Best Smart Watches for Women

Best Smart Watches for Women – Wearing the analog watches are so 90’s now. When People are wearing their heart on their sleeves (kidding), why not to wear your phone on your wrist? Yes, we are talking about the revolutionary smart watches. These are the things which do the tasks beyond just timekeeping.

Smart watches are capable of calculations, translations, and even game playing that too with displaying the perfect time. In this section, we are going to talk about the best smart watches for women only, because why should boys have all the fun?

Smart watches for women should not only be perfect in terms of technology but in terms of looks too. Women always in awe for something which looks feminine but based on a technology worth relying on. So, the wait is over ladies!

We have come up with a list of recent smart watches for women which are capable of doing multiple functions at a time. Coming in a small package makes it hard to believe, but these smart watches are totally the future of the tech world.

Top 10 Best Smart Watches for Women

I hope you are going to love these watches but beware gentleman. I hope you do not want your pockets to go cold. Each watch is listed along with its full features and description so that you can decide which one to be bought and which not.

1). Aipker Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone

Talking about the first and one of the most affordable watch in the list of smart watches for women. Bluetooth smart watch by Aipker comes at a mere price of just $16.99. At such a low price you get a smart watch with unbelievable features and a wonderful color black.

If you think carrying your smartphone is getting difficult for you then it is the perfect time to ditch it. Yes, you can insert your sim card into this little smart watch and it will be a phone to you. It has memory up to 32 GB with the facility of a 0.3 M camera too.

You just name it and it has almost every smart feature you want. It is a pedometer, calculator, call reminder, dialer, sleep tracker, remote control, and music player, push message and even anti-lost and many more.

However, this is just among the Android smart watches for women, as it is not compatible with iOS devices too. It has compatibility with almost all smartphones like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc.

This is one of the best smart watches for women with an affordable price. You just need to put the SIM into the slot and you can access to different platforms like browser, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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2). Pebble Time Smartwatch

Another wonder in this list is smartwatch by Pebble. With an affordable price of $56.97 and an attractive black color, this is one of the prime choice of many women. You can consider this as the mini personal assistance for yourself. Owing to its features, it is surely one of the bestselling smart watches for women.

The best part about this smart watch is its organized work and reports. Yes, this small package is efficient enough to have inbuilt sleep and activity tracker. It gives you daily reports of your health along with weekly insights. Isn’t that too much for a little watch?

Well, No, nothing is too much for this Pebble smart watch. The list of its features are not going to stop this early. This wonderful watch also has water resistance property up to 30 meters.

It also has an inbuilt microphone which is capable enough to take voice notes and quick replies. Isn’t it worthy to be included in the list of best smart watches for women?

It also includes the normal features like texts, emails, incoming calls and calendar events. This is totally compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices.

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3). Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

This fitness tracker cum smart watch by Fitbit, is one of the greatest examples of smart watches for women. This all in one smart watch is worth $198.95 with the color options of silver and black. You just need to tie it on your wrist and forget everything else because you can totally rely on the Fitbit for the quality standards.

Its focus on your every single activity in an entire day like heart rate, steps, calories burned and distance covered. If you are planning to do some bicycling or other activities then just tie this on your wrist and go for it.

It will keep a track of your activities like average speed, distance covered, bicycling time etc. You can connect its GPS to the apps and keep an eye on everything. It has a large LED screen which takes care of your notifications regarding anything.

Be it a call, message, email, social media alert like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it will notify you immediately. Among all the smart watches for women, it is highly efficient and keeps a track on your sleep like how well and how long did you sleep.

The battery of this smartwatch is durable for up to 5 days. It also comes with the feature of connecting your phone through its GPS. All the routes and paths can be seen from the watch only.

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4). Garmin Vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch

If you are planning to buy this HP GPS smart watch by Garmin then you would have to hurry because they usually go out of stock very fast. Coming with a price of $249.99 and multiple features, the looks of one of these smart watches for women are hard to resist as well.

This smart watch comes with a built in sim card slot and GPS connection. It is compatible with GSM 800/900/1800/1900 MHz networks. This smart watch makes you feel as if you are wearing your smartphone on your hand.

This smart watch is totally handy and you can directly make calls through it along with receiving them too. It has a wide LCD screen which allows you to see all the notifications on your smart watch only. Along with being a sleep tracker, it is also a pedometer and sedentary reminder too.

It can also work as an alarm clock and calculator. Its hi-tech features and ravishing black color makes it a prime choice for every woman. It is also one of those few smart watches for women which has this amazing working screen even in bright daylight.

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5). Samsung Gear S Smartwatch, 4GB (AT&T)

Finally we are talking about the much awaited Samsung smart watches for women. This is a much-deserved entry in the list in form of Samsung Gear S smartwatch. This may cost you extra bucks as its price is $199.99 but this is one of those few smart watches for women which are worth buying.

It comes in two different colors of white and black along with two different carriers of AT&T and Verizon. With a 2.0 inch display and 4 GB memory storage, this is the prime choice of various people across the globe.

This Samsung smartwatch is usually bought by Samsung smart phone users as it is compatible with all the Samsung smartphones and tablets like Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and S4 mini, Galaxy Note 2, 3, 4.

It supports different features like tracking your heart rate, steps, run and calories burned. It connects you with all your notifications on its curved and attractive display screen. You can easily listen to your favorite music through this amazing smart watch.

On the list of smart watches for women, you can never ignore Samsung in it. Its success can be seen by the fact that there are millions of people buying this smart watch.

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6). ASUS Smartwatch

Another one in the list is smart watch by ASUS. Available in two different colors of Rose gold and silver, this is one of the smart watches for women, which is going to cost you $94.93. ASUS technology has already gained so much of name that you can trust their products with closed eyes.

You just need to connect this smart watch to your smartphone, and you can do multiple tasks through it. You can answer or dial a call, click photos by controlling your phone camera, count your steps and track your sleep. It also notifies you about messages from different social media platforms.

It is one of those few smart watches for women whose heart rate management is phenomenal. It keeps track of your heart rate depending upon your mood and personality.

It is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher ones. The best part about this smart watch is its display. It has this Gorilla glass covering which makes it durable and safe from sudden accidents. It also has more than 100 types of faces which you can adjust according to your choice.

However, this ZenWatch by ASUS only supports iPhone 5+ only. It also responds to your texts and instant messages through voice commands.

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7). Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices

Pebble brings you another of its smartwatch which is compatible enough for Android as well as iOS devices. It is a steel smartwatch which comes at a price of $104.99. You can choose your favorite amongst colors like black, silver, gold, deluxe black edition and red- gold.

In the list of smart watched for women, it is surely one of the most sought after by people. It is efficient enough to perform functions like call management, calendar, text and emails and many more.

Just like the earlier version of smartwatch by Pebble, it also comes with Pebble Health built in software which keeps a track on sleep. It gives regular reports about it along with weekly insights. Apart from being water resistant it also has amazing battery life of up to 10 days.

The only drawback is its compatibility. It has been designed to support only iPhone 4s and above running on iOS 8+ system. It has the feature of LED backlight which makes it more appealing and attractive. It also has a built-in microphone which takes voice notes and replies quickly.

The band of this watch is made up of genuine Italian leather which is quite durable. This is one of those smart watches for women which are worth investing for.

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8). Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Another one in the category of smart watches for women is this fantastic Gear S3 Frontier smart watch by Samsung. It comes with various useful functions and properties at a whopping price of $349.99. The best part about these watches is their amazing looks and just unconventional quality which puts other watches to shame.

Just like every other smart watches for women listed here, you just need to connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth, and you are good to go. It carried out functions like dial up, calendar, etc. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It has some phenomenal looks with round screen with sensitive touch display which makes it even easier to use it. It works as a pedometer, clock, call sync, calculator, music player and hands-free. It always has its watch time face on. You can adjust its steel bezel for the access to apps and notifications.

Along with all these functions, you can use this as world clock, notes, browser, timer and many more. It also provides complete protection against water, dust, temperature and other extreme conditions.

Overall, it is a great watch to use with lightweight feature and multiple operations. It also has this feature of Samsung Pay through which you can pay almost anywhere when you swipe or tap your credit card.

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9). Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

Another one we have is a smart watch cum GPS sports watch by Polar at a price of just $124.99. The amazing looks of this watch come in two different colors too. You can choose from wonderful colors like black, blue, pink, red and white. It is one of the most awesome looking smart watches for women in this list.

It comes with all the functions of smart watches like pedometer, step counting, sleep tracker, date and time sync, calorie recorder, camera control and music control. After you connect it to your smartphone then it can do multiple tasks too.

It can offer you the functions of email, notifications, call sync, social media management, caller ID, SMS etc. As far as the design and looks of this smart watch are concerned, then it comes with touch screen control and HD display.

You can dive deep or can take a cold shower wearing this watch because it is totally waterproof. This is one of those few smart watches for women which is compatible for more than 200 types of Android and iOS devices.

Another important feature in this smartwatch is its GPS. Because of this, you can share your location to anywhere. You can even share your training sessions and other important information through web by directly this watch.

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10). Michael Kors Access Touchscreen Rose Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch

Last but not the least, what we have in the list of smart watches for women is no less than a gemstone. This is touchscreen rose gold Bradshaw smartwatch MKT5004 by none other than Michael Kors. If it MK then it has to be the best and that is why it comes for a whopping price of $350.

It is totally compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. As far as looks and designs are concerned, it is unbeatable, in fact, you can even change its straps too. All the functions of steps counting, calorie recording, calls, emails, texts, and distance are covered with full touchscreen access.

It has an amazing wireless syncing for up to 10 meters with your smartphone. Move over other smart watches for women because the boss is finally here.

Apart from the changeable watch face and straps, it has this amazing in built microphones too for voice notes. It comes with a magnetic charging system which is very rare in case of smart watches. This watch can make anything possible from searching web to checking the weather just over the voice commands.

This is one of the most amazing and incredible smart watches in this list and the quality offered is totally unconventional.

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There are not even a single smart watches for women in this list which can be said no to. Be it looks or be it technology, each one of them are giving a tough competition to each other. Some of these are only Android smart watches for women, and some are compatible with all the systems.

Some of these smart watches for women are totally affordable, but some can be a little heavy on your budget. And the last one Michael Kors smartwatch is so hard to resist that you are so gonna fall for it completely.

You can like them, you can dislike them, but there is no way you can ignore these little techno-bands.

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