How to Make Lipstick: 5 Easy Ways

This article is going to be a real fun if you are looking for how to make lipstick at home or by your own because you simply don’t want to use those artificial lipsticks containing numerous chemicals.

Women just love lipstick more than any cosmetic in their makeup kit, but most of them don’t want to apply those filthy chemicals all over your lips that make the lips looking attractive but with lots of disadvantages.

So you can now learn how to make a lipstick that is powerful, beautiful looking and has its own benefits and not like those market made colorful chemicals.

I’m sure you women and girls are going to love my methods and the easiness on how to make lipstick because these homemade lipsticks will surely give you a fresh and natural, look with best feminine highlights.

Also, I’ll explain you to make the different shades in easier ways so that you are not going to buy any chemicals gin at huge prices but make your own one in a cost-effective way. I’ll also explain how to fill those lipstick tubes and small spaces.

Benefits of Making Your Own Lipstick

Before learning how to make lipstick, I’m going to tell you some real benefits of making your own lipstick at home. These are the reasons that most women find it easier to make lipstick with their own hands other than purchasing them.

1). Keep Away Yourself From Harmful Ingredients

All ladies want stunning and juicy lips but not on the cost of applying harmful and fake ingredients. You won’t know that your lipstick really stings you every day until you face horrible lips and think what is wrong with my branded lipsticks.

When you buy lipsticks, do you read all the ingredients used in it? I don’t think that anyone reads those out; you all just take it and give your money and who knows that the written ingredients are real or not?

So there are several harmful ingredients used in those lipsticks that you are not aware of and that can really harm your beauty and make your face with allergic reactions.

So after learning how to make lipstick, start filling all your cosmetic tubes with your own ingredients, and there are zero chances that they will hurt your beauty in any way.

2). Save Your Money

It’s the universal truth that you give money more than that small lipstick deserves and all because of heavy brands that are not as good as you think.

So when you learn how to make lipstick, then you end it with very low money that you won’t even notice and there would be no regrets but happiness that you have the talent to make your incredible lipstick and saved your valuable money.

Sometimes you find really natural and good lipsticks in the drugstores but they miss several beautiful shades that you can find in those branded chemicals.  But when you make these at home, you simply make a natural lipstick in the shade you want.

3). These Are Great Gifts

Who is that lady friend of yours that is not going to love a lipstick you gift her? Well, no one because women are huge lipstick lovers and when you gift that special homemade one, your friends will surely going to love it.

Just make it in her favorite shade and gift her on her special day or any occasions like Birthdays, friends days etc.

4). Make Yourself Creative

Not only you get a natural lipstick tube but also you make yourself creative and if you make a masterpiece, people will really praise you and even you can sell them at your own small lipstick store.

Also, when you learn how to make lipstick, this allows you to create your signature shade that no one is going to find you in any store.

5). Customize According To Your Needs

Women not only prefer different shades but they categorize these lipsticks in warm and cool colors. These both categories go with different dressings and allow you look accordingly.

Now you know the benefits of making lipstick at home. Let’s move to the main section.

How to Make Lipstick

Below are the 5 easy ways to make homemade lipstick. Explore all methods and use what you found easy to make lipstick at home.

1). How to Make Lipstick Using Natural Materials

How to Make Lipstick Using Natural Materials

So Very firstly, I’m going to tell you the method of how to make lipstick using natural materials.

  • You need to have approx. 5 ml of beeswax that can be found at any craft store.
  • 5 ml of Shea butter or you can have almond butter; the butter works as a smoother for your lips.
  • 1 teaspoon almond oil or extra virgin olive oil that is also approx. 5 ml.

So in the process of how to make lipstick, these things help you create a smooth and natural base that is always beneficial for your lips.

These ingredients are totally safe for your skin and also you can add colors of your choice.

Adding Colors to Your Lipstick:

  • To create red shades, you need to use a pinch of beetroot powder or 1 you can also use red food coloring that is chemical free. You don’t have to use all at once, just add these gradually to achieve the desired shade.
  • To create darker shades like tan or dark brown, use cocoa powder in your base or you can also go with turmeric to achieve the desired shade.
  • To add a matte texture in your lipstick you can add bentonite clay in your base if you don’t prefer applying glossy one on your lips.
  • You can also add one or two drops of any essential oil for scent.

Steps to Follow:

  • I hope that you are ready with your base of beeswax, butter or coconut oil. Now if you are using a microwave then take a microwave-safe container.
  • Put this lipstick base in that container and heat it for 30-seconds or so until you feel the ingredients are melted Don’t forget to stir them to make sure they’re well mixed.
  • If you’re not using the microwave then simply start the stove, put a container full of water and take your base in a separate cleaner. Now put your lipstick base container in that big container that is full of water.
  • When the water evaporates, the base starts melting itself, you just need to stir it properly and make sure that the vase is well-melted.
  • After getting the base melted, start using your natural powder for color purposes like beetroot powder, cocoa, and bentonite clay (for matte look). You can also use some drops of essential oil for scent purpose.
  • After mixing your own choice of natural colors and oils, continue stirring the mixture. You can continue mixing these natural substances until you get your desired shade.
  • Now you are satisfied with the lipstick color and it’s time to fill this mixture to use it well. So have a lipstick tube or any small lip balm container and be ready to fill the mixture up.
  • Now keep it aside on room temperature o you can even freeze it for best and faster result and then you can use it regularly as your own At this stage you will surely thank this article for how to make lipstick at home.

2). How to Make Lipstick Using Eyeshadows

How to Make Lipstick Using Eyeshadows

After getting done with how to make lipstick using natural ingredients, you can also learn your favorite shade of lipstick using eyeshadow that you no longer use or an old one that you don’t consider using. Also, take care that the eyeshadow is not expired or at least it’s not older than two years.

You can have your eyeshadow in loose form or a gel eyeshadow, both works best for you can buy your favorite one from stores. Get your favorite shade of eyeshadow that you want to convert into a lipstick in a bowl and start mashing it to form an even and soft looking powder.

If you want to create a shimmering lipstick, you have to use an eyeshadow that contains shimmer or a sparkling eyeshadow to complete the shimmering effect.

Eyeshadows are normally cheap in price and they can be found in just any shades, so using these will really be easier for you to create interesting lipstick colors. You can use dark eyeshadows like green, blue, purple, red and others as well to create a unique looking lipstick color.

Eyeshadows are not always safe for your lips if they contain high chemical as ferric ferrocyanide and chromium oxides. So only use the eyeshadows that contain safe oxides.

Steps to Follow:

  • Take your preferred eyeshadow and Vaseline of 1 tbsp. or petroleum jelly and put this mixture in a bowl. If it is a microwave that you’re using for melting purposes then place this in and wait for this mixture to melt.
  • When it looks melted enough then you’re good to go, now take it outside and just stir it to complete the mixing process properly.
  • If you want to add a darker shade/hue, you can choose to add more powder of that eyeshadow and continue mixing it until you get your proper shade. The more you mix the eyeshadow the darker color you get.
  • If you want to achieve a lip-balm like look that is glossier than add lease amount of eyeshadow with petroleum jelly and if you don’t have the jelly then replace it with your chapstick.
  • Now pour this mixture into an old chapstick container or any tube to use it comfortably.

This was the entry process on how to make lipstick Using Eyeshadow, now let’s head to the crayons.

3). How to Make Lipstick Using Crayons

How to Make Lipstick Using Crayons

Everyone has a box full of crayons and if you don’t, then you can easily buy one as they cost very little. The crayons lipsticks are also every easy to make a beautiful lipstick in all colors.  You can use an unused broken crayon and put the favorite on as your lipstick shade.

If you want to fill up a lipstick tube then you would need a full long crayon, as the crayon already contain the wax so it’s is always smooth on your lips.

Choose a brand that contains natural elements and start making your own lipstick using those children’s crayons you want to know how to make lipstick using crayons.

Also, crayons don’t have any type of smell, so you can add your favorite one to put up a nice smell.

Steps to Follow:

  • Use a microwave or the double boiler, now take a container as always and pour your favorite crayon in it by unwrapping it using a blade or anything.
  • Always remember to use a double boiler because wax melts and evaporates quickly and you would end with nothing in the container. So take your elements in the container above the double boiler and then starts melting it on the dim heat.
  • If you don’t have a double boiler, don’t worry because you can make your own For this, take two saucepans, a large and a smaller. Fill the large saucepan with some water and then put it on the medium flame.
  • Take the smaller pan that contains all the mixture of crayon some oil like olive oil, almond or coconut oil and set it over the large saucepan as like floating on the water.  You can add fragrance by putting a few drops of essential oil such as rose, lavender or peppermint.
  • Now, by the help of the heat, the water gets hot and then starts evaporating process. Through the heat, the materials of the smallest pan start melting.  You just continue staring it to mix it well and when it is fully melted just take it off and now you know how to make lipstick using crayons.
  • The mixture is ready and as a final step you need to pour this into any container like tubes, a small box or any cosmetics pot. Just take the container carefully as it is hot and you can spill the whole mixture. So handle it with care and freeze it until it gets totally.
  • Just start this as your lipstick and make your lips soften without any chemical issues throughout the year.

4). How to Make Lipstick Using Old Lipsticks

How to Make Lipstick Using Old Lipsticks

For this little project, you will need several lipsticks of just any size and color that you don’t use anymore. These colors can vary like pink, purple, orange and other older shades.

To fill up these lipsticks you need some tubes that can hold this hot melted mixture well.  To do that precisely, you need to make some extra tubes so the mixture can get frozen and later you put them into the real lipsticks tubes.

You can use a cardboard sheet, plastic wrapping, some tapes, and scissors to create these cardboard and plastic wrapping tubes and later tape them all except the tube’s mouth.

Fill the mixture, freeze it and cut the whole cardboard tube and transfer this frozen stick into the real lipsticks tubes.

Steps to Follow:

Now you have learned how to make lipstick tubes using above-mentioned materials, it’s time to learn the process of making the lipstick’s mixture using your old lipstick shades.

  • You would need several lipsticks that you no longer use, now collect the mall and put it in the container either in the microwave or on the double boiler and just stir them continuously until you find a perfect blend.
  • If you’re using the microwave you have to take out the container in every 5- 10 seconds to stir the material well, so it’s always easy to make a lipstick in a double boiler as stirring gets easy.
  • With the lipsticks, you need to have 1 tbsp of beeswax or Vaseline if you are using a 10 cm of lipstick so that you can get the perfect moisture while applying it on your lips.
  • When the mixture seems perfectly melted, you just take it off the flame and pour the mixture into your old lipstick tubes or you can buy these lipstick containers from any cosmetic store online or offline.
  • If you don’t use a freeze to hard the mixture, you can allow it to cool to room temperature until it gets hard like a lipstick you buy from any store. Now enjoy your newly made lipstick that is all natural and harmless.

5). How to Make Lipstick using Berries

How to Make Lipstick using Berries

If you are not a big fan of lipstick with a matte look and you want to have your glossy one to have shinier and soft lips then this method of making a glossy lipstick is just for you.

You will surely look fresh all day by applying this glossier lipstick, so here is the list of required ingredients to finish with the glossy effect:

  • Some of your favorite berries
  • Olive coconut oil or just aloe Vera gel
  • Petroleum jelly

Steps to Follow:

If you are ready to produce a magnificent lip stain using berries then remember that different berries leave different colors. So choose one that you find the most attractive as per your choices.

  • Now take these berries like blueberries, raspberries or just strawberries and de-seed them all, don’t forget to wash them.
  • You can either choose one single or berry or a combination of different berries. You just need to smash them or put them in the microwave until they form a paste texture.
  • Now mix the Aloe Vera gel or any kind of oil, if you want a lighter you should continue with aloe Vera and for older stains oil is okay.
  • So this mixture can only be stored for a week if you keep it properly in an airtight container. So don’t make it much instead make smaller amounts of this berries lip stain.

Tips on How to Make Lipstick Last Longer

Have you ever wondered that why your lipstick stays only for a few hours even if it claims to be there for 24 hours?

Well, let me tell you that you’re also responsible for the styling power of your lipstick. If you eat often then chance are the lipstick is not going to be on your lips for longer hours. So all you need is to take care of it to make it last longer.

Here are some tricks and by following them you can have a long-lasting lipstick:

  • Lip liner is mandatory if you want long hours of your lipstick, so choose the same lip liner as your lipstick and apply it on your lips’ lines. Then wear a lip balm because it makes your lips soft and keeps you from cracks or dry skin there.
  • Now apply your favorite lipstick under the area of lip liner. Apply t once and then smudge it using your lips, then apply the second layer. This way the color pops up great and it will stay longer.
  • You all use it the tube to apply the lipstick directly, but you can also use a lip brush if you want to fill in your lips with extra
  • Also, when you take any liquids like juice or water, try using straw other than drinking it directly from the glass.


Making lipsticks that are homemade is always a fun when you know several ways of creating lipstick and also you can gift them to your loved ones. In this article, I have shared several ways to make lipsticks using them you can easily make your own lipstick at home using very easy things that are always available.

So from next time, you would have your own lipstick in your own favorite shade because it’s always better to use an organic one than any chemical lipstick tubes.

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