What Kind Of Person Am I?

This article is about the type of personalities so you can find out the type of your personality and know what kind of person am I.

Every individual has different choices, factors, liking and disliking and that creates a personality. Now you may be thinking that personalities have no end because one person is equal to one different personality.

Let’s clear that doubt, there are billions of people in the world, but they are all dependent on some fixed personality types. These are the types that I am going to show you here in written form.

Every person has some traits and behaviors that make him fall in a specific personality category and by knowing these, you can know what kind of person am I.

If you are also confused about your personality or you want an answer for what kind of person am I, then be ready to read out all these personality types here and decide.

What Kind of Person Am I?

What Kind of Person Am I

1). ISTJ – Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging

This person is an introvert, so he primarily focuses on things internally and then externally. He takes every situation and then focuses on it with his five senses to take any decision.

After that, he goes externally with the things and deal with the external situations logically and according to facts.

This person loves to be reserved and often you can see him enjoying his reserved pace. He seems a great fan of a peaceful living that doesn’t include much noise or disaster.

He makes sure that he has all his securities and always tries to make his things secure. If he loves someone, then he also takes care of his securities just like he does for himself.

This type of person keeps all his work organized and follows the schedules; this is the way he succeeds in his tasks.

You get to know what kind of person am I by comparing yourself with ISTJ.  He is a serious person as well but can be humorous at the right time. Honesty is an important thing for him, and he expects the same from others.

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2). ISTP – Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perception

An ISTP is a person who has a great understanding of things without suggestions of others. They are good at reasoning, so they believe in logic and they do the things that are practically proven and not just in theories.

They believe in things when they have actually seen the practical forms, you can also see these people as adventuresome spirit. Get ready to know what kind of person am I by reading out these personalities here.

They are highly motivated with adventures like motorcycle sports, skydiving, surfing, and many adventures that normally people don’t go for. So they are all fearless and don’t take their feet back when it’s about challenges.

They want their space, and the freedom to take their decision on their own, rules and regulations are not them or things for them. If anything is getting in the way of their laws, then they don’t go to that way.

3). ISFJ – Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging

Read out the ISFJ personality and find out what kind of person am I. this person is introvert, so the internal feelings are most important, and to the external things, he reacts how he feels about them.

He likes the world and people that are kind because he is a warm and kind-hearted person and he always sees the best in people.

He values to everyone’s feelings, and he expects the same from those people. He never hurts anyone’s feels and shows his sensitive side to others.

People always love him for his kind behavior and awareness about others. They also love him for his point of view that is always positive about others.

He is also a good observer, and he also observes information about others, and their behaviors, like what hurts others and he behaves accordingly.

His memory is always good even to store someone’s facial expressions for years in case if anyone expression impressed him.

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4). ISFP – Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving

Enlighten yourself with what kind of person am I by knowing the ISFP personality. These personalities are all about senses; they use their senses to create the world around them.

They have great senses of look, taste, sound, feel and smell; they can be the artistic type of people because they are gifted with the art.

So they are able to create things that can have a strong impact on others as they have a natural attraction for arts.

They live their life by setting their own values and not by others. They also make sure if they’re living life to the fullest and according to them.

If they find anything wrong going on in their life, they immediately stand against it. They choose jobs or careers that allow them to have their freedom according to their values.

5). INFJ – Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging

INFJ can be your answer for what kind of person am I, let’s know more about personality type.

Well, the INFJ personality is a rare one, about percent of the total population can be of INFJ personality.

They are like amazing people because they have kindness, gentleness, and highly intuitive individuals.

Intuitive means a person who can sense thing whether it is right or wrong without having any proof or facts. So these types of persons have great sensing power.

They are always creative with different things and believe in doing things differently. They believe that the world is a place full of possibilities and hidden meanings.

They believe in putting things systematically, and they always do their things in the best manner possible. They are intuitive, so they usually know the decision they are taking.

6). INFP – Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception

You can be the INFP and to confirm what kind of person am I, just read here this personality type.

INFP is a great form of the intuitive ones; they always put their efforts to do something good for the world and to take humanity to the next level.

They know that life has a meaning and they are all sent to fulfill their purpose. So they always find out the meaning of their life and the reason for their existence.

They are known for perfection because they do everything with perfection and if they don’t see it, then repeat things until they get them perfect.

They believe in their instincts, and when they take any decision, they believe it that they can’t be wrong.

They take every single piece of knowledge into their life and continue working on it to find the meaning of life along with helping the humanity.

7). INTJ – Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment

The world of INTJ believes in the strategies and ideas and the same they implement in their lives. They believe in the knowledge and competence, and they take these as the standards of their lives.

They observe the world and give their time to generate ideas and finding new possibilities to execute things and to survive better.

Their mind is always busy to gather info about the world and to understand the world’s behavior. They are intelligent at the things they do, and they catch new ideas very quickly.

They don’t only understand things but apply them to get something useful and come to a conclusion. Because of their practical behavior and excellence, INTJ personality reacts like scientists.

So they always try to gather things and invent new ideas to help the humanity, if you are finding the exact in yourself you have the answer to what kind of person am I.

8). INTP – Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving

It is a person who sees everything to improve it or to turn it into something new. They are the owner of great minds, the y observe the difficulties, understand their patterns and then come up with perfect solutions.

They believe in logics and true values, they want clarity in everything and this way they collect knowledge in the brain.

They have the greatest minds and use it to find solutions to different things because they value intelligence. They are always lost in their intelligence, and due to this, they seem like an absent mind.

As they live in their own brain, so they find solutions that the external world may not understand or at least in the beginning.

They can run after theories for a long time to completely understand it, or if they face any problem, they can put a lot of time to find a perfect solution.

INTP personality can be your answer to what kind of person am I if these characteristics match with your behavior.

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9). ESFJ – Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment

Let’s find out if ESFJ is the answer to your doubts on what kind of person am I. these people are the interesting ones, they just love kindness and want kindness.

These are the people who are extremely interesting making bonds with other humans, and they are welcoming.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t use their senses about others; they observe others by their behavior around things and people and then take help of these details to decide their limitations with that person.

They always see best in the people, and basically, they are people lovers. They always understand others and support their point of view but not useless things.

They also have the desire to be liked by others to feel pleasant and positive. You can always see pole around ESFJ because they always attract others with their good behavior and helping nature.

They are also good with their responsibilities, and they take it seriously and complete with a strong focus.

They are stable in their life, and they are not afraid of changes and difficulties. They always enjoy these challenges and new tasks, they are always energetic, and unkindness is not their thing to live life.

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10). ENFP – Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving

When I talk about ENFP personality, I talk about people who are always excited, energetic and live in a world of possibilities where anything is possible.

They are passionate about the things they love whether it’s the career or the people they care about. These people have the power to inspire others by the way they are and the things they do.

They take life as a way of enjoying and experiencing things like adventures. They always find something good from the life.

They are skillful people and full of talents, so they can change different careers in their life because they are good at several things.

Sometimes others can think that they don’t have any idea about their life, but ENFP always knows what’s going on in their life and they do their things consistently to see the progress.

They don’t follow other’s steps, but they believe in living life on their own values, and inner peace is the most valuable thing in their life. So ENJFP can be your real personality while looking for what kind of person am I.

11). ENTP – Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving

Read out this personality here and find what kind of person am I question. An ENTP personality always puts efforts to understand the world by absorbing different things according to their understanding.

They also have the intuition property, so they usually find out the accurate conclusion in a very less time. So this way, they understand the world deeply, and it provides them the skills to make decisions accurately and quickly.

If a thing interests them, they are always very good at it and as they grow their abilities increase for everything, and they start believing in possibilities.

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You all know about two major personalities and that are introverts and extroverts, but the world exists beyond these categories. Here I discussed these different personalities that go further of introverts and extroverts. I hope, now you know your personality and have a clear idea about what kind of person am I.

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