Best Google Gravity Tricks 2022(Zero, Space, Underwater and More)

Best Google Gravity Trick: Google Gravity? Many you might be hearing this term for the first time and wondering what is this all about. With this article let’s just unfold all about what is Google Gravity and Google Gravity Trick.

There is no denying the fact that Google is the best search engine available. It is known for its relevant and most appropriate search results. Not only in terms of web traffic, but also in respect of quality research Google has always dominated other search engines like yahoo search, Bing, Ask, etc.

The concept of Newton’s gravity has been applied to Google. It’s no less than a surprise that such cool gravity tricks are yielded by such a serious search engine. But then Google has always been known for bringing something new to the table with each passing day.

Out of all these gravity tricks, which we will be discussing below, you might have heard of a few and rest would be new to you.

30+ Best Google Gravity Tricks 2022

Most of the tricks are bound to astonish you. So let’s dig deeper into all these super-amazing Google Gravity Tricks

google gravity tricks

1). Number 42

This is one of the most amazing Google Gravity Tricks. Go to Google tab and search the answer to life the universe and everything. You will see that the answer is visible in the form of a number i.e. 42. Bit weird? Yes, it is because these are not the type of answers one expects out of Google.

It is basically the Google tribute to the novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. So, the built-in calculator of Google understands it, thus calculates it well. So for all those who have never read or watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you won’t get this one.

2). Walking to Mordor

Just go and type Walking to Mordor on the Search tab of the Google screen and it will straight away take you to the site NerdFitness. It is one of the coolest tricks by Google.

3). Do A Barrel Roll

Now, this one is a funny trick by Google. When you search “do a barrel roll” on Google, you will see result page that will rotate, i.e. the page will start turning in Clockwise Direction.

Go type it and experience the barrel roll in the pages yourself. This is indeed delightful.

You can check this trick here:

4). Zerg Rush

This is one of the very interesting and eye-grabbing Google gravity trick. All you have to do is simply type the “Zerg Rush” in the Google search engine page and see the magic happening. You will see that little zero’s will pop up on the page and everything on the page starts disappearing along with these falling zeros.

It is a kind of fun game by Google. You will see red and yellow zeroes, plunking down and around the page to disappear the user’s search results. All you have to do is protect your search results and sidebar from these mini zergs, which may pop up on the screen from the bottom and side of the page, as well.

On the far right of the screen, you can see that Google tracks the user’s actions per minute (APM) and zerg kill count in a score box.  You can also share your high score on Google +.

5). Google Space

As soon as you launch this Google gravity trick on your screen, you will see that everything on your Google page is floating without any kind of gravitational pull. May it be Google image, links, buttons, search box, etc. all will float as if they are in space.

Seeing them all floating is such a delight to the eyes and it’s a guarantee that you will surely enjoy this trick. It is exactly same how people behave when they are in space.

Link: Google Space

6). Google Guitar

This trick is one of the most popular and talked about Google gravity trick. Music lovers are bound to fall in love with this super-amazing trick. With the help of this, you can play several tunes with your keyboard.

The melodies that you can play with Google Guitar are Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Forest Gump and Harry Potter. These tunes are familiar to everyone.

Let’s say you want to play the famous poem, “Twinkle Twinkle” then the Google will provide you the accurate notes for the tunes. Just type Google Guitar on the search page, open the first webpage that comes and go ahead, play the guitar on your search engine page.


7). Recursion

Go and type “recursion” in the Google search tab and just notice the ‘did you mean’ section of Google. The spellings of what you have asked and the spellings of what occurs in “Did you mean” section is completely same. So, in a way Google is making fun of itself.

8). Google Terminal

This is one of a fascinating Google gravity trick. It is simply a depiction of what Google would have looked like in the 80s. As soon as you launch this trick, you will see a mechanic Google search bar will appear.

You will notice a command prompt window where you can search by pressing “S” and then click Enter to view results. Play it with your friends and you will really enjoy this trick.


9). Google Underwater

Google Underwater is a very pleasing trick. This trick will turn your entire screen into the aquarium. All you can see is a background that consists of an underwater sea with lots of fishes. The animated background gives you the implication of a marine drive.

Indeed it is a very refreshing and eye-appealing Google gravity trick. So, try it out and you will surely love this beautiful trick.


10). Google Rainbow

Another eye-appealing Google gravity trick. It will turn the Google Logo into a rainbow, which looks so colourful and pleasing. The search button below will change to Rainbow search and “I am feeling lucky” turns into “I am feeling colorful”.  When you type your search, it will show varied colors.

11). Google Energy Saving

Type these words “Google Energy Saving” in Google browser and you will see a black screen. It’s a fact that brighter the screen, more the power is consumed. So, via turning the screen into black, Google is indicating the lower energy consumption. Just by changing the color of the screen of your device, Google lessens the energy consumption.


12). Google Snake Game

Instead of Google logo on the search bar, you will see the Snake game. You can play it for as long as you desire. You can play this game with the arrows on your keyboard. Your hits will be shown on the right- hand side of the screen and left side shows you the time.

All you have to do is eat up all the food provided in the game in order to get larger. Once you start playing this game, you won’t be able to get your hands off this. This Google gravity trick is that addicting but enjoyable at the same time. This used to be one of the most popular games in the previous Nokia mobile phones.


13). Epic Google

As soon as you type “Epic Google” on your search screen, Google search engine appears with a big “Epic” stamp and the buttons, the texts, the Google logo, every single thing—grows and grows until they fill up the whole screen. This Google gravity trick will continuously grow in its size and at one stage it would go out of your screen.

It looks good initially, but then your search becomes practically illegible. Altogether, it’s an entertaining and a cool Google trick. Go ahead, type Epic Google and see Google in a bigger font than ever before.


14). Weenie Google

Just type Weenie Google in the Google search box and press Enter. You will see Google undergoing a transition from higher font size to lower font size. All the content, images, links and text on the page will shrink to a very small size. You won’t be able to read or write anything. It is exactly opposite of Epic Google.


15). Annoying Google

Type “Annoying Google” in the search tab of the Google screen and you will see that “Annoying Search” appears instead of “Google Search” and “I am feeling lucky” is replaced by “ I am feeling annoyed”. The Google logo is changed to a colorful “Annoying Google” logo.

Basically, all this trick does is messing up the words as you type them (randomly changing from upper-case to lower-case) in the search tab. Overall, this trick is not as annoying as it seems, so don’t go by the name.


16). Google Gravity Mirror

This is one of the most interesting Google gravity trick and is a must try. When you type Google Gravity Mirror in the search tab of the Google page, you can see a mirror reflection of the web contents. So this trick will display a mirror image of everything you search, i.e. when you search something then your search keyword and results will also be shown as mirror images.

When you stand in front of the mirror, there is always an opposite reflection. The right side seems to be on left side and vice versa. Similar effect happens via applying this trick.

Try this one as it feels like some secret code language and is an entertaining trick. All the results are displayed in the reversed text, so only by putting a mirror in front of your computer screen, you can read all that is displayed on the computer screen.


17). Google Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a very popular and famous game and Google has just copied and integrated it into its webpage. It was started by Google to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pac- Man in 2010. It has been featured as the Google Doodle in the past.

These simple, fun-to-play games are Google time-pass tricks. It is similar to Google snake game. This game is also integrated to the webpage and can be played by using the arrows on the keyboard. All you have to do in the game is to eat the balls within the lines and defend yourself from the devils or monsters. Only game is integrated into the logo of the Google and everything else remains the same.


18). Google Super Mario Brothers

The fans of the Super Mario series will probably love it. It was started by Google to commemorate Super Mario’s 30th anniversary. This game is arguably the most popular video game of all time and Google introduced it as an Easter egg on its webpage.

To launch this Google gravity trick, go to the search engine and type “Super Mario Bros” in, what will appear is something all the Super Mario fans will love. Once you start playing the game, it’s a guarantee that you are going to spend hours playing the game.

The game is more or less the same; same boxes that players jump up to, to release coins but Google have gone one step further by allowing people to move their cursor over the box and click it. Be sure to mute the sound to avoid the incessant sound of the pinging rings around.

19). Flip a Coin

Now, with this Google gravity trick you can ask Google search to flip a coin for you. Just type Flip a coin or Flip Coin either by voice or typing it in Google search tab and you’ll either get heads or tails. You can again the flip the coin by clicking on the Flip it button located on the bottom. So, next time when you can’t make a decision just use this little cool trick by Google.

20). Roll a Die

You can even use Google to roll a dice. Enter roll die, roll dice or roll a dice into Google’s search bar by voice or fingertip and Google will roll a single die.

However, you can’t roll two dice at once. It is possible to only roll a single dice. So, even if you don’t have a dice just roll it via Google.

21). Google Tilt

Type ‘tilt’ into Google search page and hit enter. This Google gravity trick is a very basic trick and all it does is tilt the whole page. All you will feel is that Google has just shifted a few degrees.

The same effect happens when you search for the word “askew”. All the things on the webpage will be tilted to an angle, giving an illusion of strong gravitational force on one end and weaker on the other side.

22). Google Sphere

This is one of the best and the craziest Google Gravity Trick that you will experience. All the content on the page will spin around in a sphere page. However, it would be very difficult for you to search anything as the whole page is spinning around. Even if you manage to search, the results that would appear would also be spinning around. So, clicking on the right link would next to be impossible.

To control the direct of the spin, you can use your mouse or touchpad, i.e. the ‘sphere’ will spin around in different directions depending on where you position your mouse pointer. So, try this trick out and enjoy the contents of the web page spinning in a spherical manner.


23). Atari Breakout

Google came up with this game to celebrate the 37th anniversary of this most popular and classic, old school Atari game Breakout. Go to Google images and type Atari Breakout. On the screen, what pops up is Atari Breakout game.

It is a very interesting game that you will definitely enjoy. All you have to do is break a lot of colorful blocks using a red ball and a paddle. Play this game with the arrows on the keyboard. You simply have to move the paddle left or right so that the ball land on it and achieves a score as high. This is really an indulging game, so there are chances that you waste a lot of time on it.

24). Goglogo

For all those who have always wanted a personalized Google page with a customizable logo, this Google gravity trick is a blessing in disguise for them. Basically, with this you can create your own Google logo and have fun.

Type “Goglogo” into your Google search bar and hit “I’m feeling lucky” and the page will open. Now, type anything into Goglogo’s box, and a page will appear that has been customized with that very particular typo. Click create my own page.

Go ahead with this interesting trick and change the name of Google to whatever you feel like.


25). Who’s the cutest

To turn your gloomy day into a happy one, just ask this question to Google and you will be blushing after viewing the answer. Google surely knows how to keep its users happy. The answer will be in the form of a video. This is one of the cutest Google gravity trick and will surely put a smile on your face.

26). The loneliest number

If you don’t know that which is the loneliest number out of all the numbers, then just type on the Google search page “The loneliest number” and the Google inbuilt calculator will find out the answer for you.

To make it short, the loneliest number that would appear as an answer on the screen is Number 1. Similar is the response of the Google when you search the number of horns on a unicorn.

27). Google Flat Fall

When you launch this Google gravity trick, you will see that all the objects on the screen; Google logo, images, search tab, and everything on the screen falls down and bounce on the ground of the web page with gravitational force. And in few seconds you will see that everything will disappear from the page and all you can see is a blank page.

Even if you search anything on the web page, all the content will fall from the top and bounce. Try this and let your content bounce.


28). Google Once in a Blue Moon

When you type ‘once in a blue moon’ in Google Search, what you will see on the screen will be a complex mathematical value.  Once in a blue moon is a common way of saying not very often. Basically, Google reveals the mathematical equation for the occurrence of a blue moon. It is an interesting Google gravity trick.

29). Ninja Google

If you are looking for a twist on your normal Google search routine, try Ninja Google. Just add the keywords “Ninja Google” in the search bar to launch this trick. Although Ninja’s search results are powered by Google, but the search results of both the Ninja and are a bit different.


30). Find Chuck Norris

Who doesn’t remember the old Chuck Norris jokes?  Type “Find Chuck Norris” in the Google Search bar and Google will flash a warning, which reads “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you. Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water AND make it drink”. This one is a cool funny trick by Google.

31). Bubble level

This Google gravity trick works only on the mobile devices. Type in “bubble level” in Google Search or Google Chrome on your Android or Apple smartphone and your phone will check if something is level or not. However, on Apple, the Compass app already offers some of these functionalities. In case your job requires fixing things or you need some precise level, this one is going to be a savior for you.


So, if you bored of surfing the regular Google Chrome browser, go ahead with these interesting tricks and take a break from the monotony.  All these tricks are worth your time and some of them will surely amaze you.

However, these tricks are not meant to create a hassle or distract your search. They are just made to spice up the regular browsing experience. Some of them even make the task easier and fun-to-do.

Go ahead, try these cool Google Gravity tricks on Google search engine and feel the magic on your Google screen!

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