10 Best One Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

It has been a joyous year with her and now it is the time to think about the one year anniversary gifts for her. Usually, first year is also known as paper anniversary.

This means you would have to pick those wedding anniversary gifts which are either made up of paper or utilizes paper ideas.

I am sure you cannot even think of any one year wedding anniversary gifts for her which is made up of paper. But don’t worry because this section is going to help you in that.

10 Best One Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

There are various 1 year anniversary ideas listed here which will make your paper anniversary a huge success.

1). Photo Books

Getting all the memories you have shared in the past one year and before than that is such a great thing you can pick as one year anniversary gifts for her. Most importantly, because it is made of paper and it suits on the theme of the first year anniversary of you two.

Don’t worry if you are not married or just dating for the past one year. I guess it is fine to do something like that for the lady love of your life.

The idea behind it is the simplest you can imagine. You just need to make a book out of good quality papers. Now, stick photos on one page and some message on another page. Or you can just simply go for the photos only.

One year anniversary gifts for her like this are really simple to make and it would not even take much of your time too. You can add as many photos as you want in that photo book. If you think you would not be able to carry out some DIY ideas then you can simply buy it too and put the photos on your own.

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2). Our Story Canvas

Now, this is what you call being unique and different from others. Just like the first one it also comes under the paper gifts and hence makes the perfect one year anniversary gifts for her. The theme is simple and you would not have to do much for it.

All you need to do for this beautiful one year anniversary gift is some canvas art. I would suggest you to do it yourself because it will give it a personalized touch.

You need to write down some dates on this canvas. These are the dates which are of great importance for both of you. It can be the date when you first met, when you proposed her, when you people got married etc. Just write down one line memory below these dates.

Don’t forget to put your best feet forward for this and don’t mess up with the handwriting, please. Try to make it neat and pretty. On completing a year together, it will remind her about every beautiful memory that you two have shared together.

3). Tickets to Fun

This is an idea you would surely like to try to give her something unique on the first anniversary. I mean, of course, you guys would have dated for a long time and had your own fun but things change when you get married. You become more responsible and more mature with that.

So, this is the time that you pick something fun as one year anniversary gifts for her. Of course, it belongs to paper category but those papers can be really fun too.

I am talking about buying the tickets of a fun place to go. You can go for some romantic movie or you can go to some amusement park too. There are other options like flying down to another country or a nice place in your own country.

I guess you guys would surely get some time to take off all the worries and responsibilities of your life. This surely makes one of the most creative one year anniversary gifts for her. It is always good to see the things being changed and this occasion is something where you can surely enjoy such changes.

Best Post that can help you to select any best fun place for you:

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4). Letters to Remember

Remember the days of your dating period when you guys used to chat and talk all day long. It was the time when exchanging long texts were no big deal because all of them were straight from one heart to another. Of course, these things take a backseat when you get married.

This is the time that you again make your love come alive by doing something exception as the one year anniversary gifts for her.

Going by the paper theme, what else can be more perfect than hand written love letters to give her as anniversary gift? The dinner is of course an unsaid rule that you must stick by. But when it comes to doing something from your heart then letters can make the perfect gift for it.

You can write them before and get them mailed on the day of your anniversary and it will be a great surprise for her. These little things create memories which stay fresh in our hearts forever. No matter what you do but such things always remain irreplaceable.

5). Art Piece

If your wife is a lover of art and adore it than an art piece can make the perfect one year anniversary gifts for her. There are multiple advantages of such presents. It decorates your home, keeps your wife happy and sticks to the theme of first anniversary too.

If you still have some doubts regarding such artifacts than forget them because trust me they are going to be just perfect as the anniversary gifts.

If you know nothing about art then you need not to worry because I have got your back. There are various sites like Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, ArtFire etc. which are famous for keeping handmade art stuff on their site.

I think you are going to find some great pieces of art like paintings, show pieces, sculptures, cloth art etc. on them. Eventually what matters is a smile on your wife’s face. No matter whether you have any interest in art or not this is all about picking the best one year anniversary gifts for her.

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6). Portrait

The next one in this list of one year anniversary gifts for her is a beautiful portrait of both of you done by some really fine artist. Of course, you got to keep it a surprise for her then how can you get it done without even letting her know.

The idea is really simple as you can give a great picture of you and her of your wedding to the artist. I guess this would not be a problem for him/her then to get the portrait done.

To add a slight twist in the tale, you can rather go for a caricature portrait too. In this type of portraits, both of you are going to look like cartoon characters. Isn’t it really creative and romantic too? I think getting a portrait done on your first anniversary is a great idea.

In this way, you will also lighten up the wedding memories in her mind once again.

7). Her Favorite Book

You must know what are the hobbies of your wife? If one of her hobbies is reading than nothing can be more perfect than this. I mean, you can go for buying the book of her favorite author as one year anniversary gifts for her.

But don’t you think this is being too mainstreamed? So, what else can you do in it to make this present even more special for her?

Well, you can try to get the book of her favorite author specially signed by them. This may be a bit difficult to find but if you try then you can get successful in it. There are various online shopping portals which are especially dedicated for books only.

You can try your luck out there to find a special edition book for her. I guess nothing else can be more touching one year anniversary gifts for her than this. Getting her something, what actually means a lot for her is really commendable, and it shows how much you love her.

8). Journal

Women love to write their heart out on a piece of paper. Actually, these are not just mere papers for them but a source to share all her feelings with. In fact, you can find this habit in almost all women to write things she can’t remember or to write her feelings in diaries.

So, going by the theme, getting her a journal as one year anniversary gifts for her can be the perfect idea.

There are various journals available in market. Some are multi-purpose and some are just simple plain journals. Some journals even come with locks too. I would suggest you to go for something she can relate to rather than picking the usual leather journal for her.

You can get this journal especially made for her. You can get the cover of this journal in form of the photograph of you two. You can also get the initials of both of your names on each paper. This will make this gift even more personalized and loving.

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9). Flowers and Chocolates

Think of nothing and still wants to pick something nice as one of the one year anniversary gifts for her? I think you should better go the traditional way rather than experimenting with the paper theme of your first anniversary.

By going traditional I mean you should go for the usual flowers and chocolate idea. However, you still have scope of experimenting in it too.

Rather than going for the usual chocolates, why not you prepare them on your own? I mean of course this may sound like impossible for you at first but it is about the love of your life. I hope you want everything to be perfect and special for her.

As far as flowers are concerned then without any doubt go for the fresh red roses. Roses may not be her favorite flowers but they symbolize love and I don’t think there can be a better choice than red roses as one year anniversary gift ideas for her.

No one can ever go wrong while picking flowers and chocolates for his love and I think you can totally go for them.

10). Photo Printer

The last one is of course a paper theme based one year anniversary gifts for her but it is blended with technology too. Of course, there are very less gifts which can follow the theme of paper for being the perfect one year anniversary gift.

So, why not give her something which suits the theme but way ahead than it too. A photo printer is something which is not only useful for you but you too.

This is more like a win-win situation for you. If you are planning to buy a printer then go for the one which is printer scanner mix. It should be Wi-Fi enable and also has low per cartilage price. The only brand I can come up with is Epson.

This is the best company for manufacturing great quality printers. So, what you are waiting for? Buy her this gift and print her picture as the first one from this printer. If she is a tech-savvy or techno freak then she would totally adore this gift. In fact, if she is not working then too she is surely going to like this.

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I have also mentioned other gifts in case you do not want to stick to the paper ideas only. All these gifts are something which needs your creativity and appropriate dedication too. One year anniversary gifts for her are hard to come up with and this is what the test of your relationship is like.

I would only suggest you to go with the flow and think from your heart and you will be just there. She is surely going to cherish each and every single effort done by you. Sometimes, it is not the money that matters but love does.

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