Best Fake Text Message Generator Online Tools for Android, iPhone, Windows

Fake Text Message Generator: If you are a regular social media user then you must be aware about various funny screenshots. Well, if you are thinking all of these screenshots are true then you need to see the truth now. Actually these are generated with the help of fake text generator.

In this techno based world, it is so easy to manipulate someone. Be it your friends or some family members like cousins or siblings, you can fool anyone through these fake text generator.

With the continuous approach towards modern technology, probably nothing is impossible. You must have seen a lot of troll over such text messages on the social networking platforms. Now, it is the time that even you can create such funny trolls using fake message generator.

This is quite simple and by using some steps, you can do it like professionals. There are some of the sites for this and you can even do it by downloading some applications. This is possible for both android and iOS devices.  And you can do it simply by following some of the guidelines.

This is really interesting and once you get acquainted with it then you can fool your friends through it. Fake text message generator is really creative and gives you the freedom to change time, receiver’s name or anything in the screenshot.

Growing technology is the reason that you should not believe what you see until you are 100% sure about it. Anyone can fool you with these fake text messages about anyone. And this is so tough to guess whether they are authenticated or totally fake.

If you wish to create such kind of texts using fake message generator then I can help you about it. I am mentioning some of the websites and applications through which you can create your own chain of such messages. You just need to type the text and a conversation will be generated.

Best Fake Text Message Generator Online Tools for Android, iPhone, Windows.

This is really simple and once you will do it then you would not leave with any queries as it is quite simple to use.

1). Fake Text Message

This is one of the prime and leading fake text generator android application. Applications are always handy than the websites and that is the reason this is one of the most famous fake text message generator.

With the help of this fake android text generator, you would be able to receive message from anyone you want. It is so easy to trick your friends with the help of this android application. Apart from receiving the text message, it also allows you to send a message.

If you have forgotten to inform one of your friends about something then you can use this application and display the message as failed. And you will be saved. The best part about this fake message generator is that it is an application so it increases the beauty of ease and manipulation.

You just need to download this application from the app store and then it is so ready to use for you. You can fake different type of messages through this application like a fake message received in Inbox, a fake message sent successfully to someone and a fake message saved in the draft.

2). Foxsash

This is not an application like “Fake Text Message” which is listed above, it is rather a website used as fake iPhone text generator. This is by far the best option for the generation of fake text messages if you are someone who is using an iPhone. It provides all the necessary customization for the text message generation.

The best part about this tool/website is its detailing. Every minute details are taken care well in this fake iPhone text generator.

To use this tool, firstly you would have to open a URL namely “”. When the website will be opened then you would be able to see all the features listed on the left side of it. You can even select what kind of system you are using between ios7 and ios8.

The process starts when you click on the option ‘Type’. Later on you would find out different details to be filled in like Sender’s name and operator’s name. Once you are done with it then you would have to explore the option of “Settings” for further details filling.

In this iPhone text generator, you can change the time, the message which is to be generated, and contact details. If you think your screenshot is going to be long then you can use the feature of “expand iPhone screen”.

3). Yazzy – Fake Conversation

Another application in this row especially designed as a fake text message generator in android is Yazzy – Fake Conversation. This is not just an ordinary application which focuses on the android texts only, but it would also give you more than that. This is like creating a whole fake social media world.

You can download this application from the Google Play Store easily and it is absolutely free to use too. This application is no less than an entire package to create crazy and fun fake messages in order to make people laugh.

You must have seen a lot of fake texts in form of trolls or photos posted online. They can be iPhone or android texts, or even Whatsapp chats too. The list is not going to stop here because there are even fake texts of Facebook Messenger and even tweets too.

This is an all in one fake message generator which can be used to create different types of fake text messages. You need not to use different generators for android and iPhone texts because this application can do both.

4). iOS7 Text

Another tool that we are having in the list of fake iPhone text generator is iOS7text. This is not an ordinary kind of message generator as it gives you the opportunity to modify the existing messages in your iPhone too.

You can pick that what color should be displayed from the categories of Grey, green and blue. It also gives you the facility to upload any kind of images you want. There is a timestamp option through which you can change the time of the messages according to your wish.

You have already read the information about Foxsash and the customization of this website is quite like Foxsash. There are options in this fake text message generator through which you can change the battery percentage, the connection of network etc.

Now, it is so easy to receive the text of your dreams from whoever you want as you can change the name of the receiver just like that. The best part of this tool which makes it different than others is the facility of color changing.

You can change the color of the different messages of sender and receiver which shows that you both are using different systems. So, you can make this conversation even more realistic. In the world of modern day technology, nothing is impossible to do.

5). iPhone SMS Generator

Generating fake conversations has become simpler than you ever thought. Another tool to join the bandwagon is iPhonesmsgenerator. To use this, you would have to first go on its given URL which is give you bellow the website title. This is a website used just for generating take text messages for iOS devices.

You get the full liberty to generate funny memes and trolls with the help of manipulation. You must have seen a lot of memes of iPhone texts, now it is the time that you can create some of them.

The process of using this fake iPhone text generator is literally quite easy. The best part about this website cum tool is that you can change the language out here. You can change the language to German, French, Dutch and even Polish, Italy, Turkish with English as a default option.

The only drawback of this application is that it works for only iphone5 and supports the system of iOS7. So, if you are using this system and phone then it is just the perfect tool for you to create some fake text messages.

6). iPhone Fake Text

Another one in the list of fake text message generator is iPhone Fake text.

However, the customizations and facilities available on this site are quite limited as compared to the other ones listed out here.

You can surely share the images generated here on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even LinkedIn. The operation are simple and you get an ease of access while using it so you would not feel it complicated or tough.

Once you open the link of this tool then you would notice that there are all the tools which are given at the right side of the webpage. Whereas, the text is being generated on the left side of this fake text message generator.

There are send and receive options which are there to change the name of the senders and receivers. The different facility that it has is the option of blurring. It can blur the name of the contact. If you wish to delete or edit some certain message then you just need to click on it and the option will appear.

7). Threads

It is the time that we should give a treat to the iPhone users. It is a fact that applications are way better than the normal websites or other tools. That is the reason we are presenting you Threads which is an app for the iPhone users as the fake text message generator.

This handy app is quite lightweight and it would not acquire much space in your phone neither it will cause any phone hangs. It was released in 2015 and it works on the systems having iOS8 and platforms above than it.

This fake text message generator is absolutely free to use and you can download it from the app store of your iPhone. It is so easy to create iMessages, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and other kind of texts from this application.

In this application, firstly you need to create threads of the conversation you want to display and then convert it into an actual text screenshot. This app is not completely free but it is surely quite handy and easy to use. And you are surely going to love this.

8). Fake Phone Text

If you want another option in the category of fake iphone text generator then you can use fake phone text.

This tool has fewer options as compared to the other ones.

Some of the interesting options that you can get on this site are the changing of the color of the texts according to the system used by sender and receiver. For example it has the options of grey, blue, green color to display which differentiates between android and iOS user.

The major disadvantage of this tool is about battery percentage. You only have the options of displaying 97%, 44% or13% status. There is another option of hiding which hides the status of battery completely.

However, there is option of converting your network connection to 3G, Wi-Fi, EDGE or none of them. You can also blur the name of the contact. You can edit the message later on too. The other options are operator and Clock. By downloading the image you can save it.

9). Fake Chat Conversations

This is one of the best android applications to be used as the fake text message generator. You can easily download it from the play store and it is absolutely free to use too. If you would check this out you can see that it has about 100 thousands download on it.

You can make anyone go crazy with this amazing app and the screenshots prepared are so real that nobody can determine that they are fake.

You can create the Whatsapp messenger chats with this fake text message generator easily. The app is totally reliable and it can control the conversation of both sender and receiver sides.

You can even change the minute details like time, battery percentage, network etc. with the help of this amazing application. You can even send or receive the fake media messages through it. It can display the fake voice message being sent or received too.

With the help of this app you can even change the last seen of someone on Whatsapp including online and typing status too. It is a very easy and handy app to use and fool around with your friends.

10). ifake Text

On this particular type of fake message generator you can create the whole conversation of fake messages sent and received. However, the options are quite limited but this makes a decent platform to use when you want to create a fake conversation.

It does not have expanded facilities of creating Whatsapp chats or Instagram conversation. It cannot create the Facebook messenger conversations too. The main motive of this platform is to just create the simple fake text conversation on SMS.

On this fake text message generator, you need to firstly put the name of the contact. This is the person who is talking to you and its name is going to display in the middle. This is a message generator which is only designed for the iOS chats only. So, it is going to display the chat in the same way.

Another entries to be filled up are the carrier being used and the time of the screenshot. In rest of the space, you need to put the messages in form of threads one after the other. You can change the color into green, blue and grey too.

11). Fake Android Text

If you wish to use Fake android text generator then you would have to go to the URL first. This is not so effective as compared to the other sources of the generation of fake text messages.

You would also have to put the android version you are using in this process. The other customization is just a time format setting on which you need to choose between 24 hour time format and 12 hour time format.

You need to fill a box in which the conversation is to be written preceded by me and them. In this fake text message generator anyone can easily get that this is fake as it look less realistic.

The customizations are really less and everything is already set as defaults. However, you can use it in form of trolls and memes to be posted on your social media accounts. It is perfectly suitable for them only. But if you are trying to fool someone then they are going to catch you easily.

12). Fake SMS Sender

This is a type of android application and you can download it from the Google play store easily. As the name says it all, this is an application especially designed for generating fake SMS and text messages to fool your friends.

You can decide whether you want to be sender or receiver. This handy application gives you the freedom to set the number, name of the contact, date, time of your choice. There is no need to spend your mobile data to operate this app as it can be used without it too.

The best part about this application is its timing. There is an option where you need to fill the time when you want to receive this message. And the application will send it on its own.

This makes it look more realistic and promising. However, you cannot send or receive any fake Whatsapp message or Facebook message through this application. It is exclusively only for the SMS feature.


Technology is quite friendly to human if used in a safer way. If you would use it to harm someone then it can actually destroy the entire relationship. For example, you can use these fake text message maker if you forgot to inform someone. You can say that you sent the text but it did not get delivered.

For such small and little things it would be okay to use such fake text message generator. But if you would use it to harm someone’s relationship then it should not be done. You have no right to create misunderstanding through such applications.

So, use them wisely and it will be quite a fun for you as well as for your friends. This is so gonna work for the fun and you guys are going to enjoy it a lot.

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