your arm where it will be showing when you wear half sleeves; wrists are good for a smaller version of this tattoo.

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Choose your Cherry Blossom Tattoo wisely

You would wonder but there are different types of cherry blossom tattoos and you can choose the best among them. Everyone prefer these tattoos with different tree designs, one of the most common cherry blossom trees is in Japan named as Somei Yoshino. This tree consist a largely white blossom while pink is only a hint on the petals.

These cherry blossom tattoos are different but having the same cherry blossom tattoo meaning.

Other than having white cherry blossom there are also designs that include pink mostly and white only on the petals. These pinkish blossom tattoos are most common as more people prefer these, especially women prefer pink only.

If you are really planning to get the cherry blossom tattoo, you must find the design that suits you the most. As your skin tones matter and it helps you to decide the right kind of color and combination for your tattoo.

People having pale skin go for a more pink design tattoo and tanned or olive skin can go for paler pink or the tree having more white flowers.

You should decide for the number of branches also as this decides the density of the tattoo. A fine number of branches will be good with flowers along. The rest depends on your personal taste.

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Types of Cherry Blossom Tattoos

1). Chinese Cherry Blossom Tattoos

There are two countries- China and Japan that are the origin of the cherry blossom tree. When it comes to China, the tree serves as a symbol of love; in Chinese culture, it also defines the sexual and dominating things.

So having this Chinese design will include the cherry blossom tattoo meaning according to the Chinese cherry blossom tree. The tree stands for empowerment or sexual freedom so you can get the Chinese cherry blossom tattoo inked to celebrates the meaning.

If you already have a Chinese culture tattoo then you can blend the cherry blossom in the same place to get a unique and complimentary look.

A Chinese cherry blossom looks always best on your forearm, bicep or having in the side parts. On these parts, the branches and flower are more noticeable.

2). Buddhist Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

The cherry blossom is as famous in Buddha history. Accredit to the Buddhist beliefs; the cherry blossom tree is a way to enlightenment.

It is a reminder for them that life is short and sweet and you should share its sweetness just like the cherry blossom. So those who are Buddhist believers can have the tattoo to get the cherry blossom tattoo meaning.

To get flowers along with tree represents the wisdom according to Buddhism. So if you really practice Buddhism and have a great sense of his religion you must go for the cherry blossom tattoo and celebrate the meaning of this Cherry blossom tattoo as a gift of life.

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This was all about the meaning of cherry blossom tree tattoo; I hope you liked learning the history and meaning of the cherry blossom according to different countries.

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