Signs He’s Into You

Finding a man’s feelings for a woman is not as easy as with women. Men know hiding their feelings to that woman and everyone, so it is always a bit difficult to find signs he’s into you.

Women say their feelings easily to their friends or best friends, but man believes in being a mysterious creature and they don’t show it until he finds the right time to show you the signs he’s into you.

Another reason for hiding these signs he’s into you is fear of hearing “No” so he prefers some distance and time before revealing his feelings.

To help you with this matter, I bring you some effective and easy things that are the signs he’s into you.

19 Signs He’s Into You

Follow this guide that defines the signs he’s into you and make your steps to a new relationship or use these signs for your crush that if he likes you in the same way.

1). He Gets Bigger Eyes When He Sees You

According to science, a person automatically gets bigger pupils when he sees the one he loves or cares about. If you are noticing the same in his eyes, then it is a pretty good sign that he is attracted to you.

2). His Expressions Gets Changed When You Are Talking

You feel that he really gets conscious and listen to your every word carefully whenever you two talk.  If you are able to see his expressions that are different for you and not like when he talks to others and if you see his raised brows then these all show his interest in you.

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3). He Genuinely Smiles and Laughs with You

Everyone can easily identify a genuine smile and happiness and you also can. If you find his genuine smiles and great laughs when you two are together, then he has affection for you.

A person smiles only to the one he is interested in and actually wants to spend time, so you can also consider these things as signs he’s into you.

4). He Shows Licking His Lips

You can notice it easily, and he can’t do anything about it. It is a fact that when you are in the front of your special one, you automatically act like licking your lips or pressing them together. So this lips act is also quite useful in finding the signs he’s into you or not.

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5). You Can See His Sensitive Side

It is not necessary that a man doesn’t have a sensitive side, he does, but he doesn’t show it that easily as a woman does.

He shows his sensitive side with the one he believes on, so if you are that lady with whom he shares all his good and bad, his sorrows and happiness and even some secrets sometimes then be sure because these are the signs he’s into you.

He often shares his things that he doesn’t tell even his male friends. He often asks you for advice, and these are some positive signs that show he also feels for you.

It also shows that he wants to establish an emotional bond with you because he believes you that you won’t share his info with anyone else.

6). He Never Hesitates In Taking You His Home

Try noticing that if he hesitates in taking you his home or not. By taking to home, I mean if he can comfortably tell his parent and friends about you without thinking even once.

If he is that kind of guy who introduces you happily in front of everyone, then you can clearly tell that he is into you and he never hesitates to call his good friend, and he can start a relationship with you.

You can also notice things while meeting his friends that if they whisper things and if they tease him using your name.

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7). He Can Do Anything to Make You Happy

If you find that he is making adjustments that no one else can’t, then consider it as the biggest proof that he has something special for you in his heart.

If he tries hard to fulfill your needs as a friend and takes care of you like no one does then these are straight signs he’s into you.

8). He Plans His Future with You

He calls you to attend every single and big event with him, and he thinks it appropriate to inform you of everything going on.

Like if there is a gathering of all the finds then he is the first one to inform you about it. In the same way, if he checks that you are available or not for the parties that he is going in, then you may also consider this as signs he’s into you.

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9). He Knows the Good Things about You

If he finds you special, he certainly knows things and qualities that no one can even guess about you.

He is surely looking for long relationship with you, if you find her telling your moral values, interests, etc. that even you don’t remember.

He always finds you a great personality with quality principles, and he can hang out for hours to have a conversation with you.

He always appreciates you for the new things also like your new recipe even if it doesn’t taste so good it is among the signs he’s into you.

10). He Is Always Around You

You don’t really see him around, but you can find her anytime whenever in need. So if he is not around you but can always arrive on a call, then it is also a brilliant sign that he wants to be with you. Even you can’t find him around in your worst situation and moments.

For example, if you are facing a death issue in your family and he comes up without any invitation just to ensure if you’re okay then what can be a great sign than this one?

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11). He Has a Regular Contact with You

If he regularly contacts you either by calls or texts shows that he is genuinely interested in you and want to have a conversation daily.

Sometimes he doesn’t have anything to tell, but still, he contacts you then he calls you just to hear your voice.

Other than making calls, he also regularly makes messages to you without any reason and fro silly questions then chances are he has a crush on you.

12). You Can Get Him 24/7

When you make a call for him at 2 am in the night, and he talks you until you ask him for ending the call then it clears that he has no one to talk but you.

Also, notice if there is any call on waiting while you two are talking and then just softly ask him about the person who is on waiting.

So if he makes you call and talks to you the entire night or in the day without caring about what time it is, then confirm this one in the list of signs he’s into you.

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13). He Always Admires Your Plans and Helps You

Suppose if you are planning to volunteer this week and you tell him about it. First, he admires you for your plan and everything you do even without knowing all about it.

He reaches to the venue just to help you h your stuff and keeps you from getting exhausted then keep in mind that he is doing it all as he cares about you.

Don’t expect much from him, but notice the little things he does for you without asking anything in return.

These all tiny thongs confirm his feelings for you, and there are great signs he’s into you but hesitating to tell you.

But if you are not taking any of these signs and if he is treating you just like any other friend then it is better to take your steps back because it seems like he is helpful to everyone and not just you.

14). He Always Focuses On Your Face

He not only makes a fantastic eye contact with you but also notices your face like you’re moving lips, your waist, your breast area and sensual places in your body.

If a guy isn’t interested in someone, he never notices your body parts deeply, to figure out if he looks you all over other than just your eyes.

So check it while having an interaction with him if he notices your lips, nose, and ears and compliments you for your nice earrings, nose ring or your pink lips as the signs he’s into you.

15). He Feels Relaxed After Seeing You

If you find that relaxed face, he makes just after seeing you as you take oxygen and feel relaxed then confirm it that there is something he feels but not telling you.

You can easily notice this thing, also notice if he gets angry by not finding you anywhere and ten apologize for the rude behavior.

These all things are the signs he’s into you and make his feelings clear to you that he is trying to keep you near him.

16). He Protects You in Every Situation

If he cares, you can notice it easily at any place like public buses or trains. Guys do it more for their girls to make them comfortable in public area. They stand in the way to guard you and use that physical power to support you.

He can also do it just to make you realize that he cares for you and he doesn’t want anyone to get you in any wrong way.

17). He Often Tucks Your Hair

Signs He's Into You

It is a really intimate sign that he wants you, tucking hair behind your hair is an obvious one among all these signs he’s into you.

It shows that the guy is interested in making physical contacts with you and he does it in a soft way to make you feel his fingers on your face.

Not only he sets your hair behind the ears, but he does it with a sweet smile and flirty eyes because he is interested in you.

18). He Gets Touchy With You

Other than just tucking your hair, he may also try some other methods to touch you, but he does it in a way to make it unnoticeable.

You just have to catch the ways and the moments when he touches you and determine if it was a normal touch or a sensual one and where he touched you on your body.

For example, you are in a situation sitting next to each other, and if he tries to make feet to feet touch, then it is a super intimate sign.

Also, take care if he accidentally touches you, so you don’t go in any wrong direction. Women have a super sense to find out if the person is trying to touch you intentionally or not so just use yours and find out.

You can also notice if he holds your hands while walking and then press your palm or walks his fingers on your palm.

19). He Always Walks Behind You and Give You A Cover

He always tries to give you a cover even while walking side by side. You have to find the way of his walking around you that if he walks ahead of you or behind you. Men always walk behind to give a cover to their women to keep them secure from the crowd.


There are several actions that a guy makes to a girl when he feels attracted to her. You just have to hold your pace and notice these signs he’s into you. You can always take help of my signs mentioned here to find out if he is into you.

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