Best Sites to Send a Free Text Message from Computer

Best Sites to Send a Free Text Message: Still stuck over those message recharges? Well, those were the times when Whatsapp and other social media were not in the market. But now it is totally different time. People usually send messages with help of social media applications as they are handy.

But when it comes to official greetings, it is better to send text messages as they are more formal. And in these days nobody has those message recharges. So, free text messages come as your rescue here.

If you want to learn that how to send a free text message then you have come to the right place. You do not have to do much to free texting online from computer to cell phone. This is just a matter of some minutes and you will be there sending texts on a regular basis.

Best Sites to Send a Free Text Message from Computer

Here are some of the websites mentioned down below, which would help you to send these text message and that too absolutely free.

1. Way2SMS



This is one of the most popular website to be used to send free text message to someone you want. You can also use this for bulk messaging as well. This is world’s largest personal messaging platform made available for different usage. It even has its own android app too.

This website can be surfed by people in about 130 countries. You just need to login to Way2SMS and you can use their services absolutely free of cost. You get the facility of sending 140 characters in each messages. You can even schedule a message too.

2. SeaSms



Thinking about a site that allows you to send free text message anonymous then SeaSms is the one for you. However, the free service of this website does not last longer and you would have to buy the premium membership to continue using it.

This is perfect for companies who required to use the bulk messaging for their employees. SeaSms is one of those few websites who has the capability to send even MMS through it.

It provides you 160 characters in each message and you can send it to anyone you want.

3. Txtdrop



This is another website that allows you to send a free text message to a mobile phone and that too anonymously. However, this website works only in USA and you can send messages within USA only.

This website is compatible to any kind of system easily. It provides different widgets for Mac and Windows for the easy access via desktop. Txtdrop even has its own iOS application which is even more convenient for sending messages.

There is no need of doing registration on this site at all and you can access it from the homepage only. You just need your email id for identification purpose.

4. SendAnonymousSms



This website allows you to send free text message anywhere in the world and that too anonymously. It means that you do not have to reveal your identity for sending a text to someone. You can even prank someone as you can set the sender’s name whatever you want.

If you would try to use this website for illegal purposes then you IP address will be marked and it will be sent to authorities and you will be blocked.

This is a fun website and you can have some fun with it by sending crazy texts your friends.

5. Textmefree



This wonderful site is totally active to let you send free text message and that too very easily. You do not even have to get yourself registered on this site. However, there is option for doing it if you want to make it more reliable.

This is basically suitable for the bulk messaging and can be used by different companies to alert their employees. You can send messages worldwide except some of the countries. This site is really amazing to use.

6. TextForFree



This is another website with whose help you can easily send SMS to anyone but it works only in United States of America. However, it can help you to send SMS internationally too but sometimes its services fails to do so.

You would have to get yourself registered here first to use it further. You can do it by your email id and by doing so they will be able to track your IP address all the time.

You can send a free text message from this site easily. You do register on this site but your identity remains anonymous completely.

7. TxtEmNow



If you want to send anonymous messages to someone then this is one of the best website for it. This is very easy to use and the best part is that you do not have to go through any registration process for it.

They keep your private data absolutely safe and there will be no spam or promotional messages sent to any numbers.

This website allows you to send free text message as many times as you want and it does not even keep a track of your conversation too.

8. SmsGang



Thinking about playing some prank with your friends? Well, SmsGang can help you in this definitely. It is one of the best free texting websites. You just need to put their number with the code of the country.

This website has the capability to send SMS in more than 200 countries. The best part about this site is its spoofing system which means you do not even have to reveal your identity to someone.

This is such a fun things and make sure that you do not use it for any illegal activities as they record everything.


I hope this information will not only help you to know about free sms service but also make you learn to send free text message anonymous. Every website has its own pros and cons but in the end you would not have to spend a single penny in sending these texts. You are going to enjoy these websites a lot.

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