Best iPad Mini 4 Cases for Change Your iPad Look

Best iPad Mini 4 Cases: Apple is famous for showcasing technology which is a step forward than the rest of the world. After launching so many smartphones, laptops and tablets it is one of the most sought after brand in electronics. One such example of higher technology is iPad mini 4.

It was launched in 2015 and comes with features like iOS 9 operating system and 128 GB memory storage. With multiple diversified features, it is important that we care for it so much. That is why we have come up with different iPad mini 4 cases in this section.

Apple iPad mini 4 is the slickest design and is lighter as compared to iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3. This amazing device is available in three different colors of space gray, gold and silver. Unlike iPad Air 2, Apple did not issue any leather cover for iPad mini 4.

That is the reason, you need to find other options for the iPad mini 4 cases. You can find thousands of retailers offering cases for iPad mini 4 but choosing the best out of the rest is a bigger task. There is no need to go through this when we are here for you.

Top 10 Best iPad Mini 4 Cases

We have tried to pick the best iPad mini 4 cases for all the customers. They are stylish, classy and most importantly capable of protecting your device. The iPad mini 4 case comes in different colors and shapes too.

We have tried to pick some of the best options of iPad mini 4 cases here in this section. You just need to read the description and pick your favorite amongst all.

1). Thankscase Rotating Case Cover for iPad Mini 4

Rotating iPad mini 4 cases by Thankscase is our first pick in this list. If you would look at its covers then you will get the answer that why we chose it. Providing so many options and such wonderful designs that people would look at your cases rather than your iPad.

It has more than 20 types of beautiful and eye catching designs of iPad mini 4 cases and you are going to fall in love with each of them. We have listed more of its premium designs and models below.

They people have not forgotten the functionality behind the beauty. Apart from being uber-cool they are ultra-comfortable to use too. These cases also contains wallet pockets so that you can carry that extra cash everywhere without even worrying where to put it.

Key Features

  • Fully functional and handy to use along with a wrist strap to carry it comfortably.
  • Comes with the feature of 360 degree rotation which allows horizontal as well as vertical rotation.
  • Built in magnetic strip to improve the functionality of smart cover.
  • Does not fit to other devices like iPad mini 1, 2 and 3.
  • Extremely affordable and totally lightweight that does not add extra weight on the iPad.

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2). KHOMO iPad Mini 4 – Dual Series

If you are looking for super slim iPad mini 4 cases then KHOMO covers could be the smartest choice and investment that you can make. It not only protects your iPad but also give it a super stylish look that it deserves. This piece of beauty is available in a wide range of covers having the same price for all.

They have not only got your back but front too. It means apart from protecting the iPad from the back it also give protection to the screen in form of soft inner lining.

iPad mini 4 cases by KHOMO are designed in such a way that you can use them at any angle. They can be set at any position according to your typing and viewing position. No matter how you keep them, they form a firm and rigid grip and does not let the user suffer.

Key Features

  • Custom made for iPad mini 4 only and does not get fit to other generations.
  • 15 inch thick outer shell gives an ultra slim and stylish look to the case.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Fully functional with additional automatic sleep wake feature.
  • Registered trademark and one of the bestseller for iPad covers.

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3). Vakoo iPad Mini 4 Kids Proof Silicon Handle Case

Our next pick in this category of iPad mini 4 cases is kids’ proof covers and cases by Vakoo. Many times it becomes impossible for us to protect our electronic gadgets from our mischievous kids. This is why Vakoo came up with this super protective and stylish cases for iPads of different generations.

This case is made up of Silicon which means it provides additional protection against bumps, shocks, scratches and sudden drops. This case is really soft and you would not feel any discomfort while using it.

The case is designed in such a way that no matter how harshly kids use it, it will still give the best protection to your iPad mini 4. This is easy to use and carry and totally convenient for travelling, office and home uses.

Its cover may not be as thin as other iPad mini 4 cases listed here but its thick cover gives extra protection and that is why it is kids proof.

Key Features

  • Designed for iPad mini 4 of the latest version of Retina Display.
  • Comes with a handle to carry it around and reinforced edges protection against drops.
  • Convenient to use all ports, camera and other functions of your iPad mini 4.

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4). JETech iPad Mini 4 Folio Case Cover

Looking for some stylish stuff to protect your iPad mini 4? Well, then do not waste your time searching for something else other than this iPad mini 4 cases with folio cover by JETech. It is available in different eye catching colors like black, blue, green, dark gray, pink and many more.

It is very slim in its design but that does not stop it from having a firm stand position. Its smooth exterior is for your comfort and strong interior is for the protection for your iPad mini 4.

Comes with the camera hole cut out and gives easy access to all the ports. It is really easy to install as your iPad mini 4 cases and super easy to remove too. Super stylish and would make your iPad look more presentable and attractive. It can also be set at any angle to access it for different purposes.

Key Features

  • Especially made for the iPad mini 4 models namely A1538/A1550 and does not compatible with iPad mini 2/3/4.
  • Comes with the feature of automatic wake and sleep makes it a smart cover.
  • Comes with a 6 months warranty by JETech.
  • Quite similar to Apple’s smart cover but much better than it to use.

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5). Aceguarder iPad Mini 4 Rainproof Cover Case with Stand

Aceguarder iPad mini 4 cases are there not just to make your device look stylish but to give it protection from multiple conditions. It is not only for the normal protection but it is rainproof, dirt proof and even shock proof. So, no matter how harsh your kids are on this device, it will always stay protected.

This stylish case not only comes with different colors but with different designs and patterns too. Its dual exterior protection makes it one of the perfect iPad mini 4 cases in this list.

Apart from the shock proof and drop proof features, it is also compatible with the water proof technology too. It is the time to stop worrying about getting scratches, bruises, drops on your iPad mini 4 because this case has got its back.

Key Features

  • Made up of eco-friendly Silicon and does not contain any toxicity which makes it perfect to use for kids.
  • Long lasting colors and designs makes it durable.
  • Precisely design to give full access to all the ports and camera no matter what.
  • Super stylish and compatible with school office work and heavy duty.
  • Especially crafted for iPad mini 4 with Retina Display model.

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6). ESR Smart Case Cover for iPad Mini 4

ESR smart iPad mini 4 cases and covers and made up of synthetic leather which are compatible enough to give your device the protection it needs. It is hard and strong from outside but super soft from inside which makes a perfect blend of looks and strength.

Its leather exterior and microfiber inner lining is a rare combination for iPad mini 4 cases. It comes with a semitransparent which shows the logo of your iPad perfectly. It also protect your little baby from scratches and unwanted fingerprints.

Talking about its looks, the colors are so unique and pretty that you will feel like all of them. Some of the colors offered are rose gold, champagne gold, mysterious black, navy blue, sweet pink and many more. The unconventional looks and super smart technology is a perfect mix that you always wanted for your iPad mini 4.

Key Features

  • Exclusively designed for iPad mini 4 only and does not fit to iPad mini 1/2/3.
  • Acquired with the feature of automatic sleep and wake.
  • Super slim and extremely lightweight case with 11mm thickness and 139 g weight.
  • Smart cover has the built in magnetic properties to keep attached to your iPad mini 4.
  • Easy to use with foldable front cover and different angles for typing and viewing.

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7). Thankscase Morrious 1 Rotating Cover Case for iPad Mini 4

Here we are, talking about the most sought after Thankscase iPad mini 4 cases once again. This time we have listed the Morrious 1 rotating cover case. The USP of this case is its beautiful enchanting pattern which is really unique and would make your device stand out among all.

Just like the earlier one, it also has folder wallet pocket to carry some cash along with your iPad mini 4. It also has elastic hand strip which makes it easier to carry your iPad around with secure grip.

At an affordable price, you get everything in this cover what should be there in all iPad mini 4 cases. It comes with 360 degree rotation which makes the functioning easy in vertical as well as horizontal plane. It is acquired with the built in magnetic properties which keeps the iPad attached to the cover throughout no matter what.

Key Features

  • Exclusively customized for iPad mini 4 with Retina Display and does not get fit for iPads of other generations.
  • Have the feature of being slim and still has firm stand position at all angles.
  • Extremely lightweight and does not add extra weight to the iPad mini 4.
  • Gives full access to all the ports and make it fully functional.

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8). Fintie iPad Mini 4 Case

Fintie iPad mini 4 cases is one of the most diversified collection that you will ever get to see. They are stylish, pretty and most importantly they give the protection to your iPad mini 4 which is much needed. I can assure you that you are not going to see such a quality at such a low price.

This is fully functional at every single angle from 0 to 360 degree. You can adjust it to any position for viewing and typing. This is one of the few iPad mini 4 cases which comes with dual layer protection.

The outermost layer is made up of the synthetic leather which gives an ultra-finish to the exterior of the cover. Inner one is a soft layer which gives over all protection to the iPad. It is not only available in different colors but in different patterns and designs too.

Key Features

  • Specifically designed for iPad mini 4 released in September 2015.
  • Comes with the additional feature of automatic wake and sleep which makes it a smart cover.
  • Apart from being super stylish, it is super durable too.
  • Gives the microfiber interior which keeps the screen scratch and fingerprints free.
  • Elastic band hold and snap and roll design.

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9). Otterbox Defender Series iPad Mini 4 Case

Finally we are talking about the much awaited Otterbox iPad mini 4 cases. They are one of the premium manufacturer for the iPad cases and now they have come to the iPad mini 4 too. Here we are talking about the iPad mini 4 cases of the Defender Series.

You have seen the cases with dual layer protection but Otterbox is a step ahead from all the ordinary iPad mini 4 cases here. It comes with 3 layer protection for your iPad mini 4 which can withstand drops and shocks easily.

It comes with the ravishing colors of black and damson purple. This may cost your higher than other cases listed here but you will not regret over any penny spent. It is one of the most selling cover for the different generations of iPads.

Key Features

  • 3 layers protection against bumps and shocks.
  • Comes with built in screen protector for scratches and fingerprints.
  • Compatible with hands free media viewing.
  • May not be compatible with non-Apple USB cables of 30 pin.
  • The port cover given keeps out the dust and debris completely.
  • Comes with 100% authenticity and 1 year warranty by Otterbox.

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10). i-Blason Apple iPad Mini 4 Hybrid Case

Last but not the least we have iPad mini 4 cases by i-Blason in our kitty. Get ready to give a stunning make over to your iPad mini 4 with the beautiful i-Blason cases. They are available in colors like black, blue, pink, and white and green.

Like most of the iPad mini 4 cases listed here, it comes with dual layer protection. Outer layer is comprised of polycarbonate exterior whereas inner layer is made up of flexible TPU inner core.

It comes with different features like built in screen protector and built in kickstand. This gives a comfortable experience of hands free viewing and typing. Made up of such a technology which gives advanced protection against shocks and drops.

It comes with a design which gives complete access to all the ports, speakers, camera and sensors.

Key Features

  • Exclusively made for iPad mini 4 released in September 2015.
  • Classic design with precise cuts and edges.
  • Comes with front cover and ultra-protection to the screen as well.
  • Acquired with shock absorbent technology which keeps the iPad safe in every condition.
  • i-Blason gives a one year warranty over this hybrid iPad mini 4 case.

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All the iPad mini 4 cases come at affordable price and perfect designs. Each case is available in different colors too. Apart from having the stylish looks, they are also durable too. It is guaranteed that your iPad will be safe in it.

Some of the cases for iPad mini 4 listed out here are water proof too so that you can use your iPad in every situation. It is always important to keep such electronic gadgets safe and sound as they are really expensive. Things like these cases are a brilliant idea to not only keep them safe but attractive too.

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