Best Calendar App for Android Smartphone [Updated]

Best Calendar App for Android: The Calendar is a planning tool to organize your future programs, such as birthday, Business appointments and more by daily, weekly, monthly and for the whole year. Even nowadays, the usage of the calendar is unavoidable among us. Mainly, It keeps you remembering the upcoming events, Which you must be there

Before we jump into the primary subject of the article, you want to know why you need the best calendar app for Android and how it is better than the physical calendar.

The physical calendar is made with paper in different design, and you hang the calendars on the wall of your resident, room, hall or the desk. Some people prefer to print customized calendar with their family photos and adventure trip photos, and they gift to friends and relatives.

However, the physical calendar is useful but most of the time, you will need some great features to increase your productivity drastically. But, When come to the Physical calendar is limited means very limited features, you can be customized the design of the calendar only otherwise, you cannot do further with the Physical calendar.

Hey, You are living in the technology world has provided various tools for supporting & improving the daily life of yours. Unless you start to use the latest tools you don not know the power of it. Now, you need the best calendar app for Android, and Sure It will improve your productivity better than before.

The best calendar app for Android consists several features by default that is not possible in the physical version. You can schedule and set the alarm, and you can use multiple color themes based on your calendar application, syncing your calendar between your devices, and more features.

Best Calendar App for Android Smartphone

You need an Android devices to install the calendar app on your system and to use it. However, many people are already using such devices for entertainment and working purpose. So you have already one too. Let’s start.

Best Calender App for Android

1). Google Calender

Google calendar is one of the best calendar apps for Android from Google Inc. You need a Google account to use the Android calendar app. Most of us have multiple Gmail accounts for the different purpose, so based on your requirements, you can use the primary or secondary level email address to login into the Google Calendar apps for using it.

Google Calender Android App has consisted several features to improve your regular works. You can access and update the details of your upcoming programs from the desktop or tablet or Mobile phone, and you can view the updated schedule from any devices.

The Google Calender Features

Schedule view allows you to see all of your programs at a glance with maps of the places and photos of the locations.

  • Syncing events from Gmail to your calendar automatically, such as flight details, hotel, concert programs, and more will be added to your scheduled data automatically.
  • You get suggestions for creating events and places, people and writing best-detailed titles and more.
  • See your upcoming schedule for the current day and you can overview the complete programs days at a single glance.
  • Google Calender works with others Android Calender Apps without any issues.

As I said earlier, Google calendar is one of best calendar app for Android that is giving more flexible for working with your future programs efficiently.

download android app by google playstore

2). Talking Calendar Reminders

Do you want a Calender app for Android to say about the upcoming events in advance?, You are most welcome such Apps. Moreover, You do not miss any important events of your family and business. Some people noted the upcoming program’s scheduled date and time on the Calender app, and they forget to open the app and see it. What will happen? Sure you missed something great of you. So you need a best calendar app for Android to solve similar issues, You should ensure that will not happen again in future.

The Talking Calendar Reminders is here to help you for reminding about your upcoming programs in advance. You can use the app to create an event reminder or editing the existing reminder or remove the reminder from the calendar. The Good thing of this Talking calendar app will integrate with your calendars.

You want to add the widget of the app on your mobile phone’s home screen to hear your upcoming programming schedule for the next month, weeks or days. Moreover, you can use the app to set alarm reminder, and you can control how & what reminder to speak by the app. You set the alarm reminder and repeating it several times to avoid forgetting among your other busy works.

The Features of the Talking Calendar Reminders

  • The App integrates with the Calendar.
  • You can use for setting Alarm reminders.
  • It read your upcoming programs by a loud voice.
  • It says about your daily, weekly and monthly programs.

This best calendar app for Android is very helpful in several circumstances, such as when you are driving the car or motorbike or while you are watching movies, it remind about your programs and make you fast to go beyond it. You never forget your schedule.

download android app by google playstore

3). aCalendar – Android Calendar

The aCalendar come with excellent features to make your daily schedule better than before and provide a way to interact you with your programs. This App is free best calendar app for Android for you.

It has the user-friendly interface for easy navigation that make you feel comfortable to use the app and allow you to view your schedule by the daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The aCalender Android app is supporting the pre-event colors if the installed event calendar supports, Just use it.

The Notable features of aCalender – Android Calender

  • See the upcoming birthdays of your contacts
  • This apps is a free comes with no ads.
  • It is possible the QR and NFC barcode sharing of events.
  • Per calendar comes with 48 colors.
  • Using with default Android calendar in backend and Synchronization.
  • View your upcoming events by daily, weekly, monthly and year view.

However.It is providing good features to manage your future programs at your finger, and This best calendar app for Android is very useful if you start using from today onwards.

download android app by google playstore

4). Calendar For Android Wear

Wearable Android devices are getting popular at present days, If you see the marketplace there are available numbers of smartwatch aka wearable watches powered by the Android Operating System. Are you planning to buy a smart Android devices? Or You might have owned a smartwatch, and You need a best calendar app for Android to power up your productivity effectively.

The Calendar for Android Wear is mainly developed for the purpose of wearable devices. It becomes suitable on your smartwatch, and you can see the upcoming meetings, events notification details., which is comfortable to your eye.

You get all of the necessary feature in the Android calendar app for wearable gadgets. You will overview the future appointments, and Seeing the appointment of yours for a particular day by selecting the specific date. You can also see the description of the appointment, as well as, the starting date and ending date details.

If you want to see the next month appointment information, Just touch and swipe left and right to see the next month calendar. It is apparent to see your daily and monthly base appointments at your wearable smart watches.

The features of Calendar For Android Wear

  • Easy navigation to the User.
  • Swipe left and right for viewing the month calendar.
  • Today is marking with a square.
  • You will update with day agenda.

Now, you are aware the absolute coolest features of the best calendar app for android wear devices. Now, directly download the Application from the play store and Get the notifications of your whole current days and weeks programs on your smart watch. I am sure, you never miss any appointments because, you always see at a glance the details at your wrist, then, how can you miss.

download android app by google playstore

5). My Calender Photo Frame

The regular Calender Android app that is used by you at now, Which may not have the customizable theme as per your wishes. However, the common factor of the all calendar app does not connect you personally in somewhat. Just see the background of the calendar app is standard white or the developer by default sets some other color.

For a change, If you can change the Frame. Background of the calendar as per your desire, then, how will you feel. That will be great to you, Isn’t good?

Yes, This is one of the best calendar App for Android smartphone or tablet. You can place a personalized frame, change the background color, set an image of the calendar for your taste.

You want to take three steps for setting up the Frame for your calendar and save it as a picture in the system. Later, you can share the photo with your beloved friend, relatives via your Facebook or any other social networks. As well as, you can able to share it through WhatsApp, Line, MMS, email, Instagram and many other platforms.

The Notable Features of the My Calender Photo Frame

  • You will get High Quality and Colorful High Definition frames.
  • User-friendly controls and options for photo editing.
  • Come with 12 photo cake frame
  • Draw anything on any place in the greeting by using your finger for giving a personal touch.
  • You can use any desired photo from the mobile phone image gallery.
  • Switch on your mobile camera and take a good looking photo and use it.
  • You can rotate, zoom in and zoom out, scale the selected image to fit the photo frame as you like.
  • Save the photo frame as a High-Quality images at your mobile phone.
  • Just share your beautiful photo frame with your friends.

A simple and personalized concept bring you great happy. Just download the best calendar app for Android devices and design your photo frame and share it.

download android app by google playstore

6). Calendar Sync for Facebook

You are connecting with your Colleague, Friends, Relatives and Groups at the Facebook and getting many event notifications, and some events are vital to you. At particular circumstance, you are willing to participate such events and meet them personally and connect with them.

In my knowledge, Commonly, you receive numerous of notification, It has more than hundreds for a single day. So, you may miss some important event notifications, or you have scroll down to see the full update for knowing the important notifications. It is not possible to view the full notification, or you have seen on the event page.

Even you are aware the event, you have to remember the date of the event by notifying the calendar app or somewhere. Are you facing such problems? You need a best calendar app for Android mobile phone.

The Calendar Sync For Facebook Android app is here to solve the problem of forgetting the event date from your memory or any reasons. The Calender App sync the event from Facebook and display the events dates on the own calendar of the App apparently. Which means, you know the exact date of the event by justing view the calendar app.

The notable thing is that it generate the own calendar rather than syncing with Google calendar or any other third-party calendar application. This calendar is only used for the syncing and storing the facebook events.

The Facebook events are showing as follows,

  • If the user has RSVP’d as “Going” display as Events I’m attending.
  • If the user has RSVP’d as “Maybe” display as Events, I may be attending.
  • If the user has RSVP’d as “Not Going” display as Events, I am not attending.
  • If the user has invited but not responded display as “Events, I have not responded.”
  • If the user has received Friend’s Birthday display as “friends birthday.

So, you are updated each and every event at your mobile phone date wise giving more chance for not forgetting from your memory.

The features of the Calendar Sync for Facebook

  • You can use all of your Android devices by installing this Calender sync for Facebook without worrying about the collision between the syncs process on multiple devices.
  • Improving the sync reliability and maintaining the battery life of your devices, You can use the Android built-in features such as account management, sync, and calendar APIs.
  • Google services sync issues do not cause for ghosted or duplicate events.

Notes: The in-app billing is collecting the donation purpose only. Otherwise, you are free to use the app.

Here is one of the best calendar app for Android smartphone user can integrate their Facebook account to receive the event notification in this app for knowing the event and you never miss any events that are important to you.

download android app by google playstore

7). Birthday Calendar

Your birthday is a very special day in every year. Likewise, your wife, lover, children, parent, relatives, and friends have the birthday, and they expect wish from beloved people. However, Sometimes, you forget the birthday of your lover or children due to your work busy. Later, you regret, as well as, they also. Do you want to wish without forgetting? Then, you need a best calendar app for Android system.

The Birthday Calendar Android application allow you to set their birthday, and you will be notified by push notification as you early defined date and time before the birthday of your acquaintances. Moreover, you can import all the birthdays details to your address book.

You can set the birthday of all the people in your contacts details through the Birthday calendar app, furthermore, 100% percentage data protection of the data.

The features of the Birthday Calendar

  • Get advanced notification of the upcoming birthday automatically.
  • You Send the birthday greeting text message directly.
  • Just you can add, edit, and delete the birthday.
  • Birthday details of all your contact list.

Never forget to wish your beloved people birthday and make them entirely happy. To happens all of this, you have to install the best calendar app for Android on your smartphone.

download android app by google playstore

8). Sunrise Calendar

A Best calendar app for Android from Microsoft Corporation family, Which connect your social profiles into a single calendar application simply. You like the sunrise calendar apps is comprising unique features that are necessary now.

This calendar application connects your favorite applications such as Facebook, Evernote, Foursquare, TripIt, Todoist, Trello and more apps for ensuring that you are updated with all of the notifications that are happening around you and all of the people. .

After installing the application on your smartphone, you will know what you need from others source and Schedule your future planning with the sunrise calendar application easily. The App can manage all of the details at a single place.

It comes with the meet, is a keyboard that is allowing to select time slots in your calendar without moving the app. The app syncs between your smartphone, tablets, and computer so accessing the calendar is easy to you, and you don’t depend on a single source.

Sunrise Calendar’s features

  • The calendar is syncing between multiple social Android applications.
  • Meet keyboard: A special tools for convenient and fast works.
  • The sunrise calendar syncs across multiple devices, Computer, Moble, and Tablet.

You want to manage and get the update from other social sources, and then you need the sunrise calendar is one of the best calendar app for android app by google playstore

I have listed unique, and the best calendar app for Android phone. You want to install the over mentioned application on your mobile and utilize its power and improve your working productivity greatly. Never forget your upcoming programs, Just use a smart calendar application and do smart planning.

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