Best Keyboard App for Android Smartphone

Best Keyboard App for Android: Are you boring with the default Android keyboard or you are not satisfied the feature offered by the default keyboard and looking a smart Android keyboard, which should improve your typing experience better than earlier including more features like speech to write, supporting for large fingers, efficient auto correction, suggestions words and more without making you feel bad. Then you need a best keyboard app for Android on your smartphone or tablet.

You are going to know various keyboard app for your Android smartphone and the suggested keyboard application has contained numbers of the personalized option. Just give a try and be a better writer in smartphone or tablet.

Best Keyboard App for Android Smartphone


This post is totally dedicated to best keyboard app for android, If you are looking apps for Android smartphone then here you can find best alternative for you.

Before selecting any keyboard app, first you need to know what you are not like into your current keyboard and what is your requirement which you are looking into new keyboard app?

If you well know then go ahead and select any one suggested app which you full fill your all current keyboard requirement. Let’s check.

1). Google Keyboard

best keyboard app for androidGoogle, the owner of Android, has developed the best keyboard app for Android running smartphone and tablet with rich full features that will improve your typing experience rapidly. The Google keyboard Android app supports world languages with several keyboard layouts, which can change as per your requirements.

You can access your typing history and words across the Android running devices because everything update into the cloud and syncing to other devices and you can write as you say in voice and more features is available on the Google keyboard.

The Key Features of Google Keyboard

  • Gesture Typing: You gesture the letter one by one. Finally, you will see the complete words.
  • Voice Typing: You dictate to the Google Keyboard app will write in the text field.
  • It powers with great automatic correction, suggesting best words and It can predict what you will go to input based on your writing.
  • Emoji: Send your feelings as emoji to your friends and others.
  • It can automatically identify the repeating words, so you need not add the necessary words manually to your personal dictionary.
  • Syncing across the multiple devices.
  • Gesture typing and word suggestion are supported up to 27 languages including English.
  • There is available additional keyboard layout based on several country and languages.

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2). SwiftKey Keyboard

best keyboard app for androidDo you want a hassle free typing keyboard app? I am confident your answer is YES, then, Swiftkey keyboard is the one of the best keyboard app for Android working smartphone or tablets with stunning features. There are already over 250 million people around the world using the Android keyboard app.

It has come with artificial intelligence mind that understands and adapts your writing method and emoji often using by you. Further, it helps you for better typing based on your writing way.

You have a ton of customizing option with many keyboard themes allow you to change the look of the keyboard according to your wish and more features.

The Key Features of SwiftKey Keyboard

  • It supports over 100 languages.
  • You get over 80 colors, designs and themes for the keyboard.
  • Powerful auto corrections and It comes bilingual more than 100 languages.
  • It understand and recognize your slang, nicknames, and phrases.
  • The Keyboard contains tons of smileys and emoticons icon, and It can assume what you are using your previous input.


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3). GO Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker

best keyboard app for androidYour personalized Android keyboard is here called GO Keyboard has changed your typing experience and style altogether and take you to the next level with the awesome features that power your writing. It has loaded with various keyboard layouts option with sharp word corrections that recognize the mistyping words, and then, correct the words automatically.

GO Keyboard support the gesture typing that understand what you write when you gesture on the screen. Moreover, It has come with numbers of colorful keyboard themes, Emoji, and stickers to express your mind to others. Enjoy the features that available with the best keyboard app for Android.

The Key Features of GO Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker

  • The Keyboard are supported by across 60 languages.
  • The pack of 800 emotional icons are compatible for Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Snapchat and Whatsapp and more.
  • There are available more than 10000+ colorful themes for Go Keyboard.
  • It provides the various keyboard layouts like QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ, and AZERTY.
  • The app correct the miswritten words automatically and intelligent way.

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4). My Photo Keyboard

You see the background of the Android keyboard is a color that fixed by the app developer. However, Instead of the color, If it allows to change the background of the keyboard as per your wish how will it? That’s sound good. Here is My Photo Keyboard is the best keyboard app for Android smart devices.

You can change the keyboard background with your photo from image gallery or taking a picture. As well as, it has come with numbers of themes and customization options.

The Key Features of My Photo Keyboard

  • Change the keyboard background image
  • Apply different type of themes for your keyboard
  • You can set the keyboard background for landscape and portrait mode.
  • The keyboard is supported by more than 50 font style.
  • You can adjust the height of the keyboard.
  • There are available over than 500 plus emoji.

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5). FancyKey Keyboard – Free Emoji

Let’s see why you should use the best keyboard app for Android devices of yours. Fancykey is coming with a lot of features like great collection emoji and emoticons along with beautiful keyboard themes, as well as, Are you bored with default typing sounds, change it to the new one that comes with the app.

Furthermore, It has come with many customization options that allows changing the keyboard according you wish and making it right.

The Key Features of FancyKey Keyboard – Free Emoji

  • 30 plus tying sounds are available for your keyboard
  • Customizable keyboard features allow changing key shape, color, shadow, typing effect and more.
  • The app is load with advanced auto correction and auto suggesting features.
  • Enjoy the 20 plus funky fonts for your keyboard.
  • The keyboard supports more than 30 languages.
  • Choose over 15 themes for your keyboard
  • Powerful SWIPE input method


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6). ai.type Keyboard Free + Emoji

As the great features of ai.type keyboard, over 40 million user from worldwide says, this is the best keyboard app for Android. It provides you a stunning customization and advanced features for amazing typing experience.

You have excellent control over the keyboard app, and you get numbers of keyboard themes, emojis, and you can use your creative mind to create a beautiful keyboard theme by using the ai.type keyboard app. and more necessary features are available.

Well constructed auto suggestion for word, Predicting the next world, and the auto-correction changes the mistyped words to right that improve the writing good and fast.

However, You can enjoy the premium features such as prediction, completion, correction, swiping, and emoji for 18 days after it will be disabled automatically If you like, you pay the fee to use it.

The Key Features of ai.type Keyboard Free + Emoji

  • Thousands of attractive keyboard free themes are available in the Theme Market.
  • You can design your own theme for keyboard and share it.
  • You enjoy over 800 different emoji and more than 1000 graphical charts.
  • It recommends emoji based the words you using through the keyboard
  • Great auto correction and auto prediction are available more than 50 languages.
  • Creating your own custom keys and shortcuts for fast typing.


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7). Smart Keyboard PRO

Are you looking a simple, smart and best keyboard app for Android installed Smartphone or Tablets? Then, you have an app, and it is Smart Keyboard PRO. It has come with great options like voice typing, It supports several languages, and you can customize the keyboard appearance as per your requirement. And more

The Key Features of Smart Keyboard PRO

  • Multitouch Keyboard is helpful for fast typing
  • Better and accurate Voice dictation, which input as a text
  • You can customize your keyboard skin
  • Excellent and comprehensive prediction the words before you think.
  • It has come with T9 and compact Mode.
  • You can use the inbuilt smart dictionary.

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8). Decoration Keyboard

Introducing Decoration keyboard is one of the best keyboard app for Android powered devices. The basic concept of the keyboard is BIG BUTTONS. Usually, your default keyboard’s key seem small which lead to much mistyping error occur often, because of the just small key. It provides you BIG Buttons for better writing that reduce typing mistake gradually.

Apart from that, It builds with other keyboarding features like word suggestion, correct and more.

The Key Features of Decoration Keyboard

  • Big button for better writing.
  • You mute the sounds or vibration when you start to type
  • The keyboard is supported by more than 40 languages.
  • Well user interface design for fast typing
  • Auto decoration support for English and Arabic letters
  • Well optimized for 3, 4, 5″, 7″, 9″/10″ tablet


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9). TouchPal – Cute Emoji Keyboard

TouchPal is the best keyboard app for Android devices, which come with powerful and more customization option have for helping you type easily and conveniently. You can choose any emoji, emoticons, smileys and text faces from over 1000 of the collection.

It support over 97 languages with contextual prediction help you during you type the matters, and you get clipboard for managing and saving your copied details and more stunning features.

The Key Features of TouchPal – Cute Emoji Keyboard

  • Available more than 100 colorful themes for keyboard
  • Do It Yourself: design your own theme with desired color and types.
  • It has inbuilt with Copy, Cut, and Past key with the clipboard for fast copy and paste.
  • Powerful customization option allows you to customize keyboard color, wallpaper, and layout.
  • Advanced and powerful error correction while you type.
  • You can input the emoji, emoticons, and smileys anywhere easily


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10). ASUS Keyboard

Thinking to change your annoyed keyboard to a best keyboard app for Android and It should power up your typing better and avoiding commons typing problems. ASUS Keyboard is providing all of the necessary features to power up your writing with the Android smartphone or tablets.

The Key Features of ASUS Keyboard

  • The keyboard is designed for fasting typing.
  • It recognize automatically the frequently using words and remember it in your personal dictionary.
  • You flick your finger downwards to enter the special symbols and up for entering capital letters.

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11). Kika Emoji Keyboard – GIF Free

A best keyboard app for Android mobile phone is Kika Emoji Keyboard that enhance your writing unthinkable way. You just dictate to the keyboard will write instead of you and native support for WhatsApp’s new emojis. Seamless colorful keyboard skin with beautiful themes including the keyboard click sounds.

Precious word prediction, suggestion, and more supporting tools are built for speed writing with your Android phones. Furthermore, you can search and send animated GIF to your friends and more features.

The Key Features of Kika Emoji Keyboard – GIF Free

  • You can use over 1200 emoji, funny stickers and more.
  • Easy and advanced customizable keyboard theme options.
  • It supports over 60 languages with dictionaries
  • Customizable keyboard option and change to your personalized fonts.
  • It support one-hand mode and split screen
  • It has smart Auto correction, Well word prediction and suggestion

download android app by google playstore

12). Emoji Keyboard Cute & Colorful

You will get cute and beautiful keyboard emoji for Twitter that is known as Twemoji. You can use the Twemoji directly the popular social networks sites and Android application like Facebook, WhatsApp, and more customization option is available in the Best keyboard app for Android working devices.

Availability of great tools that will support and improve your writing completely and you can use the smart auto correction, resizeable and split keyboard layouts, change the keyboard background with your desired images. Moreover, there is the great available option to work with the keyboard easily.

The Key Features of Emoji Keyboard Cute & Colorful

  • Smart emoji suggestion based the word you are using.
  • As per your wish, you resize and split the keyboard.
  • Enjoy over 3000 collections of Emoji and Emoticons
  • Choose beautiful keyboard themes from across 1000 theme collections
  • Supporting around 65 language
  • Supporting over 30 language dictionaries
  • Gesture Typing is supporting in the keyboard application
  • You can use clipboard for fast copy and paste

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13). Xperia Keyboard

Here is another best keyboard app for Android working smartphone and tablet and the Xperia Keyboard is coming with decent features that will make your mobile writing good. It supports all languages except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Inputting the text by swipe input or traditional tapping are possible with this keyboard application.

The Key Features of Xperia Keyboard

  • AZERTY layout for better writing.
  • Automatically understand your writing style quickly
  • Express your thought via funny emojis
  • Multiple language is supported by the keyboard

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14). iKeyboard – emoji, emoticons

Do you want to make your keyboard typing more enjoyable? Just install the iKeyboard the best keyboard app for Android devices. The collection of features is available with the keyboard app, and especially. You like it. More the than 100 fancy themes and the new theme is added by every week, and if you are not satisfied with the work, you can customize and create your own one as per you like. You can use the personalized cool fonts for the text.

The iKeyboard contains an essential tool that can predict your next words and comprehensive auto correction and suggestion those make your writing better and fast. Still you are going to know more.

The Key Features of iKeyboard – emoji, emoticons

  • Colorful and attractive keyboard theme and skin with the customizable option.
  • Great and unique 800 emoji, smiley, emoticons and more.
  • It supports QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak, Colemak and PC
  • The keyboard has supported split, one-handed and TABLET modes
  • Night mode is available for better writing at night.
  • It is supporting Google Voice input

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15). Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji

Great feature packed the best keyboard app for Android working mobile phone or tablet, where you can see the useful and advanced feature make your typing fast and good customization. I am saying one of the power saving features, and it save your smartphone or tablet battery power so you do not think that the keyboard app will eat your power.

Powerful keyboard customization allows you to resize and easy positioning your keyboard and unlimited keyboard themes with different style and color mix. Furthermore, superb emoji, sticker are available to send to others. And, more features.

The Key Features of MultiLing Keyboard

  • The Keyboard App is inbuilt with many layouts like QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, DVORAK
  • You can create own (DIY, Chubon, KALQ) 5-row or 4-row layouts
  • You can split, floating for ssh terminal or dock the keyboard.
  • Inbuilt Calculator feature
  • It fixes for all type of screen like phone, phablet, tablet and more.
  • Great gesture oriented support.

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16). Emoji Keyboard – Smallest & Tiny

Emoji Keyboard is one of the best keyboard app for Android powered mobile phones and tablets that is here to power up your mobile typing better and smoothly without any problem, which you was faced with the earlier Android keyboard application.

High customization allows you to customize the keyboard and to give an entirely new look that make you use it often. Effective clipboard for fast copy and paste, multiple language supports and auto correct, voice inputting is getting smarter also better and more advanced options are available.

The Key Features of Emoji Keyboard – Smallest & Tiny

  • Video Emoji Keyboard is featured with Chat Emoji, Emoticons, and GIF animations.
  • You get Beautiful themes over 500 with colorful keyboard skins for you keyboard.
  • You can customize your keyboard pressing sound, color, font, wallpaper and more.
  • Effective gesture typing with dynamic floating
  • Supported more than 60 languages
  • It predicates the next word accurately
  • Excellent auto-correction changes the mistyped word automatically.
  • Powerful and efficient support for voice inputting.

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17). Big Keyboard

Your have big finger and Are your Android keyboard typing hard on the small screen keyboard? If you say yes then, this best keyboard app for Android is designed for you people. However, As you have the big finger, your mobile typing gets hard, and it create several mistyping make slow your writing.

This Big Keyboard helps you for easy typing on your smartphone. It supports good, and decent features like good keyboard customization, good typing supporting tools and others feature to make you typing better than earlier.

The Key Features of Big Keyboard

  • A Keyboard to the fat finger user.
  • You can change the different keyboard themes.
  • You can modify the size of the keyboard
  • You correct commonly typing mistake.
  • It suggests punctuation for improved writing.

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18). Thumb Keyboard

Thumb keyboard is the best keyboard app for Android smartphone and tablet, and the keyboard app is well optimized for the different Android devices like Phone, Tablet, and Phablet, So you can type from across all type of devices quickly.

As per your preference, you can customize the keyboard and make your friendly interface for better writing. It has packed with great options like you can save frequently used phrase, the shortcut for entering long text for example “tx” can be short of thanks for you, Accurate word prediction and more feature are available that will improve your productivity.

The Key Features of Thumb Keyboard

  • Specialized keyboard layout for phones, 5″ ‘phablets’, 7″ tablets and 9-10″ tablets
  • voice recognition Service that using the latest Google Voice typing service
  • Intelligent word prediction based the previous word
  • You can customize the keyboard by changing color, size and more
  • Available more than 25 keyboard themes
  • Inbuilt user dictionary for reading the meaning of unfamiliar words.

download android app by google playstore

19). Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji

Are you searching a best keyboard app for Android powered smartwatch? Sure, your search may end here with the Minuum Keyboard app is optimized for the smartwatch that give you a smooth typing experience.

The good collection of Emoji and smart emoji to pass your emotional situation to others in a funny way, It speeds up your writing fast by the predictive engine and editable dictionary allow you to delete unnecessary words, and more option has built with the app.

The Key Features of Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji

  • Well optimized keyboard Android application for SmartWatch.
  • Magnification the letters, number, and punctuation for large fingers
  • Use the Split Screen for effective multitask working.
  • The inbuilt predictive engine will learn you words and language and suggestion perfectly.
  • You can access quickly to the thesaurus, dictionary, search, and share

download android app by google playstore

20). Swype Keyboard

Here is the Best keyboard app for Android is called Swype Keyboard come with the great rich full option for improving your type speed fast. The Swype Keyboard has contained many languages keyboard, so you can use it and the great pack of keyboard themes and emoji.

Backup your personal dictionary to the cloud and make available to across the Android devices of yours and Powerful next word prediction will speed up your typing easily. Built with Dragon voice recognition allows you the hands free typing is another unique features, and you can gesture and more features are available for your convenience writing.

The Key Features of Swype Keyboard

  • Create a personal language model by adapting your writing and style
  • A collection of attractive keyboard themes with the different concept.
  • There are avail hundreds of emoji
  • Your personal dictionary gets syncing into the cloud as a backup.
  • You can download more than 80 languages and dialects.
  • World class voice recognition for hand free wiring

download android app by google playstore

You have known around 20 best keyboard app for Android and each keyboard Android application is featured several advanced and smart features that will support you to improve, hassle free and typeless writing.

Moreover, you can customize your keyboard according to your need and taste such feature is not available in your default Android keyboard app. Do you want most productive? Then, never late to try the over mentioned Android keyboard application. Furthermore, It improves the typing accuracy rate well and restless and tired free typing

However, you will realize how you will be productive after starting using the best Android keyboard app that is recommended here, Which is the essential and unavoidable application for your Android running devices.

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