How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Guy

How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Guy: Several times you get to a party and then standing alone at a corner with your drink until a guy comes smiling.

You just met him, so you don’t know what to talk about and how to handle the situation until the guy is a very talkative.

You two are not going to just stand like two poles and without any things to talk about because it is going to ruin the situation and he would walk away.

This guy can also be your first date, and you should know good topics or good questions to ask a guy, so your date would be a romantic one.

It’s common to feel without words in these situations even if you are the most talkative person in your group, but here you need that how to keep a conversation going with a guy you like.

Don’t worry because I am here, so you don’t have to be a dummy in social parties and keep your conversation going on and on until you to become good to each other. Just get with the flow and learn some tricky ways on how to keep a conversation going with a guy.

How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Guy

How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Guy

1). Learn to Make Eye Contact with Him

The first lesson that you need to learn is to make a proper eye contact. An eye contact shows that whether he is interested in you or not.

If you know how to meet those eyes, then you are all set to cover your journey on how to keep a conversation going with a guy.

You have to learn to make an eye contact as this will hunt him that you are showing interest in him and he can prepare himself for further talk.

It’s not any hard, just look at his eyes every time he looks into yours, but don’t do it too much as it may be embarrassing for both of you.

Get a good eye contact and stay focused on the things he talks about and you will realize that it’ not that difficult as you thought.

2). Get Some Talk from Your Last Topic

If he is the guy that you have met before, then there was a topic that you last talked about or that left half talked.

You can start from your last topic and finish it by taking your time. For example, he is your class mate, and you asked him about some theory that left untalked due to some reasons. Then you can take that one here because this is the way on how to keep a conversation going with a guy.

If your talk was about something else, for example about your favorite pet, then take the pet’s conversation on and dig him some deep about his favorite pets and tell him yours. Consider he is a fish lover, then how many of them he owns and what are their names and things like these.

3). Figure Out If He Is the Shy One

A guy can be a shy one, and you can easily figure it out if he is interested in talking to you but can’t find right words to say.

He can also get confused that which type of topics he should put in front of you. If he is a shy person, then you have to handle the entire situation and then let him speak when he gets comfortable with you.

His shyness can kill the conversation, but if you show some awareness, then you two can take your talking forward.

These types of shy situations can be cracked with some humor or jokes. So don’t worry if you are not good at jokes, you can still try it in a humorous way and let’s see how quickly the shyness goes off. Take this step on how to keep a conversation going with a guy if he is the shy one.

4). Talk About His Plans and Tell Yours

This talking thing is all about exploring him and let him explore you.  You both need to discover each other, so next time you know the interesting topics and can talk without any hesitation.

To keep a healthy conversation, you need to dig things about him, then he tells, and you listen, and this is the ay talks go on and on.

You can ask him about his weekend plans, see what he is going to do this week and tell him yours. You can also ask him out if he is not doing that much on this weekend or if he makes an offer to hang out then it is the best thing.

You can also ask his plans today or tomorrow and then dig those things a little more to find more and more questions.

You can also ask if he is going to play his favorite sport, then you can attend him there to cheer him up. You can ask his favorite basketball team or any sport that he is interested in to do better on how to keep a conversation going with a guy.

5). Allow Him to Talk and Don’t Act Chatty

Your responsibility is to keep the conversation continued, but it doesn’t mean that you act like a very chatty person. It can make you like you are doing it on purpose and it shows off your acting to be a talkative person.

It is okay to give the second person a break to share his things and then you put your views when he finishes his. It is the way talks go on, but if your talks don’t let other people participate in, then he may walk off and never come to you.

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6). Ask Questions That Have Long Answers

You need a lesson on how to keep a conversation going with a guy and this is very simple. You need to know the trick to ask questions that he can answer in one or two sentences and not just in one or two words.

So you have to prepare some questions that contain long answers so the chat can go for long or at least a few seconds.

In the same way, if he asks you something, then try to elaborate it so the conversation can be a long one and let him dig you deeper.

Don’t waste your time in yes or no questions because they are not going to help you in establishing a good conversation.

For example, if you two have just finished off your lunch in a restaurant then instead of asking ‘how was the food’ you can ask ‘what things he liked in that restaurant.’

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7). Learn the Art of Creating Questions

Do you know that you can create questions from the answers of your questions? The same you have to do while talking to him. Just ask him anything and let him answer; now you have to look into a topic that what else you can ask for his answer.

Do it in the way as you do in the class to clear all your doubts on one question. It is the way to extend a chat and elaborate it in a great way.

If you feel that there is nothing good left on any topic then changing the topic will be the wise decision. You can change the subject and give it a new direction so you both can enjoy it.

To elaborate something you can simply say ‘it is pretty much interesting, tell me more.’ also, listen to him and don’t interrupt until he clears his sentences to keep a good going on how to keep a conversation going with a guy.

When you ask him more about a topic, he thinks that you are enjoying the topic and his talk and he tells you more and more.

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8). Say Something Nice About Him

Complimenting is the best way to establish a good conversation and make him want you to talk again. People always find it great when someone compliments them for their things.

So you can also do the same, just keep it honest and don’t try to give a fake praise as you can get caught because of your body language.

Give him a genuine compliment, and for this, you can take any topic like his clothes, his watch, his new haircut or his behavior around others, his principles in life, etc.

Complimenting someone increases their confidence, and they see you as a special person because you see something in them that others can’t.

If you are with your date, the try giving him some seductive compliments like ‘your eyes are so deep’ ‘your perfume smells so passionate.’

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9). Don’t Enter the Judgmental Zone

These steps are to help you with how to keep a conversation going with a guy. You are advised to talk on different topics so you can have long talks, but I am not saying to say bad words about others or being judgy.

It can set fire, and his mood can get off because men don’t like their woman to be judgmental about others. They don’t want a woman who says bad words.

So you need to be a positive person and talk interesting things that can keep up his interest in you and don’t beat other persons when you are with a guy.

You can complain about things that you don’t like about people, but don’t be rude about them because your guy can also have that kind of things you are becoming judgmental about.

So let not others ruin your atmosphere and keep all your stress away because no one wants to listen to a frustrated person. Don’t put anything that provokes him to leave the conversation and never look back.

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10). Ask Him about Hobbies and Interests

To read out how to keep a conversation going with a guy well, you must know his interests on which you can talk next time. Everyone has its own interest and hobbies; you can have a talk and try to know his special interest.

He would love to share his interests and choices about various things he admires in life, you just need to ask him once and let him enlighten the way.

Ask him about his passion, how he spends his leisure time, what is his favorite activity to do or his idea to spend the weekend.

This way, you dig him deep and then it’s your turn to speak out your hobbies. Keeping these things in your talk can make you both comfortable with each other, and next time you would not pass on without making a smile to each other.

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11). Share Some Laugh and Fun

You can make a talk even more interesting if you know how to add humor in between. People love it when they meet someone who can make them smile and laugh.

So try to add some humorous stores while keeping up on how to keep a conversation going with a guy.

It is the trick to break the ice between you two and share laughs together. Take care of the humor you do, it should not contain anything that hurt the front person and you don’t make humor of anyone because it can show you bad-mannered about others.

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12). Don’t Go For Past Relationships

Avoid talking anyone’s past relationships.  Also, don’t go to your past until he asks you to. It can ruin the whole thing, so it’s better to leave things unspoken if they hurt anyone’s feelings.

You need to talk because you are on the way of how to keep a conversation going with a guy, but past relationships are not something that should be talked.


Chit chat seems a simple thing, but when it’s your guy that you always want to talk with, the process seems very difficult. It leaves you word less, and this thing annoys you, that’s why I shared some ways to how to keep a conversation going with a guy. So next time you can have a perfect chit-chat.

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