Free Business Listing Sites India: List for Local Business Listing

Business Listing Sites India: What is the optimal goal of business? This is such a chilly question. Everybody knows about it. But what do they do to make a business super profitable? Especially, for the local business, this is very hard to make a perfect baseline, so that they can execute every plan of their without any hustle and bustle. There are endless companies today and all wants the only one thing.

Free Business Listing Sites

Most probably, this is a very common question among the business owners that is Results. But how to drive results? Where to promote your business for free?  Well, in this post I will share each and every doubt of you.

This post is dedicated to all the readers of “CrazyAsk” to make a base platform to promote your business. Yes, here I will share the ultimate list of free business listing sites In India.

One more things I want to add up here ate the intro that is, this is going to be a super quality post so that you can easily promote your business and make a strong profile for your local business. So, let’s dig more into a sea of business listing sites in India.

What is Business Listing Sites?

What you used to do when it comes to buying something on the Internet? Well, if you are smart enough, then you might check for the best deal in various websites. The exact logic is working in our case too.

Business listing sites are non-other than a directory, where you get all kind of information such as Ph. No. location. Email id, Contact information, webs services, or say any kind of information that can define the company’s background.

So, in one word, Business listing sites are the marketplace for various kinds of information which can define the company’s profile. Business listing sites work in two bride categories. One is they used to provide Information about the company, and they serve the customer towards the right choice for them.

You might have a question what I am talking about. Well, let’s comes to the first scene

A business listing site is a marketplace for the company.

This is so true that company profile is defined by the business listing sites. Just skip this one for a while and come to the second point.

A business listing site can serve the customer towards the right choice.

Well, let me be frank with you and tell the most appropriate human behavior that people used to buy that product that is visually more beautiful. There are No fiver gigs that can sell without a converting Image. So, people will choose if your company have a right converting optimization tools such that landing page, Infographics, and other relevant Media’s.

I hope this idea is clear to you and let’s proceed further

Before revealing the list of Business listing sites, lets learn more about Business listing sites itself.

Benefits of Business Listing sites

Well, I have already mentioned some benefits of Business listing sites, but here we will discuss more its benefits.

Well, technically and non-technically there are many benefits and let me tell you a trait that is, some business only survives and growing their empire only because of business listing sites. These are mainly local business which has a very low amount of budget to hire a strong team of SEO guys and other search related employees. So let me tell you the benefits of business listing sites and its advantages

  • It gives more freedom to the business owner to interact with the global people.
  • Here, company’s can make a huge impact in front of their customers and them they can increase their conversation rates.
  • Business listing sites are also a business itself, so they have their own rules of marketing. They have some dedicated team to make a good ranking of search engine ranking and which can be more beneficial for the both. Merchant and the customer.
  • The company website can get a very good high-quality backlink from the merchant website which will make a huge impact to rank the company’s website faster.
  • In terms of SEO, business listing sites are the best source to promote local business and target the targeted audience by applying some very well planned
  • There is an endless opportunity for the business owner to grow their Customers for a better business goal.
  • For the customers, it is more beneficial of using a directory site to make a proper decision and make a benefit of them. Mostly in terms of buying a product or any services.
  • The customer can choose from the mass lists. And there is more chance for the Merchant websites to get noticed.

Business Listing Sites over Social Media

Yes, there is no doubt about that social media can also be a part of your venture but which will be more appropriate? In terms of conversation, in terms of revenue generation, you can use both the platforms.

Now here we will discuss some of the crucial points of Business Listing Sites and Social Media platforms. Basically, this will become a comparison of business listing sites over social media sites. But let me tell you both platforms are more appropriate in many fields.

But if we look closer, then business listing sites will give you more positive impact. But how? Well, let’s take the example of Facebook.

Facebook has too many options for a business platform. Facebook ads, Facebook pages, Facebook custom targeting, etc. But to use some of these features, you might need to spend some extra dollars. But in the case of business listing sites, these are completely free.

Now let’s take the example of, which is a strong business listing sites in India. Here you can find the business contact numbers, address, and their special fields. The search scenario is completely going in favor of the business owner because they have the 100% room to play with their business advertisement here and they will get the only targeted visits.

But in the case of Facebook marketing, to reach the target audience, you need to pay some extra penny to Facebook, and it’s not really converting.

Best Business Listing sites in India

The mentioned sites here are completely and have a PR of 1 to 8. So these sites will boost your business. There are many competitions in the market. The only thing that you need to do is you just need to follow the right direction, and you just need to the perfect breakthrough to your business. So, how you can make the perfect break through to your business? Then the answer is here only.

Free Business listing sites of India

1.  (Website:

2.  (Website:

3.    (Website:

4.   (Website:

5.   (Website:

6.  (Website:

7.   (Website:

8).  (Website:

9.   (Website:

10. (Website:

11.  (Website:

12.   (Website:

13. (Website:

14. (Website:

15. (Website:

16. (Website:

17. (Website:

18. (Website:

19. (Website:

20. (Website:

21. (Website:

22. (Website:

23. (Website:

24. (Website:

25. (Website:

26. (Website:

27.  (Website:

28.  (Website:

29.  (Website:

30. (Website:

31. (Website:

32. (Website:

33. (Website:

34. (Website:

35.  Business with (Website:

36.  Start (Website:

37. (Website:

38. (Website:

39. (Website:

40. (Website:

41. (Website:

42. (Website:

43. (Website:

44. (Website:

45. (Website:

46. (Website:

47. (Website:

48. (Website:

49. (Website:

50. (Website:

51. (Website:

52. (Website:

53. (Website:

54. (Website:

55. (Website:

56. (Website:

57. (Website:

58. (Website:

How to optimize your local business using business listing sites?

Before getting the full advantages from the Business listing sites, you need to optimize your listing to those sites. Now, how to optimize these sites in favor of you? Well, these are no rocket science, but some points here will help will to create a proper account for your local business.

  1. Give only the proper
  2. Give proper and correct contact info. In case if you change your info, immediately change it from here too.
  3. Give a highly converting image. One image used to tell more than 1000 words.
  4. Give the about section pure and generic one.
  5. Link to your website and other landing pages.

5 Golden Advantages of Business Listing Sites

1). Lists and information

Here you will get all the related information. So, it’s better for you to make a  huge audience base from your business listing sites.

2). Highly converting Images

I have mentioned earlier that one image used to tell more than 1000 words. So, it’s better to have a highly converting image. Sometimes infographics will also work fine.

3). Generating Leads

From business listing sited you can easily generate leads. You just need to redirect the traffic to your landing page so that people can leave their information. But for that, you just need to do a little more homework.

4). Promotion

Business listing sites are very good resources to promote your business.

5). Conversation

For converting traffic into clients, no other sites can work flawlessly.

SEO perspective of Business Listing sites

The only thing that can rank your website is SEO. A little bit link building and the powerful. So, if you are based on Internet Marketing Agencies, then you might have some basic Knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The importance of SEO is like giving a heart to a newborn baby so that the baby can survive and see the beautiful world. Well, I will not talk much like a poet but, this is the truth.

If you are good at SEO, then the probability of ranking higher on the search results will become more and more and ranking for the top position means more targeted visitors and more conversation. Well, why I am talking about the basics of SEO and what does it have the relationship with business listing sites?

Yes, the answer will make you smile and for this strong reason, only you will submit your business to these business listing sites.

So, SEO. But most importantly please notice that the business listing sites are also a simple site under Business Listing niche. So, these sites also need SEO. The only thing that it makes the sites more reliable is traffic and SEO. So, you should take the advantage from these sites.

Another reason is back linking strategy. While talking about SEO, how could I forget about back linking Strategy?

Yes, you can get a minimum of one backlink from each of the sites. Isn’t that enough to make your site happy? Sometimes you can ask for DoFollow also. But these will need a lot of hard work and a strong base so that the merchant will assign you with a rel-dofollow.

This is the advantages that you can take from General Business listing sites. Here one more point I want to show you that is Google Local search ranking. It’s a very good factor to attract local visitors. If you are not optimizing these for your sites then you can no need to worry about these because business listing sites are optimized to do that and you can really take the advantage from that.

This is the major advantages from the SEO point of view. So, grow your business right now from the business listing sites.

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Here in this article, I have just shown you all the necessary information’s that is needed to know everything about business listing sites. Business listing sites are not only the medium of making a base for your business; you can also make huge changes in your business.

There are endless possibilities for each and every business owner to make a huge impact throughout these sites. Also, this is a very good learning hub too. Business owners can experiment new things after getting motivation from these sites.

Well, this much information is sufficient to make a clear idea about business listing sites. We hope this will help you to make a huge business base by using these sites. Again, keep promoting.

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