Best Free Proxy Sites List: Unblock Websites at School

Best Free Proxy Sites List 2022: Many times it occurs that whenever you try to open an important website, you get a message that this page is not accessible, or this URL has been blocked. Facing such difficulties is not a common issue because you may need to visit required website to complete any school project, office work or buy something. Such websites are hindered by user’s ISP and best VPN services and proxy sites offer you easy access to those websites.

There are multiple proxy websites, which are providing top class facilities for the security purpose and access purpose. Here we are going to offer you best free proxy sites list that will make your search for a good proxy site easier.

Let’s understand what the best free proxy sites list are:

In simple words, we can describe the proxy site as a mediator between the user and the destination server. You can access any blocked website secretly by using a proxy site. Off-course you may get worried that if a website is blocked, and then accessing it may be like an illegal act.

By the way, don’t get worried about it because proxy sites also offer you security. You get a random IP address generated by the proxy site to prevent your original IP address.

It means your IP address will not be disclosed at the destination server, and you can do web surfing secretly.

Internet users, who have never used a proxy website, may think that it will be quite difficult to use best free proxy sites list. Well, it is not true because proxy websites offer quite a simple user interface, and that’s what makes these sites remarkably mainstream in today’s age. We have mentioned best free proxy sites list in this article.

Visit any one of them and put the URL of a web page you want to visit. The proxy site will automatically redirect you to required site without disclosing your IP address. However, you should not use a proxy site that asks you to log in. It may take your personal data to transfer adware and other irritating stuff.

Proxy Sites

How do Proxy Sites Work?

The working way of proxy sites is quite straightforward. Whenever you search for a webpage, free proxy servers check for that webpage in their cache.

If the webpage is saved in their memory, you will get that page immediately in your browser. In case, you are visiting the web page for the first time, and then proxy server generates a random IP address and connects to the destination server of required web page. Thus, your real IP is prevented from disclosure.

A proxy site also works in the same way. It is a mediator that allows you to visit blocked web pages clandestinely and prevents your system from harmful malicious adware and extensions.

30 Best Free Proxy Sites List in 2022

Hence, now you know the benefits of using a free web proxy, now is the time to get the list of best free proxy sites list. Below we have mentioned the best free proxy sites, which are offering top quality service and which have the maximum number of active users. Those sites are:

1). cIP-C


cIP-C or The Change IP Country is a anonymizer that provides you HTTP or FTP proxy. This proxy server offers you access to any blocked site, if that website is still running. It is the best resource in case your office or school has restricted access to a few websites. You can visit all the restricted videos or web pages by using this proxy site.

2). New IP Now


In this Best Free Proxy Sites List, you will find many websites that have some active users. New IP Now is such a proxy site that offers all the proxy server facilities. This proxy site is renowned for altering many intermediaries. Each time you search for a web page, New IP Now offers you a new intermediary to access the web. It offers you free service, and it offers easy to use features so that you can operate the site without any confusion.



Hide me is one of the best free proxy sites list that is famous for not storing any log records. It offers you three different intermediaries, which are from the USA, Germany, and Netherlands. It can be a good choice if you want to browse the web secretly.

4). H1de


Hide1 de has got fame because it is renowned as the quickest proxy available today. Many users have used it, and they agree that Hide1 de offers speediest proxy service. Another thing that attracts users is advertisement free service provided by this free web proxy.

It is capable of unblocking any restricted website. So both students and working people can utilize this site to access restricted sites in their institutions and offices.

5). Proxy Site


If you are afraid that someone is monitoring your actions of the web, then Proxy Site is the best way of hiding. The name of this proxy site is ProxySite, so don’t get confused with it. As your enter in the URL bas, you get instant access to this website. Now the only thing left to do is entering the URL or required web page and then you will be directed to that webpage. No one can detect your real IP and location, and it offers you access to all the blocked sites.

6). HideMyAss


Hidemyass has got many times ranked third in the best proxy sites. It has got many active users, but it is not the best because it uses advertisements that disturb the users. When it comes to getting steam-less downloading, hide my ass seems the best site. It offers highlighted proxy and access to many blocked sites on your location.

7). Maximum Proxy


Do you want complete safety during web surfing? If yes, Maximum Proxy is one of the best free proxy sites list for you. It allows you to browse the internet safely. You can visit any website you want and for sure you won’t see a message that show “This URL is restricted.” Whether your office/school has blocked social networking sites or other websites like YouTube, Yahoo and Gmail, you can access all of these sites through Maxim Proxy.

8). The Proxy Bay


Today many Internet users are frustrated because of identity burglary. Maximum users use the internet to check their emails, pay bills, social networking and also for getting entertainment.

In almost of these things, they provide their personal id details and other data that they don’t want to put in wrong hands. Using any of these services without using a proxy server is quite a risky task. The proxy Bay offers a safe and secure approach of web browsing.

Whether you are doing social networking or just paying any bill, your id will not get disclosed. It also provides you quick access to unblocked proxy sites that you can’t get without using a proxy server.

9). HiddenProxy


This proxy site offers one of the best free proxy servers. Here you can get many services like IP tracing, Reverse IP, My IP, IP distance and proxy checker. All you want to do with the proxy is available here. Obviously HiddenProxy is providing a bulk of proxy services, but it prevents your IP disclosure effectively. Probably, you can also utilize other features of this site to do a safer web browsing.

10). BetterUnblock


Are you tired of getting sites blocked, when you are keen to visit in your office or school? If yes, then now is the time to use BetterUnblock. It is renowned for offering instant access to blocked websites. We have listed it at 10th spot in the list of proxy sites because it was reported a few times by users about its functionality. Still it is one of the best free proxy sites list that offers all the proxy server benefits.

11). MySpace Unblocker


It is an anonymous unblocker proxy service that famous for unblocking almost WebPages. It is the 21st century, which is called the age of internet revolution. Today’s internet experts are quite intelligent, and they can get access to your social account, banking accounts and other personal details in a few minutes. You can stop them from threatening you by using MySpace Unblocker. This is a free proxy service that also offers website unblocking service. You must use it, if you don’t want to expose your IP and browse the internet secretly.

12). Nr1Surf


Nr1Surf always registers its place in the list of proxy servers because of its quick and efficient services. It allows users to browse and scan different websites quite quickly. It hosts according to an accomplice and also offer video unblock proxy service. It is providing you daily proxy servers to access different web pages with random IPs.

13). Proxy108


Proxy108 has a user-friendly platform, where everyone can get access to blocked servers. Off-course its homepage contains some advertisements, but it is not so difficult to find stuff of your requirement. Put the name of the host you want to visit and you will be directed instantly. That’s what makes Proxy108 an impressive proxy server.

14). BypassMyspace


BypassMyspace is offering you access to all the local blocked servers, whether you are trying to access them from your institution or workplace. The authorities use specific channels to hinder some local sites, which employees and students often access. If such sites are blocked, no one can access them without using a proxy server. BypassMyspace can unblock all the blocked sites you want to visit, and no one can get access to your system IP and personal data.

15). I am unblocked


It is a free web proxy that is quite fast, user-friendly and secure to browse the internet. It has a plentiful alternative like pulling up user-side scripting, preventing treats and so on. It offers all proxy server features that a user want to get for safe web browsing.

16). SneakyAnon


It is free, wonderful and user-friendly web proxy that every internet user wants to have for private web browsing. Users can browse many websites from the firewall and also from the blocked ports without wasting a single minute. Whatever tool your institution or workplace is using to block certain sites, SneakyAnon is capable of unblocking the entirely blocked destination. All you have to do is just put the URL in the search bar, and you will get the web page opened.

17). Proxy24


The main purpose of using the list of proxy servers is finding a way of private internet browsing. Proxy24 offers instant access to all available web pages in a few seconds. No one can get access to your location, and no one can know your IP address that prevents you from adware and other threatening programs. Proxy24 stores its proxies accomplices to offer fast access.

18). Free MySpace Layouts


It is a platform, which provides quick connections for Myspace proxies, Hi5, and other anonymous web browsing platforms. It also provides web proxy server through which you can do anonymous web browsing and get all the restricted sites unblocked.

19). PinkSocks


Are you afraid of getting blocked, while using YouTube? If yes, then it is the time to use PinkSocks. It is a dedicated proxy server that facilitates proxy server for YouTube. It is expected that PinkSocks will soon provide services for other video sharing sites like DailyMotion and MetaCafe.

20). ProxyTop


There are some websites, which are restricted in several countries. If there is such a website blocked in your nation, you can access it with ProxyTop. It uses its IP and redirects you to the required web page without providing your location. It means you can open all the blocked sites in your nation by using ProxyTop, and still no one will know that you are using restricted web services.

Some Best Free Proxy Sites List

Inside this post section I am sharing other links if you are looking some other best free proxy sites list then this section will helping you because inside this section you can get some extra active free proxy websites direct link where you can access proxy server service.

Fast Foundation Mastermind

All the ” best free proxy sites list ” we have mentioned above have a maximum number of users. People are getting aware of proxy servers, and they are learning how to use it. You can also learn it from above mentioned guide about free proxy sites list. It is quite important to hide personal information, especially in the case of web browsing. Hackers and other web experts can utilize your personal information to threat you or anyone else. Proxy sites prevent such things and offer secure internet access.

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