Best Antivirus App for Android [Updated]

Best antivirus app for android : The Market of Android Apps increased tremendously in past 7 years with increasing usage of Smartphone. Among all apps the biggest concern for user is about the security of their smart gadgets and their smartphones. In this world of smartness, The three major ecosystems with users interact are Android,

In this world of smartness, The three major ecosystems with users interact are Android, IOS and windows. Since android is open source platform thus number of Apps in Android is more as compared to other platforms that is Windows and IOS. This leads to

This leads to continuous search for best antivirus app for your mobile safety. Thus to resolve the issue of security of android we are going to provide review about best antivirus app for android. 

Best Antivirus App for Android

There are tons of Antivirus apps available in android market to ensure safety of your device but you can’t trust on every app hence we are trying our best to provide you the list of best antivirus app for android to make some contribution towards security of your phone.

1). Antivirus and mobile security app for Android Smartphone

Antivirus and Mobile security is an android app designed by Trust Mobile and software for providing Antivirus security to Android Users. This App is for those users who are using smart-phones for their professional works only. Since this app is easy to use and provide decent features for users with. The uniqueness The key factors of this app is its simplistic approach which make this app easy to use for all its users. This App consists of attractive features like Anti- Malware Protection, Anti-Virus protection, Browsing Protection along  with Anti-theft and Data backup features to ensure safety of your phone from any kind of external damage from any external threat.

Advantages of Antivirus and Mobile Security:

Following are the reasons why Antivirus and Mobile Security is considered as best antivirus app for android:

  • Provide standard features of Antivirus and Anti- Malware scanning to your device
  • Secure features of Web Browsing
  • You can also check your Location and keep your data backup services
  • The most interesting feature is its Anti- Thief Camera where you can capture of any user who are trying to breach your phone security without your access.

Like Every App has some room for improvement this app has some areas where it can improve for better user experience and they are as follows:

  • Uninstall Process: The process for uninstalling this app is not easy like other apps and its tedious since it asks for few security questions that must have to be answered to complete its un-installation.

If we forget to add any merits or demerits of this App then please notify us for that so we can find whether this app is among best antivirus app for android or not.

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2). Avast Mobile Security app for Android Mobile

AVAST mobile security is one of the trusted name across all security providers of smart-phone market after establishing themselves as most trusted for pc securities. Avast Android is one of the key player among Paid antivirus Programmes. The Charges you need to pay for full flagged software of Avast antivirus is 50% less as compared to other paid antivirus software available in market. You can buy its full version from Google Play by nominal amount of $15 for completely using  it for 1 year.

Reasons why Avast Antivirus App comes in the list of best antivirus app for android available in market:

  • Anti- Virus Scanning and Malware protection
  • Anti- Theft Camera to know who try to use your phone in your absence
  • Firewall Support
  • There is a proper price quote of Antivirus app at google play so there should be no doubt about its price and mode of payment

Areas to make this App better:

  • Avast Android App may not working properly in lower specs devices
  • The real time protection is tedious and battery consuming process

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3). Bitdefender Antivirus app for Android Smartphone

It is a full featured antivirus android apps designed in a innovative way to ensure the safety of your android device. It is very simple to use that is one of the factor that makes it unique from other antivirus apps. For using Bit defender you need to follow some steps where you need to install antivirus app it will automatically scan your phone and remove malicious threats from your phone.  Next time whenever you install any new app Bitdefender will start automatically scan your phone and will remove malicious threats that can damage your phone. There is no as such additional features that makes the app usage complex. You can easily use it without any extra tedious efforts.

Why Bitdefender comes among the list of best antivirus app for android

  • Easy to Use
  • No typical processing
  • Free of Cost and there is no rental as well to use this app

Areas of Improvement

  • For More specifications there is no other version of bitdefender that you can opt, you need to access other app.

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4). AVG Antivirus app for Android

Every mobile and desktop user heard and familiar with the name of AVG ANDROID ANNTIVIRUS App. This antivirus app belongs to AVG group that design antivirus apps and software for mobile phone as well as Computer system.  AVG ANDROID APP is paid android antivirus app that have 2 versions one is free with limited features while other is paid with complete list of features. You need to pay monthly fees of 4$ for accessing its paid version while yearly fee of 14$ to access its yearly version. Like every app this app also has some pros and cons that make it different among other android app and here are the few reasons mentioned below that makes AVG stand in the list of best antivirus app for android to ensure protection and safety of your phone.

Key Factors of AVG antivirus App:

  • The best advantage of this software is for those users who want to use it without paying any fee is that free version contains basic features like Anti-Virus, Anti- Malware and Phishing options.
  • This app is unique because of its average rating and its number of installs that is 100 Million downloads with 4.4 star
  • If you are ready to try its paid version then this app will provide perfect combination of features like App Backup, Sim Lock, App privacy that allow you to lock your mobile apps from unwanted users.
  • Along with that you can also avail its Anti Theft feature that is available in free as well as paid versions of your software

Area of improvement that will make AVG android app as the best antivirus app for android among the available apps available in market are:

  • Complex Application as it is a security suite instead of Simple mobile app
  • Secondly you need to access android stock browser for accessing it completely that most of the users don’t prefer to use.

AVG antivirus are available in market in 2 versions one is paid while other is free. Paid version allow all features while free version allow limited features only for accessing its paid version you can get it from Play store. You can get its monthly and annually subscriptions by paying its subscription fees or charges.

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5). ESET Mobile Security app for Android Mobile

This mobile antivirus app is a new entry in antivirus market that comes with 100%  detection rate in latest AV-Test report. It has easy to Use to interface or moreover the interface that is not very complex like AVG or other antivirus applications.  Like other apps this app also comes in two version one is Free while other is paid. You can get its paid version by paying nominal subscription charge of $20 per year or approximately Rs.1200 in an year that is around Rs.100 per month that too worth it for security of your mobile phone. Its price as compared to the features this app is offering  is very reasonable and this factor can become cutting edge for best antivirus app for android among other apps you can use in market.

Key Factors of ESET Mobile Security app:

  • Real time scanning for the detection of Malwares and viruses in dodgy apps
  • Anti-Theft System in freeware also
  • Prevention of App un-installation by  using password
  • Can easily locate your Smartphone, Phablet and tablet using its GPS feature and prevent anyone to use it
  • Paid versions also provide so many features like WIPE, SIM Guard etc. These features provide extra security to your android device
  • 99.7% detection rate
  • Auto Scanning of new Files you installed or transferred in your phone
  • Paid version provides premium features such as Call Blocking, SMS Blocking,  as well as there is  security course also for mobile security.

Areas of Improvement for ESET Mobile Security to make it best antivirus app for android:

  • Free version don’t have variety of options thus for using ESET mobile app properly you  need to use its paid version. In case of free version ESET mobile is providing basic set of features that are not satisfactory.
  • Kitkat users face a problem where permission access prevents SMS blocking feature of ESET.
  • Free version is not providing any automatic virus definition updates. For accessing Automatic Virus definition updates you need to use its premium version.

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6). AVIRA Antivirus App for Android Gadgets

Avira antivirus is very good app for those users who want to use free antivirus software, AVIRA  provides Premium and free versions both. There is a paid version  of AVIRA that is available in market. You can access it directly from playstore without paying any fees since it has free version. This app has 100% detection rate for Virus, Malwares and other security threats. It is simple and easy to use and help user significantly in improving the performance your phone. Along with that this app is provided with Anti-Theft tools that can help your phone to find it remotely, Lock your phone and wipe it. This software is also provided with an additional feature that claims the security  of your email address. In case your account is hacked you need to simply instruct you app and you can save your email account data from unwanted access. Its premium version is available with the feature of Anti-Phishing and better app support though Its free version provides enough options that can be useful for a normal user.

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7). CM Security Antivirus App for Android

CM security mobile app is highly rated and popular mobile app among mobile users.  This app provides various features like App Boost to increase the processing speed of your phone, Cleaning unnecessary data using your phone memory,  Along with these features This app is also provided with Anti- Malware, Anti-virus features with full phone functionality in free package of app that users would definitely enjoy. This app has variety of features that can make any user happy.

Merits of using CM Security Antivirus App:

  • In-built feature of Anti- Malware, Anti-virus, and safe internet browsing features
  • It also provides Anti-Theft tools along with the integration of Google Maps, Picture Taking Support, as well as screaming mode.
  • CM security antivirus also provides 100% security detection rate
  • It is compatible with new as well as for earlier systems, Thus one having early smartphones can also use this antivirus.
  • Free of Cost

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8). Kaspersky Antivirus Android App for Smartphone

Kaspersky is one of the most trusted brands and antivirus company among mobile users. After making remarkable progress in Computer programmes, Kaspersky is now available for android platform also. Kaspersky is available under two versions that is Free and paid version. Free version is featured with options like Anti-Virus, Anti- Malware etc.

Key Factors for Kaspersky best antivirus app for android mobiles:

  • Its free version is basic in nature and provides essential security features that are required for basic security of your phone.
  • Free version is featured with Anti-Theft features
  • For accessing features like Anti-Phishing you need to access its paid version
  • This antivirus system has ranking of 4.5 Star out of 5

Area for improvement for Kaspersky Antivirus mobile security:

  • For accessing Real time protection you need to use paid version only
  • Kitkat has some SMS bugs that prevents any Stock messaging apps from receiving text in stock
  • In order to access this app for the first time you must have to signup Kaspersky antivirus account
  • Midrange and Less priced devices are not performing properly with Kaspersky Antivirus Mobile Security
  • Free version don’t have features like Anti-Phishing.

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9). Lookout best antivirus app for android

Lookout is one of the of the most popular mobile app since it comes pre-installed with many mobile devices since it is one among the best antivirus app for android available online for the user. LOOKOUT is coming in two versions one is paid while other is free version. Paid Version is available at monthly subscription fee of $2.99 per month while $30 of yearly subscription fee.

Key factors of Lookout best antivirus app for android:

  • Free version is featured with Anti- Virus, Anti- Malware, some anti-theft along with some backup capabilities provided with free version
  • Premium Version provides you the option of Theft Alerts, Lock and Wipe Capabilities, Privacy guards, as well as safe browsing feature.
  • Pricing feature is available at competitive prices
  • Best feature for this app is free version will automatically save your last location in case battery of your device is low, or you switch off the location feature
  • It has rating of 4.3 stars

Like every App this app has some options from where it needs to improve to come at top among best antivirus android apps available in android market.

Area of improvement in Lookout best antivirus app for android:

  • Due to pre installed files of LOOKOUT it is a bloat ware and many users don’t like to prefer use of bloat-wares in their Mobile Phones
  • You need to configure its alerts as per your needs and requirements since all alerts will be annoying for any user
  • There might be some price change at later stage since the mobile app is undergoing some changes that will result in some additional features. It might results in some kind of dissatisfaction among new users

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10). Norton Internet Security antivirus app for android

Norton internet security is the security system developed by Norton Mobile. Norton antivirus is one of the top known security service provider among all antivirus apps. Its rating of 4.4 make it top in the list of best antivirus app for android. This antivirus app is easy to use with features like Anti-Malware, Anti-virus and Anti-Theft features. Norton antivirus is available in  two versions that is free and paid like other antivirus apps. The paid version is more advanced as compared to free version. You can use their 30-days trial pack and if you are satisfied then you can use its paid version that is available at yearly susbcription fee of I.N.R 600.

Key features of Norton Internet Security Antivirus App for Android:

  • Anti-Malware and Virus scanning feature is available
  • SMS feature to lock your stolen or lost phone
  • After 10 failed lock attempts it would automatically lock your phone
  • Providing with feature of remote locate you can locate your lost phone

Area of improvement in Norton Internet Security Antivirus App for Android:

  • Recent update needs to make some tweaks in design
  • Not working properly with old or midrange devices

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Our team worked hard to prepare this list if you feel there must have to be some other apps that we missed you can freely contact us and we will add it. Along with that if you have any query regarding the above mentioned apps, you can leave your comment in our comment box and we will soon revert back to you. We will keep providing you insights related to android and other smart-phone platforms in upcoming articles.

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