Top 10 Birthday Presents for Girlfriend

Being in love and cherishing is one of the most beautiful part of life. So, use the birthday presents for girlfriend to celebrate it even more.

This is your love’s birthday so of course you cannot take any chances here. Rather than luxurious buy cute birthday gifts for her.

Top 10 Birthday Presents for Girlfriend

Birthday presents for Girlfriend

In this section, you will get some amazing ideas to pick the best birthday gifts for girlfriend. Keep it subtle, keep it cute and keep it loving. She should know that you have put all your heart and emotions in it. You can pick something from the list given below.

1). Personalized Wall Clock

There is literally no limit to the birthday presents for girlfriend but we got to be started from somewhere. So, I am starting this list with a really simple yet overwhelming gift which is a personalized wall clock. This is beautiful, elegant and most importantly a personalized item.

Girls cherish even the smallest efforts put by her guy. This wall clock is going to remind her again and again that how much you love her.

You can take help of some Photoshop expert in it to make it look even better. All you have to do it edit out some of her nice photos on the clock and that’s it. It is so easy to do and any Photoshop artist would do it for you.

Plus, this is really affordable to you. In fact, this is one of the most affordable and creative birthday presents for girlfriend. I am sure she is totally going to like this. If you want then you can do the same for wrist watch too. All you need is just a person with amazing Photoshop skills.

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2). Smartwatch

Give your love something which is worth having. A smartwatch can be a nice idea for presenting something on her birthday.

It has various features like calculations, translations and game playing. And you can even use them in form of smartphones too along with running mobile applications on it. These accessories are something every girl would love to flaunt.

If your girl is a technology freak then you should gift such a smart watch which has every single modern feature in it. It can be a perfect companion while working out or jogging too. This can be one of the smartest birthday presents for girlfriend.

If you are planning to arrange great gifts for her then it can be your pick. You have multiple choices for it like Samsung, Asus, Moto, Apple etc. There is no end to the list of amazing features that they offer. This techno gift is going to be so much loved by her and I can assure you about this.

3). Red Hot Dress

Taking her out on the dinner is a must on every special occasion and especially her birthday. You must book a table in a great restaurant outside the city. The perfect dim light and romantic ambiance is something you cannot afford to miss as the birthday presents for girlfriend.

But have you ever give it a shot to decide a dinner dress for her? I guess you must have forgotten about it. But you should make no delay now and buy a beautiful dress for her for her birthday.

Pick a wonderful red hot dress for her as the birthday presents for girlfriend. You can also go for other types of colors if you want. You can pick her favorite color too. And obviously, do not forget to compliment her timely while dining out with her.

These little things are something which are enough to make her day even special. If you are in doubt then you can also take her along with you while shopping. She is gonna be so happy wearing a beautiful dress and looking even more beautiful on her birthday.

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4). A Beautiful Neckpiece

Beautiful NeckpieceJewels and ornaments are something no girl can deny for. She would not be able to say no if you ask her to go out for jewelry shopping even at midnight. So why not to pick something for her she really like to have someday. Trust me, you are not going to be wrong about this one.

Yes, you can buy her a beautiful set of neckpiece along with the necessary matching jewels like ring or earrings. If you think that the budget is going quite high than you expected then you can stick to the neckpiece only.

Giving a shot to Imitation jewelry is also not a bad idea too. In fact, chockers are quite in these days so you can go for that one too.

You can get the neckpiece personalized by engraving her initials on it beautifully. There are also options like a chain with the pendant of her name along with it. There are seriously numerous options of neckpieces that you can gift her. This would also make the perfect birthday presents for girlfriend.

5). Relaxing Spa Session

Giving your girl a day off from all the worries and stressful life can be one of the most thoughtful birthday presents for girlfriend. She is someone who remains busy in her work life all day long. For an aspiring woman in your life, it is important that you give her enough time and space for herself too.

So why not give her a day off from all the work on her birthday. This is the time to make this day a total relaxation for her.

You can book a relaxing spa session for her birthday to make it even happier and joyful. You just need to book an all day long spa session for her in the best salon and you are done. This is such birthday presents for girlfriend on which you can never go wrong.

There must be at least a single day in her life where she can have the fun of her part. Of course, there are weekends to relax but still, going to salon for an entire day is something she would not have done before. I guess, this is the right time to do that for her.

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6). Essential Oil Set

Essential oils are something that no woman can deny to swear by. In the super busy life of a woman she often forgets to take care of herself. Her weekdays are devoted to the work, deadline completion and stressful meetings. And weekends are devoted to you and her girlfriends and shopping sessions.

She never takes some time out of her busy schedule for herself only. These essential oils are something which would help her to destress herself a lot.

So, the essential oil set can be such a sweet gesture for the birthday presents for girlfriend. She is really going to like their smell and effect on her body.

Essential oils are used for different reasons by different people. From destressing your mind to reducing the body pain, it does multiple tasks for you. Just a few drops of the essential oil are enough to do amazing wonders for her skin.

As per the right set of essential oil is concerned, there are various options in that. You have options like lavender, peppermint, rosemary, sweet orange, and eucalyptus oils. She can use it in her day to day life and the results will be a broad smile on her face and a calm composure of her mind.

7). Personal Journal

Almost all women have the tendency to write important incidents and memories of her life. It can be something which she really cherishes and matters for her. She can also have the habit of writing her day to day life in it. These are the feeling which are hard to share but easier to write for her.

If she is uncomfortable to share anything with you or someone else then you can get her something which can be her true companion.

You can get her a personal journal with or without lock as one of the birthday presents for girlfriend. She can write her feelings as well as many emotional incidents in it. There are various uses of such journal and I am sure she would have been looking for it too.

The leather covering is given to keep it safe from environment. If she is a more private person then you can give her one journal with lock too. It can be one of the most beautiful birthday presents for girlfriend to accept the fact that she has her own privacy and personal space.

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8). Smartphone Case

In this modern world and out here I don’t think anyone can survive without a smartphone in their hand. This smartphone is way more than just a normal or regular tool for us. It has our deepest darkest secrets to all the amazing pictures and crazy videos in them.

So, it becomes really important to keep this amazing gadget safe and secure. Yes, you got me right and you can get her a personalized back cover for it.

You can get her different photographs merged together and then printed on the back cover of her phone. You can also get her favorite quote printed on the back of this smartphone case. This is one of the coolest and most unique kind of birthday presents for girlfriend.

This is one of the most trending things that you will see these days. Personalizing them is really easy and simple. You just need someone who knows Photoshop and you are good to go. There is no rocket science and it is pocket-friendly too.

9). Coffeemaker

Having a cup of coffee is like a ritual for many people in the morning. But don’t you think that it sometimes bother you to make that coffee again and again. If your girl is a coffee lover then giving her a coffee maker is the best thing ever. A nice coffee maker as the birthday present for girlfriend is just perfect.

The day automatically becomes awesome when it is kick started right. A strong coffee is always enough to keep you awake and alive through-out the day.

So it is the time to make her every day energetic and lively than ever before. You can get her a Phillips, Hamilton or other coffee maker on her birthday. It is the best gift to make all her worries go less every day by having the strongest coffee as she gets up.

Now she can kick start her day perfectly with this cup of coffee. This is the kind of gift which she would be glad to have.

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10). Portable Speaker

Mini Portable SpeakersWhat else can be the best birthday presents for girlfriend other than portable speakers to cherish her love towards music?

It can be the perfect birthday presents for girlfriend if she loves to chill on the weekend by listening to her favorite songs. Now she does not need to worry about getting her speakers drenched in even water because you can get the Bluetooth enable waterproof portable speakers for her.

One such example of this type of speakers is Pyle PWPBT60 sound box portable wireless speakers. These speakers are one of the best in the market and gives a superior sound quality with great Bluetooth connectivity. There are other options too in the market and you can choose anyone of them.

These speakers are wireless and Bluetooth enabled which means no need to do some extra set up to play some amazing sound on it. All she needs to do is just connect the Bluetooth of her phone to it and enjoy her favorite tracks on it.


Boys, get your ideas on the front seat because you really need to pick some unique birthday presents for a girlfriend. If you want to know what rocket science is all about then I don’t think you can get a better example than this. You are gonna be so confused and that is why I created this list.

Now, you can pick the best out of the rest. All these items are surely going to be liked by her. So, keep the worries out and let the love be in.

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