Tips to Find Car Rental in Orlando Cheap

One of the most ‘touristy’ places in Florida, Orlando is a dream city for many. Apart from the lovely beaches and theme parks, the pleasant and sunny weather is an excellent quality that sets this city apart from the rest.

This is why tourists flock to the town yearly to enjoy their vacations and take a break. Maybe that’s why the city is mainly known as ‘the beautiful city.’

If you’re planning to visit Orlando, renting a car can alleviate your experience. Head to the next section to learn some dos and don’ts of Orlando car rental.

Tips to Find Car Rental in Orlando

Although booking a rental car in ‘the city is beautiful’ is easy, following the correct paperwork will help you make a better decision. Keep reading to know more about these services in Orlando and how to find your best match.

  • Book in Advance

Orlando is a bustling town. It means that the city is packed with tourists year-round. Therefore, the first thing to do before you visit is book a rental car. Advanced booking will help you avoid last-minute issues and price surges.

For example, booking your desired car a week before is better than stressing on the last day trying to find rentals. It is because you’ll have fewer options and would require to pay a higher price as the supply and demand gets lower. Also, Orlando is a famous tourist spot throughout the months, so last-minute bookings are not a good idea.

  • Google is Your Best Friend

If you want to find a car rental in Orlando cheap, then Google is undoubtedly your best friend. It will help you find different rental services in the city, and you can browse through them to find the one that best suits your needs.

Another helpful online utility is the price comparator tool. Bookings can get overwhelming if you visit the city for the first time. You can use an online price comparator to see which rental company better fits your budget. After you make a decision, visit their website for more details and information.

  • Read the Reviews

One easy way to finalise the search for an affordable and good rental service is to read online reviews. Usually, the car rental locations and Google results will show you the reviews of different services. It will help you make an informed decision rather than relying upon self-acclaim.

  • Keep the Documents Handy

Whether you’re a resident of the US or a foreigner, you can’t rent a car in Orlando without any hindrance. Although you don’t need special permissions or documents, showing your valid driver’s licence, passport, and identity card will be enough.

Also, read the road signs and speed limits carefully, especially if you’re from outside the country. Driving in the USA is right handed, with a strict seatbelt policy for adults and car seats for infants. Following the driving instructions will ensure you enjoy the city without risking safety.

  • Look into the Insurance Policy

Nothing is worse than getting into an accident in a foreign country and paying thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. Things like this can change your vacations into trauma. Therefore, looking into the insurance policies for different rental companies is essential before making a final decision.

A basic insurance plan that covers crashes and stolen vehicle charges is enough for most people. You can also go a step ahead to purchase advanced insurance that covers scratches, minor damage, etc., but it’s usually not necessary. The quiet and sensible traffic of the city won’t bug you much.

  • The Model Matters

If you’re looking for a cheap rental car in Orlando, checking out the specs and model of the vehicle is also essential. Although there are many affordable car rental services in the city, the fees also depend on the car you rent. For example, a minivan or a Toyota might not cost you as much as an SUV or a sports car that costs hundreds of dollars daily.

So, always finalise your car depending on the style of your trip, the number of people, and the per-head cost. Travelling in groups is another way to save some bucks. But, also save some space for your bags and the shopping you’ll do. This always comes in handy.

A sports car may cost a lot more, but nothing beats the fun of cruising along the beaches in a convertible or driving on the highways in a fast vehicle.

  • The Orlando International Airport

The Orlando International Airport is also a great place to look for rentals that are comparatively cheaper than the outside market. A rental car in Orlando airport is a better and more convenient option for many as most people visit the city by air. It is also easier as you won’t have to put in the hassle of looking for rentals or spending money on Uber to go to your hotel or rental station.

Companies like Europcar and Green Motion are excellent and affordable options for airport rentals. One thing to remember here is to know in which terminal the rental service is available. It’ll save you the hassle of running from one part of the airport to the other.


Calculating your stay in the city is a standard tip to save a few bucks on car rentals. Knowing exactly how long you’ll stay in Orlando will help you decide the pickup and delivery date of the car. This also prevents overspending or late fees. Also, ensure that the service you opt for doesn’t charge an early return fee.

Some Car Rentals and their Packages

There are more than 50 car rental services in Orlando. Some are famous and well-known, like Hertz, but that also costs a lot more. In contrast, others are not as known and are relatively affordable. Here is a list of some of the city’s car rental services and their one-day rental fee. Also, these are approximate numbers, and the cost may vary according to the model and vehicle.

  • Hertz costs $135 per day
  • Dollar Rental costs $53
  • Alamo costs $48 and above, depending on the vehicle
  • Avis costs upwards of $36
  • Budget costs $46 for a minivan


Renting a car is the best thing you can do to enjoy and explore a new city fully. No more depending on Uber and taxis to move around; a good rental service can make your life easy. So, the next time you’re in Orlando, try these tips to make your stay more memorable.

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