Best Free Social bookmarking Sites List of High PR

Social bookmarking Sites List: The easiest and most successful way in today’s blogging world is social bookmarking sites for creating quick quality backlinks, introducing your site to other and to drive traffic from target audience to your blog or website. Many successful bloggers use these to increase their reach to the audience and get higher quality links.

What is Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites are free resources provided over the internet where we can link our website, blogs, videos for quality backlinks as well as chances of getting more traffic from targeted audience; it is basically for any information we want to share on the online platform.

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Advantages of Social Bookmarking Sites

Many of the social bookmarking sites help search engines regarding other blog or websites in many ways like indexing, linking, quality determination of link or post, etc.

Faster indexing:you can achieve faster indexing by the social bookmarking sites. Suppose you have created a link and want to index it fast. Bookmark that link with 5-10 sites. This way, you help search engine in finding your link faster.

Quality estimation: when more users bookmark the same page, which means the more quality content that site has. A site with more bookmarking by the different users has higher authority than bookmarking done by one same user again and again.

Votes: Social bookmarking sites like Digg or Stumbleupon uses votes to recommend how useful the article is. It helps search engine to find and uprank your page based on voting done by the public. It also provides more quality backlinks with upvotes as each vote ensures that the content is of high quality and helpful.

Metadata (external): when other users bookmark your site or blog pages, they usually give more simplified, unbiased and related Meta description to the post or page comparative to the site owner/ author. This helps to determine the actual nature of the blog or website to the site crawler.

Categorizing:The social bookmarking sites are categorized based on the different industries. Categorization also helps in defining the nature, the subject of the site that ultimately helps searchers on a search engine to get the intended results.

How to Bookmark Your Blog Post into Social Bookmarking Sites?

Almost all sites have the same process but with different names like Pinterest, scoopit, locker, etc. Here I am sharing the basic method to bookmark your site or blog post on the social bookmarking sites which are almost similar on every other site.

1). Visit the website on which you want to start.

2). Many of them have their own app. If you want to use them by the app you can download them or else skip to the browser.

3). There are the usually first thing is to log in but before log in you need to have an email id connected to that site. You can find somewhere words as sign up, Join here, join now, register, etc. Click on that to get the menu where you can join the site.

4). Fill up the form with relevant information asked to join. Like name or username that you want to give your space on that site, email id, password and sometimes captcha too. After the form is completed, submit it by clicking on register, or sign up button below the form.

5). After that, you will be asked to verify or confirm your email id. To do so, go to your email id which you had used to register on the bookmarking site.

6). Open the confirmation email sent to the site and verify by clicking on the given URL in the email. If the URL is not highlighted itself, you can copy it from the email and open it in your browser.

7). By using that link, you will be directed to the confirmation page of the social bookmarking site as where you will be asked to log in using the details.

8). Fill your details which are username/ email id and password and click on the login button down the information provided.

9). After login, you will be on the homepage of your id on the site. Click on the add your story, submit your story, ‘+’ icon or any other relevant option which will help you add your post to bookmark on the site.

10). Fill the form with required information such as title, a topic category, description, keywords and captcha (if asked). After filling the form and rechecking it to make sure, submit it using the button that appears below the form we had filled.

Bookmarking Sites List

Here is the list of most common as well as top social bookmarking sites over the internet which every blogger should use to get the quality links to their blog and drive the target traffic to their blog.

Do remember to use an attention capturing title, meaningful short Meta description and keywords and choosing a best relevant category for your blog post so that your site or post will get the best of worthwhile searching.

Below are some social bookmarking sites which we preferred.

1). Pinterest


Pinterest is most commonly used the social bookmarking site. This site has 100 DA, 9PR, 573 million Backlinks and 30 Alexa rank. Pinterest let the users bookmark the images from the sites. Mostly fashion, makeup and blogging writer used this social bookmarking website to reach to the target audience.

2). Storify


This site has 87 DA, 8 PR, 1215k Backlinks and around 5k Alexa rank. It is very user-friendly. You need to create an account to submit bookmarks. If you use Chrome, you will love to use Storify Chrome Extension. Unlike Pinterest, it offers you the facility to not only collect best images but also relevant tutorial video, tweets and more to embed into your story.

3). Bibsonomy


This site has 69 DA, 7 PR, 712k backlinks and around 5k Alexa rank. Bibsonomy is a bookmarking system as well as publication management both at one place.



This site has 87 DA, 7 PR, 8 million Backlinks and around 1k Alexa rank. caters to professionals, businesses, and nonprofit corporations. You can choose from their free join or paid plan, depending on how many topics you want to work in.

5). Bizsugar


This site has 63 DA, 5 PR, 51k backlinks and around 11k Alexa rank. is a place for entrepreneurs and small business people to share their content. Bizsugar uses the voting method to place the top content on home page.



This site has 63DA, 5PR, 56k Backlinks and around 22k Alexa is the place where world’s smartest marketers come to discuss & share what’s trending in the marketing world. Have fun while looking around, joining the conversation with other marketers.

7). Lockerdome


This site has 73DA, 5PR, 1 million Backlinks and 1012 Alexa rank. Lockerdome helps you to personalize the web. It embeds interactive widgets across the world’s top media properties, reaching more than 100 million people per month.

8). Youmob


This site has 51DA, 4PR 15k Backlinks and around 6k Alexa rank. Youmob offers all type of categories to post in. That means you can submit your post or site on any topic you feel relevant to your blog or website.

9). Blogengage


This site has 46DA, 4PR, 31k Backlinks and around 23k Alexa rank. Blogengage is a paid site. It does provide dofollow link but only if your story got published. As not all your story gets post instantly when you submit your article it gets sent to a next page where user read and vote and only stories which get enough votes get published.

10). Infodeed


This site has 27DA, 2PR, 435 Backlinks and around 24k Alexa rank. Infodeed just like blogengage the story you submit to the infodeed will be placed in recent reference area until it gains sufficient votes to get promoted in primary modern reference. But in infodeed, all stories get published and get promoted through current to popular.

11). Blogbookmark


This site has 30 DA, 2PR, 918 Backlinks and around 42k Alexa rank. It is specifically for people looking for a blog. It claims to have the hottest news, gossip, and blogging chatter from all around the web world.

12). Kizifriv


This site has 21 DA, 61 Backlinks and around 114k Alexa rank. Kizifriv is a multiuser platform where you can publish news, articles, photos, videos and more…

13). bookmax

Website: http://ww

This site has 38 DA, 4 PR, 3058 Backlinks and around 17k Alexa rank. Bookmax is an online bookmark manager. You can store your links to favorite bookmarks, lists, RSS feeds, contacts, notes and more online on this social bookmarking site and can access them from anywhere online.

14). CloudyTags


This site has 41 DA, 3 PR, 5k Backlinks and around 38k Alexa rank. CloudyTags is a free social bookmarking site, to get highly targeted traffic for just any category of website or blog you want. It has unique word analyzer that suggests the tags that your site shows to the world.

15). Blogzino


This site has 41 DA, 3 PR, 26k Backlinks and around 107k Alexa rank. It is a dofollow social bookmarking site where you can publish various blog post or websites.


Website: is right now in testing phases it has started in 2013 end and growing rapidly. offers a web-based personal start page with an integrated bookmarks manager, support for news feeds and a library with thousands of widgets that help you connect to traditional services and custom data sources. It has both free and paid version.

17). Bookmarkee


This site has 22DA, 60 Backlinks and around 35k Alexa rank. Bookmarkee is a free site but not a kind of social bookmarking site. You can access your bookmark links only after login. Even then, no one can add, edit or delete your bookmarks. You should bookmark sites you intend to visit not to promote.



This site has 80 DA, 6 PR, 1 million Backlinks and around 2k Alexa rank. It had started as a social bookmarking site, but now it is a social engine which relies on real people instead of machines search engine.

19). Ikeepbookmarks


This site has 45 DA, 4 PR, 12k Backlinks and around 76k Alexa rank.  Ikeepbookmarks allows you to upload and keep your bookmarks online so that you can access them from anywhere anytime on any internet able device.

20). Linkarena


This site has 76 DA, 7 PR, 2million Backlinks and around 20k Alexa rank. It is a German social bookmarking site. Each link is only taken once and they do avoid abusive content.

21). My Site Vote


This site has 36DA, 3PR, 1255 Backlinks and around 41k Alexa rank. As the name suggest my site vote is a social bookmarking site on which you can submit your post and other users can vote for them. It has approx. 30 different categories to choose to post.

22). Newsvine


This site has 90DA, 7 PR, 8.5 million Backlinks and around 7.7k Alexa rank. At Newsvine, all discussions occur within Nations, and you can join or create up to 15 Nations depending on your interests. You can write an original article as well as share any photo, video or article from the internet.

23). Slashdot


This site has 95 DA, 7 PR, 6.6 million Backlinks and 1950 Alexa rank. Slashdot is popular among people looking to share content about technology, science, science fiction, etc.

24). Postoila


This site has 32DA, 2PR, 3626 Backlinks and around 23k Alexa rank. Postolia is a free social bookmarking service. You can keep your bookmarks organized in one place, accessible from anywhere. Share your bookmarks with everyone, with friends or just keep them private.

25). Dosplash


This site has 25DA, 269 Backlinks and around 182k Alexa rank. Dosplash is another popular site to promote your blog, drive traffic and to get more exposure with like-minded bloggers. Here you can meet a lot of active bloggers.



This site has 24 DA, 945 Backlinks but still impressive Alexa rank around 40k. is the mini site for social bookmarking, but it is great to find like-minded people over the internet.

27). Sitejot


This site has 44 DA, 2 PR, 16k Backlinks and around 21k Alexa rank. Like any other social bookmarking site it gives the facility to keep all your bookmarks in one place. But with its unique feature you can easily import all your existing bookmarks from browser to site job in mere seconds.

28). Video Bookmark


This site has 33 DA, 20k Backlinks and around 39k Alexa rank. Video bookmark is used to save and embed videos and website of internet easily, fast and from any computer connected to the internet. You can choose to share your saved video link with other users or keep private.



This site has 24 DA, 103 Backlinks and around 103k Alexa rank.

30). DesignFloat


This site has 65 DA, 3 PR, 16k Backlinks and around 21k Alexa rank. Designfloat is also a type of social bookmarking site where you can submit news in the world of technology, social media, and programming. It offers latest trending web development and design tips.

31). News Me Back


This site has 41 DA, 3 PR, 1000+ Backlinks and around 13k Alexa rank. NewsMeBack is the place for everyone who likes citizen journalism and social news, a place for you where you can put your news, events from everyday life, something interesting that happened in your life or else. All your post goes to raw news, and if you want any news to be on top you have to back them.

32). Indiblogger


Personally I like indiblogger, it is growing among Indian bloggers. Indiblogger has 49 DA, 172k Backlinks and around 9.4k Alexa rank. It is not a primary bookmarking site, but it provides facility to submit a post and gives a link back. It also encourages bloggers to write a post by giving inspiring thought every week chosen by votes of users.

33). Acyma


This site has 27 DA, 875 Backlinks and around 25k Alexa rank. Acyma or say pligg allows you to submit an article that will be reviewed and then promote to the main page according to its popularity. It has around 20 different categories to submit in.

34). Diggita


This site has 47 DA, 5 PR, 184k Backlinks and around 37.9k Alexa rank. is an Italian social bookmarking site. Like any other site, it uses the voting to determine trending articles. It also uses affiliation process with authors and give 50% to them from the advertising revenue.

35). Wirefan


This site has 36 DA, 4 PR, 12k Backlinks and around 29k Alexa rank. Wirefan is in the testing phase too. You can submit articles related to business, sport, entertainment, lifestyle, technology and science.

300+ Free Social bookmarking Sites List

Final Words:

Some marketers may announce that social bookmarking sites aren’t working any more. Well, it’s because they may be working on obsolete bookmarking sites. The list I have provided above has the potential uplift your rankings in the Google SERP. Moreover, it can also drive direct traffic to your blog or website.

Begin a blogger or webmaster; you would also be using a list of social bookmarking sites. Share your list that you feel working for you.

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