10 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

Best wallpaper apps for Android: The best thing about Android devices is that they are pretty customizable and can be easily personalized as per the will and taste of their users. But you don’t always need to work too hard to make your phone look great. The best way to add an interesting look to your smartphone is to beautify your Android device’s home screen with some cool wallpaper. You can use various wallpaper apps for doing this.

10 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

Here we have the 10 best wallpaper apps for Android that will help you in finding the right wallpaper for your device.

1). Wally

Wally is the best wallpaper apps for Android if you are seeking variety since it offers you a vast range of user-generated wallpapers from Wallhaven featuring differently sized images from many different genres. The app allows you to browse, save and set wallpapers of your choice and give a unique look to your home screen.

  • The variety of impressive wallpapers: Wally brings you a huge variety of impressive wallpapers in different sizes, belonging to different genres including comics, computer generated art, nature photos, pictures of users, drawings and much more.
  • Constant updating: This amazing best wallpaper apps for Android is constantly being updated with new images so that you never go out of choices and variety. You just need to connect it with the internet and update it on a regular basis. Every genre will have something fresh to choose from, every time you want to grab new wallpapers for your home screen.
  • Filter options: Using the Wally app you can filter wallpapers by categories, resolution or their aspect ratio or a combination of any of these or all of these. The app also lets you search for wallpapers by text and tags. Basically you can search for wallpapers that fit your requirements through Wally’s filter options.

Have been developed by Musenkishi, the Wally app is here to give you a massive amount of wallpapers, some of them with subtle animations and bright colors. It uses the popular website Wallhaven as its source of wallpapers that is a site created by and for people who like wallpapers.


2). 500 Firepaper

500 Firepaper is one of the best wallpaper apps for Android users who believe in using high-resolution pictures for wallpapers. This wallpaper app brings you all of its pictures starting from 500 pixels resolution. It has numerous of ultimate wallpapers in it.

  • High-resolution pictures: All the pictures that it provides start from 500px resolution which means that all wallpapers that you get from here will be of very high quality and will never pixelate.
  • Category: This amazing app lets you browse for pictures/wallpapers by choosing the category they should come from. This makes it easier to get the right wallpaper for your Android device’s home screen.
  • Update images at your preferred intervals: The best wallpaper apps for Android gives you the power to decide how often the images get updated. It updates your current collection of wallpapers with new ones based on a time preferred by you or when your turn off your screen.
  • Best suitable for high-end devices: Providing high-resolution imagery and animation, which may consume quite a bit of memory, this app is aimed at high-end devices.

Being a professional photo site for selling and sharing quality images and photographs, 500 Firepaper is the best wallpaper apps for Android to look out for high-quality images to be used in the background or as wallpaper. This app is a product by Chainfire which displays wonderful photographs from all over the world (different ones each day).


3). Wallrox

Wallrox is an app for getting a huge collection of ultra high definition (UHD) handcrafted wallpapers designed by Ankit Anand. All the papers have been designed in 2K (3,200 x 2,560) UHD quality that gives a crisp look to your home screen. Wallpapers from Wallrox will make your home screen look so sharp and crispy that it will seem as if you have upgraded your phone.

  • UHD quality images: Wallrox hosts a collection of ultra high-definition quality pictures that you can use as wallpaper.
  • Easy to use interface: This app comes with an easy to use interface that makes it easy for you to quickly find wallpaper you like and change your home screen look with it.
  • No update issues: You don’t have to face the hassle of update this app every now and then since new wallpapers get added automatically due to the cloud power.
  • Quick apply button: This best wallpaper apps for Android lets you instantly set wallpaper with single tap along with allowing you to crop them before applying (if you want). The wallpaper crop option gives you a unique feature of editing these wallpapers to give a different style and look to the home screen of your Android device.
  • Categories: It brings you wallpapers from different categories like black & white, blur, Christmas, Landscapes, etc.

This cloud-based app is the best wallpaper apps for Android because of its amazing collection of high-quality pictures, ease of use and instant service.


4). 3D Wallpapers

3D Wallpapers are the best wallpaper apps for Android when it comes to personalization. It is the right place to find the largest collection of high-quality 3D wallpapers, all of which are pretty interesting and will give your home screen an impressive look.

  • Huge collection: 3D Wallpapers offer a huge collection of HQ, HD, 1080p high-quality pictures you could set as your wallpaper.
  • Quick and intuitive interface: The app comes with a quick and easy to use, intuitive user interface. You can change wallpapers in just a few clicks.
  • Create your own base of favorite wallpapers: This wonderful app brings you the possibility of creating your own base of favorite wallpapers.
  • Share with friends: You can now share your preferred wallpapers by sending your favorite wallpapers to your friends or family members through sms and mms.
  • Resize: Resize the wallpaper you like based on your needs.
  • Friendly graphics
  • Ads free: This app allows you to opt for different wallpapers and change the look of your phone’s home screen without being annoyed by any advertisements. The app comes free of all pop-up advertisements and big advertisements so that you can solely concentrate on wallpapers.

3D Wallpapers comes with many more amazing features that together make it the best wallpaper apps for Android devices. Some of its most valued features include friendly graphics, huge collection, easy sharing, and option to modify the size and what not.


5). Cool Wallpaper HD

If you are looking for the best wallpaper apps for Android that is supported by Android Wear, the Cool Wallpaper HD is the right choice to make. This app offers excellent images belonging to a wide variety that you can choose from and set as your wallpaper.

  • Excellent image quality: Cool Wallpaper HD, just as the name suggests, brings you high-definition images to choose from.
  • Endless Variety: There seems no end to the variety of images that you will get to choose from. You can change your wallpaper every day and still not fall short of more. You have some more than 100,000 crisp, interesting wallpapers to choose from.
  • Sort images by category: You can sort all the available images by category and can also perform a search for what you might be looking for.
  • Intuitive, fast and easy navigation: The app allows you to easily navigate across different wallpapers and categories so as to make the whole process of wallpaper selection easier and quicker.

This one from the best wallpaper apps for Android stands apart from the crowd because of its large collection of images and easy navigation. The images that you get here are updated regularly with fresh new images being added each day. Developed by Kappboom Inc., this app is a one stop shop for thousands of cool Android wallpapers every day.


6). Hipster wallpaper – HPSTR

The HPSTR wallpaper app is known for trendy geometrical images that look great when set as wallpaper to your Android device’s home screen. Sometimes, when simple images don’t seem enough to your creative soul, you can always try out HPSTR, the best wallpaper apps for Android, which can be used to add an interesting filtered shape overlay to your simple images.

  • Different sources to get images: With the Hipster app you get to choose images from many different sources like 500px, Reddit and Unsplash and more sources are to be added soon.
  • Add a filter to your simple images: Use this app to add an interesting filtered shape overlay to the images you take from Reddit, 500px, and Unsplash. Filter your selection through a choice of categories then, pick your preferred shape and filter. It’s fun to get wallpapers like that.
  • Customization: The app allows you to customize your home screen by making your selection from all beautiful pictures from dozens of sources like 500px, Reddit and Unsplash and a variety of shapes and filters.

The Hipster wallpaper app – HPSTR lets you use live hipster wallpapers on your Android phone or tablet with an enhanced sensation of motion, making your device look cool. The background, shapes, and effects will change randomly from time to time to make your home screen stand out.


7). Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper app for Android devices has got its name from a Russian word meaning ‘museum.’ Developed by Roman Nurik, Muzei is a live wallpaper app that has been built to refresh your Androids’ home screen each day with famous works of art.

  • See different famous artworks every day: The Muzei Live Wallpaper app will rotate through famous pieces of artwork and will display a new artwork as wallpaper each day.
  • Images from the personal gallery: In case, you don’t want to see famous art work, you can also go to the app’s settings and choose to select images from your personal gallery or other apps, on random basis or specific ones.
  • Easy access: You can simply double touch the artwork on your screen or go to the Muzei app to explore more images and enjoy the artwork thoroughly.
  • Fresh wallpapers: In order to keep your wallpaper fresh, the app rotates through your selected photos or through the famous artworks, once in every few hours.

Along with displaying different famous artwork or pictures from your personal gallery, this best wallpaper apps for Android devices also recedes into the background and blurs and dims artwork so as to keep your icons and widgets in the spotlight. Anytime you want to see the crisp image without blurring, just double tap the screen.


8). Backgrounds HD

“Backgrounds HD” is another best wallpaper apps for Android that has been created by OGQ. The app has received love of over 80,000,000 users worldwide, which itself speaks of the glory and the reliability of this wonderful wallpaper app.

  • A wide number of images: This is one of the best wallpaper apps for Android because of its wide number of images that can be set as wallpaper. You have some over 8,000 images to start searching from, and the number is still growing.
  • High-quality images: All images within this app are of high quality, ensuring that they won’t pixelate on larger screen sizes as well. Each image has been handpicked personally by the staff at OCQ, which guarantees the image quality to be absolutely high.
  • Easy searching: This app is pretty well-organized and thus makes searching for images a lot easier and simple.
  • Share: It lets you share the images you like, unlike several other wallpaper apps. This one feature makes Backgrounds HD stand out from several other wallpaper applications in the market.
  • Updates: The app daily updates with fresh wallpapers being added to its collection of images.

Not all wallpaper apps in the market have so much to offer. This app is worthy of being mentioned in the list of the top 10 best wallpaper apps for Android. This free application for Android users has a unique and supreme collection of thousands of impressive images for your device’s home screen.


9). Best Wallpapers QHD

Best Wallpapers QHD is another wallpaper app for Android devices that has been developed by CATPLE. It is the best wallpaper apps for Android to get the best wallpapers for your screen.

  • HD images: Get free high definition beautiful images to set as wallpaper on your Android device.
  • Easy selection: It is easy to view all different images from the collection and even easier to set one as wallpaper.
  • Categories, colors, and tags: The app allows you to sort wallpaper images by category, color, and tag.
  • Add to favorites: You can keep the images you like save by adding them to your favorites. This means you will not have to search for your favorite images again and again.
  • Updates: The app gets updated with new images every week, which means that you will always have enough of fresh wallpapers to select from.

The Best Wallpapers QHD app allows you to add wallpapers to your home screen by choosing from its wide variety of HD images. You will need an internet connection to make that happen, since the wallpapers are downloaded using the internet. Along with letting you choose from the wide collection of images, this best wallpaper apps for Android also allows you to set a solid color as wallpaper or to save some other particular image.


10). Minima Live Wallpaper

The Minima Live Wallpaper app is a boon to all parallax lovers. With the introduction of parallax feature on newer Android devices, many have fallen in love with its simplicity yet attractiveness. When you tilt the screen of your Android device which incorporates the parallax feature, the background moves, making it appear three-dimensional. And the Minima Live Wallpaper app takes full advantage of this parallax feature. It has a range of wallpapers that have been designed to look great when the screen of your Android device is tilted around.

  • Clean wallpapers: All the wallpapers available on Minima Live Wallpaper have clean designs. They look great when the screen of your device with the parallax feature is tilted. Many of these wallpapers possess a hand-made feel which makes them look like if they were crafted with hands and not digitally.
  • Many choices: The app gives you 35 built-in themes and several options to choose from. If you upgrade the app, you will get 90 themes and even more options for full editing and automated wallpaper changing.
  • Change color: You can change colors to match what suits your taste.

The Minima Live Wallpaper app for Android has been developed by Joko Interactive. This app has an endless range of shifting shapes and colors that you can apply to your home screen.


Final Say:

These are the top 10 best wallpaper apps for Android devices that you must install and try to give your home screen an impressive and cool look. Each one of them has its own features that make it great to use.

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