10 Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends

Pranks are the great way to have fun with friends and lighten up the mood when you are with friends. To troll your friends by playing pranks, you don’t always need to have a physical set up. In fact, there are a lot of prank websites on the Internet, which facilitates users to Play pranks on their friends and have fun.

And in this article, I’ll be walking you through top 10 such prank calling websites. By using these free prank call websites, you can play creative pranks on your friends and have a dose of laughter.

10 Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends

Facebook Scary Prankhttps://www.sinthaistudio.com/alrena/Read Review
Google Gravityhttp://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/Read Review
What’s wrong with this roomhttp://www.reece-eu.net/room/Read Review
Red Buttonhttp://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pickover/pc/redbut.htmlRead Review
Fake Updatehttp://fakeupdate.net/Read Review
Hackertyperhttp://hackertyper.net/Read Review
Prank Owlhttps://www.prankowl.com/Read Review
Create Fake Whatsapp Messages Prankhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cerminara.yazzy&hl=enRead Review
Geek Typerhttp://geektyper.com/Read Review
Google Terminalhttp://elgoog.im/terminal/Read Review

Now without making any unnecessary delay, let’s get straight to the top troll websites or prank call websites list. All the websites mentioned below are super cool and extremely creative. And I’m pretty sure that you will love using them.

1. Facebook Scary Prank

Website: https://www.sinthaistudio.com/alrena/

Facebook Scary Prank

Imagine the scenario when you are surfing facebook and suddenly a scary ghost come out of your page?? You will get a death shock, right? And that’s what this prank is all about.

In this prank idea, you need to make your friends visit the above-given facebook profile of Alrena. And when they will be stocking to her profile, suddenly a ghost will come out of the page to give them a panic attack.

Isn’t it an amazing and scary prank idea that you can play with your friends?? But remember, do not play this prank with those who are weak hearted, as it can give them a panic attack. Now let’s move further to check out more such amazing prank call websites with cool prank ideas.

2. Google Gravity

Website: http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/

Google Gravity

Google gravity is one of the very cool prank ideas which you must play with your friends. It’s basically a very popular Google trick, which I guess you already know about.

In this tricks, you need to make your friends visit the above-given link. And as soon as they will visit the link, the entire page of google will tend to be demolished. All the elements on the Google page will be broken. And needless to say, the broken Google looks amazing and it can give your friends a sense of shock.

And the best part is, the broken google works exactly the same as before. Like you can make a search on google, click on any options on the page and so forth. And the search result that comes out also breaks down. So it’s one of the very cool trolling websites which you must visit. And let your friends visit that too.

3. What’s wrong with this room

Website:  http://www.reece-eu.net/room/

What's wrong with this room

Imagine, you are looking at a picture with utmost focus and suddenly a scary ghost come out of the picture with the most horrible and scary sound?? I’m sure, only that thought is giving you goosebumps and that’s what this prank does.

When you open the above-given website, you will see a picture of a room which looks exactly fine at a glance. But after a moment, you will see a scary witch coming out of the picture to give you a near-death experience. Trust me, it’s that scary!

Now you can use this idea to play a prank with your friends and give them a life-shock. It’s just a momentary prank and it indeed scares the hell out of a people. And how would that feel be, when you see your friends getting that panic attack?? Extreme laughter, right. But remember, It’s one of the scariest prank websites and you should not play this prank with those with a weak heart.

4. Red Button

Website: http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pickover/pc/redbut.html

Red Button

Oh, the red button prank! It’s a childish yet very interesting prank idea which you can use to annoy your friends and have a good laugh after that. This prank idea is neither scary, nor effort taking. Red Button is one of the very simple trolling websites which works very simple.

In this website, you will see a simple red button, where it is mentioned to not press it. But as per the human nature, your friends will click on the button out of curiosity and they will end up getting stuck in the fun game of never-ending red button clicking.

5. Fake Update

Website: http://fakeupdate.net/

Fake Update

The fake update is yet another one of the best Fake prank websites which is unique and appealing. The prank idea is to prank your friends by showing them fake window updates. The window update looks exactly like the real one and anyone can be fooled easily.

This trick of playing a prank with your friends might not be that efficient when you play it on your own computer. Because it’s pretty obvious that if you are having a window update on your computer then why your friends will bother??

But if you play a little smart and play that prank on your friend’s system, then it will surely give them a mini heart attack and you will definitely have a laughter moment. So try to play this prank on your friends and let me know your friend’s reaction in the comment section below.

6. Hackertyper

Website: http://hackertyper.net/


Have you ever scared your friends by saying that you can hack their profiles as you are a hacker?? I’m sure you must have done it at least once in your life. But since hacking is not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s hard to make people believe that you can do that.

But there is a website called Hackertyper which you can use to prank your friends by portraying yourself as a hacker. We all know that becoming a hacker requires a lot of high-level coding skills. And not everyone knows how to do it.

But using Hackertyper website, you can easily fool your friends with your extra-ordinary coding skills. How?? All you need to do is to just visit the website, and type any random keys on your keyboard. And you will notice the exact coding like phrases being typed automatically. It’s a cool prank technique if you are into development field.

7. Prank Owl

Website: https://www.prankowl.com/

Prank Owl

Prank Own is yet another one of the very popular prank calling websites which you will end up loving, as soon as you will try the website. The idea of the prank is to call your friends with fake caller ID and numbers and talk with them in the pre-recorded sound. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

It indeed is a cool prank idea which you can play with your friends. The prankowl doesn’t only allow you to make prank calls, but you can also record the calls for later trolling. The website offers limited features in the free version. To unlock more features of the website, you need to go premium.

8. Create Fake Whatsapp Messages Prank

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cerminara.yazzy&hl=en

Create Fake Whatsapp Messages Prank

The above-mentioned prank call sites are basically the prank websites on the Internet which you can use creatively to play pranks on your friends. But this one is an app, which you can use to create fake Whatsapp conversations and fool your friends.

Whatsapp is an extremely popular messaging app which keeps us connected with our friends and relatives. But how would that be, if you show your conversation with your friend’s crush to your friend? I’m sure that friend of yours will get a panic attack and you will have an extremely fun moment.

Similarly, you can create fake conversations with celebrities or any other person you want to, using the Yazzy app. This app also lets you create the fake facebook conversation and have fun! Cool idea to prank with your friends, isn’t it??

9. Geek Typer

Website: http://geektyper.com/

Geek Typer

The Next one in the prank sites list is Geek Typer. It’s yet another practical JOKE website like Hackertyper which facilitates you to play a prank on your friends portraying yourself as a hacker. This website works similar to Hackertyper and lets you type correct coding syntax with any random keys on the keyboard.

But Greek Typer is a bit advanced than the Hackertyper. Unlike Hackertyper, Geektyper comes with the multiple themes and you are even allowed to create your own theme to choose from. It’s a free website and works seamlessly.

10. Google Terminal

Website: http://elgoog.im/terminal/

Google Terminal

The last troll website in the list of top 10 prank websites is Google terminal. It’s a splendid prank idea to fool your friends by saying them, that you are using the 80s version of Google i.e via DOS commands. It’s a unique way to make your friends believe that you are a computer expert who can intelligently deal with old Google via commands.

In order to use this prank idea, you don’t need to put any extra efforts. Just visit the above website and enjoy the old google of the 80s to prank your friends.

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


So these were my top 10 picks as the best prank websites. You can also call them as troll links or prank links. Using these websites, you can easily fool your friends, without really putting any efforts. My favorite prank idea out of all the above prank websites is the 3rd one i.e. what’s wrong with the room.

Trust me, when I first came across this website, I myself got a panic attack when I was actually trying to find out what’s wrong with the room, LOL.

Do let me know in the comments section below that which prank idea you liked the most. Also, if you know any other better prank website on the Internet, mention that too!

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