Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollars

Best Gaming Headset under 100: Technology is the demand of the world right now. Not only the adults but even the kids are drooling over it. You can even see little kids playing complicated games in smartphones and pc. Time has changed and the changing time has come up with a lot of ideas of entertainment.

One such thing is gaming headsets. If you are looking for affordable and best gaming headset under 100 then you have come to the right place.

We have listed different types of gaming headsets here. You can easily go through this list having best pc gaming headset under 100 and best wireless gaming headset under 100. The best part about these headsets is that they are absolutely affordable and easily available too.

It is the time to enjoy the gaming sessions come alive in your ears. These headsets and powerful and would give you a realistic experience of your Xbox or PlayStation.

You can buy them through Amazon and it will be delivered to your address. If you are looking for various options in this era then you do not have to go through different websites for that. We have listed out some best gaming headset under $100 here in this section.

Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollars

Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Dollars

They are listed along with their features and different capabilities. Their detailed information will help you to decide that which one is the best for you and your kids. I hope you people will have a great time playing with these entertaining headsets.

1). HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

The first one in our category of best gaming headset under 100 is a cool gaming headset by HyperX. Apart from being compatible with the PC, it also works perfectly fine with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 other gaming devices. You just need to spend $49.99 on it and it will be all yours.

Their best feature is it that apart from being a lightweight headset, it also comes with 90 degree rotational ear cups. Along with adjustable steel slider, you also get volume adjustment and noise elimination features too.

It is one of the finest quality best gaming headset under 100 in this list. This gaming headset comes with 50 mm directional drivers which position the sound directly into the ears.

Apart from being compatible to the all CTIA standard devices, it may need additional adapters. But they have taken care of the comfort of the bearer by including the signature HyperX memory foam in it.

It not only comes with the USB extension for PC but also compatible with other wireless devices too. You can also plug it in your phone and you are good to go with some amazing quality sound in your ears. It has a microphone too and over all this makes a perfect gaming headset for you.

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2). Sades Over-Ear Stereo Bass Gaming Headphone

Another one on our list of best gaming headset under 100 is Over Ear stereo bass gaming headset by Sades. If you are ready to give up just $23.99 then get ready to bring this amazing masterpiece to your home. Its high quality sound and amazing features are going to make you a fan of this baby.

It has multi-platform compatibility which means you can use it with PlayStation 4, New Xbox One and with your PC as well. You just need an addition Microsoft adapter if you are using the old version of Xbox one. You can also plug it along with your mobile or tablet devices.

It comes with 40 mm sound driver along with noise reduction microphone. It has very strong body and high tensile strength metal but it still has very soft ear cups which keeps you at utmost ease.

This is one of the best gaming headset under 100 because you rarely get so much of features with such a lower price. This is one amazing package with highly sensitive mic and even superior sound quality. With high frequency range and appropriate cable length, this gaming headset makes one of the most desired one in this list.

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3). HyperX KHX-H3CL/WR Cloud Gaming Headset

HyperX presents you another gem in form of cloud gaming headset which is also in a price of under 100 dollars. However, these are costlier than the one mentioned above but you must be assured that every penny is well spent on it. You can buy these little wonders for just $79.99.

This is one of the best gaming headset under 100 that they usually remains out of stock because of heavy demands. They are available in different colors too but I would suggest you the usual black for it.

The advantage that comes with these headset is that even after having a super soft leather foam ear cup, they come with an additional pair of ear cups. They are wireless supporting with 15-25 KHz frequency range and detachable microphones.

Along with the advantage of 2 years of warranty, they come with the compatibility to PC, mobile phones, tablets, PS4 consoles and airplane adapters. People do not call it one of the best gaming headset under 100 in just vain.

With the uber-cool looks and amazing sound quality, its enhanced bass reproduction capability is like the icing on the cake. It also comes with a travel friendly mesh bag to give your gaming fun a whole new level.

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4). LOGITECH G430 DTS Headphone

Who does not want Dolby Surround Sound system in their gaming headset and this is the reason we are listing this amazing headphone from Logitech. Its amazing quality is going to make your feel a 360 degree sound effect that you are gonna fall in love with it.

It is so affordable with a price of just $39.99 however its upgrades has a price higher than this depending upon the features.

Not only sound, but one of the best gaming headset under 100 has also taken care about your comfort too. They have put the sport cloth ear cup for the maximum comfort to your ears. The mic attached is foldable and flexible along with complete noise elimination.

You get a 40 mm sound driver in it along with a wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Along with the headset, you get documentations and USB adapter in the complete package. You would have to install 7.1 surround sound software to use this system.

You get adjustable volume in form of on cable sound controls. This amazing gaming headset is totally compatible with Windows 7,8,10, Vista and PS4. Its stereo mode and lightweight design is going to drool over you and you would surely name it the best gaming headset under 100 dollars.

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5). HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

So, HyperX is again back in the game with another top quality product in form of Cloud II gaming headset. No wonder why it is one of the best gaming headset under 100, it is so loved by people and massively bought too. However this is one of the costliest one with a price of $96.79 with red fierce color.

It is consist of one of the best features in the entire list with a 53 mm sound driver and 7.1 virtual surround sound system. It comes with an inline sound card which not only eliminates noise in mic but the echo too.

Like all the versions of HyperX, microphone is detachable and ear cups come with extra velour ear pads for user’s comfort. It is compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox one with adapter required. With the super advanced sound system, now you will be able to hear even the smallest detail of the sound effect.

You can purchase this product in three colors of red, pink and gun metal. It also come with two years of warranty and free technical support. Grab your best gaming headset under 100 now, I hope you do not want to miss these wonders now.

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6). Sades SA-708 Zombie Version Stereo Gaming Headset

One of the most affordable and best gaming headset under 100 in this list is zombie version stereo gaming headset by our favorite Sades. With a mere price of just $14.99 you can get so many features and amazing sound quality in it.

With a sound driver of 40 mm and wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, its yellow-gray color combination does not fail to impress the customers. It is a zombie version gaming headset with PU leather comfortable ear cups for utmost comfort for longer wearing.

It comes with 2.2 m cable size and 360 degree sound effect which makes it the best gaming headset under 100 dollars. It has such a low price that it becomes hard to believe whether these features are actually real or not.

The best and unique feature in this headset is its hidden mic feature. You can adjust or detach it and can even hide it. This is compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox one but you need to use adapters for that. This is one of the widely sold headset with thousands of positive reviews on it.

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7). Turtle Beach – Ear Force X12 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset

On a mere price of $42.68 you get the amazing Turtle Beach gaming headset with so many features and superb sound quality. It comes with amplifiers which improves the existing sound effects and make it a totally different experience for you.

This headset comes with 50 mm speakers which delivers a crystal clear sound to your ears. It has been designed in such a way that you get to hear your own sound while speaking so that you need not to raise your voice. No doubt, why it is one of the most unique and best gaming headset under 100 dollars.

You can control the volume and bass through the controller for an ease and the ear cups provided fits on your ears like a glove. They are so light and comfortable that you would not even feel like you are wearing something.

However, it is only compatible to PC and Xbox360 and does not support to PSPs. These are powered by USB so there is no need of batteries. With the huge success of X11, the company came up with X12 and surely it is proved to be one of the best gaming headset under 100 dollars for sure.

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8). Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

Can you pay $34.02 to hear the sound of even dropping a pin in your gaming sessions? If yes, then we have this amazing G230 stereo gaming headset for you by Logitech.

However, it does not come with 7.1 Dolby sound effect like G430 but it is no less than a marvel in the era of best gaming headset under 100 in this list. Like most of the headsets listed here, it also comes with a light weight design and durable clothed ear cups for the comfortable gaming sessions.

It also comes with a mic which is totally foldable and adjustable with noise reduction features. The sound control features are given on the cable through which you can increase or decrease or even mute the sound. We can say, it is an affordable choice in the list of best gaming headset under 100.

It is compatible with only Windows 7, 8 Linux operating system and cell phones. It comes with 40 mm sound driver and you can also adjust the slider according to the fit of your head. However, it does not support to the wireless devices hence not compatible with Xbox or PSPs. You can buy it in either red or black color.

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9). Beexcellent Gaming Headset with Mic

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable solution for gaming headset then what about buying the Beexcellent headset for just $19.99? It is a deal you are not going to get anywhere else and that too with so many amazing features and a super cool design and looks.

There are one of the best gaming headset under 100 and so powerful that you can hear even the footsteps of your enemy while playing the game. You just need to put these babies on, and you can have the omnidirectional sound effect in the entire gaming session.

They are designed in such a way that you can have the ultimate gaming experience without even causing a bit of pain or discomfort to your ears. You can easily control the volume and it also has one touch mute system too.

The best part about this best gaming headset under 100 is its looks. It has striking LED lights fitted all over that gives one amazing hi-tech look to it. It is totally compatible to Xbox one, PS4, PC and smartphones. This super cool headset also comes with 18 months warranty period.

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10). Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Last but not the least we have this amazing and best quality G930 gaming headset from Logitech in the list of best gaming headset under 100. You just need to pay $82.90 and this ultra-advanced headset can be all yours.

With the 40 mm sound driver and wide frequency range, the beauty of this little wonder lies in its 7.1 Dolby surround sound system. It has unidirectional microphone pickup setting and it is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, and 8 through USB ports.

It is basically a battery operated headset which is durable up to 10 hours. The best part is its rotate to mute mic system which comes really handy.

Along with the technology, comfort has also been given top priority in it. It is one of the best gaming headset under 100 in terms of comfort as it has this amazing cushioned ear cups which feels like feathers around your ears.

However, even after being wireless the sound control system does not come handy. They are given over the ears instead of on cable. As far as sound is concerned it is one of the most bought product in the field of gaming headsets.

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This list not only includes best gaming headset for PC under 100 but also features different kind of headsets altogether. The idea is to provide the complete information to the customers about the latest best gaming headset under 100.

The detailed information must have eliminated all the confusion regarding price and compatibility. You just need to buy them from the site and enjoy playing with your siblings.

These new day technology based best gaming headset under 100 would not disappoint you and you are surely gonna have a good time along with all your friends and family members.

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