Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

When it is your best friend’s birthday, you got to be ready with various birthday surprise ideas for them.

Come on, for once in a year you get the opportunity of doing something immense for them and I think you should do that in a grand way.

You must come up with some hilarious birthday surprise ideas for best friend which leaves them awestruck at the end of the day.

10 Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

Here are some of the surprise birthday ideas which can help you to make your friend’s birthday a memorable one.

1). Birthday Wishes Video

The first one and one of the most unique birthday surprise ideas is making a video for your bestie comprising of wishes from different people. It is an obvious fact that after you come in your twenties, you start losing people as they have different aspirations and ambitions in life.

So, it is not possible that everyone would fly down just to wish them a happy birthday. Your bestie might be missing some of his/her old pals or family member.

In such condition, making a video clip for them can be a great idea. You can call everyone and ask them to make a video of them wishing the happy birthday to your bestie. You can finally collaborate all the videos together to make a final cut.

This is one of the most heart-touching birthday surprise ideas ever. You need not to do anything major and just merge the videos that everyone sent. I guess, you can do that easily through various applications and online tools. You are seriously going to make your best friend cry with joy through this video.

2). Hidden Notes and Gifts

This is more like a treasure hunt kind of game and who would not want a bit of fun all day long on their birthday? The idea is that you need to hide various birthday notes and small presents on various places in the entire home of your best friend.

No other birthday surprise ideas can be bigger than this for your bestie on his birthday. But, don’t make this pretty simple and plain.

In fact, your friend should search for them throughout the day to keep the fun alive. You can prepare some hint cards for it and hand over the first card to your bestie. As he/she will solve the riddle and find the first gift, then next hint card should be placed along with it.

Be a sport and make the riddles as hard as you can. In fact, instead of putting then next clue card along with the gift, you can ask your bestie to do a certain task rather. This is going to be so much fun and don’t forget to make lots of videos of these tasks.

If you are looking gifts ideas for him but not know what you need to buy gifts for him then check out below given best gifts related popular posts, that can clear what you should buy for him.

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3). Turn the Radio On

Come on, Come on turn the radio on! Well, I am not going to sing the entire Cheap Thrills here. But you know the next idea in the list of birthday surprise ideas for your bestie is quite similar to this. In this modern age, there are very less people who listen to radio broadcast.

But, you are going to forcibly make your friend listen to it on his/her birthday. The idea is not to torture them but to dedicate something for them.

You can either dedicate a song for them or you can go and record a special message for them and ask the RJ to play it on appropriate time. Isn’t it such an amazing surprise? I mean who can ever get the clue that you are going to dedicate something for them and that too through the radio broadcast.

Such birthday surprise ideas on the occasion of your best friend are really unique and unexpected too. I am sure your best friend would be touched with this out of the box idea by you on their birthday.

4). One String Attached

You must have seen the movie No Strings Attached, actually you need to do exactly the opposite here. You actually and I mean seriously have to attach a string to your best friend. Don’t worry because I am not asking you to do anything weird and absurd here.

Actually, this idea is very unique and I am so sure you would not have even heard of this before. This is simple to execute and you would find this quite similar to treasure hunt idea.

All you need to do is tie a thread on the finger of your bestie just before the moments when he usually wakes up in the morning. Now, take this thread to the various areas of his home and then finally after a really long run place a beautiful gift or some surprise at the other end of this thread.

Don’t you think this is one of the rarest birthday surprise ideas that you can carry out on your best friend’s birthday? This is gonna be so much of fun and kind of an adventure when he/she will be busy finding the other end of this thread.

5). Surprise Birthday Party

Birthday Surprise IdeasOf course, what are the birthday surprise ideas without even a party? But this time instead of your bestie giving you a treat, you all are going to surprise him with a grand celebration party. Why not to change the plot this time and go out of the box.

You must have seen this in various movies and TV shows that how best friends surprise each other by throwing great surprise parties on their birthday.

Well, you need to do exactly the same here. You need to send an invite to all their friends and closest family members. Ask one of the friends of them to take them out in evening and when they will return, bang! There will be a huge surprise waiting for them.

To execute such birthday surprise ideas, you must make sure that in any way they do not come to know about the preparations at all. I think this is going to be a blast and your best friend is going to be really happy seeing all his closest people under a roof and that too for him/her.

6). Year Long Scrap Book

So, the next one is an idea where you are going to be required a lot of time for the preparation. I am talking about a yearlong scrap book here. I know this sounds kind of impossible or something really hard to attempt but trust me you can do it easily.

In fact, if you go smart then you can prepare this scrap book in even a week or something. The idea is that you need to arrange all the memorable photographs of your best friend.

Mention the special events that took place in the last year or the recent time and put a picture along with it. Of course, this is a DIY kind of birthday surprise ideas, but come on, you are their best friend and they deserve this much of love and happiness from you.

You can decorate it with various items that you can avail in market. The idea is to give them something which is just exceptional and which they never thought can turn out to be true. When they expect it the least, the surprise becomes massive that moment.

7). Much Awaited Trip

Everyone is stuck around work and your best friend is no special in this area. With job and constant work load they must be looking to take some time off their busy schedule and do something relaxing with their pals and close buddies.

So, this is something where you can execute one of your birthday surprise ideas. Apply for their leaves in the office through a colleague and plan a much-awaited trip with all the BFFs.

Tell about this plan to them a day before his/her birthday so that they can pack on time. Or you can do that on their behalf too. You just need to take them to a location unknown but make sure this must be the location where he/she was thinking to go from a really long time.

There are very few people close in our life, and such birthday surprise ideas are specially meant for your best friends only. This is the time they are going to cherish for a lifetime and the memories are surely something they will treasure forever.

The best places where you can visit with your best friend:

8). Newspaper Ad

Don’t you think publishing a newspaper Ad on the account of their birthday is kind of out of the box idea? Well, at least I think so. Like how many times we get the chance to see our picture printed in newspaper? This is so unique and so crazy to do too.

All you need to do is, just print their picture in newspaper along with a beautiful birthday message for them.

If you guys are good in number then you can go for a front page news too. This is gonna be so exciting and I can assure you, there is no way your best friend would have thought about this even in the dreams too. Isn’t it the best birthday surprise ideas ever?

You can literally imagine the look on their face while reading this news out loud to their family members. This idea is so damn great and I think you should definitely go for this to make their birthday even more special.

9). The Flash Mob Surprise

Okay, first let me tell you what a flash mob actually is. This is the group of people dancing in a public place like shopping mall, public parks, monuments etc. People can join them on the spot and get to dance along without even worrying about the moves and grooves.

I think wishing your friend a happy birthday through flash mob is such an amazing and interesting birthday surprise ideas.

You can hire some dancers for this. But first you would have to decide the place and stage this act like everything is going normal and usual day. For example, you can take your friend to shopping on his/her birthday. You can ask the dancers to start dancing then.

Finally join them along with other friends and wish your friend a very happy birthday through this act. I think this is one of the most entertaining and amazing birthday surprise ideas that you can do for your bestie. Stop feeling shy or awkward and just get your moves right and make your bestie smile all day long.

10). Pretend Game

Yes, finally I am listing it here for the birthday surprise ideas for your bestie’s birthday. You would have to pretend all day long as if you know nothing about the day. You cannot wish him/her on midnight or through all day long too.

Don’t you even show up to their home for the whole day. Get someone else’s help to assist you for this.

All you need to do is ask your other friend to accompany your best friend to certain spot or location in the city. Then you can arrange a surprise party or some great even for them out there. I guess, this is the best thing you can do to surprise them.

You must act natural and avoid their calls and texts too. You cannot afford to ruin the entire plan that you made. I know this is going to be really tough for you to ignore them and that too on their birthday but finally at the end of the day it is all worth doing.


If not an entire birthday plan, then at least you can get them some cool birthday gifts too. But I would rather suggest you to go for some birthday surprise ideas which they can never imagine even in dreams. When they are least expected to have something then only the surprise factor will work.

Stage a great plan throughout the day and execute it by the end of the day. The expressions on their faces on that moment will be everything for you. I am really sure, they are not going to forget this birthday for ages to come.

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