How to Read People

Want to learn the art of reading people? Here is how to read people’s eye and emotions like a book.

Have you ever imagined yourself reading others just like the Edward Cullen from the Twilight? Life would be very simple if you have that power of reading people just by seeing them once.

Well, there is no reality like the Edward Cullen, but by using your brain’s power, you can easily learn to read people in a few practices.

To understand others or to work on how to read someone, you don’t have to be an interrogator because you can always collect information about the person sitting in front of you by using some factors.

Body language is one of those factors and you can get into someone’s head by capturing certain people reading gestures and solve puzzles of your life.

But also keep in mind that you can’t be 100% true, even the experts can’t tell 100% truth about a person, you all try, and it matters who tries hard so you can identify just by reading people’s eyes.

How to Read People Like A Book

how to read people

1). Get To Know the Person First

I know you want to be a fluent mind reader who can filter activities of everyone in just a meeting. It’s not possible in reality because, in order to work on how to read someone, you have to know them closely.

When you know a person, you understand his behavior around things, you know their liking, disliking, their way of reacting on certain facts and their habits. So it is the first step that you need to establish to work successfully on how to read people.

If one of your friends is very shy around others, you can’t detect his lie with his shyness because it’s his common habit whether he is a liar or not.

Another example, if your friend has a habit of not making eye contact with anyone, then it’s also not the sign that he is lying to you. This way, understanding someone’s habit is necessary to figure out the real him.

The more you pay attention to catch someone’s habits, the more you go forward to read them correctly or almost.

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2). Keep Solving Your Queries

It is another popular way of figuring someone, you are trying to read him, so you are watching or listening to him carefully. Along with this thing, you also need to put our quarries in front of him.

It is a way so you can quickly solve your queries and to figure out if he is telling the truth, you have to observe his habits as I mentioned in the above step. This way, you will figure out the real him, and you can enjoy this entire thing even if he lies because you know the truth.

You can put queries about his family, like ‘where does your family live’ ‘what is that book that you are reading’ ‘how do you spend your weekend often’ and these types of questions so you can explore him more while learning how to read people.

3). Continue Observing Their Behavior

You just made a friend, and he seems normal, but suddenly he reacts abnormally or weirdly. You see changes like he is not making interactions with anyone and he is not interested hanging out with people.

You know, this is not his normal behavior, so you may ask him because sometimes you all react weirdly due to several reasons. These reasons can be anything like ‘his boss showed temper on him’ ‘anyone in his family passed away’ ‘he got a fight with his girlfriend’ etc.

So you can collect information about anyone, and it will help you with how to read people’s emotions.

4). Don’t Take a Single Clue to Conclusion

To work on how to read people, you have to collect small information gradually about that person, so you won’t mistake taking one clue to a conclusion and assume things about the person.

If your case is the nonverbal one where you can only understand the reason through his actions, then it can be pretty hard to take one or two hints and decide things about him.

Try to capture his reactions or body language for different things and if the verbal discussion is possible, then take care of his words and voice tone and proceed safely by collecting enough and strong facts about that person.

5). Understand Your Behavior Around Things

Suppose if you need to investigate about a person who is totally unknown to you, and you call him for a meeting. Now he comes well-dressed like a fine man, then you are going to doubt yourself that how can this man commit any bad thing.

So it is your weakness that judges a person by his looks and it makes you trust him with anything. You have to overcome your habit to profiling people in the right way because it is not necessary that only a drunkard with a knife can commit a crime.

Often psychopaths use their charm and dressing sense to look attractive so no one can even doubt them and get along with the flow of their enchanting words.

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6). Take Their Body Language to Reduce Trouble

Body language can help you a lot with how to read people as it tells the genuine interest of someone. You can easily get to know how they feel around you.

Check out these tips here that as signs that someone is comfortable with you:

Positive Signs:

  • You are getting positive vibes from a person
  • He leans towards you
  • You see their limbs are relaxed
  • They have a proper Eye contact
  • They give you a genuine smile and not a forced one

Negative Signs:

  • They try to lean away from you
  • Crossed arms or legs
  • Uncomfortable limbs like they are in a hurry
  • They are not establishing eye contact
  • They only say a few words on your every question

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7). Crinkle Means the Real Smile

You want to check if someone is really interested in you, you can check it with their smile. But how do you if the smile is real or a fake one? To solve your problem, look for the wrinkles or the crinkles near the eyes that form only in genuine smiles.

So whether they smile genuinely or not, you can always identify by checking the crinkle near the eyes if it is difficult with the mouth.

People use these fake smiles to hide the things going on inside so no one can see the real situation. Now you know understanding people with their smile if they are hiding something or not.

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8). Take Mirroring As a Good Sign

Suppose if you are on a date and your girl is mirroring your actions. It is a good sign and shows that she is interested in you. When you lean towards her, she leans to you, you cross your legs, and she does the same.

When anyone copies you, it hints that he is interested in creating a bond with you because this mirroring thing comes unconsciously when we copy others without knowing.

If this is the case with your date, then this is the sign of a good conversation, and the other party is interested in you, so go ahead and use how to read people signs.

9). Pay Attention to the Body Posture

Posture is the main thing that hints you about the real personality. For example, you see a person coming in the event, then you can immediately tell that he is the organizer even he is not wearing a specific dress. It is all because his body language and posture that shows that he can be the manager of the event.

You identify the person who is in charge because of the straight posture, wide shoulders, eyes that are seeking all around to identify if the event is going on properly. This way, posture helps you to identify many things about a person.

Take the same person but with a slouching posture and his eyes only look for his friends who are attending the event, you will immediately get that he is just a guest and not an organizer.

10). Check for the Raised Eyebrows

You can’t raise your eyebrows until you disagree on anything or uncomfortable with someone. Always check for the eyebrows if they are raised or in a comfortable position.

These are some expressions that hint you well about a person if he is uncomfortable, worried, surprised or normal that help you with how to read people.

If you are discussing a topic that doesn’t require eyebrows to react or there is nothing like being worried or surprised, and if the other person is raising the eyebrows, then it’s the sign that something else is going on in his mind.

11). Identify the Mood with the Way Of Touching

If you are with your girl and while dropping her home, she gives week hug or does not give it at all, then you can easily identify that something is going on with her. If your colleague generally shakes his hand with you, but at any random day, he didn’t, then it is a sign that he is tensed due to any reason.

This way, you can get the knowledge on how to read people better by keeping an eye on touching.

In the same way, some people are a lot touchy, so if a girl touches you a lot, then it doesn’t always mean that she is into you. So you should always take care of people’s’ habits while examining their touch.

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12). Take Care of the Voice Tone

Voice tone is another sign to get a person’s behavior, the pitch of voice can reveal a lot about how the person feels at that moment.

To be perfect on how to read people, put attention on the voice tone, you can get an idea whether they are happy, sad or angry just by covering up their pitch tone.

Note if they are louder or lower than usual, also check if they are confused about something by taking care of the words like “Um,” or “Uh,” etc. usually people use these words when they are nervous or lying about something.

If the tone is louder, then probably he is angry and if the tone is lower than normal, then he may be sad or not feeling right or hopeless.

Check for the way of responding, if he answers using short responses, then it is a sign of lack of interest, and long responses hint the opposite that means he is interested in you and this way you work on how to read people.

13). Words Help a Lot

Always take care of the words said by the other person. When you say something, you use particular words and there are different ways of saying a thing. So words used by another person also indicate his behavior and overall personality.

Anything can be said using formal words, casual words or just harsh words like ‘Fuck.’ so the wordiness tells a lot about a person and shows how polite a person is if you are on how to read people.

Words also indicate if someone wants to be familiarized or freely with you. Words like ‘buddy’ ‘dude’ are used to increase the friend zone.

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Take Your Mind Reading to Practical Situations

After getting done with the steps on how to read people, it’s time to apply these in actual life. Suppose you are attending a job interview in front of the HR, this is the time where both try to give their best, so it can be a bit difficult to catch the fake sides.

You can easily find out the interest of the interviewer if he leans towards you and seems unstoppable at asking questions. If he isn’t making an eye contact or checking his phone, his computer and not asking such questions, then it’s a sign that he may be losing interest.


Observing people feels a tough art, but if you take care of small things in a person’s body, you can easily figure out a lot about him. My article on how to read people has some steps that would help you in identifying people’s’ real behavior. Use these steps and act like you are a mind reader.

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