How to Know If You Like Someone

How to Know If You Like Someone: Have you ever thought that you would find hard to decode your own emotions? Well, sometimes you feel it hard to find whether you want something or not. Here I am going to talk about the one whom you are confused about that if you have feelings for him or not.

It’s a strange thing that you want to find how to know if you like someone because sometimes you feel someone else to tell you that you have feelings for that one.

You don’t know when you started liking him and developed feelings for him. One day, you start wondering why do you think about him, are you into him or this is a normal thing, and that’s the time when you want the answer on how to know if you like someone.

This thing can happen to anyone whether he is your friend, your best friend without the realization that you actually like him and it was more than friendship from all these days.

How to Know If You Like Someone

So I am here to help you with how to know if you like someone by explaining some obvious signs that happen only if you are into someone.

How to Know If You Like Someone

1). You Get Them Every Time You Are Free

Even if you have just woke up from the bed, you get your phone in those dazed eyes just to see if any message or call arrived from his side. If not, you send him a morning text immediately after waking up.

So you start your day with him either by receiving a text or by sending one. You are not aware this much for anyone else and don’t care if there are 10 missed calls on your phone.

2). It Is Him in Everything

No matter which topic you use for talking with your friends, you always take him into the conversation and even without realizing; sometimes you end up your talks on him.

You always tag him in everything you see or feel and even your friends notice it about you, but you take it lightly. For example, you tag him often in Facebook and every post that reminds you of him.

If your best friend or roommate is jealous just because you talk about him all the time, then you surely need help on how to know if you like someone.

You see him in everything because you think about him all the day, but you take it normally and let me tell you that it is not normal.

3). You Respond Him Immediately

Whether it’s his calls or texts, you don’t miss even one call from attending. If you miss it, you call him immediately as you see the notification on your phone.

You ask him eagerly that what happened or if he’s into any trouble. For someone else, you don’t reply even for hours, and this doesn’t affect you. You actually like responding them, and sometimes you love to take calls from him. If you do the same, then it is the tip to know how to know if you like someone.

4). You Don’t Miss Laughing Even He Has A Bad Sense of Humor

You don’t want to hurt his feelings in any way, and you show this by laughing at his bad jokes that are not worth even a smile. You want to make him feel good by laughing at his every joke and funny words.

You want him to realize that he has the power to keep you smiling and this is not because he is your good friend, but you are into him unknowingly.

5). You Take Care of Your Dressing Sense

You take care of small details in your dressing when you know he is on the way to meet you. It is not mandatory that you notice it, but if you think the same way, then it is more than just friendship.

Whenever you know that he can meet you or you two can hit anywhere on the path, then you pay attention to what you are wearing. You take care of even the small accessories and your overall appearance from head to toe.

You can’t afford that much trouble for any normal person, so he is surely a special one and that’ why you make this much effort just to look perfect in his eyes. You want to know how to know if you like someone, then remember if you often prefer wearing his favorite color.

6). You Get Nervous and Your Words Tremble

You feel fidget, your every move and words feel trembling. You make complete efforts to be normal around him and not doing any award thing.

You do your hair to look best, and you manage your dress when he passes by you. In this situation, you get nervous a lot, and by these signs, you can get help on how to know if you like someone.

7). Teasing In A Fun Way Is Sign of Liking

It’s not always necessary to be nervous around him; it depends on person to person. In many cases, you two act like best friends for each other and to tease him every time you two meet.

You irritate him by saying funny things acting like a child all the time. Even when you tease him, you two have a special bond that you don’t feel it with anyone else, then take it as a sign of liking him.

8). You Get Closer Without Realizing

There can be times when you get closer to him even without realizing it, and you take it normally while others don’t. You lean towards him, hold his hands, tickle him, relax on his shoulder, etc.

These are the signs that he might be your crush and you are interested in him because you don’t feel these things with anyone else. So keep attention on this step to get help on how to know if you like someone.

When you pass by, you smile at him, twirl your hairs, wink at him or any unusual thing that you don’t feel doing with anyone else. So these are all the signs that you like him more than a friend, you just need to realize your feelings for him.

9). You Trust Him More Than Anyone Else

I am not talking about the family, but in your friends’ group, you trust him completely and more than any of your friends. When he tells you something, you listen to it carefully and take it like he is telling 100% truth.

A sentence from his mouth is the thing that you can trust blindly. Whenever you need guidance about anything, you prefer his advice over anyone else.

You know that he is the one that can’t take you for granted and you can trust him fully. You also share your secrets with him more than anyone else, and you feel that he is good in keeping them confidential.

If you feel the same thing, then it is a good start of a relationship because a relation starts when you trust someone, and without it, you can’t establish any kind of relationship.

10). You Know Every Single Detail about Him

You know it without realizing and you take care of his things like his birth date, the day when you two first met, pictures of you two, things that he gave you.

You do it all the time; you collect information about him so you can fulfill your friendship and do things that make him happy.

It is not the level of thing that you do in friendship, but it comes when you care about someone more than anyone or more than your chances. So this one is also enough to get an acknowledgment on how to know if you like someone.

11). You Call Him Only With the Nickname You Gave

You only create nicknames for someone when you actually feel for them deeply, and if it is about your male best friends, then this is a clear sign that you are into him.

You want to separate yourself from others, and that’s why you call him by a nickname and only you can call him by that name. Couples often call each other by nicknames, and if this same case is with you, then this is an obvious sign of your love for him.

12). You Visit His Social Media Profile Every Time You Sign In

It is also a good sign on how to know if you like someone. You are all busy in social life, and you don’t feel like visiting everyone’s profile one by one.

But if you do it for him just to get updates about what’s going on in his life, then it’s clear that you want to be updated about every single detail happening to him.

Even you visit his pages several times in a day just to see his profile picture again and again. You go a bit tensed if he does not update his profile for days. You miss him all the time, so you visit his profile because you want to dig him regularly.

13). His Hobbies Are Yours

When you are interested or someone, you take an interest in him and his everything. For example, you feel it interesting be curious about his hobbies.

If he likes star wars, then you will surely give it a try even if it’s not your thing. So this is also another tip on how to know if you like someone.

As another example, if he likes reading sci-fi comics or books, you will buy one for you to explore those things which interest him and why. Same goes with the food, if he is a pizza lover, then you will surely try pizza, and maybe this would come up as your new hobby.

14). You Imagine Yourself with Him All the Day

You two hang out often, even then you dream about him the whole day. You think of different situations with him like going for an adventure, your favorite trip, doing your favorite activity with him.  You imagine you and him every time your brain is free.

15). When He Is With Someone Else You Feel Annoyed

You feel jealousy but without knowing it and you think it like he is your best friends, so you are getting jealous. But it is not the truth; it is the obvious sign of love or a crush that you have on him.

It is a thing that you may not easily accept, but you are jealous because he is with some other girl. So check for the sign if you get annoyed or upset when he round toe girls and take it as a true sign of your liking for him.

16). You See Him and You Feel Butterflies All Over

You may feel that there is something wrong because you feel like having no weight and there are butterflies all over. Consider it as an obvious sign if you feel that lightness and butterflies in your belly every time you see him.

Being in this situation means you are 100% in love with him and you are passionate about him, it is not just friendship, but it is your crush and craze for him.

The hormone Adrenaline releases when you feel some strong feelings about something or someone, and this makes you feel butterflies in your belly. This sign clears your doubts on how to know if you like someone.

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Sometimes it’s easy to figure out if you have a crush on someone, but things get tough when you like someone but without knowing it. Sometimes you are not sure about your feelings even when your friends tease you all the day taking that person’s name.

So here I explained some obvious signs that occur only when you like someone more than a friend so you can figure out how to know if you like someone. Well, all the best for your feelings.

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