10 Unblocked Music Sites at Schools, Colleges, WorkPlaces

At schools, college or workplace, music, and other entertainment websites are often blocked. But if you are a music lover and want to listen to your favorite music even at your workplace, then there are a lot of unblocked music sites which you can visit and enjoy your favorite music.

In this article, I’ve listed 10 such unblocked music websites which offer free music unblocked. Let’s get started with the list.

10 Unblocked Music Sites at Schools, Colleges, WorkPlaces:

Below are the top unblocked music sites which offer amazing music without taking a dime from you and can be used in schools, college or workplaces. Can’t wait to know about the top music streaming unblocked websites?? Then why delay? Let’s head over to the list.

1. Slacker Radio

Website: http://www.slacker.com/

Slacker Radio

What’s the best way to get access to numerous songs other than a radio?? Slacker Radio, as the name suggests, is a free radio station which offers unblocked music at school, college, workplace or any other place for that matter. There are hundreds of stations on Slacker radio which you can choose from and listen to your desired music.

The website is very well designed and has an intuitive interface which makes it extremely easy to browse through our favorite music based on our desired category. The radio stations on Slacker are well categorized in different categories like jazz, blues, classical, hip-hop, International, kids and so forth. All these stations are pre-made. But you can also customize these playlists if you wish to.

So Slacker Radio is a go-to place for secret music which gets you access to millions of songs free of cost. However, the free-listing does contain ads. But if you want to unlock ad-free countless music with additional features, you need to buy their premium subscription.

2. Grooveshark

Website: http://groovesharks.org/


The Next popular names in the unblocked music sites list happen to be Grooveshark. It is a great option for music streaming, which you can use at your schools, colleges, and workplaces, where all the regular music streaming sites are blocked.

The Interface of Grooveshark is pretty decent. And it offers a collection of millions of songs to choose from. In order to listen to your favorite music, you can make a search on the big search field on the homepage. Or you can also browse through the music from various categories available out there.

The only drawback the website has its compulsion for signup. Without signing up on the website, you can’t listen to music on Grooveshark. But again, it’s a one-time thing. Once you have signed up on the website, you can come back any time on the website and log in to stream your desired music.

3. Bluebeat

Website: https://www.bluebeat.com/


BlueBeat is yet another music streaming website on the list. Its one of the best unblocked music sites which allow music streaming at your workplace. At Bluebeat, you can listen to music based on different categories, playlists, artists, and albums.

If you are not satisfied with already available playlists on the websites then there is an option to create your own playlists too. Apart from browsing music based on their genres, playlists, album, and artists, there is a search option which you can use to directly search your favorite music from their database.

The homepage of BlueBeat is extremely well-designed and there are different sections on the homepage regarding new releases, top playlists, recent artists quick plays and so forth.

4. PureVolume

Website: http://www.purevolume.com/


When it comes to unblocked music sites to play music at schools, colleges, and workplaces, Purevolume turns out to be a handy option. Unlike other unblocked songs website on the list, PureVolume is the perfect music streaming website to discover and promote new music and emerging artists.

There are millions of songs available on PureVolume, and hundreds of Artists profile to browse through. Other than that, the home of the website gives you a quick glimpse of the featured music which you can listen right away.

So overall, PureVolume is a considerable option for all type of music lovers. And you must give it a try!

5. SoundZaBound

Website: http://www.soundzabound.com/


The Next name in the unblocked music sites list is SoundzaBound. The name of the website might sound a little strange but when it comes to music streaming, Soundzabound doesn’t seem strange at all. SoundzaBound basically offers all type of royalty free music which can be used for education purposes.

The music you find on SoundzaBound is copyright free. Thus, it can be used on various powerpoint presentations and all the other projects where royalty free music is needed. The volume and video samples available on Soundzabound are appealing. And you can order any of the sound available on the website by paying their desired price.

6. SongArea

Website: http://songarea.com/


With a sleek black and intuitive interface, SongArea is the next music website which has made it on the list. SongArea is yet another great music streaming website, which offers a large library of music to listen. You can search your desired music based on their genres, albums, or new releases.

In fact, you don’t even need to browse through the categories to listen to the amazing music collection on the website. When landing on the homepage, you will see a playlist of top 50 songs of that time. So in order to listen to that playlist, just start the play button and sit back to enjoy your favorite music.

Other than that, there is also a search option, which you can use to search your favorite songs.

7. PlaylistSound

Website: http://playlistsound.com/


PlaylistSound is a great music website which has all the features offered by other top websites in the list. PlaylistSound contains a large collection of songs ranging in different categories. Rock, Electronic, seen live, indie, pop, jazz, folks, punks are some of the categories.

The design of PlaylistSound is intuitive. And it’s home page is divided into different categories. In order to listen to your favorite music, you need to click on any of the categories to explore music from that particular category.

Apart from this, you can also browse music based on popular Albums, top 50, new releases and so forth. And the best part is, PlaylistSound is absolutely free to use and you don’t even require to sign up on the website, to listen to the free streaming.

8. Jamendo

Website: https://www.jamendo.com/start


I don’t think Jamendo needs an Introduction. Jamendo is my next pick as one of the top unblocked music sites to be considered. Jamendo has everything a music lover expects from a music streaming website.

Faster processing, Intuitive design, easy navigation options, a large collection of music beats to everything in between, Jamendo is a go-to place for all the music lovers. Apart from streaming music, you can also download songs if you wish to.

From Pop, rock, blues, hip-hop to jazz, indie, classical, the music of all range is available on Jamendo, which makes it one of the leading music streaming options in the industry.

9. Spotify

Website: https://www.spotify.com/


Spotify is yet another popular music streaming website which needs no Introduction either. It’s a popular name in the list of music websites unblocked, which you can consider. On Spotify, you can access millions of songs in just one place, that too for free.

There are several features offered by Spotify, which makes it one of the best unblocked music sites out there. From evergreen songs to latest hits, Spotify is there to get your favorite music at your fingertip.

However, it’s not available in all the countries. So if you belong to one of those countries which are supported by Spotify, then you can enjoy the free streaming of amazing music on the site.

10. TuneIn

Website: https://tunein.com/


The last one in the free unblocked music sites list is TuneIn. It’s yet another great option which deserves to be given a try. Like Slacker, it is also a radio station with over 120,000 radio stations and 5.7 M Podcasts to choose from.

Other than that, TuneIn also keeps you updated about Sports, recent and trending news and so forth. But Commercial-free Music and NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games update are only available for the premium users. TuneIn is a comprehensive radio station which is suitable for age-group people.

Apart from computers, TuneIn is a good option to be considered on other devices too. You can use this radio stations on devices like Android, iPhone by downloading their apps from respective app stores.

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


The above top 10 unblocked music sites are the best places to stream your favorite music at schools, colleges, and workplaces. All the websites mentioned above are good in their own way. Slacks and Tunein are radio stations for the radio lovers. While Spotify, Jamendo, playlistSound etc are top music streaming websites which has a great music library to offer.

Similarly, SoundzaBound is the perfect place to get Royalty free music. So depending on your choice and need, you can choose any of the above websites to enjoy free music streaming to the fullest.

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