Birthday Gifts for Dad, Father [20+ Birthday Gifts Collection]

Birthday Gifts for Dad and Father: A father is always a bit harsh to you. He often hides his soft side from you. He just wants you to be strong like him. But deep inside him, he cares for his children like nobody else can do. He works day and night to fulfill all the desires of his family. He never complaints about work, he just keep on doing the things for the betterment of others.

He is the one who never keeps his priority more than anyone else. He is the one who takes all the blame on his shoulders and nurture his children with happiness. He does not want his children to suffer at any age of their life. So, not only the present but he makes their future safe too.

When it comes to the gifts, he never demands anything. But when it is someone else’s birthday, he showers all his love and gifts on them. He can do anything to make his family secure and happy for a lifetime.

Often comes the time when he is blamed for being rude and harsh to the family. But in reality he is the one who sobs in disguise. He never advertises his feelings to other. He keeps such an image in front of everyone which helps in maintaining the control in the family. And somehow and somewhere it is necessary too.

He scolds you when you get yourself trapped in the problems. But he is the one who gets you out of those problems too. He may scold you, slap you for being wrong. But when somebody else does it, his fatherly love overpowers everything.

What if someday you got to know that there is no more your dad around you?

Your life would seem like the journey with no destination. You will not only use the fatherly security around you but also a guide and supporter. You will not be able to think that what is wrong and what is right for you. So, this is the time to keep the things fall on their places.

It is the time to cherish each and every day that you are getting with your father. And it is the time to start with his birthday. Arrange some great surprises for him to let him know that each and everyone loves him.

But now you must be thinking about the birthday gifts for dad.

No need to worry about such issue any more. We have got this thing sorted for you absolutely right. Here are the 20+ birthday gifts for dad mentioned below. Sometimes it becomes so confusing to gift something to your dad. So we have tried to clear all your confusions right here.

20+ Best Happy Birthday Gifts for Dad, Father

All the gifts mentioned here are totally affordable and useful too. Some of the gifts are too cute that your dad will surely become emotional after seeing them. You can pick more than a single birthday gifts for dad.

birthday gifts ideas for dad

1). Happy Birthday Dad Wall Clock

Birthday Gifts for DadYour dad would have been quite on office at this age. And while being on office all the time he would have been totally right on time type of person. But giving him a watch would be too main stream as one of the birthday gifts for dad. Many people do that and it is useful too. But it would not give him a personal touch.

So, what to do when you want him to be punctual but through a different source?

You can use the wall clock instead of the wrist watch. But what is something special about giving a wall clock as the birthday gifts for dad. Then here is the answer.

You can make this simple wall clock absolutely personalized. You can edit the simple wall clock into a nice photo frame plus clock. You can add some pictures on the base of the clock. These pictures can be of your dad and your entire family. So now every time he would be looking at the clock, a smile will come out on his face.


2). Personalized Pen and Office Diary

Birthday Gifts for DadUsually those go to office posses an office diary and a great pen too. Most of the gents have the soft corner for the luxury pens. Pen completes the personality of a man. They give a flamboyant and marvelous look to their suits and different attires. They give a different look to your clothes. One should definitely bear a pen while heading towards the office meetings and get together.

It has been told earlier that the pen has more power than the sword. That is why they are being termed as the most powerful weapon which directly attacks on the soul. So, a great pen with office diary can be one of the great birthday gifts for dad by you.

Office diaries can be used for writing too many important things. Now there is no need to rely on the different piece of papers. All you need is a diary around you like a journal. And your father would be absolutely delighted to see such birthday gifts for dad.

For pens you can go for the brands like Pierre Cardin, Montblanc, Parker, MR Metropolitan and many more. and do not forget to give it a personalized touch by engraving the name of your dad on these pen and diary.


3). Photo Lamp

Birthday Gifts for DadWhat if the light coming out from a source also gets personalized? This light will always remind your dad of the moments that he spent with his family. This will always tell him that there are still people who care for him and love him.

Not only as the birthday gifts for dad, can this be the perfect gift for many occasions in the family.

There are many sites that do such things for their customers. Or if your do not want to rely on them then you can find the shops doing such editing works. There are also the different sizes available in these lamps. It totally depends upon you that what size you presser for the lamp as the birthday gifts for dad.

For a big size light lamp with photos (25 inches) you need at least 30-35 high quality photographs to get edited on the lamp. This is absolutely affordable gift for you. It would not cost you much and will surely be looking different from all the other gifts.


4). Happy Birthday Dad Plate

Birthday Gifts for DadGiving the personalized touch to each and everything on your dad’s birthday will really make him feel special. You can use the porcelain plates as the birthday gifts for dad.

Now you would be thinking that would it look good to gift a plate to your dad?

Then the answer is an absolute yes. The porcelain plates are just the perfect ones to edit them out. There are many sites available to do that for you. You can also get this personalized by an editing shop nearby you.

If you do not want to use the porcelain material then there are some other options too. You can use the metal plates instead of the porcelain plates. You can hang them on the wall. They would look good and would increase the beauty of your wall too.

You can use different plates for different messages as the birthday gifts for dad. A wall filled up with the different birthday messages written on the plates would surely look amazing to your dad.


5). Classy Watch Case

Birthday Gifts for DadIf your father has the love of the collection of watches then a watch case would be one of the best birthday gifts for dad. Now he would not be searching out for his watches in the cupboard. Usually it happens that we often lost the cases of the watches. Now these watches go misplaced somewhere between our clothes and we keep on searching for them.

But now there is no need to trouble the watches as well as your dad.

Now he can find his watches kept safely in his watch case. You can give some personalized touch to the watch case by engraving something on it. You can engrave the name of your dad on it. Or you can go for a nice birthday message too.

This would be the perfect birthday gifts for dad for the love of his watches. You can make some changes with the material of the watch case. You can protect it with the velvet coating which also gives a luxurious touch to the case.


6). Personalized Wallet

Birthday Gifts for DadA wallet is a man’s best friends. From keeping the things organized to hiding the photo of the beloved. It is the most useful thing for a guy or a man. It keeps all your credit cards, debit cards fall in a place. It also keeps your id card and driving license safely in it.

And who can forget its main work which is keeping your money absolutely safe and organized.

It will be a wise choice to select wallet as one of the birthday gifts for dad. You can add some twists in it too. You can make it absolutely personalized too. You can engrave the sweet message by your side on it. So every time your dad will look at it, it will remind him of you and your love.

There are many brands of the wallets which are available. You can go for the brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani, Louise Phillip and many more according to your choice.


7). Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer

Birthday Gifts for DadIt is a new and unique product to be used as one of the birthday gifts for dad. It will prove to be one of the coolest gifts you have ever given to your dad. And am very sure that he will surely gonna love it.

Usually in the quest of reading newspaper in the morning, dads usually forget that there is a cup of coffee waiting for them. And as a result the coffee gets completely cold. And from the fear of scolding from the moms they just gulp it as it is. But now they would not have to do it again any more.

Here is one of the best birthday gifts for dad. You can get him a hot cookie USB mug warmer. All you need to do it just connect the USB of mug warmer from the laptop and it will start working. Now just place your cup over the warmer and your coffee would not get cold any way.


8). Wood Golf Set

Birthday Gifts for DadA wood golf set can also be the smart choice as the birthday gifts for dad. If your dad is not able to take some time out to get him a new golf set then you can do it on his behalf. Get a wood golf set for your dad on his birthday this time.

A wood golf set is consisting of everything specially designed with wood only. Wood clubs are always better than the clubs made up of other materials. They are used in hitting the golf ball on a larger distance. There are other clubs too made up of titanium and carbon fiber but wood is above all of them.

There are many variations done in the clubs according to the usage of wood.

You can surprise your father on this birthday by bringing him an unexpected birthday gift. It will surely be used in his leisure time while playing golf with his friends. He will surely be praised for such a nice present by his every golf mate.


9). 8 X 10 Photo Book

Birthday Gifts for DadIt is never too late for making memories. And at the end of everything it is not the achievements that you have gained, it is the moments that you have created. Time is totally uncertain. The people you have around you today may not be there for you tomorrow. So it is always important to get them locked in your memories through the photographs.

After taking the photographs and getting their hard copies, people often misplace them anywhere in the home. But now you can stop this by picking an 8X10 photo book as one of the birthday gifts for dad.

You can write some quotes on the each page so that your dad can guess what photos should be pinned there. This can be a perfect gift for your dad. Someday when he will be retired, he will have lots and lots memories of him to cherish afterwards.

It is never too late to start making memories and make them stick to you to cherish forever.


10). Messenger Bag

Birthday Gifts for DadThere are always such chances that your dad goes out on some business meeting and he has to carry a large bag for that. It happens because of the unavailability of a moderate size of messenger bag. But now you can sort out this problem by choosing messenger bag as one of the birthday gifts for dad.

Now he would not have to carry those large trolley bags here and there for some small trips. He can carry the messenger bag anywhere with him. It is convenient in size and hence he can keep some of his important documents in it too.

This is the time to get something useful for your dad and messenger bag can be the one.

You can choose the colors like black and brown for your dad. It would look great with him. and when it comes to the brands then there are a lot of brands for that. You can pick something from American Tourister, Reebok, Nike, V.I.P. and many more.


11). Leather Belt

Birthday Gifts for DadA pure leather belt is a dream of every man. It is useful actually very important too. It goes well with any sort of attires. One can use it with three piece suit, cow boy look, rugged jeans and anything else. It works perfectly fine with any sort of dressing attire.

Leather belts are offered by many brands like Gucci, Channel, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Dior and many more. But it is all up to you that which one is your choice and which one would look perfect for your dad. The main colors that you get in these belts are shades of brown and black.

It can be one of the most useful birthday gifts for dad for sure by you. It can be so thoughtful of you to get something like this for your dad.

You can make it more interesting by getting this leather belt personalized. You can write the name of your dad in sort of engraved. It will surely stand out of the crowd if your do such thing for your dad.


12). Clock Safe

Birthday Gifts for DadYou must have seen such movies in which things comes out from the mysterious entries. There are hidden paths inside the home which makes their way from the walls. It may sound weird to you in real life but these things surely happen. And you can also be the one taking inspiration from such things.

Why not pick something mysterious as the birthday gifts for dad this time?

It is so important to have a safe at home. But it should be somewhere where it can be kept safe from the theft attacks. It should be a safe in disguise which is only known to the family members only.

Now you can get something like this for your dad. You can gift him a wall clock safe. This clock may seem normal from the outside but mysteries lie inside the watch. It has a hidden safe behind in it. It gets fixed in the wall and seems like a normal clock. It can prove to be a great gift for your dad on his birthday to hide out his wine collection from your mom.


13). Super Dad Tie

Birthday Gifts for DadThis can be one of the super cute birthday gifts for dad. A super dad tie by you tells him the gesture of being the most adored person in the family. A father always protects his children like a military man. He is just like the super man for his kids. As a kid, dad is the most powerful figure and super hero for the kids.

This is the time to go back to childhood. Getting a super dad tie for your dad would remind him of all the sweet memories of the childhood of his kids. It is always good to go back to the memory lane to realize the real worth of the person.

You can get this tie printed from any cloth shop. They do it according to the customer’s demands. And if you want to give it a try then there are many options available on the shopping sites. You can check out the products out there and pick them according to your choice.


14). Personalized Cufflinks

Birthday Gifts for DadA classy shirt is never looks classy enough without the addition of cufflinks in it. There are various cufflinks available in the market in different colors, shapes, sizes and designs too. You can try out different types of cufflinks over different typed of shirts.

But why am I telling you the entire story about the cufflinks?

Yes, you got me right. It is another birthday gifts for dad or sort of idea may be. You can get him an amazing set of cufflinks for his shirts. But it may seem a little less to do on your father’s birthday. Right?

Then you can add some twists in it too. You can get them personalized by engraving something on them. you can write Best on one cufflink and Dad on the another one. Even the smallest thing in his closet would remind him of the love of his kids. You can also get him a set of different colors of personalized cufflinks too.


15). Smart Phone Projector

Birthday Gifts for DadSmart phone projector can be a unique and mind blowing pick as the birthday gifts for dad. It is the time to move your dad with the technology. They give you the idea of watching the video over the wall only by using just a smart phone.

Is it simple enough to be used by your dad?

Then the answer is an absolute yes. It is so much simple to use. All you need to do is just assemble your phone with the projector as per the instruction and you will be able to watch the videos at up to 8 X magnification.

These smart phone projectors are light in weight which makes them totally portable. They are compact and easy to use which results as not acquiring a large space. It is suitable for iOS, android devices and windows of version 8 and above. It functions as reflecting the image on your phone through a glass lens over the wall. It means the texts are inverted.


16). Engraved Lighter

Birthday Gifts for DadIf your father smokes occasionally then getting him a personalized lighter would remind him of your even while smoking. This may sound a little weird to you to get him a lighter on his birthday. But everything that is personalized seems so touchy to everyone.

You can get his name engraved on the lighter. You can pick some silver coatings to coat on the lighter. And then you can get his name engraved on it. You can order for it even online. Or you can get it edited from some shop too.

There are other options too. You can also get some quote engraved on the lighter. This would always make your father remind of you whenever he will look at it. This can be one of the nice birthday gifts for dad.

There is one thing which can also be done. You can get something like “smoking is injurious to health” engraved on the lighter. Whenever your dad will take his lighter out from his pocket, it will remind him of the caution. It can also help in giving up on smoking forever.


17). Six Pack Beer Belt

Birthday Gifts for DadIf your dad has the ultimate love for the beer then this would be one of the best birthday gifts for dad to make his day. Many a times you would have noticed your father struggling with the multiple bottles of beer at a time. And the result is breaking of some bottles or all by falling on the ground. And afterwards he gets a rough grin from your mother for cleaning the floor.

It is the time to celebrate the love of your dad towards the beer and save him from your mom too.

You can save your father from indulging in arguments with your mother. You can get him a six pack beer belt. As the name suggests it has 6 pockets or holders for holding six bottles of beer at the same time. All your dad needs to do is just tie the belt around his belly. The belt is adjustable and can be adjusted to the person of any size.


18). Rubik’s Cube Safe

Birthday Gifts for DadThe idea of Rubik’s cube safe is absolutely awesome for your dad. It can be one of the coolest birthday gifts for dad. There is a secret compartment in the cube which is not seen by anyone. It seems like a normal cube but there is a lot about it which is hidden from everyone.

You can unlock this safe by moving the mid three layers of the cube in a specific arrangement. This code is only known to the bearer and can be changed. It means that there is no scope of the transparency. Important small little things can be hidden in it very well. Things like keys, diamond or something else can be hiding in it.


19). Personalized Keyring Locket

Birthday Gifts for DadIf your dad posses some sort of vehicles then you can get him a personalized Keyring locket for the keys of the vehicles. This Keyring locket can also be used for the house keys if he does not have any vehicles. This may sound quite normal and simple to you but it can be really nice as the birthday gifts for dad.

Now the question arises that how can you get a Keyring Personalized?

Well the answer lies in the name of the gift only. Yes, you can get a locket additional with the Keyring. All you need to do is get the photo of your dad edited on the locket and get it attached to the Keyring.

For giving the surprise to your dad, you can directly fix the keys in it. And when he will see to it while driving or opening his home, he would get a really nice feeling.  You can get a quote or happy birthday dad tag engraved on the other side of the locket.


20). Personalized Giant Wine Glass

Birthday Gifts for DadIf your dad has the vast collection of wine then this one is only for him. If he has the collection of wine bottles then must have the collection of different wine glasses too. This is the thing which you can take advantage of. You can gift him something unique as the birthday gifts for dad this time.

Now, you will have to do some stealing for this birthday gift to your dad.

All you have to do is steal the favorite wine glass of your dad. Now get it personalized for his birthday. You can get a super cool quote engraved on it as the birthday gifts for dad. This will look super awesome when your dad is going to drink wine in it.

You can also get a giant wine glass from some shop. And then get it engraved for your dad. You can serve him wine in this glass on his birthday only. When he will see something engraved on it for him. He will surely going to hug you out of love.


21). Personalized Coffee Mug

Birthday Gifts for DadWhenever you think of gifting something to your father, a coffee mug would be the obvious choice. There are so many designs available in them. And there are already mugs on which the best Dad quotes are written. So there is no need to do some hard work for them.

But what if you do something more than that. Along with the quote written on the coffee mug you can also do something else with it. You can get a photo of your dad printed on it to give it a personalized touch. This would be a gesture which will always make him feel like the best dad ever.

With each sip of coffee starting his day, will have the love and affection mixed with it too.

This can be one of the most heartwarming birthday gifts for dad. You can also get something print inside the cup too. The technology has been advanced. And you can take its advantage for sure.


22). Personalized Round Travel Clock

Birthday Gifts for DadA personalized round clock would be a nice birthday gifts or dad if he has the passion for travelling in his leisure time. After serving his family for quite some time he really deserves a break from all the things in the world. He really need some time off from all the things and get to travel around.

For this purpose a round travel clock would be perfect to gift to your dad. You can give it a different look according to you. There are colors like golden and silver to choose from.

You can give it a personalized touch by engraving the name of your dad on it. This would be the icing on the cake as the birthday gifts for dad.

You can also engrave some loving message inside the clock. There are also the options of editing a photograph inside the travel clock. This would always remind your father that he is the most loved person by many people.


23). Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Birthday Gifts for DadIf your dad has been retired from his office then many a times he would have felt bored. After so long time of service being idol really sucks. So it is the time to help your dad pass some time through the help of your birthday gifts for dad.

If your dad has a special corner for the barbeque sessions on the weekend then this gift would be just perfect for him. Now it is the time to make his afternoon BBQ sessions even more organized and interesting.

The grill sergeant BBQ apron has it all what it takes to keep the BBQ things organized and at place. It has different pockets and places for all the things related to the BBQ. It also has an adjustable strap which makes it perfect for all the sizes and shapes of people.

What else can be better than such birthday gifts for dad which makes his old age a fun ride?

You can also gift him a BBQ set to make the perfect barbeque things to impress your mom in the leisure time.


24). Family Picture Frame

Birthday Gifts for DadWhat else can be more important than his family for a father? He does everything to support his family in all the odds of the life. He may suffer but he never let his family suffer even for once. If his family means this much for him then why not create such a gift which keeps his family closer to him. This idea can proved to be totally amazing birthday gifts for dad.

There are many frames being sold in the market which are actually really nice for the family collage. A frame written family on it and with some space for the different photos is getting famous a lot these days.

You can select one such frame as one of the birthday gifts for dad. There is space for the different size of photographs in it. You can choose the different photos of your dad of his different life achievements to get fixed in the frame.

You can also select the moments of the family captured nicely to fix them in the frame. This will surely touch the heart of your father very nicely.


25). Induction Phone Speaker

Birthday Gifts for DadInduction phone speakers are something which would surely blow the mind of your dad. It would be the coolest birthday gifts for dad from your side. The advantage of these induction phone speakers is that they do not require any leads or Bluetooth connectivity.

All you need is 3 AA batteries to activate these speakers. The principle of working of these speakers is just like the induction gas.  The gas starts working when the utensil is placed on it. Just like that when you put your phone on these induction speakers it will also start working.

It works as the wireless amplifier for your phone. These are the speakers which has wonderful sound quality. These induction speakers are compatible for the phones like Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, iphones and many others.

The measurement of these speakers varies according to the brands. It would make it one of the coolest birthday gifts for dad to let him be free from all the worries. These speakers are getting too much popularity as they have amazing features. It keeps you free from the tension of wires or Bluetooth connectivity which is the icing on the cake.



All the birthday gifts for dad mentioned here are totally under the budget you can think of. The birthday gifts for dad mentioned above are totally useful and your dad would be happy to see these things. Some of the things are really cool and will make him remind his importance in your life.

Gifts like personalized coffee mug, personalized wine glass would always remind him of something really special. The engraved plate of his name and picture would increase the beauty of the walls. The cool gadgets like induction phone speaker and hot cookie USB mug warmer are the coolest thing you can get for your dad.

All the birthday gifts for dad are not at all wasting your money on them. They are the things your dad may need in his day to day life. And each time he would see at these things he will always think about you.

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