Best GPS App for Android [10+ Navigation Apps ]

Best GPS App for Android: When you go to the unfamiliar city or country, you need a guide who well known about the city route, as well as, he know each and every information, and he must be with you always. Finally, he is called the Global Position System the acronym of GPS. No issues where are you right now but you get the essential information like real-time weather report, traffic details the way you will go, Point of interest places like the gas station and price of it, hotels, shopping and more detail that will get on your fingerprint.

You need a best GPS app for Android Smartphone or Tablet, and It should provide you the accurate and real-time data, as well as the GPS, has combined so many advanced features that are necessary for your travel. I have done my best and choose some of the best GPS app for Android smartphone and tablet. See and decide which GPS app will suitable perfectly.

10+ Best GPS App for Android Smartphone

Bellow and I am defining all major features by which you can easily categorized these apps according to your requirement and you can easily choose best GPS app for Android.

Here I want to recommend you one thing, first check what features do you need in required GPS app. and how you will use this app. If you found these questions answers then you are ready for select any best gps app for Android.

Best GPS apps for Android

1). HERE Maps: Offline Navigation

best gps app for androidNokia, the famous Smartphone maker, has developed the best GPS app for Android mobile phone. And Tablet is called HERE Maps. If you lost the mobile network signal, you do not worry about the signal because, It works in Offline too and direct you to reach the aimed location without having any issues. You need the internet connection to use some advanced features like getting traffic status and more. One of the finest features is viewing the inside maps of building like a shopping mall and more. However, you will get the correct the accurate route direction on your smartphone.

The Key Features of HERE Maps: Offline Navigation

  • Offline Navigation and Real-Time Navigation
  • Here works without Internet connection
  • View detailed Public Transit and Directions of around 1000 cities.
  • 3D Indoor Maps allow to see inside the malls and airports.
  • Real Time Information is used to get the update about the traffic from more than 40 countries. It requires the Internet connection.
  • You can save over than 100 countries maps, like US, UK, and more.
  • Voice guidance is available for easy driving or walking to go the destination without any problem.


2). Google Maps

best gps app for androidBrain Child of the famous search engine giant Google is providing the best GPS app for Android powered devices that is known as Google Maps. No matter and no worry where you are right now when you have the Google maps installed smartphone or tablet with you. It has come with the bundle of features that guide and inform you several useful things.

The Notable Features Of Google Maps

  • You can use the Street View to know more details about your destination.
  • You see the indoor image of the restaurants, museums, and more places.
  • Google Maps contains comprehensive and accurate maps around 220 countries and territories.
  • The GPS Navigator powered by Voice guide features can use when you are walking, driving and biking.
  • It can guide you over 15000 towns and cities for transiting directions.
  • You are updated with the live traffic conditions, incident reports.
  • Automatic Rerouting: Finding the best route to reach your destinations.

Based on your country and religion, Some selected features are not available. So be ensure the working feature before you take your drive.

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3). MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

best gps app for androidSay tata bye bye to other non-worth GPS app, here is MapQuest is one of the best GPS app for Android working phone and tablets. It provides you accurate and comprehensive information about the route from the starting to the destination along with the live update of traffic report that save your time and help you to find an alternative route to reach the destination, and more using details will update when it happens on the application.

The Important Feature of the MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

  • Integrated Multiple modes of transportation including Time of Day, Cost, Situation, Weather and more.
  • Uber and Car2go services are Integrated with MapQuest for selected cities and nationwide.
  • Avoiding the route that may affect by accidents, plan multistop trips and guide you to find alternative routing
  • Getting life traffic updates with GPS Voice guide is ready to help you further.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to reach the destination.
  • Bookmarking your frequently visited addresses and access the information from the home screen.
  • The point of Interest feature allows you to find nearby restaurants, gas and more to achieve your destination quickly and compare the price of nearby gas stations.
  • Booking food through the OpenTablet and GrubHub of the MapQuest for food booking and choose any hotels and book it.

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4).Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

Mutual information sharing is the base concept of the Waze GPS Android application. This is the one of the community based best GPS app for Android installed smartphone and tablets. Which means, the traffic information, incidents details, and more useful sharing are happening by the group of people like you shares it through Waze to others, and uninformed persons notified about it and planned their route according to the information.

However, It works like the Normal GPS Android application in your mobile but the information is updated by the real people when they see it and share it with waze to others. That’s it.

The Key Features of the Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

  • Community members update the real time traffic updates
  • Getting alerts about incidents like accidents, hazards, police traps, the closing of road and more.
  • Waze community map editors do the updating and Editing the live Map consistently.
  • When the conditions change the Automatic rerouting get activated and guide you further.
  • You can add your Facebook friends and syncs contacts.
  • Adding the local and business information.
  • Getting update with the ETA of yours and your friends to reach the same destination.
  • Help to get the cheapest gas station on your route

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5). MAPS.ME – GPS Navigation & Map

Open the Maps.ME GPS app for Android smartphone and instantly get the detailed maps of all countries by sitting at your convenient place. You can save the internet bandwidth because it works without the internet connection. More than 25 Million people download the app on their devices, which you realize the worth of the app.

You can access the PoI, clear routing guide to reach your targeting address without any block and more useful detail are available at your fingertip. Sure, you like the best GPS app for Android.

The Notable Features of the MAPS.ME – GPS Navigation & Map

  • You can access the detailed maps of all countries.
  • The Offline Maps help you to find the Point of Interest locations like the tourist attraction, ATM, Metro, and more.
  • You can bookmark the places and creating, import and export from other maps and it support the KML and KMZ file format.
  • Location sharing: you send the pin of any location on the map through the email or SMS to your friends and family to make them where you are.

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6). Find My Friends! – Best GPS App for Android

Introducing the best GPS app for Android devices like smartphone or Tablet that your choice. Just imagine a scenario, you are waiting for your friends, but the sign shows they are not getting on time.

However, you cannot wait and see the YouTube videos on your mobile. Just open the Find My Friends GPS app track and find the current location of your friends and the app show you the estimated arrival time of the destination. Be relax and enjoy by watching YouTube or video game. This is the basic concept of the GPS app which is connect you with your family and friends always. You can use to monitor your aged parent, child and more.

The Features Of the Find My Friends

  • You can find and locate your friend on your Android smartphone
  • You can do the chat among your friends for guiding or collaborative working based on your scenario.
  • You will know the Estimated Arrival Time of your friend current location to your place.
  • You can share about the good store, restaurant, and more news via Find My Friends App.

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7). ROUTE 66 Navigate

A smart and best GPS app for Android gadgets that is turn your Android smartphone or Tablet into a high Global Position System. You get the up-to-date local destination route and maps, and weather update makes you alert and more useful information. The automotive qualify navigation is giving to you the right and accurate routes, lane, speed limits and road signs information.

It helps you to save up to 18.5% of your time by informing you about the correct real time traffic details and available many useful resources.

The Important Features of the ROUTE 66 Navigate

  • The Map are available in Online and Offline mode so that you can use with or without no internet connection
  • You can see the Wikipedia on the map where you see the more information.
  • You see the latest weather report on the map.
  • The 3D buildings and Photorealistic are there to help you to identify the aimed location without taking a long time.
  • When you drive the car in speed, you will get speed alarm for safe driving.

The Basic version is free, You can enjoy the full feature of 30 Days trial, Later If you then pay and use it

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8). GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

Do you want the best GPS app for Android running smartphone or tablet? Yes, GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic is one of the most popular and best GPS application, and the GPS maps are powered by the TomTom maps. The maps, TomTom Navigation, and other related data will be installed on your SD memory slot, so no need for net connection to use this app

It provides several useful information during your driving with the GPS Navigation application such as POIs, Route Planning, and more as well as, the map and other details get the update every three months in free of cost. See the following list for knowing more free and premium features.

The Key features of GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic.

  • The voice navigation is supported by different languages with intuitive voicing.
  • High Quality TomTom maps are stored on the Android devices.
  • It supports cross-border routing and navigation, so It gives you an accurate even if you cross the country border.
  • It works based on GPS so no internet connection is required.
  • It comes with Pre-installed POIs details.
  • The free update is available for Map and POI.
  • The GPS app speaks the street name, so you never miss it.
  • Car Audio Integration feature allow you to connect with it via Bluetooth or Cable.
  • The map supports for different countries.

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9). NAVIGON By Garmin Würzburg GmbH

Navigon is a standalone Android GPS application which is available for five different countries under one developer. You get the best GPS app for Android working smartphone or tablet with great features to guide you to reach your destination and provide the useful details.

It provides you the necessary features along with the Navigon such as, speed assistant warn you if you cross the speed limit, Great voice commenting, and there is no requirement for the internet connection to use the GPS features. However, the internet connection is wanted to get some real time updates.

The Essential Features of Navigon GPS Standalone app collection.

  • Currently, Navigon support for North America, Australia, USA, UK and Europe as a standalone Android Applications.
  • You can save the selected road route that drive you to the destination.
  • You can input your destination address by typing on keypad or voice.
  • POI search is used to find your destination without input your address or use even you forget the exact address.
  • Last traffic updates, You will be worn if you cross the speed limit.

As it comes to standalone Android Application, the cost of the product is based on your selected product with In-app Products

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10). CoPilot GPS – Navigation App

The best GPS app for Android based smartphone or Tablet devices is known as CoPilot GPS – Navigation App, which is trust by the over 14 Million Drivers and professionals around the world this GPS App. It is a high-quality performance offline mapping to guide you when you are traveling a new country or place.

You will update with the Estimated Arrival Time to reach your aiming location, driver friendly 3D guidance for you with clear voice guidance for driving the car or vehicles without looking the display on your smartphone or tablet.

The GPS Android application supports the various country like India, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and more. So, When you visit a new country, CoPilot GPS will become your personal and smart guide. Anyhow, you can enjoy the some of premium features for 7 Day trial, if you like, you pay and use it.

The Notable Features of CoPilot GPS – Navigation App

  • Real time Active Traffic help you to get the current traffic status.
  • Automatic rerouting guides you if you miss any route between your driving.
  • CommuteMe feature uses to get the regular and your favorite route traffic updates on your smartphone.
  • You will get alert regarding the lane indicator arrows, highway exit signpost information.

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11). Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps

This GPS Android app is downloaded over 20 Million times from around the world and Be a Top Navigation for 12 countries, that why I am saying that Navitel Navigator is the best GPS app for Android smartphone or tablet of yours. The GPS app comes with plenty of navigational options, and it improves your driving experience better than before.

The internet is not necessary to use the application. The dynamic POI feature provides you the necessary information that is very useful.

You will get alert about the speed cam warnings, video recording camera, and speed bumpers. You can see the multilevel road interchanges in 3d for understanding better while you drive the car.

The customizable user interface is allowed you to change the dashboard and put your necessary details for accessing it quickly. Furthermore, Some feature available seven days free trial of your first-time installation. Try that too and use if you need.

The Features of Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps

  • 62 Countries map is available for purchasing.
  • Tracking your friends location from your sitting place.
  • Your Map programming settings and waypoint store in the Navitel Cloud storage.
  • You will know the upcoming three day weather report on your mobile phone early.
  • Communication can happen while navigating via SMS.
  • You will see more than 100 type of parameters like speed, weather and more on your dashboard.

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12). MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

Another best GPS app for Android running devices and the app is coming with useful options that will guide and help when you drive the car or just walk to a new place. You never search the location, which is findable. However, you need a just Android devices.

The GPS Application works offline mode, and it comes from OpenStreetMaps. The app has notable features like voice guide with clear sounds, Realistic visual maps, Full GB postcodes approximately 1.8 Million and more useful thing is equipped with the app.

The Essential Features of MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

  • The Free Maps and Postal Codes will be installed on your SD Memory card.
  • Every month the free map get updated.
  • Voice Navigator are supported by the various language.
  • Visual Maps are supported by the 2D and 3D.
  • Adding your favorite location and routes
  • It supports the countries of Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

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13). GPS Essentials

Are you looking a Best GPS app for Android powered devices? Then, your GPS Android app search may end here as GPS Essentials is here to guide you when you walk, driving and other activities. Despite your nation and city, you know how to reach the destination.

You see the various navigation values like Accuracy, Altitude, Speed, Battery, Bearing, Climb, Course, Date, Declination, Distance and more values. You can use the Navigation values as per your requirements.

You can manage the various route including waypoints, track and recording your traveling path and more. However, you will realize the power of the app after using it.

The Major Features of GPS Essentials

  • You record the track and view them later on the Map.
  • Export the KML files to another Map Applications and you import the KML from Google Earth and another application, then, you can use to manage your route.
  • It supports the Google Maps, Google Earth, MapQuest, OpenStreetMap and more.
  • The Camera HUD is using to show the waypoints, taking pictures and share them.
  • The Map are supported the KML, KMZ, GPX and LOC format types.

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14). Polaris Navigation GPS

You can convert your normal Android smartphone or Tablet into a powerful GPS system by installing the Polaris Navigation GPS is the one of the best GPS app for Android powered devices. This GPS app guides you when you go to the wilderness, waterway for adventure trip somewhere in the world.

You can use the Polaris for wilderness and completely street guidance without thinking about other options. However, the Polaris Navigation GPS is mainly used for the offroad guidance for you. It comes with many standard GPS parameters like parameters, odometers, altimeters, speedometers. Waypoint and trail navigation protocols. As well as, It works in offline mode that means you do not look a network signal for internet services. However, having several features that make sure you are on the right way when you are in adventure trip.

The Key Features of Polaris Navigation GPS

  • A GPS Navigator for the off road and Street Navigator.
  • You can download map for offline use from the map library.
  • The track recording is available and view it later.
  • GPS Satellite Diagnostics support the following thing like Satellite count, location and signal strength.
  • Equipped with Military Grid Coordinate Reference System (MGRS) and marine navigation.
  • Your data get backup in regular base for ensuring the prevent of the losing data.

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15). TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

The TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic is the one of the high performance and best GPS app for Android running mobile phone and tablets. The GPS app has secured the combination of the latest TomTom Car navigation technology with world-class traffic information. It ensures the best route for your convenience driving.

When you go outing with real-time information and get the details of the point of interest like the hotel, Park, eateries and more useful details are avail. When you need, start to drive your car, and access it quickly .

The Important Feature of TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

  • Navigate to Contacts: you can reach your buddy resident by selecting the contact details from the list.
  • The map application gets the latest map of over 100 countries.
  • Check your city’s real-time traffic report and drive your car.
  • 3D building and landmark feature know where you are now.
  • You select your favorite location from favorite and start to drive.
  • You will find the fastest route to reach your designation.
  • See the Point of Interest from gas station to shopping places and more around your present location.

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Change your default GPS Android application and you want to try the over listed best GPS app for Android devices of yours. Each Global Position System Android application is powered with several useful features with real time update. As an Android user, you want to try with the application and reach your destination quickly without any struggle. Furthermore, you will go anywhere in the world with confident and without worry about the location, and you enjoy such thing because of the GPS Application.

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