Valentine’s Day Poems for Him or Her to Express Your Love in 2022

Here is an exclusive collection of romantic Valentine’s Day Poems.  If you are looking for valentines poems to express your love to him/her, then you will like this write up.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Poems

Phrases or poems of love are not just for one day a year. Valentine’s Day is eternal and is celebrated on February 14th each year. It is a day that everyone relates to and is an expression of friendship and love. Dedicate these Valentine’s Day poems to conquer your beloved on this Valentine’s Day, 2022.  

1). Today is the day that I mark on the calendar,
of magic, kisses and smiles.
Today is the day of dewdrops,
of heartfelt hugs and caresses.
Today is the day when the poets were inspired,
and gave us poems and poetry.
Today is the day that the great loves,
gave away chocolates and flowers.

The day when the stars dress up,
to feel the glances that touch the soul,
to walk at night, watching the moon,
to be satisfied with tender words.

The day of walking hand in hand,
to surrender to the warm hugs,
to walk together under a starry sky,
the time to say “I want you” and “I love you“.

The day we profess our love,
and surrender our body and soul to love.
Because it is expected all day,
On “Valentine’s” Day.

2). “Valentine’s Day”,
the most popular calendar date,
a celebration where they expect much,
where they gift and prove love.

Lovers draw hearts,
carving their names on trees,
words of love painted on the wall,
and drawn in the sand with their feet.

They chose February 14,
to celebrate the day of love.
They give away poems and chocolates,
They send messages or a flower.

If you are in love, celebrate the day.
You should say “I love you” with caresses,
with a song and a serenade,
with a letter or a romantic dinner.

For an “I love you” cannot miss,
with a simple gesture, a look,
a soft touch, tell her you love,
and conquer tonight.

Valentine Poems for Him

The poems and love poems are usually a great way to win the person you want. This is how with Valentine’s Day approaching, you can win over your beloved by including in your letter, gift or a dedication to your loved; a poetry as a nice extra detail. Here we suggest some Valentine’s Day poems that can become the special detail for this Valentine’s Day….

1). You are the meaning of my existence,
and the joy of my heart.
And whenever you look at me,
my soul smiles…and I am filled with emotion.
To have you by my side is the only thing I want,
a person, a thumping heart,
for me and for our love.

2). As much as the tree grows towards the sky,
has never reached by further you go,
I’ll never forget you,
you are the best thing of my life,
and for you I am happy…you do not know how much I love you,
my little heart…without you the world does not exist.

3). Oh my dear,
how many times I have dreamed,
to be by your side.
Now that the dream has came true,
a dream that both of us dreamed of,
we expected and hoped so much…
I am now with you,
and I do not regret anything,
because everything that I did,
I did it for your love.
My boyfriend,
now you’re my boyfriend…
something that both of us always wanted,
Thanks for trusting me,
I also trust you…
and you do not know how I missed you.
The days you left for travel,
the days seemed like years,
I thought something bad had happened to you,
or often thought you were dead.
My heart cried without knowing that you were good.
But now I am happy because you are here.
I love you baby.

4). You look at me, your eyes are my passion.
Smiling, I am captive to your wishes.
I’ll be your angel because you are my inspiration.
The sound of your voice is like sublime songs.
Singular God made you, divine, sweet,
loving and tender.
You are my life, my song of love,
my blue heaven, my Star.
In your arms I have no fear,
I live in your arms. Warm, love, in your eyes that are a sea of crystal, I browse,
until the end.
Melody is my song, divine magic in my dreams.
The beats in my heart,
forming my poem’s verses.


Romantic Valentine’s Day Poems

On Valentine’s Day, romance is usually in the air. It is the day of romance and people in love, generally like to profess their love in novel and never-before-thought ways. Poems, on the other hand, have been written since times immemorial. Here we have for you, some romantic Valentine’s Day poems for your beloved:

1). Flowers sound, sound like caresses,
petals adorn your eyes,
the aroma is that of skin,
passion overflows,
everything is love, everything is love,
because loving you is beautiful,
loving you is living.

2).  Hungry for you,
I want your kisses,
all you want,
is the hunger for loving,
I need you to live,
I love to love you.

Valentines Love Poem for Her

The Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and with it, all the romance of the couples too. For this reason, there is nothing like honoring your loved one on a special day like Valentine’s Day. Here are a few Valentine’s Day poems for you to make your beloved sigh and make her carry you in her heart forever.

1). Love is not enough

Behind your eyes there was a mask,
Behind your back a knife.
I gave you my love and my world, but you rejected it,
“It’s not enough”, you said “I need more.”

I admit that I was afraid, thinking that the love would be born,
But love was bigger and beat me,
I fell in your arms like a brave prey,
You caressed and loved me, you respected me and wished me,
but now I think I love you and I want to keep feeling this for you,
because you are my principal blue and want you to follow me,
making me happy.

2). Let me be

Let me be the sweet comfort of your bitter heart,
let me show you all my love.
Fear not my little princess,
full of sincere love.
Let me swim with that pure water,
it slides down the shadow of your sorrow,
taking you to an absolute spring,
filling you with great happiness.

3). Deep green

When I am with you,
I feel as if I sink into the pupil of your green eyes.
You feel yourself rescue me because you are my shelter,
I feel that guides me to your heart,
that makes our union like warm and sweet figs,
calming me like the waters deep in the Andes.

4). How fascinating you are

If you knew how fascinating are, you will without reproach foray into my arms;
and you will embrace me on a journey of no return, the borders of the unknown;
therefore the legend will change, each of the myths that memories are made of,
to keep you in my heart.

Valentine’s Day Poems for Husband

“With you, I am immensely happy and I want our love to last forever.”-Do you want to say these words to your husband this Valentine’s Day but with a little more flair and elegance? Well, fear not for I have here for you just the Valentine’s Day poems to make your husband’s heart melt. 

1). I sleep with you,
all through the night while,
the dark earth spins,
with living and dead,
and suddenly waking,
in the midst of the shadow,
my arm around your waist.
Neither night nor sleep,
Can separate us…..

2). Thinking about you is to have you,
Your naked body that I kiss,
all before me, delivered.
I feel how you see my memory,
How you give up thinking, burning,
With your great consent in the distance.

Valentine’s Day Poems for Mom

We share some lines with beautiful words and phrases that inspire us when we have no idea what we should write on a present dedicated to our mother on Valentine’s Day.

We get emotional expressing how we feel about our mothers and sometimes we can decide not to confess our love in words but in short Valentine’s Day poems and verses.

1). I dedicate this little poem,
because you are the most beautiful.
You are the one thing,
prettier than a rose.
you’re just a princess,
because for me you’re a beauty.
Your sisters love you,
and also your mother.
But no one else loves you,
as my love for you really is.
I make little notes,
and also sing a song.
I dedicate this poem,
because I do not know how to express my love,
I love you; I love you;
and I give my life for you,
May you stay here…
And live happily forever….

2). I gift my mom,
a smile silver,
that is enlightening my face,
At night when I cover.

I gift my mom,
a red cap,
for telling me many times,
the story that seems to resonate in me.

I gift my mom,
one chilly colony,
not holding my hand…
when it hurts the gut.

I gift my mom,
a yellow armor,
that protects me from the monster,
that scares me in my nightmares.

I gift my mom,
the language of the elves,
to understand what I say,
when no one else understands.

I gift my mom,
a top hat magician,
in which fits my kisses,

Valentine’s Day Poems for Friends

A friend is a person with whom a friendship remains. A friendship is a loving relationship between two people, built on the basis of reciprocity and regular treatment. Core values are loyalty, friendship, love, solidarity, unconditional, sincerity and commitment. So, here to celebrate friendship today on Valentine’s Day, we have the following Valentine’s Day poems of love:

1). My friend:
I had the most horrible dream that it was the end of the world.

I wanted you with all my heart and therefore was too afraid that you would disappear.

My fortune I managed to save.
After the storm, there was only death and destruction around me. We looked and could not find you, screaming your name everywhere and did not receive any response.

But in the distance, I thought I saw the silhouette of another human being and ran to her. As I approached I could see it was you and I cried so much in happiness to see you. You hugged me and that was the end of the world, it failed to separate or lose our friendship. A big hug comforted us to this disaster.

2).  When you have a true friend, whatever happens,
He will never leave you alone and will always worry about you.
From the bottom of my heart,
I did not think that there was much that I wanted,
strange because now my eyes are full of tears.

I never thought,
this friendship was so big,
and now I know, my dear loyal friend.

It is that we have different ways of thinking,
but we have something in common,
we love each other,
and do not mind the rest.

As time goes by,
we will increasingly mature,
but this friendship will be retained,
as the immense sea.

My love for you,
It is as big as the universe,
strong as iron,
but so tender,
like the clouds and sky.

For me you are very special,
as you are my irreplaceable friend.
I love you and always will,
whatever happens.

It is very close,
to the end of our wandering youth.
Now therefore comes,
more responsibilities than before.

In no time,
everyone take different paths.
But what I’m sure of,
Is that my heart is,
And always will be
With my best friend.

Valentine’s Day Poems for Wife

When you get married, this commitment will be the thermometer that will measure the love between you and your partner and the time spent with each other between the good and the bad times, will determine whether or not the feeling that motivated you to join was as big as you previously thought. Dedicate these Valentine’s Day poems to your wife this time and make her fall in love with you all over again.

1).  “One, you appear.
Two, I fall in love.
Three, I go crazy.
Four, you give me love.
Five, I sigh.
Six, I die for you. “

2).  “I love you with flowers.
I love you with words.
I love you senseless.
I love you with no promises.
I love you waking up.
I love you while saying goodbye.
I love to love you.
I love to give you.
I love you and I love you.
Do not ask me why”.

Valentine’s Day Love Poems

Although today is one of the most consumerist celebrations and more profits have generated many shops, the Valentine’s Day originally was not invented by a department store (as reported by some), but was ably used by entrepreneurs to get a good slice of a date as specified in the schedule. It is the day to shower your beloved with love. And what good way than these Valentine’s Day poems, I ask?

1). I love you as I have never loved,
I’m dying for a moment…
Try as cold as distant,
the inspiration is dying.

Impossible to follow because I miss you,
and I cannot desert you because I love you.
Poetry, dry hands,
the warmth of an approach.

Epic and captivated…I love you!
and I’m more in love with you.
The warm breath of a subtle attempt,
vestiges of a dedicated heart.

When glimpses perhaps feeling,
see you dying in my arms,
going beyond the twins ties,
and even with devotion that perseveres here.

As you may understand the value,
which he has left everything in the battle,
the hero who remains without medals,
and still clinging to his dream fights.

When your infinite is to succumb,
in the fire of a huge joy,
Congratulations!…You’re to appreciate,
I have baptized this: “Love yourself”

2).  Do not ask me….
You can just ask me to erase,
hunger and poverty in the world …
You can ask me to journey to the sun,
no spaceship …
You can ask me in a starry night,
To take a walk on the moon…
You can ask me to do the clocks back,
to return to the happy days …
You can ask me to cross the oceans to swim,
To go to the deserts and walk…
And you can even ask me madly,
All that is good and humble…
But please do not ask me
For anything impossible …
For example, do not ask me
To stop seeing you…
Do not ask me,
to stop calling you!
Do not ask me,
To wish you to stop!
Do not ask me,
To understand you to stop!
Do not ask me,
To abandon your luck!
But above all things,
Do not ask me…
To stop loving you!

Valentine’s Day Poems for Parents

Parents are God’s greatest gift to us humans. Their love is the greatest love that exists, for it is unconditional. This Valentine’s Day, to celebrate this beautiful love, I have here for you, the greatest Valentine’s Day poems for parents.

1).  Mom and Dad.

As a child I was hiding behind Mom and Dad,
before mom and dad protected me,
I was afraid when I hugged,
and they smothered my fear,
I cried when I was afraid,
They consoled me with a smile.
They were always encouraging me,
They told me it’s all right to cry,
and now I cry big.
It’s like what overwhelms me distil,
when I got up the Papa was there,
I cleaned my clothes,
I walked again,
if I wanted to achieve something,
She held me in her arms, I felt so great,
Happy, I felt like I could achieve everything.
Papa wanted to follow where it was,
He wanted to take me with him to work,
and when the morning had already gone,
all roads wanted to go with my dad,
in the breast mopped kitchen.
and it bothered him walking slowly,
she just gave me a smile,
mopping forgot to play with me.
When papa gave me my first toy,
I played all day with him, slept till
burning with my new toy,
then a ball of cinnamon colors like rainbow,
to accompany Mom and Dad sent by the market,
I asked papa to let me handle it,
I sat on his lap and happy,
I cared nothing and I held the wheel.
Papa did not understand what I answered,
Today mom and dad and old,
They are tired of working for years on their feet,
They are exhausted and are holding canes,
and only pride is keeping them standing.
Wrinkles covering their bodies,
but my parents are still inside.
Beyond that although grown, I’m still your child,
who loved and cared for as any,
Only today I embrace those memories and good advice.

2).  I thank God for being my father.
For your reproaches and advice.
For the good you taught me,
and always took care of me.

Being kind father,
full of peace and wisdom.
Because you love the truth.
Justice and righteousness too much.

Because my father loved,
and taught charity.
Noble sentiments you covered.
You do not know evil.

Parco noble knight,
You taught me to fight.
Always aiming for the top,
and to not give up my dreams.

Abhors all evil.
For your heavenly values.
For leading me by the hand,
on paths full of flowers.

For your words of encouragement,
in my darkest moments.
For your eloquent silences,
calming me sweetly.

By your wise and deep look.
By your expression as serene.
For your patience and tenacity.
Whirlwind of good things.

Being stubborn man,
clinging to your conviction.
By upholding your ideals,

By instructing me in life,
and teaching me not to lie.
By worrying about my problems,
and asking for no reward.

For teaching noble values:
love, righteousness and compassion,
justice, selflessness, work,
charity, truth and forgiveness.

For all your efforts.
For your fatherly love.
Men like you are few.
You’re a great father.

To fulfill your duties.
because they never failed me.
Because you can always count.
Today and always I give you my love.

Because you are always there,
holding out your warm embrace.
By being a model in my life.
For always believing in me.

For this father, like you,
and I thank God again
for in my life, I have you.

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Now, I have reached at the end of article. Hope you will love this beautiful valentines day poems collection and send some of them to your love at this Valentine’s Day 2022.

Hope you all have a Valentine’s Day leaden with love and romance this year!

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