10 Best Quicken Alternatives of 2022

Personal Finance Software is a vital element behind any business’ success. I agree about Quicken being a major player in the industry. But as of March 3, 2016, Quicken is no more associated to its original developers and have been sold to H.I.G. Capital. And this very reason has made people look for the Quicken Alternatives.

If you are also puzzled about quicken replacement Software, then this article is just for you. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of top 10 best alternatives to Quicken. And no wonder if you find the best replacement for Quicken which is even better than Quicken itself.

10 Best Quicken Alternatives of 2022

Below, I’ve mentioned top 10 Softwares like Quicken which are affordable. And they will ease your work of finance management like never before.

1. Mint

Website: https://www.mint.com/


Mint is one of the best programs like Quicken and it has topped my list of Quicken alternatives. It is a feature rich finance management tool, which makes accounting seamless. Mint was initially developed by Aaron Patzer. But in 2009, it was acquired by Intuit, the makers of Quicken and TurboTax. So you can call it the best Quicken alternative without any doubt.

Especially for US and Canada based small businesses, Mint is a go-to Software solution which turns out to be a handy tool when it comes to managing money, bill payments and tracking all your credit score. By 2016, Mint has claimed to have over 20 million users which obviously is a big number.

Mint offers all the features which you want in your Personal finance tool. From tracking banks, credit cards, investment, loan, balances to creating well-planned budgets, Mint is one tool, which does it all for you, that too from a single Interface.

2. Personal Capital

Website: https://www.personalcapital.com/

Personal Capital

The next one in the Quicken Alternatives list is Personal Capital. It’s a clutter-free and comprehensive tool which helps you in keeping track of all the incoming and outgoing money of your business in the most sophisticated manner.

Personal Capital is a popular Finance Software and wealth management tool which has a userbase of Over 1.6 million people. And it boasts several amazing features which makes it one of the leading personal accounting Software in the finance industry.

Personal Capital helps you set up your financial goals to make your businesses reach new heights with least possible efforts. And top of that, this Software is also affordable and offers free signup. So in short, Personal Capital has everything which you can expect from your finance management tool to have. And it’s worth trying a Software.


Website: https://www.youneedabudget.com/


YNAB is the abbreviation of ‘You Need a Budget’. And its clear by the name itself, that this tool is designed to help you manage the budget on your business. You need a budget is a remarkably good quicken alternative with amazing features.

The features of YNAB includes bank syncing on over 12k banks, ability to access from any device including iPhone, Android, tablet and any smart device, Debt Paydown, Goal tracking, detailed report generation, and personal support.

So all in all, YNAB is a good option which you can go for. But if you think it doesn’t meet your business requirements, you can move forward to check out my other picks for the best Quicken Alternatives.

4. Moneyspire

Website: https://www.moneyspire.com/


Moneyspire is yet another Personal Finance Software for windows and mac. With Moneyspire, you can keep track of all your bank accounts and credit cards through one place.

Some of the features offered by Moneyspire includes budgeting, bill reminders, keeping track of incoming and outgoing payments, detailed reports and charts generations, balance forecasting and all the other basic and advanced features are on the list.

Like most of the finance tools, MoneySpire is also a premium tool which comes with a free 30-day trial to try your hands on. After that, you need to buy this Software as per the plans, given on their website.

5. CountAbout

Website: https://countabout.com/


CountAbout is a simple yet powerful personal finance management tool, which is comprehensive and powerful yet very straightforward. CountAbout takes care of your business. And it helps you keep track of your business’ finance part effectively without putting many efforts.

CountAbout is a detailed tool and it offers almost all the features which are offered by other top Softwares in the list. The reason which made me list CountAbout as one of the best Quicken alternatives is its easy Import option from Quicken and Mint along with other key features.

If you are planning to try your hands on Countabout as your finance manager tool, then you can simply sign up for their free 15-day trial. After that, you can go premium by choosing any one of the basic and premium plans. Both the plans vary in pricing and set of features. So you can go for any plan which best suits your needs.

6. GnuCash

Website: https://www.gnucash.org/


The next Software in the Quicken Alternatives list is GnuCash. It’s yet another financial-accounting software, which is based on professional accounting principles. GnuCash is there to help you ensure balanced books and accurate accounting reports.

It allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income, expenses, financial calculations, Online Stock & Mutual Fund Quotes and so forth. Besides that, it also supports multiple currencies, stock/mutual fund portfolios, detailed graphs and charts generation, scheduled transactions, double-entry accounting etc.

In fact, GnuCash offers all the very features which are required to manage the Cashflow on your business. And the best part is, It’s totally free. Yes, GnuCash offers all these features without really taking anything from you!

7.  Pocketsmith

Website: https://www.pocketsmith.com/


Pocketsmith is yet another personal finance software which comes with advanced features like cash flow forecasts. It’s a very simple yet powerful finance tool, which comes power-packed with amazing features.

Pocketsmith brings all your banks, credit cards and loan accounts in one place, which saves lots of your time to utilize in other better things. Besides that, Pocket Smith also supports multi-currency. And the currency conversion is based on the current rates.

There are several other little yet crucial features offered by PocketSmith which makes it one of the best Quicken Alternatives out there. Pocketsmith, however, is a free tool with limited features. To have access to the detailed features, you need to go premium.

8. Doxo

Website: https://www.doxo.com/


If you are a business owner and you have to deal with thousands of bills on the regular basis, then you badly need Doxo. It’s a handy account management tool which helps you in finance management and lets you perform all the billing, and account management tasks with just a matter of a few clicks.

With Doxo, you can Schedule payments, monitor status, organize your accounts and track your bill payment history in a seamless manner.

And the best thing is, you don’t need to stick around your business’ desktop to manage your accounts. Doxo offers an award-winning Doxo app for mobile users, which helps you in organizing all your accounts, and track your payments even if you are not in your office space.

Doxo is one of the most secure Quicken Alternatives, which comes with the Bank-grade security to keep your office data and money safe from intruders and attackers.

9. WalletHub

Website: https://wallethub.com/


If above mentioned Quicken Alternatives doesn’t suit you because of their pricy nature, then you might like WalletHub, as its a free quicken alternative which works almost the same as the above premium tools.

WalletHub is there to keep your wallet healthy by providing you free credit score and full credit reports, that too for free. The reports on WallerHub are updated very frequently. And you get personalized savings alert and 24/7 wallet surveillance on WalletHub.

Besides that, WalletHub also comes with Advanced credit algorithms and Customized credit improving tips to keep your wallet healthy. Moreover, WalletHub also comes with other resources to manage your business’ finance in an effective manner.

10. Moneydance

Website: http://moneydance.com/


Moneydance is the last personal finance management tool in the list and worth trying, indeed. It comes with features like comprehensive online banking, detailed summary of charts and graphs to know about the loss, profits, investment, and overall growth of your business in just a glance.

If you have Moneydance along, you no need to bother about anything related to finance of your business. From bill payments to account management, budgeting, investment tracking to anything else, Moneydance is there to help you do this tedious task of finance management with utmost ease.

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


For all range of businesses, accounting and finance management is one such important task which is effort taking. And it plays the major role in deciding the future of your business. If you fail to manage the finance of your business, no matter how hard you try, the failure of your business is certain.

But as every business has different needs, Quicken doesn’t come out to the best finance management tool in all the situations. Some might find Mint, meeting their business requirements more. While for other users, Personal Capital can be more efficient.

So out of all the Quicken competitors, choose your desired alternative to Quicken and help your business grow faster in terms of finance.

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