50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas to Choose Perfect Gift

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas to Choose Perfect Gift: It is hard to find the true love in your life but it is even harder to spend rest of your life with that love. People easily fall in love with anyone but it takes a lot to be committed to someone for your entire life. And those who end up doing that celebrates each year of their togetherness until they finally bid good bye to each other after dying.

In this modern world relationships are getting complex and there are very few that make it to the 50 years of togetherness or more. Sometimes it is because of the health issues that people are not able to last for a long time.

If you know someone who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary then you must get them some beautiful gifts.

This may be possible that you do not find out the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gifts for them then you should not worry about it at all. Here we have listed out more than twenty 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for you. If this is the anniversary of your parents or your grandparents then too these gifts fit out perfectly.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas to Choose Perfect Gift

All the gifts for 50th wedding anniversary are really creative and need some time of yours. More than the time they demand the emotions that can be easily seen in the gifts that you prepare.


1). Family tree Canvas

family-tree-canvas50th wedding anniversary means that people reaching that time in their life where they see their grand kids playing in front of them. Well, of course it means a one big happy family all together. The family itself gives you an inspiration for the 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents or someone else.

You can prepare the family tree on a large sized canvas as the 50th wedding anniversary gift. This is really creative as well does not demand too much of the work.

You can easily get the picture of a tree on the canvas or you can prepare it on order. All you got to do is fix the photos of every family member as the branches and leaves. Make sure that you put the pictures of your parents on the root side. It would make the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gifts for them.


2). Heart in Sand Framed Photo

heart-in-sand-framed-photoThe heart in sand framed photo is quite in trend in these days as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts. The trick is really simple behind such gifts. These gifts are basically prepared with the help of Photoshop. With the help of the software only the names are edited on the sand.

With the help of the technology you can also choose another picturesque for the framing thing. This is a simple but really cute thing for a couple who have seen 50 years of their life together.

These kind of 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas are really cool and beautiful too. Make sure to choose some antique type of frame which looks really good after they hang it in the drawing room.


3). Anniversary Plate

anniversary-plateElderly people like those things a lot which are old and antique and give a royal look too. The anniversary plate is one of those 50th wedding anniversary gifts which totally satisfy these demands of them.

The bronze or silver plate with the engraved names on it would make the most amazing anniversary gift for them. You can prefer any metal according to their choice.

You must get that plate engraves in its boundary with beautiful delicate designs which gives it an artistic look. Now get their name engraved in the middle like a wedding card. You can also engrave the year they got married in. This is such a unique idea which will totally touch their heart and emotions.


4). Personalized Quilt

personalized-quiltIt takes numerous weathers and their brutality and the spirit to spend the time easily for two people to be together for long. The heat of summer and the chills of winter can be passed easily when you have the right one holding your hand.

To revive all the memories of the past you can get them the personalized quilt as the 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

You get to do nothing but get their photos edit out on the quilt along with the beautiful message from each family member. Do not forget to mark the “together since” tag on the quilt for sure. Such gift ideas for 50th wedding anniversary would always be sought after by them.


5). Then and Now Anniversary Frame

then-and-now-anniversary-frameIt has been half of the century when they got married. It’s like travelling back to the time when you look at the pictures of their wedding. This is of course a great change in the scenario when we compare these photographs of 50 years back and now.

Don’t you think it is an awesome idea to get the two photos framed together to let people know that it has been half century for they people are together.

Such 50th wedding anniversary gifts can give people some time to relive all the moments of 50 years back. Just put the 50 years back wedding day photo on one side and the present photo on the other side. Get them framed with some beautiful messages along.


6). Personalized Wind Chime

personalized-wind-chimeWind chime are seen as the symbol of the positivity. They produce such sound which brings the positive vibes in the home. You can be the one who drives the positivity through these wind chimes by selecting them as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

For the twist in the tale, you can get the wind chime personalized for them. This is really simple to do and it would make the wind chime look like a memory lane.

You just need to focus on that wind chime which produces nice voice. Get the photos of your parents or grandparents whose anniversary it is, edit out on the wind chime. Whenever the wind will move it then it will show case their pictures along with the beautiful sound.


7). Anniversary Wall Clock

anniversary-wall-clockA wall clock full of pictures of the togetherness of the couple can also be one of the greatest ideas for 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

It takes nothing but a wall clock of superior quality with some use of technology. You just need to collect the best photograph of the couple’s togetherness. Just get these photographs edit out on the inner surface of the clock where numbers are printed.

You can also do some creativity with this. You can record voices and set them to play whenever an hour completes. It would always remind them that how much loved are they. Do not forget to pick the quality wall clocks for this which does not damage with the passage of time.


8). The Half Heart Personalized Key Chains

the-half-heart-personalized-key-chainsYou must have seen a lot of young couples using such kind of key chains. Actually these are the symbol of the love which is equally divided between the two. It cannot be completed until they both come together.

Such kind of 50th wedding anniversary gifts give message that one is incomplete without the other one.

There are a lot of designs in these types of key chains like the heart, face, love etc. but this occasion is something else and therefore you would have to put some extra efforts for it. You would have to get their photo edit out on it. Each key chain would contain a photo which gets complete when put together. Make sure that the couple gets the opposite photos.


9). The Couple Wrist Watch Set

the-couple-wrist-watch-setOne of the most perfect gift ideas for 50th wedding anniversary can be the couple wrist watch set. There are thousands of the designs available to be chosen from. To keep the age of them in mind you should pick such designs which are antique, old but still look classy and different from the rest.

If you have something in your mind then you can design on your own for these couple watches. If you want to go for the already prepared designs then you have different brands to choose from.

You can pick these couple watches from Titan, Rado, Burberry and many more as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts. If you want then you can engrave their name on the watches too.


10). Personalized Picture Locket

This is the kind of 50th wedding anniversary gifts that you would have seen in many romantic movies. Actually you need to create the same environment here too. This beautiful journey of 50 years must be celebrated romantically as love is its backbone.

You can get the same type of picture locket for both of them. This picture locket consists of the locket which is heart shaped and opens up which contains the couple’s photograph.

It would be like a token or symbol of love for both of them. Instead of a recent photograph, you should take that picture which was clicked on their wedding day. It would create a better effect as it was the day when they vowed to be together forever.


11). Name Engraved Rings

name-engraved-ringsA wedding is incomplete without the exchange of rings. It is the most important part of the complete ceremony which binds two people together in the book of their life. You just need to recreate this magic on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary too.

Get them their respective rings with the engraved letter of their names on it. For example if the ring is to be wore by the women then it should have the initials of her husband engraved on it and vice versa.

Do not forget to pick the gold rings only or you can go for the gold plated rings too. It is important as this is the golden anniversary of the couple. Such 50th wedding anniversary gifts are like recreating the magic again.


12). Family Wood Puzzle Wall Hangings

family-wood-puzzle-wall-hangingsThis is one of the most creative and amazing 50th wedding anniversary gifts. All you need is the finest quality of the wood and some cute pictures of all the family members along or without the couple.

All you need to do is get the wood cut out like the puzzle shape. Edit out the photos of the different family members on them. Make the puzzle piece the centre one on which the couple’s photo is printed. Arrange all the pieces in such a way that it look like completing a puzzle.

This would look extremely good when the couple would hang it in their bedroom.


13). Personalized Fragrance Candles

personalized-fragrance-candlesYou know very well that how much the fragrance candles are important to create the beautiful ambience of any bedroom. They are totally environment friendly and do not produce such smoke which can harm the health of anyone.

You can get such candles as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts. You would easily find them in any candles shop.

All you got to do is just engrave the couple’s name and a happy wedding anniversary message on the candles in beautiful calligraphy. Along with the wonderful smell they would also fill the environment with love and happiness.


14). The Giant Personalized Pillow

A giant personalized pillow which can cover the entire king size bed with its length is really a wonderful and exciting 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

This pillow should cover the date they got married on as well as their names too. It should have the messages from the entire family hand written or printed on it. This would be like the pillow which will showcase their entire love story and wishes from their people.

Pick the right quality of material for its cover and make sure to print everything on the cover only. Remember to not print anything on the inside cover because it will be hidden after putting the cover on it.

15). Champagne Bottle with Engraved Glass

champagne-bottle-with-engraved-glassChampagnes are the synonyms of the celebrations. No matter what occasion is, it is incomplete without opening up a bottle of champagne and pouring it in everyone’s glasses.

But now there will be a personalized bottle of champagne as well as the glasses for the couple as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts. You can get these bottles and glasses engraved very easily from any of the printing and editing shop.

Pick the best quality champagne and glasses and get the wishes engraved on it along with the name of the couple. I know the bottle will be emptied but the glasses will always be there. And they would also show case the empty bottle because of the creativity.


16). Engraved Crystal Clock

engraved-crystal-clockYou must have seen various types of table clock which looks exceptionally brilliant. Some are the pieces of extra ordinary creations and some are just so damn close to the heart. But you can get something which is the combination of both as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

These watches are small in size which is fitted inside the crystal rock. It looks really beautiful when you look at the crystal watch.

On the remaining part of the crystal you can engrave the names and the beautiful message from your side to the couple. It would give the personalized touch to the clock and the crystal too. If you want then you can edit out the names of the couple on the watch too.


17). Weekend Trip for Both

Who said that it requires an age limit to have fun and explore life? There is no limit and boundaries to have fun and enjoy life like there is no tomorrow. A weekend trip for the couple can be the most exciting and adventurous 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

It should be comprised with different experiences that they people can have. They can go for the adventurous wild Safari, elephant ride, cruise trip and many more.

You can also book a resort for them with all the relaxing activities like spa, sauna and many more. They would enjoy it a lot as I am sure they wouldn’t have had any trip in the recent times. This would make it more special for them as it is the gift of their togetherness.

18). Personalized Indoor Doormat

personalized-indoor-doormatA doormat and that too personalized laying right outside their room would be the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gifts. At this age of life they surely have had whatever they wanted from life. The more you can do for you are the little things to make them smile and this is one of them.

You can get it order from popular online shopping site. You can also get them ordered as you are making them personalized.

You just need to write their surname on it and if you want then you can go for the names too. But I would recommend their surname as the names would not look that good on the doormat.


19). Personalized Coffee Mug for Both

Personalized Coffee MugThey have been together from 50 years and it’s a really big deal and a great cause for celebration too. They would have shared many of their things together. It includes the harsh time and tough phases too. But now it is their time to start the day with a smile on their face.

You can do that by getting them the personalized coffee mugs as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

These mugs are related to each other. It can have the designs like half heart on one mug and half on another. You can also get their surname printed on it in half-half like the heart. This would represent that one is nothing without the other one.


20). Elegant Gold Anniversary Card

elegant-gold-anniversary-cardIf you are thinking about that precious gold then let me tell you that you do not have to spend so many bucks. It is just the card which possesses the golden outlook not the original gold. It would be one of those 50th wedding anniversary gifts which would surely define its actual meaning.

The 50th anniversary is popularly known as the golden wedding anniversary. By keeping that in mind you must prepare a card on your own in the golden texture.

This handmade card would be the best 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents. The things that we do on our own hold a lot more emotions than those which are just meant as formality.


21). We Love You Picture Collage

we-love-you-picture-collageThis is such a creative idea for the 50th wedding anniversary gifts. This is a simple trick but when the outcome comes then it looks totally heartwarming.

This is a thing which should be done by the grand kids. For the ‘we love you’ picture collage, each kid would have to hold the letters written on the paper in hands. Just get these pictures clicked and arrange them in such a way that it creates the ‘we love you’ sentence.

Get the collage done and frame it in order to gift it to your grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary. You can also go for the different sentences rather than this. It would surely come out as the best surprise for them.


22). Name Bracelets

name-braceletsThis would sound you the present for the young couples but trust me love has no boundaries of age and it would totally fit in as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

You just need to take it to the next level. I am talking about the metal to be used for the name bracelets. If you think that gold is being over budget then you can go for the silver with the gold polish on it. It is important to keep the gold plating as it embarks the golden anniversary meaning.

Make sure that your grandmother wears the bracelet of grandfather’s name and vice versa. This is another way to symbolize each other’s presence in the heart.


23). Wedding Day Picture Cut Out

wedding-day-picture-cut-outThis idea is rocking so many 50th wedding anniversary parties like hell. This idea is all about the extreme throwback and that too totally 50 years back.

You just need to find out the best picture from the wedding day of the couple. This picture should be like this that the cut out can be made from it and nothing seems awkward. This cut out would be the most hilarious 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

Get the couple stand with their cut out of their wedding picture and click a wonderful picture of them. It would be like the present meeting the past. You can also get this picture framed for both of them for later surprises. This idea is really tending among people are everyone is enjoying it a lot.


24). Candle Light dinner Date

Love and romance are the backbone of those marriages which lasts for the lifetime. These are the things which help them in travelling a distance of the 50 years altogether hands in hands. The support from each other is the key of togetherness.

To revive all the moments they had in past and to create some new you can plan out a dinner date for them as the 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

Arrange a beautiful candle light dinner for them on the terrace of their home only. You can decorate it with the fresh flowers and fragrance candles too. The flying paper lanterns would also create a magical ambiance for two. Make them propose to each other and capture these moments so that they can cherish it later on.

25). Bedroom renovation

This idea is quite unique as well as quite trending among people too. It would be the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gifts if you are doing this as being the grand kids of them. It demands nothing but some great ideas of the bedroom renovation which can be done by consulting some architect or interior designer.

You can also check out some cool stuff on the internet too. The idea is to shift your grandparents into another home by the excuse of the pest control or something else.

You can surprise them on their wedding anniversary by renovating their entire bedroom in a particular theme that they like. This gift for 50th wedding anniversary would put all the family together to bring out the best for the parents.


The real happiness lies in the little things that we do with our family. It does not demand a big bank balance to keep up with your family. But all it takes is the love and care in each one’s heart. On this 50th wedding anniversary of your relatives or your parents you should make them know that how much they are loved by each and everyone.

These 50th wedding anniversary gifts are just an excuse to touch the heart of the people of your family. It is the time to live once again by being a kid to those who have always cared a lot for you.

These 50th wedding anniversary gifts are the source to convey the thing that their togetherness is the backbone of the entire family. And that everyone is praying that they get to celebrate a lot of their wedding anniversaries just like this.

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