Types of Coats For Men

Want to know about coats? In this post, I described types of coats for men. So read till the end and get all information.

When the temperature goes down, and there are falling leaves everywhere, it’s not the summer or spring anymore. The cold has just started, and you feel being wrapped up the whole day.

When it’s about choosing clothes or types of coats that work amazingly in winter and not just keep you warm but also look flattering, then surely you think about the winter coats.

There are several types of coats that I am going to discuss here so you can read about them and choose your favorite cold-weather piece.

Everyone prefers coats to wear in the winters as they look stylish and maintain the essential warmth of your bodies.

Types of Coats

Here are the different types of coats which will keep your look elegant and stylish even in winters while keeping you from the frozen winters.

1. The Topcoat

Like its name, the topcoat goes over your sweater or any winter wear like a pullover, sweatshirt, etc. It’s a traditional thing that has been in fashion for years because of the style and versatility.

The topcoat is capable of serving you for years without getting low in looks; it provides you a long and sleek look that takes the length of just above the knee.


Wool is the material that is used to construct these types of coats mostly, and it looks best when you wear it over the suit.

Other than the suit, it can also go with any casual top wear and makes your appearance awesome. It is available in several colors but men prefer wearing black, navy blue or gray for the topcoat.

You can have it either casually or formally, and you just need to modify your clothes according to the occasion and just put a Topcoat.

2. The Peacoat

The peacoat is a famous one among different types of coats. You can easily distinguish the peacoat from the topcoat because the peacoat covers the thigh length or just down the hips and it is widely popular for its double-breasted design.


Navy blue is the color that men often prefer in a peacoat and then comes the black. The double-breasted and the high length of the collar with the wide lapel attract most of you for the peacoat.

Anyone can consider buying a pea coat to keep himself from the chilling atmosphere outside. There are several designs these days for the peacoats from the traditional ones to the modern ones with a slim fit look and the right amount of sleeves buttons.

In traditional types of coats, the material used was wool that is a heavy kind and not so smooth, but these days the material comes having a smooth feel, light weighted and in various colors.

The coat also allows wearing you both formal and casual if you have a sense to change the inside clothes as per the occasion to add the sophistication in a right amount.

For the formal mood, go with a button-up shirt, a pair of pants or chinos with formal shoes and put the peacoat and see how it goes seamlessly.

If you are new at collecting the winter coats, then buying a navy blue or black would be the best as it suits every dress.

3. The Trench Coat

Trench coat is a great choice among winter lovers with all types of coats here. In the traditional days, the trench coat was made for the length that goes below the knee, but these days the length is limited to the knees or above knees.

Trench coats remind the days of World War I as they were specially designed for the soldiers going to the war. The inventor was Thomas Burberry who designed these coats for the British military.

Trench Coat

They were made sturdy so they can survive in tough climates, lightweight and weatherproof, so they were perfect for everyday wear. Later due to all these qualities of a Trench coat, it gets in the fashion stream, and now you can see everyone wearing trench coats.

The main things by which you can recognize a trench coat are the long length, double-breasted design, wide lapels, and a belt attached at the waist to tie.

Other features are its detailed construction that includes a wide vent on the back for easy moving, epaulets on the shoulders and decorative epaulets for the women Trench coats.

Trench coats also allow belting on the cuffs area and pockets on the trench coat so you can put your hands inside when it feels chill.

Single-breasted coats are also available if this is something you prefer with the same features and colors. So the trench coats can always be carried for formal as well as casual occasions. It always offers a heartthrob, mysterious and sophisticated look that makes you iconic in front of everyone.

4. The Varsity Jacket

Varsity jacket is the one that you can wear in the winter days if you want a casual look that matches your school or college days. They are also sophisticated for the guys and can remind your sports team days.

Varsity Jacket

As the color and pattern match the earlier days when you were young, these jackets do not go with the formal looks. So if you are planning for your casual looking days, then Varsity jacket can be a great option.

5. The Car Coat

The car coat was designed for driving purposes in the winter days; the design of a car coat allows you to move easily while driving.

The main characteristics are the wide cuffs, single-breasted with pockets both side near the waist. These types of coats are made using heavy wool, and the placket is used to keep you from rain or heavy wind.

Car Coat

These coats are available in various lengths such as thigh length or just below the hips and above the knees with a straight collar without witness. It is a minimizing coat that you can wear every day because of not being a heavy one.

6. The Duffle Coat

The toggle closure is the main functioning and the sig so you can recognize a duffle coat. The material used in traditional days was tough wool that has arrived from the duffle, so it is known as the duffle coat.

Like the trench coat, the duffel coats were also used in the World War I and II for the military purposes and this way the duffle coat gained the popularity, and today it’s a symbol of fashion in chilling days.

Duffle Coat

These types of coats were famous for the British Navy, and the toggle closure was the symbol that distinguished it from other types of coats.

These toggles in three to four are known as “walrus teeth” that were used to fasten and unfasten the coat quickly. Leather or rope can be used to provide the closure a duffle look. Also, there is a hood designed with the duffle coat to allow you for more warmth and comfort.

This coat also features two pockets so you c keep your hands warm and there can be belts on the cuffs to keep them tight from the cold wind. The exterior feels made of fuzzy material, and the length depends on your choice.

7. Harrington Jacket

It is a light jacket that is perfect for unpredictable weather. It always looks classy, and it survives timelessly.

It is the one thing that suits everyone from teens to adults and old. Every man in every age with any type of body structure as slim, skinny or fat can buy a Harrington jacket and it’s also the most comfortable outfit that looks stylish.

Harrington Jacket

It’s a simple jacket, and the closure is made of a zip lining with two pockets both sides and a straight collar with normal width.

While buying these types of coats, you can get confused for a real Harrington, then consider these points here:

  • The jacket is waist length
  • Zip closure on the front
  • Two flap pockets with a buttoned design
  • Buttoned straight collar
  • Elastic at the waist and cuff
  • Fabric is cotton, cotton-polyester blend, wool or leather
  • If you buy a good quality of Harrington’s jacket, they fit you well and cover the wrists with elastic cuffs and allow you to be free.

For the color, they look best in navy, khaki, and black also with other dark colors. You can match them to your casual look, and they are not so expensive, so anyone can go with this one. They make the overall look amazing when paired with a t-shirt, jeans, and boots.

8. Shearling Coats

They’re like really winter item that looks classy and perfect for heavy snowfall. They are really for now so there you can have your shearling coat in any style, color or pattern.

These are made using sheep shearling and synthetic materials as well. These come directly from the recent sheep shearling, so they are quite expensive so the synthetic fabric is an option if you want to buy a shearling coat that looks like the real shearling coat.

Shearling Coats

Synthetic fabric is not that much breathable and flexible as it doesn’t come from the sheep’s skin, so it charges you less. These coats feel heavenly because of the softness and in winters, you can’t go wrong wearing these shearling types of coats.

The fit is really comfortable, and it goes with your body and makes you feel cozy all the time while keeping you from cold. These are very much fashionable for both men and women, so you can take it anywhere casually.

These shearling jackets were made firstly to protect the air pilots from the cold and keep them warm at heights. Now they have become a symbol of style and a piece that never looks odd.

9. The Down Jacket

These types of coats or jackets are also known as puffer coat, they look bulky, but they are made of a super light material with the ability to protect you against cold weather.

These are really soft, so they are easy to pack if you are on holiday and they provide a perfect protection from the chilling season. Normally, these jackets are filed of feathers, but this is not the case with every down jacket even then it provides the required warmth.

Down Jacket

It looks like a puffy jacket, but it feels lightweight while wearing and some down jackets also come with a hood attached that is detachable.

10. The Parka

Parka coats’ length goes down below the hips, to the thigh or below the knees in traditional times. These days, the parka comes with a length that is limited to the waist or the things.

It comes with a hood attached that is all rounded with the fur to provide extra protection from wind and cold. Parka is the most attractive one in all types of cold jackets or coats.


These are made of synthetic fiber unlike the traditional Parkas made of seal skin. So today, Parkas are lightweight, and you don’t have to carry an animal’s skin.

The parka uses a zipper closure with the fur-lined hood, and that’s the real identity of a Park coat. The other term is “puffer” coat for the parka as it seems puffed.

The parka is just right for casual looks and is a great addition to your wardrobe for the cold days. They offer you a nice cover from rain, wind or snow all the time and keeps you warm inside.

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


These coats are a great help when the days get cold, and there is the arrival of the winter season when everything gets gray, and there is snow everywhere. You barely see things at distance as the fog covers the entire atmosphere and fills it with utter cold.

These jackets and coats I mentioned here are perfect to keep you warm when the temperatures go down outside, so choose your one from these different types of coats and enjoy the season with fashion and elegance.

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