Best Bible Apps for Android Smartphone [Updated List]

The Bible is the Holy book of the Christians around the world. They perform prayer to Jesus by reading the Bible at Church or Home by lighting the candle.

However, you read the Bible & perform prayer from everywhere. It brings a peace of mind to you.

In the present time, you do not get some free time to read Bible while you desire. Due to your work pressure, you forced to skip it, Sometimes, you get free time, but, You have not kept the Bible book with you; furthermore, It is not possible always carrying the Bible with you, As, you do not know when will you read it.

However, There is a solution available right now to the people like you can read Bible as you like and you do not carry any book along with you.

There is avail a lot of best Bible app for Android in Google play store. You have to find and download & Install the Bible Apps. No matter where you are, You can access the Bible without any trouble and read or hear or watch as you like.

12 Best Bible apps for android

I have listed best Bible App for Android for you, and It will provide you an incredible experience, Which is entirely different from the general reading.

Best Bible Apps for Android

1). Bible for Kids

The Bible for Kids Android Apps is especially for Kids. Why? because. Children’s world is distinct from the adult, their imagination and interest are completely different, There is joyous and enjoyment only. So, the normal Apps is not for them, and They need some best bible app for android. .

This Bible App for Kids has designed by keeping children in mind. They will explore the stories of the Bible through interactive and attractive animations with interest and enjoyment. When they see the Bible via animation, They never forget always in their memory. As well as, Bible Apps keep your kids interesting and make them returning again and again.

Highlights Of Bible for Kids :

  • The User Interface is Kids friendly, and easy to navigate.
  • Colorful illustrations and Animations which is likable to kids.
  • Animation character will be activated once the kids Touch.
  • Special challenges & activities have designed to remember what they have learned from Bible for Kids Android App.

download android app by google playstore

2). Superbook Bible, Video & Games

You may guess about this App by just looking the App’s name. Yes, this is the best bible app for android for Kids with full of interactive content, such as videos, games, and images. Your children will learn Bible Interestingly and interact with the Bible. Even adult like this Bible Apps.

Kids have several questions related to Bible, and You will find the answer some common questions, The Q&A are covering life, heaven, and the Bible.

Bible trivia game encourages your children to respond the important question relating to Bible. Moreover, there are another Word hidden & Bible Verse Scramble games. However, the Bible Games help your children to remember the message.

Features of Superbook Bible Android App :

  • free episode of Emmy-nominated Children’s Bible animation series.
  • Detailed biographies of Bible characters with images.
  • You can favorite, bookmark and Highlight Bible passages with various colors.
  • Taking important notes and save, When you require access from MyStuff area of the Bible App.
  • Add your photo for making a personal touch.

download android app by google playstore

3). Best Bible Picture Quotes

An image is equal to thousand words, Similarly, A powerful words bring positive energy to you, Which is memorable in your mind always. That is doing by Best Bible Picture Quotes Android App.

In this App unite great Bible verses and passages with the beautiful image background. When you read Bible verses with stunning image background, It will give peace of mind and joyous to you. You read the message from old & new testament about life, faith, inspiration and more.

The Feature of Best Bible Picture Quotes Android App :

download android app by google playstore

4). Bible Questions & Answers FAQ

When it come to Religion Its quite natural for questions, But finding the correct answer is not possible immediately for all. So, you need the best bible app for android to solve the doubts quickly.

However, many times, the same question are asked by several people, and some people may get the right answer immediately, and then, they share it with others.

The Bible Question & Answer FAQ Android App is doing the exact thing here. They are sharing the answer and finding a correct answer to the questions raised by you under several categories such as Marriage, Miracles, Life Decisions, more.

The Highlights of the Bible Question & Answer Android App :

  • Q&A are listed under 30 categories.
  • More than 300 Bible questions is answered here.
  • Sharing your questions and answer through email to your friends and relatives.
  • According to your needs change the font size for easy reading.
  • The Bible Android App works offline.
  • Simply, sync and download the Q&A

download android app by google playstore

5). Bible – Best bible apps for android

Bible Android App is used by around the world over than 180 Million devices and still counting its number. Its main feature is Reading, Listening, Watching, and Sharing the Bible content.

Here is one of the best bible app for android completely free with stunning features. There are available 1,000+ Bible versions in hundreds of languages with hundreds of reading and devotional plans in 40+ languages.

Bible Android App Features :

  • Popular Version of Bible is King James Version KJV, New International Version NIV, New King James Version NKJV, and more.
  • Bible Android App in 30+ languages.
  • Reading the Bible without any network access, Available for selected version
  • Audio Bible is available for selected version, and those are not downloadable.
  • Seeing what you and your friends highlight and bookmarked,
  • Be connected with your friends daily, asking the questions and share your thoughts.
  • Watch and share the video clips of the TV series, The Bible, The Jesus Film and more.
  • Share the Bible verses and your discoveries with your friends by email, SMS, and social media
  • Public and private for saving your notes, can be highlighted with multiple colors.
  • Sync all of your notes, highlights, bookmarks and reading plan YouVersion free cloud account.
  • Customize the font, font size, and brightness according to your needs.

download android app by google playstore

6). Bible Memory: Remember Me

Here is one of the best bible app for android Which help you to memorize the insightful Bible Verse and Scripture always. By using the Bible Memory: Remember Me Android App you remember great Bible passages, favorite poems, literary quotes, speeches, and vocabulary easily.

It comes with the bundle of features to memorization the Bible, You can utilize the text-to-speech, It will read the quotes for you. Use the flashcard gaming to study well, furthermore, Set daily reminders to study the Bible on time. If you want, you can add new quotes or delete the learned quotes from the queue.

Another great option is that Q&A section and The Quiz questions generate for you randomly by the App You have committed to the answer all Which will improve the learning & thinking of the Bible, and you never forget what you have learned.

The App has designed based on the learn by playing concept, so, You play and learn the Bible messages. In this App have following games, Word Puzzles, Fill in the Gap games and view your performance on the score chart. More features are available in the best bible app for android.

The Features of Bible Memory: Remember Me :

  • Practices the Bible Verses Line by Line.
  • Recording your thoughts and reviews.
  • Play the Bible Verses and listen peacefully.
  • Syncing with multiple devices
  • It supports numerous modern languages.
  • Read the 30 English Bible Translations, IV84 ESV Catholic New Jerusalem, etc.
  • Intelligent review system.
  • Scripture typer.
  • Available many world languages.

download android app by google playstore

7). Bible Crossword – bible apps for android

Are you looking religious games for Android devices? If your answer is YES, then, your search end here. I am telling about the Bible Android games to you introduce about the Bible, Jesus Christ to your Kids and whole family by the Bible Crossword Game.

Like standard crosswords games and rule are same, but the different is in questions, It ask questions from the Bible, You want to find and fill the correct answer in the crossword field.

They collected the questions for the Crossword games from numerous of sources such as the Inspirational Bible verses, Bible characters, patriarchs, prophets, kings, judges, widows, prominent historical figures, heroes of faith the Gospels, and more.

The Notable Features of Bible Crossword :

  • Even the size of the app is less than one MB You will get hundreds of question.
  • Available 700+ questions, Download additional questions if you need.
  • Multiple background color themes available.
  • You will get a new question each time you play a new puzzle.
  • User-friendly navigation.

download android app by google playstore

8). Praise and Worship Songs

Your prayer can perform by reading Bible Verses and Passages or worship Jesus by singing the prayer songs. The Praise and Worship Bible Songs Android App is giving numerous of the Christians devotional songs with the lyrics to you.

This Bible song is for kids and adult, and both can use during the prayer times. You do not require the internet connection to use this app work without any network access. Just, use this Bible song Android App in Chruch, home or everywhere, Without any restrictions. When you get free time, just play and read the lyrics.

The important thing is that, When you play the prayer song at your Android device, and read the lyrics of the songs on the screen of the device. If you are ready, then, sing the songs.

Features of Praise and Worship Songs :

  • Internet connection is not needed.
  • Best bible app for android is totally free.
  • You can scroll the lyrics, by swipe vertically.

download android app by google playstore

9). Bible Stories – bible app for android

When coming to Jesus and Bible, No matter you are Adult or Children regardless of about your age and destination, You like to read stories from Bible.

A best Bible app for Android that brings the collection of Bible stories at your smartphone and tablet,

In the Story Android App has several Bible stories under many categories that are telling about Jesus’s Life on the earth, Miracles, and Deeds of the Jesus Christ, Birth of the Jesus till his resurrection.

The children story section of the Bible stories has contained more about Bible and provide the answer to many general questions, Which is asked by the children around the world, moreover, they will know about many topics, such as what is Sin, about Adam and Even, about the great flood and Noah. This Bible Stories Android App makes your children understanding the Bible better than before.

You can read Old Testament Bible stories, From the oldest part of the Christian Bible, The Book of the Old Testament were written from XIII to I century BC. This part of the story is about the origin of the world, Mankind’s history and origins of the Jewish people. The Old Testament Genesis cover from the creation of the earth and human to the death of the Joseph in Egypt.

Bible Stories’s Android App Features :

  • The selected stories display entirely.
  • Sending the selected stories to a friend through SMS or social media.
  • You can display a list of selected stories.
  • You can add your favorites Bible stories to the Favorite list.

download android app by google playstore

10). Bible Discovery

The regular Bible reader is comfortable with the fundamental message of the Bile. You are not like that, you are not satisfied with the current meaning of the Bible verses, You want to go into deep of the subject and understand the exact message of the Bible.

The diligent study of the Bible brings new discoveries to the Christians, all over the world, Because, the genuine treasures have hidden inside the Bible, so bring it up is necessary. Some people work hard to extract the treasures from the Bible and say it to the world.

Are you want to dig more into Bible? Then, You want the best bible app for android to know the real meaning of the terms.

This Bible Discovery Android App provides many useful resources to such people. That are the primary purpose of the App. It has many Bible translations, such as A Conservative Version, American King James Version, American Standard Version (1901), Bible in Basic English (1949/1964), Bible in Worldwide English, Darby Bible (1889), with 40 dictionaries help you to study the Bible more efficiently and deeply.

The Bible Discovery Program Features :

  • Bookmarks the categories and highlights the Bible verses multiple colors.
  • Write your notes and comment the Bible Verses.
  • You can see the verses in the night mode for easily reading.
  • 150 Bible Translations.
  • It supports more than 10 languages for the User Interfaces.

download android app by google playstore
Note: They are also having a premium version of the Bible Version Android App If you want to unlock more potential features and rich-full features, You have to purchase it. HERE, I recommend only the free version of the App, which is enough for at first stage of your Bible research.

11). The Bible Dictionary

Are you struggle to understand any words from the Bible? Perhaps, you may face such an issues when you read Bible, But, you may skip the word and go to the next word. Because, where to get the meaning of the incomprehensible terms from Bible. Many people want to know the meaning of the phrase, If you are one of them, Yes, You will get the answer immediately. You have to do only one thing is installing the best bible app for android on your smart devices.

The Holy book of the Bible needs a dictionary to explain the exact meaning and origin of the key terms, Once, you will know the word of the God and his son Jesus Christ, you understand the correct message from the Bible.

This Bible dictionary can use to reference during the study of the old testament and new testament. With over 90,000 dictionaries, encyclopedia and concordance entries.

It comes 8 full reference book are Easton’s Bible Dictionary, Smith’s Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary, The King James Version (KJV) Bible Dictionary, Nave’s Topical Bible, the Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia, Torrey’s New Topical Textbook and the Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible (JFB Commentary) for deep Bible studying purpose.

The Features of the Bible Dictionary :

  • Speech Synthesizer: The App have Built-in Text to speech technology comes with the American or British accent.
  • The App works in Offline and Airplane Mode.
  • Performing search and find any term or definition by using certain criteria.
  • Change the font size big to improve readability.
  • Bookmark the entries for future reference.
  • Share to other via email or SMS, etc.

download android app by google playstore
Note: This is a paid Android Apps. As the features and bundle of the advantages, I recommend a Best Bible App for Android to you.

12). God and Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you look any religious Games? Such religious games are very helpful, particularly your children will know about the Biblical characters without any doubt, as well as, This God Puzzle can play by adult, toddlers, preschoolers, school children and they educated about the Jesus and his glory.

You have played several type of puzzle game on your Android devices. However, This God Puzzle Game is like general puzzle game concept, But, the only different thing is that you are going to play the game and be connect with Jesus.

On the blessing of the Jesus, Puzzle games improve your intelligence, logical reasoning and ability to coordination, attention, analytical thinking, observing, and comparison and know about the Bible characters well. I am sure, you do not forget at any time.

Features of the God and Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle :

  • After successful completion, you can set the image as wallpaper.
  • You can decide the level of difficulty.
  • Not required the Internet Connection.
  • The Puzzle dimension from 9 to 100 puzzle pieces.
  • There is up to 200 different combinations of Puzzle.
  • You can play another puzzle game after saving the current progress.

download android app by google playstore
Explore the world of the Jesus by installing the best bible app for android, Which I recommend to you. Sure you will know more about the Jesus and Bible through the simply by Reading Stories, Playing Games, Watch Video clips and Listening to the songs. All you get by just installing the best Bible app for Android on your devices.

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