Birthday Gifts for Him, Boyfriend, Husband [25+ Best Gifts]

Birthday Gifts for Him: Birthdays are the most awaited day in one’s life. You can see the excitement in the eyes even when the birthday week kicks off. But there is a bit of difference to the reaction when it is a boy and when it is a girl. Girls are usually more excited than the guys when their birthday week is going on. You can clearly see it on their facebook, whatsapp statuses and posts that how much excited they are for it.

On the other hand guys are very much casual about it. They just treat it like another day of their life. Some people see it as the positive start of their life. But some see it as the decrement of a year in their life span. It is just like seeing the glass half filled or half empty.

Many a times, it becomes so hard to find the suitable gifts for each other. It is so much easy to find the gifts for the girls. You can make a girl happy even with the help of the teddy bears, chocolates and a pretty dress. But, when it comes to the guys, you cannot think beyond wallet and shirt. You cannot find something better than this to gift them. And after one or two occasion you go out of gifts and creativity to surprise them.

Guys always have same taste and same choices only some exceptions are always there. They do not like to think much while shopping anything for them. But as per the context of the girls they take at least one hour to decide the perfect size of them. Instead of the things that increase the beauty of their room, birthday gifts for men should be those which are their need.

You should always try to arrange such thing for your guy which totally helps him. For example, if your guy has the ultimate love of music then you can go for an iPods to gift him. You can also buy the speakers for him.

It is not only about the things you are choosing as the birthday presents for him. But it is also about the way in which you are going to gift him all the things.

Instead of directly giving him all the things, throw some shades of being a girl. It is the time to be dramatic. You can surprise him by placing his gifts at the odd places. You can also arrange a surprise party for him. There are a lot of ways to make your guy happy and stunned at the same time.

But what to do when you are not able to choose any sort of birthday gifts for him?

You need not to worry about the birthday gift ideas for him anymore now. We have got the ultimate solution for you on this particular problem.

20+ Birthday Gifts for Him, Boyfriend, Husband

Here are the 20 birthday present ideas of the perfect gift that you can give him on his birthday. These gifts are affordable as well as useful too. They all are used according to the hobbies of your bae. I hope this solution will surely sort out all your problems.


1). Fit Bit cum Fitness Tracker

Birthday Gifts for HimGuys are always crazy about their fitness regime. When it comes to their muscular body, they want everything to go on according to the schedule. It is one of the integral parts of their life to wake up at right time and then do the work out. The work out may include running, cycling, jogging, trade mile etc.

Now the question arises that what you can do to it as a birthday gift?

So here is the answer for that. There is a new addition in the fitness schedule which is known as the fit bits. These devices are also GPS enables which makes them perfect for the cyclists and distant runners. Along with marking your exact location it keeps the track on your fitness data too.

In the model named Fitbit Surge, it has the GPS built in. it is the most expensive version of the fitbits. But according to the price it has numerous features in it. It monitors you heart rate, notify the texts and calls and also tells you the time.

If you want to surprise him with best birthday gift then Fit Bit cum Fitness Tracker can be the perfect solution for you. You can also go for the Polar M400 GPS sports watch. This gift is perfect for the guy who is preparing for some athletic event. This is also suitable for those who want to lose weight to keep their schedule up to the mark.


2). Smart Watch

Birthday Gifts for HimMany people have learnt about the smart phones. But the technology has reached to a level higher than before. Now the concept of smart watch has arrived. This watch seems like the ordinary one but it has numerous features hidden in it. These are the smart features arranged together to make your life easier and comfortable.

Well, many people would be thinking that what is a smart watch?

It is a computerized wristwatch with functions which are way much than the timekeeping. Some early models of the smart watch were only restricted to the calculations, translations and game playing. But as the version modified now we can also run mobile applications on it. These can be termed as the wearable computers on our wrist.

If your guy is a technology freak then you should gift such a smart watch which has portable media player in it. it would be a perfect combination while working out or jogging. Some of the smart watches have playback of FM radio in it which can be connected to the Bluetooth headsets.

If you are planning to arrange birthday gifts for him then it can be a great choice. You can choose the Moto 360 smart watch. It has android 4.3 or higher in it. It is also compatible to any kind of features. You can get variety of colors in it too.


3). Tie

Birthday Gifts for HimYou must have heard this from many people that “swag is for boys and class if for men”. And it is true indeed. You can clearly identify a man within the crowd of the guys. It can be about the way they dress up. It can also be about the way they walk and the way they interact with other people. It is so simple to see the responsible man coming out of the crowd of carefree boys.

But is it good enough to prefer the tie as the birthday gifts for men?

The answer is an absolute yes. If you are thinking that it would not look that grand to gift a tie only to the man of your life then you are totally wrong. Only a man can tell you that tie is something which compliments his attire of a three piece suit. If it seems small to you then you can also prefer the tie pin along with it.

It would also look great with the tie you are going to choose as the birthday gifts for him. A tie is a symbol of sophistication, delicacy and class of a man. A three piece suit may look good even without a tie but it can never be termed as the perfect look.

There are many brads and fabrics which can be chosen out according to the taste of your bae. You can pick something from Brioni black tie, Hermes silk tie, and Giorgio Armani stripped tie and many more.


4). High Powered Surveillance Binoculars

Birthday Gifts for HimIf your guy is an adventurous sport and likes being on outdoors then it can be one of the perfect birthday gift ideas for him. This binoculars can be really helpful while hunting or on some wild expedition. Those days are gone when binoculars used to be so much heavy weight and that too with a blurred image of poor quality.

Things have changed a lot now. Binoculars in these days are totally light weight and give a great image quality. It can totally be the perfect gift for your bae on his birthday. Binoculars are very much required while being on outdoor adventures.

For this you can choose the Bushnell power view super high powered surveillance binoculars. They have a great functional instant focus technology which could not be noticed earlier. Along with giving a clear view of the object they are also cheap in price. It can be best and affordable birthday gift for him too.

If you are on a wild expedition of forests then these binoculars would help you to identify between two species even from a great distance. This also gives the surveillance not in term of security. But it means that it covers a wide area while remaining focused. You do not have to zoom in every time. It also have rubberized exterior which absorbs shocks. It offers a 170 feet field of view at 1700 yards. Along with a lifetime warranty is the icing on the cake for the guys.


5). Clothes

Birthday Gifts for HimClothes are something on which you can never go wrong. As per the concern of taste then it can differ. But there is always an option of exchange. There are vast options about clothes as the birthday gifts for him. Being his partner you can get to know that which piece of cloth is needed to him and you can gift the same to him.

Firstly we can talk about the shirts. There are a lot of types of shirts running in the market. But you catch should be the one which is the choice of your guy. The fabric of the shirt should be durable and easily washable too. You can go for the brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Crimson Club, Louise Phillip and many more. There are the types of neck too. Some shirts have the normal collar and some have the closed collar. You can select it as per his choice.

For the bottom part, Levi’s jean is something which can be rocked by anyone. No matter what kind of physique he has, you can go for the pair of jeans by Levi’s. For the colors you can keep in mind the normal colors like blue and light denim colors. They can be the perfect birthday gifts for him.

On the count of winter you can also check out some hoodies and sweat shirts too. Sweat pants can also be kept in mind for the gifting purpose. You can also print something on the sweat shirts too. Something like, the king or the ruler can be written on them.


6). Shoes

Birthday Gifts for HimIf your guy is too much on outdoors or on construction sites then boots can be the perfect birthday gifts for him. There can be some confusion that boots are not at all comfortable for the all day long work. But the reality is choosing the correct brand and type of boots is very much necessary. The perfect heel at the back and soft sole is very much necessary for the perfect boots.

It is not at all the right choice to wear normal shoes or other footwear at the rough construction sites. They are for the sophisticated platform. For the base like full of pebbles and stones it is so necessary to keep your feet covered with good quality of boots. It keeps you protected from the outer world problems.

You can see the artists like Tupac and Kanye West to sport the rocking boots all the time. They look totally cool and define their own style.

Trust me! Boots can really be the perfect birthday gifts for him. You can choose the Timberland men’s 6 inch premium boots for it. They are with anti fatigue technology and give all day comfort to you. Such boots also keep your toes warm in order to protect them from winter. Woodland can also be the brand you can opt for choosing the shoes.


7). Power bank

Birthday Gifts for HimIn this modern world everyone is addicted to the smart phones. This can be included in the basic needs of our life. Smart phones not only regulate the mobile applications but also regulate our life too. They have various advantages but some disadvantages too. They are prone to the battery low problem if you are using them continuously specially with the data pack on. Although there are multiple apps to extend your battery life but they do not help much.

So the ultimate solution of this problem is the power bank.

Power banks are the device which can prove to be the most useful birthday gifts for him. It is so much needed and he would be happy to get such a concerning things from you.

Brands like Micromax, Sony, Samsung and many other offers variety of power banks. But the power bank named Zendure A2 is the best power bank that you can select for the birthday gifts for him. It has the perfect balance of price, portability and capacity. It has the highest power storage capacity which is very much needed if your guy is much on travelling. It would be very much useful for him to keep his phone charged all the time and stay connected to everyone.


8). Bond 50: Collection of 23 Films

If your guy is a fan of mysterious suspense movies of the detectives then here you go. He must be really fond of the iconic James Bond series. And it is the click for you. You can pick one such thing as the birthday gifts for him and he will be like kissing you thousand times.

It is the time to sacrifice your share of time with the amazing James Bond collection.

This box contains the all classic 23 movies of James Bond. And the icing on the cake is the featurettes like world of Bond, Being Bond and Designing 007: years of bond style. This classic collection is something which will make your guy’s birthday unforgettable for him.

Your guy would be absolutely delighted by this ultimate gift. Not only your guy but
you can select such birthday gifts for your father and brother too. You can never go wrong with the combination of James Bond and Men.

Birthday Gifts for Him


9). Smart Glasses

There are many people who have not heard the name of smart glasses before. Well, smart glasses are the new product of the evolution of technology. After smart phones and smart watches, smart glasses are now also the part of the group.

Smart glasses are the type of glasses which are used to give the 3D representations of the videos. This effect is more powerful than the 3D. You can see the images floating in front of you when you wear these smart glasses and watch the movies.

This would be the coolest birthday gifts for him ever. No guy can ever imagine a rocking gift like this from his girl. You can be the one by giving it a thought.

For the smart glasses you can go for the Epson smart glasses. They give an illusion of watching a movie over an 80 inch screen. All you need to do is just connect the smart glasses with your android phone and they will be working in front of you. They are android supportive and hence gives an awesome representation of the videos. Your guy would be head over heels if you are going to pick it as the birthday gifts for him.

Birthday Gifts for Him


10). Coffee Mugs

Birthday Gifts for HimThe coolest gift you can get for a guy you are with friend is the coffee mug. Don’t worries at all if it sounds a bit dull to you; we have got this for you too. The coffee mug would not let you sit relaxed and feel like you can shop for it from anywhere. But you will have to work on it to get the best coffee mugs as the birthday gifts for him.

It is not necessary that you would have to put a lot of effort for him. It all depends upon you that whether you want to keep it simple or more than that.

This is so simple to find the coffee mugs on which some of the amazing quotes are written. But what if you design a coffee mug on your own?

This idea many sound a bit “oh my god! I got to do work” but this will surely depict your feelings. You can get his photo printed on the mug as well as some lovely caption or message written on it. You can also select a photo of you two to get this printed on the mug. This can be the coolest birthday gifts for him by you.


11). Grooming/shaving Kit

Birthday Gifts for HimGirls love to keep themselves up to date all the time. If they are stepping out then process like make up, bathing, perfumes, manicures, pedicures would have already done. But boys are the badass. They like to keep it messy but on the contrary it attracts even more girls. You can never resist yourself from a man with a cool beard.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep their beard so damn sexy?

Yes, men do the grooming too. And you can take the advantage out of it to select the grooming things as birthday gifts for him. A grooming kit is made up of many things it includes shaving things like razor, shaving cream, shaving brush, shaving soap, applier and other things like shampoo, gel, face wash and many more.

For this choice of yours you can go for the luxury barber men’s grooming kit. Its packaging is done with the best quality of men’s product. Each box comes with one full size product and nine samples of it. you can find every single thing in it which is really required by a man but he would never confess it to you.

If you want to win over the heart of your guy, trust me! You have opted for the best birthday gifts for him ever.


12). Headphones

Birthday Gifts for HimThere is probably no guy who does not like to listen to music. And most probably that guy who does not like to show off. Headphones are one such thing which can pay up for both the things. Earphones can also help in listening to music with better sound but headphones are far way better in the race.

If your guy is crazy about the music then headphones can be the perfect birthday gifts for him. You need not to think twice even before buying some classy headphones for him. There is no way that he cannot like them.

There are a lot of brands which offers you the headphones. Sony, Phillips and apple are the leading brands in the manufacturing of the headphones. Now the question arises that which of the headphone is the one that you should go for?

The answer is Blue microphone Mo-Fi powered high fidelity headphones with integrated audiophile amplifier. You can get it from even the name that how rocking and multi functional these headphones would be. This makes it one of the most awesome birthday gifts for him.

They are one of the most comfortable headphones you will ever find. With the adjustable technique and great sound quality they make a perfect gift for your guy.


13). Trimmer

Birthday Gifts for HimTo keep his beard looking great and classy all the time, every guy needs a shaver cum trimmer. You cannot go to the salon every time to keep your looks as you want. Sometimes the guy at the salon is not able to understand what you want. So it is the time to let your guy be free from the worried of visiting the salon again and again.

For this you can select the trimmer as the birthday gifts for him. He would be really happy to see that you really care for all the little things of him. It is one of the most essential things that a guy definitely wants to keep with himself at every corner of the earth. If he is travelling then one thing that will be surely in his rucksack would be the trimmer kit.

There are a lot of brands for the trimmers in the market. How to know that which one is the best?

You can go for the Phillips trimmer. They are of good quality and they offer a good time period for the warranty too. They offer different accessories along with it to keep the beard of a man in the way he wants. Have a look at 10 best body hair trimmer for men.


14). Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers

Birthday Gifts for HimWhat else can be the best birthday gifts for him other than wireless speakers if he has the ultimate love for music?

And what adds icing on the cake is the fact that these speakers are waterproof too. It can be the perfect birthday gifts for him if he loves to chill at the pool side or loves to relax on the boat. Now he does not need to worry about getting his speakers drenched in the water at all. He would be thanking you for this thousands time for sure.

One such example of this type of speakers is Pyle PWPBT60 sound box splash Bluetooth rugged splash proof marine grade portable wireless speakers. These speakers are rated at IPX4 and boasts six hours of battery life too. It is covered with a metal loop which secures it from the unexpected damages.

These speakers are wireless and Bluetooth enabled which means you need not to spend your time in entangling the wires anymore. all you need to do is just connect the Bluetooth of our phone to it and play the tracks out loud.


15). Wallet

Birthday Gifts for HimWallet is one of the most essential things that a guy needs to keep his little things well arranged. A wallet is necessary to keep the things like credit cards, debit cards, cash, driving license and many other things arranges and at right place. Wallets are of different types and necessary too and hence can be the great birthday gifts for him.

This is the most basic and smart thing can be gifted to a guy. You can never go wrong while picking a wallet as a gift for your guy. It does not matter if he already has one, it can be your bit towards him.

Always try to pick the quality wallets as they should be soft but made up of nice quality material. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Phillip, and Woodland can offer the best quality of wallets for him. Wallets from these brands are available in different colors and styles. Stripped, checks and many other outlooks give them a classy look. It can be the most essential birthday gifts for him.

Wallets can be one such thing which is surely worth gifting your guy.


16). Watch

Birthday Gifts for HimA man is someone who is always punctual. Keep everyone waiting is the style of a boy but a man knows the value of every second of the time. This is the reason he is never late to anywhere. A man is someone who gets his class from working too hard every day and night. It is the result of his hard work that he gets all the success in his life. Therefore no one can know the value of time more than him.

You can see the watch as the essentiality of accessories in the behavior of every man. If your guy is one of this then watches can be the great birthday present for him. If you want to gift him a nice watch then brands like Titan, Fastrack, Timex can be your shot.

And if you want to move further with the price then brands like Calvin Klein, Rado, Giorgio Armani and fossil can offer you the best watches ever. Watches are the symbols of elegance hence are the best birthday gifts for him. There is no way that he can dislike this gesture of yours. There are many quotes about the time which you can write in the birthday card along with the watch.


17). Harley Davidson Leather Jacket

Birthday Gifts for HimIf your guy is having a great physique then no other gifts than the Harley Davidson leather jacket can compliment his looks and personality. If he has the love of riding his super cool motor bike then a leather jacket would make him feel like a boss. It depends upon the weather too but all over this jacket cannot have any competition at all.

You can also select the color according to you. This jacket would also look so much badass in the color brown. This is a style that never goes out of the fashion and you can rock it in every year. It also makes you look hotter and better physique as it boasts the body armor pockets at shoulder and elbow.

This jacket and others kind of it can be the best birthday presents for him. There is no way that he can dislike it any way.

The body armor can be bought differently apart from the jacket. For the love towards the leather thing, this jacket can excel the category for sure. Apart from the Harley Davidson jackets there are other options too. You can get him some other jackets for the birthday gifts for him.


18). Perfume

Birthday Gifts for HimIt is a stereotype that gifting perfume to someone can cause the fights between the two. But now it is the time to break the stereotype. Perfume can be such a wonderful gift to present a guy on his birthday. A guy usually remembers the girl from her fragrance. If the smell matters to them this much then it is important to keep a check on his smell too.

It is the time to make him smell by your taste. You can also gift him a perfume set instead of a single perfume bottle.

If he would have been applying the same perfume again and again, then you can change the track. You would not even be known to this but you are about to get him a new signature smell. Brands like Jimmy Choo, Dior, Channel offers the great deals on the gift set of the perfumes.  It can be one of the nicest birthday gifts for men. The new collection of Giorgio Armani can also be gifted to the love of your life.

Such perfumes smells like magic and their odor stays for the whole day. It makes you smell fresh and awesome for the whole day. It can be the perfect birthday gift for him on his special day.


19). Kindle Voyage

Birthday Gifts for HimKindle is something which is just too awesome for the guy who has the love of reading. Those guys who love to read novels, books and other things, Kindle can be the perfect gifts for them. It is an e-book approach for those who cannot go for the offline book study each and every time. It was first launched in September, 2007. And from then it has become too much famous.

It can be most perfect birthday present for him if he is a bookworm. This device is perfect for downloading and browsing different books from the Amazon e-book store. Kindle is totally the book in your hands; the difference is that it is completely digital. You can turn pages, and it is too much light weight too.

It has the perfect display which is great for reading. If you need to stick to the small budget then it is one of the smartest birthday gifts for him. Any type of books like suspense, love story, action, drama and many more, whatever you want you can get them here. This is the most useful gift for your guy if he has a special corner for the love of reading.


20). Aviators or Other Sunglasses

Birthday Gifts for HimHaving the collection of cool sunglasses in his wardrobe is the dream of every guy. If a guy is wearing the coolest clothes ever then sunglasses compliments it even more. Sunglasses do more than one task. Along with keeping your eyes safe from the sunlight it also makes you look cool and bold at the same time.

No matter what the fashion is, you can rock any kind of sunglasses on any kind of clothes. It can be one of the classic birthday gift ideas for men.

There are a lot of types of sunglasses in the fashion. It can be aviators, teashade sunglasses, Wayfarer and many more. But what never go out of fashion is the Aviators. You can get different types of aviators from different brands. But Ray Ban can really offer you something which will be surely liked by your guy.

Brands like Ray Ban, Vincent Chase, and Channel etc. offer the best aviators. It can be such a cool and mind blowing birthday gift for him. You can select the reflector sunglasses too as they are very much in trend. A pair of sunglasses is always something which should be an essential in everyone’s wardrobe. If you want him to experiment then you can also select something from polarized sunglasses and mirror shade sunglasses.



Here are the 20 birthday gift ideas for him which are absolutely unique and perfect too. All you need to take care of his that what is the choice of your guy. Some of the gifts like wallet, tie, watch, perfume etc. are totally random gifts which can be given to any guy. But some gifts like boots, kindle voyage, binoculars are totally dependent on the choice of your guy.

It is all about that on what he spends most of his time doing. If he is an outdoor person then boots are perfect for him to travel comfortably. If he is an adventurous person then binoculars is perfect for him. For the love of music, speakers are totally up to the mark and so on. All the gifts have their own importance and use. All the birthday gifts for him are worth giving a thought.

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