Best Messenger App for Android Smartphone(20 Best Apps)

Best Messenger app for Android: The world communication is changing day by day completely, So, It become very easy to touch with your family and friends. The Messenger makes your business communication easy. However, As you are carrying your smartphone or Tablet like your six fingers, you can do the communication quickly. The matter is, you need the best messenger app for Android powered devices.

Via the best messenger app for Android, you can able to send the message, doing the voice calls or video calls and make a conference call, groups chatting and more thing is making them be informed and connected always.

Furthermore, It should make your communication more easily and never eat your productively. It allows the end user to professional for effortless communication. So, you will find some of the best and excellent message application.

10+ Best Messenger app for Android Smartphone

Here, I am suggesting some of the best messenger apps for Android, As Pre your requirement and specification. You can choose any one and start using it. Hope this post can help you to find right messenger app for your device. Let’s check out!!


1). WhatsApp Messenger

best messenger app for androidNo introduction is needed for WhatsApp is one of the leading and best messenger app for Android installed Smartphone or Tablets. You can talk over voice calling services to anywhere in the world and if you use the WiFi network much amount will be saved. Moreover, you can share images, videos, text with your friends and others easily. The latest addition feature is Google cloud backup solution, which allows you to save the message and media in Google drive. However, If you lose your mobile phone or switched to new Android smartphone, then You can restore the data from Google Drive. Here, you can learn more about Google Drive backup. And the app is giving more power packed options.

The Key Features of WhatsApp Messenger:

  • You can make a national and international calls.
  • You can do the single chat and group chat.
  • You can connect with your buddy by using your existing contacts.
  • Offline Message means your recent message is saved until you again start and use the app.
  • Not required the login details like username and password to use it.


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2). Messenger

best messenger app for androidDo you want to connect with your Facebook friends and phone contacts? I am confident that you answer YES, then, you need the best messenger app for Android powered smartphones or tablet. Now, you are going to know about the Messenger is the own app from the, where you can do the chat and connect with your Facebook friends. As well as, Even if you are not on the Facebook, you can send and receive the message like a normal messenger. To connect with your Non-Facebook friends, You need to enter his phone number; that’s it. Here you will see the features.

The Key Features of Messenger:

  • Voice calling can use to talk with your beloved one anywhere in the world.
  • You can record your message and save to the buddy whom you want.
  • You can do the forward the photos, message to others.
  • You can see when your message had seen.
  • You can “turn on the location” to know the people nearby you.
  • You can see who are available on Messenger and In Facebook.

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3). Viber

best messenger app for androidViber is a one of the best messenger app for Android running devices and trusted by the 606 million Viber user. Send 7000 characters long message to anybody from the App, and you can send messages, links, location details, stickers, and emoticons. However, It offers multipurpose calling features like Viber to Viber, from the Viber to normal calling to others by purchasing Viber Out credits. And, Enjoy the more features.

The Key Features of Viber messaging app for Android:

  • Do call to non-Viber mobile user and landline numbers by using Viber out Credit
  • It is localized to multiple languages
  • It is well optimized for Android tablets and supports for Android wear
  • You can create a group up to 200 participants.
  • You can play the game with Viber characters Violet and Legcat.


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4). Skype – free IM & video calls

Skype is the best messenger app for Android, and you can use the Skype to connect with your family and friends. You can make the national to international calls to a non-skype members after buying the calling credits, and you can send the super collection of emojis, stickers, and more to express your mindsets to others in a funny way. Further, It is a multiple platform app, which supports across all of the devices.

The Key Features of Skype – free IM & video calls:

  • you can do the live One to One and Group Video Chat, Voice Calling with your buddies.
  • You can record a video message and send to others.
  • You can call to landline and Mobile user from Skype at the lowest price.
  • There are available of numbers skype Mojis from movies, TV Series and more.

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5). LINE: Free Calls & Messages

As over 600 million users are having around the world, so It is known the best message app for Android installed mobile phone and Tablets. You can find the many ways to communicate with your beloved people, and here you can make free calls via the app as well as, you have to pay some money to make the call on the mobile phone or landline. Anyhow, the free instant messenger gives more options to you.

The Key Features of LINE: Free Calls & Messages:

  • It supports voice and video calling service on your Smartphone to Personal Computer.
  • As the GPS coordinates, your friends know where you are right now and vice Versa.
  • A Full features social networking services allow you to comments, posting your or your friend’s timeline.
  • You will find unique stickers in the sticker shops.


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6). Imo free video calls and chat

You can send the message to others in a secure way including great extra features. You can send images, photos and chat message. Furthermore, the app is well optimized and designed for the tablet devices and you can do the group chat to calling that will improve your working and be connect with your fellow.

The Key Features of imo free video calls and chat:

  • You can send the Encrypted Chat message or Callings.
  • You can make a High-Quality video and voice callings.
  • You can express your feelings by sending Stickers

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7). Bdaoo – Meet New People

Bdaoo comes with an interesting concept that will connect you with others nearby you. Lets I explain to you. Just image, now you are sitting in a coffee shop and want somebody for a talk with you just for passing the time, open the app will see who are nearby, once if you and anybody consent then you will meet and do the meaningful chat.

The Key Features of Bdaoo – Meet New People:

  • User-Friendly design and layout
  • Easy way to find the people near you
  • Simple looking chat features


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8). MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

Already there are over 100 million people are making new friends by using the MeetMe, so it is the best messenger app for Android running smartphone or Tablets. You can discover people with common interest and It help you to connect all kind of people and groups.

The Key Features of MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People:

  • Well construed to find the people around your interest.
  • You can perform the chat with your new friends.
  • You can easily find friends by ages, nationalities and all kind of backgrounds.


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9). Snapchat

Snapchat is the best messenger app for Android powered mobile phone and Tablets. You take a superb picture of your or any and add an emoji and caption start your chat with others by using your images. You can send a chat message or do a video chat live. You can keep touched with your friends and family always.

The Key Features of Snapchat messaging app for Android:

  • You can capture video or photos.
  • You can add numerous of Emojis with your captured item.
  • You can do the chat with your friends.


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10). Nimbuzz Messenger / Free Calls

Introducing Nimbuzz messenger is one of the best messenger app for Android powered devices and having more than 200 million register user with the app. The app support across the devices and you can discover new friends. As well as, the greate collection of stickers, with VoIP call supports. Furthermore, if you buy the Nimbuzz Out Credit and make a cheap phone call to any mobile and landline to any place.

The Key Features of Nimbuzz Messenger / Free Calls:

  • The availability of the High Definition Voice calling
  • You can send the unlimited message to your buddies.
  • You can discover your new friends at chat rooms.
  • You purchase the VoIP credit and do the call


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11). hike messenger

You can find many features and power packed option with the Hike Messenger is the best messenger app for Android running smartphone or Tablets. Availability of 5000 free stickers can use to share your emotions with others; you can set the 2-way chat themes based on your mood, so, it will give a personal touch.

You can use the Hidden mode to hide your private chat from others eye, and you can access it after entering the password. Hike Direct feature allows the user to do the chat without The internet that works within 100 meters like, classroom, office space and more.

The Key Features of hike messenger:

  • Free Group Calls allow you to conduct conference call up to 100 people at the same time.
  • Hike Offline feature is used when you friend is out of internet data, send SMS to your buddy and get the reply at your hike messenger.
  • You can create a group chat up to 500 people can be part of it.
  • Free Hike Calls use to call via your WiFi network to any part of the world.
  • Free Hike2SMS to India feature is used to send Free SMS within India.
  • You can send 100MB big files to your fellow
  • You can forward the message and multimedia files to multiple friends and contacts at the same time.

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12). Telegram

The Telegram is the fastest and best messenger app for Android devices. You are allowed to share your file to Group, and each and every message is sending with great secured to your buddy. Moreover, you can send numbers of pictures, any type files can be sent to your buddies, and more features are available with the app.

The Key Features of Telegram messaging app for Android:

  • Every message is encrypted and then send to others.
  • The App syncs seamlessly syncs across the multiple devices Laptop, Tablets and Mobile Phone. So, you can access your message history in Telegram Cloud.
  • As Telegram powered with Distributed Infrastructure with data centers around the world, the message delivers quickly to your buddy.

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13). Yahoo Messenger

Prominent search engine and email service provider yahoo’s own best messenger app for Android application, where the place to communicate with your people at anytime and anywhere from your Android Smartphone. You can do the one to one and Group chat with your friends, and It is well optimized to the using of the Talkback. You can LIKE any message and photos at happens in your chat conversation. And more features are available to you.

The Key Features of Yahoo Messenger:

  • You can get back a sent message.
  • You can express your feelings via Animated GIFs.
  • Offline and Online Mode allow the user to post a picture or anything when no internet is available, It automatically send the pictures once connected.

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14). WeChat

Are you planning to spend your free time with your friends or willing to find and meet new friends around you? WeChat is here and one of the best messenger app for Android devices. You can able to discover new friends by using the Friends Radar, People Nearby, and Shake. Furthermore. You can share the multimedia files, hundreds of free stickers are available, and the only messaging app to be certified by TRUSTe. Get more features from the app and use it as you like.

The Key Features of WeChat messaging app for Android:

  • You can communicate SMS, MMS, Voice, Video Calls, Photo Sharing and Games with others.
  • It is featured with Real Time location tracking allow the others to know, Where are you right now.
  • It is support 20 different languages, as well as, you can translate the message into any other languages.
  • You can add up to 500 people for Group Chatting.


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15). Tango – Free Video Call & Chat

Tango is another one of the best messenger app for Android running smartphone or Tablet’s, where you meet many new features such as sending the text message and do the chat with others, quality video, and voice callings, you can do calls to any phone. Furthermore, you can send any multimedia message to others, and Having more features to you.

The Key Features of Tango – Free Video Call & Chat:

  • You can add the selected people to the favorites.
  • You can discover new people by swiping through the profile.
  • You can see the common interest between you and them.
  • You get a quality voice calling and Video calls
  • You can challenge your friend from any one of the game from 15+


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16). ZapZap Messenger

You are going to know about the best messenger app for Android, and the ZapZap is using the Telegram API to power up the messaging services. However, Even it use the Telegram API, I will recommend to use it because, It has come with some unique features. You can send BIG BIG files and self-destructing message. You can create Group can contain up to 200 people. Further features are there to help you.

The Key Features of ZapZap Messenger:

  • Powered by the Telegram API.
  • You can send a self-destructing message to anybody, it works for a fixed amount of time.
  • You can send around 1.5GB of files with any file format, like video, pictures.
  • As it has come with Advanced Data Synchronization System, it saves your battery power backup.
  • You will be notified if your friend installs the app on their smartphone or tablet.

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17). Jio Chat Messenger

Jio Chat Messenger is coming from the Reliance with great features. So, you expectation will be satisfied by the best messenger app for Android. It has Rich message solution give you the freedom to connect with your friends or others and send any multimedia message. India made stickers, and you can send any type of files. Further, you do Video and Voice calling and create a conference calling. You can find more features in the application when you start using it at your Android smartphone.

The Key Features of Jio Chat Messenger:

  • It is powered with Made in India Stickers are created by the renowned Indian artists.
  • Signing in and Sign out is not needed because It connects to the Internet always until you power off your mobile phone. If you switch on the mobile, it starts to work automatically.
  • The Chat Offline feature will send the message to your buddy automatically when it get connected to the internet.
  • As per your requirement, you can turn on or off the Hide or Share features.

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17). Kik

Start chatting with our familiar person is not creating any inconvenience but when you have to chat with new persons by giving your mobile phone number is not a safe way. However, here is the best messenger app for Android running smartphone or Taber. You do not give any phone instead of that, and you have to use the username. When you use the Username gives more secure environment. It has good features for conducting the chat with others.

The Key Features of Kik messaging app for android:

  • No required your mobile phone number, which is connected to your friend by username.
  • You can do the chat with one to one and group chat.
  • You can meet similar interesting people around you.

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19). SOMA Messenger

I recommend the best messenger app for Android working smartphone or tablets. You can send many secured and predefined about the deletion of the delivery message, and more such thing can do with the SOMA Messenger Furthermore, you add up to 500 friends, family, and others into your Group, Doing a Group video call and more things can be done with the application.

The Key Features of SOMA Messenger:

  • All delivery messages delete permanently.
  • The non-delivery message deletes permanently after seven days.
  • You can do the Group Video call for one to one or Up to Four people
  • You will get confirmation after successful delivery of the message

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20). Path Talk

You can enjoy the full Advantage of the best messenger app for Android running mobile phone or Tablet. You can create groups and send the text message including beautiful stickers, emojis, and Path Talk says that the message is off record which means after you send the message, it delete from the server after seven days, so they are not recording your message. Furthermore, you can send the voice message with one to one or groups of people. And having more features.

The Key Features of Path Talk messaging app for android:

  • You have got numbers of the Quality Stickers from the Path Talk.
  • You can send the Quality voice message one to one or back and forth within a group of the people.


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Have you read the great features of the over mentioned best messenger app for Android working smartphone or Tablets? If your communication is fast, you will gain many good things and have advantages. By using such messenger application, you save money, time, and it is making your communication so ease. That is the power of the Android messenger application.

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