Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Dollars

Gaming Headset under 50: Kids nowadays are not like us. We used to play in sand and cry all day long until our parents finally give a candy to us. But today’s generation is way advanced than we could ever be. They play super amazing games on their play stations and Xbox.

If your kids or even you have this ultimate love for gaming then you can increase the fun with gaming headset under 50. The complete setup costs not so much, so why don’t you spend a bit less on the gaming headsets?

By keeping that in mind we have covered up some best quality gaming headset under 50 for you. It is the time to double up the fun of gaming with your friends. If you want help regarding which one would prove to be the best gaming headset for under 50 then leave it all to us.

Top 10 Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Dollars

Gaming HeadSet Under 50

In this section given below, we have listed out all the affordable and best quality gaming headset under 50. These are just the perfect solution for your long gaming sessions without even having any ache in your ears. Now, you can play for as long as you want without even disturbing anyone.

1). Logitech G430 Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Logitech has always been one of the best manufacturers of gaming headsets. Its other versions like G230 and G930 are equally popular. But when we are talking about gaming headset under 50 then the version G430 fits the best in it. It has every single quality and feature that you desire for.

Can you imagine Dolby 7.1 surround sound effect on a mere price of $39.99? Well, now you can because Logitech G430 has it all. This is not it because it also gives you a 360 degree sound effect too.

Apart from the technology, comfort is another priority in this gaming headset under 50. Their lightweight design and super comfortable ear cups gives you the best experience in hours long gaming sessions. It also comes with a microphone which can be adjusted and rotated in any direction you want.

It gives you full blast sound effect with every minute detail covered. Apart from the sound effect, looks are also unconventional. A perfect match of beauty and performance.

Key Features

  • Foldable and noise cancelling boom mic with background noise reduction property.
  • Volume control by on cable switching.
  • Compatible with PS4, Windows Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • Comes in three different models of stereo, console and 7.1 surround sound.

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2). Razer Kraken Pro Analog Gaming Headset

The Razer Kraken Pro Analog gaming headset is our next pick in the category of gaming headset under 50. With stylish looks, supreme features and amazing compatibility, it is winning over the hearts of millions of users around the globe.

You can find great performance at low price and a great balance of weight. Yes, these gaming headsets are really lightweight and do not bother you at all in longer sessions of gaming. The retractable microphones can be pulled out from the ear cups whenever needed.

It is compatible with the usual 3.5 mm audio jack and can be used along mobile phones with splitter cable. These are one of the most comfortable gaming headset under 50 in this list. Its ergonomic design is specially made for all night long gaming spree.

The weight is optimized in such a way that you will have a feather like experience with the ear cups. You would surely love them once you will start using them.

Key Features

  • Compatibility with PS4, PC and Xbox One.
  • Available in different colors of black, white and green.
  • Comes with large 40mm neodymium magnetic drivers installed.
  • Attached microphones with pull out feature.
  • Mute and volume adjustment via in line control options.

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3). Turtle Beach – Ear Force P11 Stereo Gaming Headset for PS3

Next in our list of gaming headset under 50 by our very own and very favorite Turtle Beach. These gaming headsets are really affordable and the looks are just beyond your imagination. The ear force P11 amplified stereo gaming headset gives you an experience of literally like the powerful sound system is installed in your ears.

This gaming headset under 50 is compatible with PC, Mac and play station 3. You can mute the game sound when chatting and chat sound when gaming. The independent control gives you a better experience. Make you listen to the sound which are usually not audible in normal gaming sessions.

These headsets give you the full privilege to listen to what you are saying while the headsets on. Once you disconnect it from the amp then they are compatible with PS4, Wii U and PS Vista.

However, it does not deliver great sound quality when amp is disconnected. Still a great option for overall compatibility.

Key Features

  • One of the premium and best-selling gaming headset for PS3.
  • Better sound quality through amplified stereo system.
  • Each minute detail of sound is covered through large 50 mm speakers.
  • Deep immersive experience through bass boost sound effects.
  • Independent control for game and chat volumes.

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4). Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset

Leave behind everything else because we have got one amazing stereo headset for you by Microsoft. Everything about it just out of the box like features, class, color, performance, looks and sound effects. You are totally going to fall in love with this gaming headset under 50.

Microsoft never leave any stone unturned to woo its customers. This stereo headset comes with a detachable adapter. This means you can control volume, microphone mute and gaming and chat volume balance on your fingertips.

The microphone in this gaming headset under 50 is unidirectional which is comprised of noise reduction technology. However, you need to sign into the Xbox live to receive console updates. An initial setup is also required to use it at the first place.

The rich stereo sound will give you an experience like never before. Each of the packaging contains stereo headset, stereo headset adapter, and USB cable along with it. It also comes with independent control for gaming and chatting volumes.

Key Features

  • Internet connection required and ISP fees apply for updating the software.
  • No complex wires required for the console and only wired to the wireless controller.
  • Full range audio spectrum of 20Hz to 20 KHz.
  • Clear voice capture by a microphone of high quality.

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5). VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Next one that we have in the list of gaming headset under 50 is G2000 stereo gaming headset by VersionTech. This gaming headset gives you the perfect sound quality that is needed for your PC gaming. Its stereo sound gives you the perfect high-quality audio which adds more fun in your gaming sessions.

As far as the comfort of ear cups are to be considered then they are made up of skin friendly leather pads. They are not only soft but durable and skin friendly too.

This gaming headset under 50 by VersionTech is really affordable and comprised of so many advantages too. It completely isolates the ambient noise so that only gaming sound is audible. The inner sponges will give you better experience while long gaming sessions.

On cable sound controls are given. You can adjust volume up and down and other sounds. The headband is soft and adjustable so that you can fit it well to your head.

Key Features

  • They are available in two different colors of yellow and black.
  • High precision and large 50 mm magnetic neodymium driver is installed in it.
  • Only compatible with PC and mobile devices.
  • Not compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox 360.
  • Designed with LED light effect on the ear cups.

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6). Sades Arcmage PC Gaming over Ear Headset

The all new Sades Arcmage gaming headset under 50 is the definition of ravishing look and superb features at a really affordable price. This splitter belt type gaming headset is slowly becoming the new talk of the town. But its low price does not have anything to do with its quality.

It is really strong and very hard to break. It means it can bear the normal shocks and sudden drops easily. It is amazing to use with quality sound effect and maximum noise control.

The best part about this gaming headset by Sades is its looks and variations. This headset is available in amazing colors like golden, white, black, blue, orange and yellow along with color combination options too.

Ear cups are comfortable to wear and made up of skin friendly material. The microphone is fixed and simple to use. The ear cups material reduces sweating by heat and makes it perfect for long gaming sessions.

Key Features

  • High strength gaming headset under 50 with high elastic rubber wire.
  • Super durable with complete protection from the environment.
  • Instead of inline volume control, a wheel is provided at the back of left ear of headset.
  • The mic is compatible with 3.5 mm jack and USB is given for lights.

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7). Afterglow LVL3 Gaming Headset for Xbox One

This Afterglow LVL3 gaming headset is officially licensed by the tech giant Microsoft. This keeps you rest assured that the quality standards are maintained at high levels. It gives a superior quality sound experience as compared to other chat headsets available in the market.

This gaming headset under 50 is setting new standards for the headsets available in such price range. It comes with bendable arm so that the microphone can be placed at the right position.

Apart from all the tech information, the comfort is maintained at perfectly right level. The ear cups used in this gaming headset under 50 are pillow cushioned. It means you have comfortable gaming experience even for long hours.

The microphones have noise cancellation feature so that you would not have to shout to make yourself audible over chat sessions. The headband is adjustable with several levels so that it can be set according to the comfort of your head.

However, it is compatible and designed especially for Xbox one and you would have to buy other versions for Play stations.

Key Features

  • Superior sound quality experience through 40 mm drivers.
  • Other models are LVL1, LVL5 and AG9+.
  • This model is available in different colors like white and black.
  • In-line controls for mute options and volume adjustments.
  • Easy to access and control.

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8). Status Audio Wired HD Gaming Headset

Wired gaming headset with high definition sound effect by Status Audio is our next choice for the list of gaming headset under 50. This company does not believe in any promotions and hence there are no logos on the headsets. This makes them even super cool than the other ones.

You would not believe that you are getting a lot of good features at a price of just $44. The looks are just phenomenal with an additional matte finish of the rubberized material. This material protects the headset from any sign of fingerprints and reflected light.

This gaming headset under 50 is totally lightweight and perfect for long uses. The volume adjustment features are given as in line control. The microphone is given for hand-free calling and voice command operations.

The packaging of this product also includes a drawstring pouch for travel and storage solution.

Key Features

  • Rubberized matte finish coating from outside for fingerprint protection.
  • 40 mm drivers are used.
  • 100% free of logo or other types of brandings.
  • Responds to all types of genres of sound.
  • Compatible with all smartphones (android and iOS), PC and other gaming applications.
  • Comes with a cable of size 1.7 meter long.

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9). Sentey Gs-4440 Stereo Gaming Headset

The stereo gaming headset of model no. Gs-4440 by Sentey is another feather in the cap of the list of gaming headset under 50. They are super comfortable to use because of their lightweight design and super-soft ear cups. The ear cups are made up of leatherette foam which gives super ease to the ears.

These gaming headsets also have noise reduction technology. It means, they reduce unwanted noises and sound and focus on the main gaming sounds.

The high definition sound would make you feel like everything happening on the screen is so real and alive. The volume control options are really handy as they come as in line control. It means you get mute and light on/off options with one switch.

The gaming headset under 50 by Sentey also comes with an omnidirectional microphone. Which means you have the liberty to use the mic in any direction you want.

Key Features

  • 40 mm driver diameter with 10 mW rated power.
  • 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency range with high sound sensitivity.
  • 100% money back guarantee over any quality problem.
  • Compatibility with PC, Mac and other devices.
  • Can be attached to universal 3.5 mm jack of any desired device.
  • Stylish appearance with powerful sound delivery.
  • Available in two different colors of white and black.

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10). Sades Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro Gaming Headset

Another one from Sades is stereo 7.1 surround pro gaming headset. With the super classy appearance and even better quality, it is one of the best options in this list of gaming headset under 50. The product is listed at the last but has all the qualities owned by other products in this list.

The name of this gaming headset says it all. It has 7.1 surround sound feature which gives you amazing and thrilling sound experience. The 7.1 USB sound card also comes with independent adjustment levels too.

The headband of this gaming headset under 50 comes with nine adjustment levels. You can adjust it according to the fit of your head and comfortably play your games. The ear cups are no behind in terms of giving full comfort to the users. They come with ear cushions installed which are ideal for long sessions.

The microphone is flexible and comes with noise cancellation feature. There is inline control for mute and volume up and down options. The USB cable is also made up of good quality material with the coating of plastic brazier around it.

Key Features

  • Available in different color combinations.
  • Retractable mic feature with adjustment and rotation options.
  • Strong quality and classy looks.
  • Model Number – 6P-ETIC-JJ9O

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All the products listed above are best gaming headset for under 50. None of them crosses the price of 50 dollars with some wonderful and unique features. They are cool but their stylish looks are also combined with high-tech and high-quality features.

Your gaming experience would become like never before. I am sorry mommies! But your kid is not going to move away from his gaming seat from now on. They are so addictive and the sound effects are so amazing that you cannot help but use them all day long.

They are not only the best PC gaming headset under 50 but also compatible with your smartphones and other devices. You can show them off to everyone and get ready to make your foes jealous from now on.

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