19 Games To Play Over The Phone

Today, the article is about some fun games to play over the phone that every couple should experience at least once to keep the relationship entertaining.

I know you can do things and makes calls using your phone, Skype or any other social messenger. But what, when you are over with conversation or when there is nothing to talk about?

If you have felt this situation before, then don’t worry you are not going to face it again because of these games to play when bored that are way more entertaining than just talking.

Sooner or later, all of you experience a long distance relationship, and all you want is putting your attention so you two can never realize that distance.

Conversations are not enough to keep the distance at bay so you need some activities that can be naughty games or other worthy things to share so you can spend some quality time together.

So continue with these 15+ conversation games here and enjoy the luxury of long distance and sexy games.

Fun Games To Play Over The Phone

Games to play over the phone

1). Conversation Cubes Are Always Best To Try

When you think that you are out of the conversation or face difficulty to choose the right topic to talk about, take help of the conversation cubes whenever you slip out of the talk.

It can be a great game as they are available everywhere at low prices and can really make your day. You can also go with the homemade option and assign the topic of your choice.

Next, all you need to do is toss these tubes and see what comes as today’s topic and start with that. You can toss them as many times as you want and keep the conversation and fun going on.

These questions can be like ‘what is your favorite movie’ ‘what is your favorite activity in winter ‘what is your favorite place to travel’ etc.

2). Feel Fun Watching a Movie Together

It can be a romantic choice for the movie lovers to watch it together. You can watch it together on your smartphones or devices. You need to choose one of your favorite movies or any new release and decide a time where you both are available for a movie.

Try the cat of silent filming, for this, you need to play a silent film and just speak the possible dialogues that the actor/actress is speaking. It can be a cool thing among these games to play over the phone and also a way of testing your dialoguing skills.

3). Make a Trivia Night or Quiz Night

You have to prepare some good questions for your partner to ask. It is like having a list of your favorite things that you want to ask your partner and test his skills how good he is on answering them.

You can choose among several topics like quizzes about celebrities, places in the world, movies, songs, sports trivia, trivia about animals, etc.

4). Have a Truth or Dare Game

You all know about the very popular truth or dare as it’s a fantastic way among these games to play over the phone with your partner or friends. You can have the questions you want to ask and he has to answer you else he has to perform a dare of your choice and the same applies to you.

So set your series of questions to ask him tonight and get your answers with res as well to have fun. You can try several online sites that offer playing truth or dare or set up your own video session while playing truth or dare.

5). Try A Couple Song

It seems a simple thing to do but can be great fun if you two do it together like a duet song. You all love to sing and every one of you has a favorite song so why not sing it together while having a conversation.

You can also try singing your favorite song that you want to dedicate to him and let’s hear one from him. When you sing for your loved one, you stay honest and romantic and that’ the feeling that every couple wants in their talk.

6). Try Puzzling Together

Make a puzzle by yourself or purchase one from the market. You two can also buy the same puzzle and plan a puzzle solving time together.

It is one of the games to play over the phone that brings on the fun every time and let’s see who solves it first. The one who wins can expect you to do something and you have to agree on that.

7). Have a Romantic Moon and Stars Night

It is a perfect idea to spend a romantic night together even you two can’t see each other. All you need is your sleeping set and the wide open sky. Tell him to do the same and also bring some snack if you want and take pleasure of the night full of moon and stars and see how the conversation goes romantic.

Set up your mood and tell how your day went and let each other know your lives. You can get sleep while watching the sky and wake up early so you two can feel that fresh sunrise together and wish a sweet morning.

8). An Act for Entertainment

It is like impersonation where one person acts of being someone else for comedy or fun purpose so you two can enjoy a great laugh.

Don’t worry if you are not so good at it, you can still try acting someone else that can make you laugh a lot and let’s see how much good you are at impersonating.

You can take an idea from any movie that seems full of comedy or any comedy character from the world of animation.

9). Bedtime Stories

It is a sweet and most romantic thing to share stories at bedtime. It is a quite simple thing, but you will surely feel the next morning how romance and affection this little thing can fill in your love life.

So share bedtime stories with each other or make him tell you a story and at the next bedtime share yours with him and sleep sweetly dreaming each other. It is also a quick way to get some quality sleep other than being in the list of games to play over the phone.

10). Play a Game of Lovely Notes

You can prepare romantic notes for each other throughout the day or write the thought that came to our mind for your partner. You can collect several little notes full of romantic things that pop into your head.

To have more fun, also include the place where you write that note and which activity you were doing at that time. Now present these cute thoughts in front of your partner either by a video call or by conversation.

It is the one thing among all these games to play over the phone that you can enjoy for years or months.

11). Go For an Ice Cream Date

Every one of you is an ice cream lover so why don’t you take your date for the ice cream treat. This is going to be an adventures activity and you two can do it together by just using your smartphone’s video calling feature, and you both grab each other’s favorite ice cream and finish it.

This way you both taste each other’s favorite flavor, and this makes it the ice cream date. As another option, you can also order ice-cream for your partner and bring one for yourself and enjoy it together over the telephone date.

12). Have a Dinner Night

Same as you share the ice cream date, have a dinner night and order your favorite food like pizza, Chinese or any continental food that you wanted to taste always. Share your experience about the new food and enjoy together the delicious dinner.

Also, order your favorite dessert and utilize technology in the best way to make your relationship fresh and alive.

13). Poetry Readings and a Romantic Talk

If you both love the idea of hiring the romantic poetries or the one that you write for each other, then follow this one with all these games to play over the phone.

You can share your poems through social apps or make a video call and let him see your collection of poetry for him and asks him to show his collection for you.

14). Attend Classes Together

Learning something together allows you to talk more and more because questions arise and then you two clear your doubts asking each other.

You two can take a class of your favorite subjects or hobbies together and see each other over the phone. This way you two indulge in each other’s favorite activity and also learn something new.

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15). Plan a Picnic

Your picnic plan is going to be an amazing experience when you share your surroundings with each other using the photos and videos that place. You can plan a picnic all by yourself or ask some friends to attend with you and share the experience with your partner or be live all the time.

It is surely a relaxing idea that makes your mind fresh, so enjoy your telephone picnic and see ahead in this list of games to play over the phone.

16). Play the Mysterious Game

You need your smartphone and record a little sound of about 5-6 seconds and send this to your partner through the social media apps.

In the game, you need to check his identifying capabilities that if he can tell you which song you recorded. You can also record any random sounds and ask him to identify these. This way these games to play over the phone work fantastically to eliminate your boredom.

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17). Trick Your Partner in True or False Game

In the games to play over the phone, it’s an activity to trick your partner.  You tell him a story as this is related to your life or happened in the past and he has to check whether it is correct or you are playing a prank with him. In the same way, ask him to share his story with you and try your skills to get if it is true or false.

18). Argument Game

In this game, you need to ask your partner that what he thinks he is. For example, ask him ‘which animal are you’ ‘are you a dog or cat person’ ‘do you love mountain or sea’ ‘are you a tomato or eggplant’ and several other choices as they click your mind.

So let him choose one, and you can argue to his choices or what makes him that thing and allow him to do the same to you. It can be real fun by choosing these games to play over the phone if you both do it properly without adding up a real argue.

19). Play Would You Rather…?

It is the game you should play while building up the sexual atmosphere for you and your partner. You have to play it slow so you both can feel comfortable for that moment.

It can be a dirty one, but you need to start it by asking normal questions like ‘would you rather have a dinner with me or watch a romantic movie?’ and as the dirtiest question ‘would you rather pick me on your body or give me a head job?’ So continue with these types of questions and build the intimacy to have a sexual conversation.


Every couple needs something that spices up their relationship because you can’t talk the same stuff every day and night. To keep the relationship like a blossom, you have to put up some extra things like the games I have mentioned here.

So try these games and put up your dirty or sexy questions to ask him and don’t forget to try the sweet games to play over the phone.

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