10 Best Studio Headphones Under $100

Wondering from where you can get affordable and best studio headphones under 100 for recording and mixing? You need not to worry about it at all as I have already curated a list for you. Be it online music studio work or professional software, you surely need headphones to keep a check on the proper sound effects.

10 Best Studio Headphones Under 100

However, many times because of the other investments you are not able to shell out much on the headphones and hence I have the perfect solution for you. Keeping up with the professional quality, there are some options available for headphones which are advanced as well as affordable. For more details, check out the list given below.

1. Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphone

Sony MDR7506 Professional HeadphoneYou cannot doubt the products when manufacturer is Sony and this is why their MDR7506 is on the top of the list of best studio headphones. When you will have a look at their modern design and adjustable body, you are totally going to fall in love with them.

Perfect for the studio use, these 40mm drivers deliver a very powerful sound with the help of neodymium magnets.

When it comes to long hours of use, Sony MDR7506 turns out to be outstanding for it as their ultra-soft rugged construction provides a very comfortable experience. The closed ear design also protects sound from leaking and you can easily fold up these headphones for great storage solution.

These headphones come with 9.8-foot long cord but it is not detachable. The design is quite strong and the additional soft case makes them perfect for traveling too. These large diaphragm headphones are quite robust and operate on frequency range of 10Hz to 20Hz. Full thumbs up from my side as these headphones fits perfectly for best studio headphones under 100 category.

2. Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone (New Model)

Sennheiser HD280PRO HeadphoneSlightly expensive than Sony MDR7506, the HD 280 Pro by Sennheiser also makes an excellent choice for the list of best studio headphones under 100. The one I am listing here is a new model and you can also buy the old model on a lower price as well.

Just like the earlier mention these headphones are also closed ear which means no sound leak and no irritation for the person sitting nearby you.

These headphones are also lightweight and hence you can use them for longer sessions as the comfortable ear base gives a relaxing experience. Other prominent features of these headphones which you should know are 9.8 feet long cord, ergonomic and robust design, padded ear cups for comfortable experience and many more.

One thing which you will absolutely love about these Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones is that the cord is detachable and the adjustable design gives perfect storage option. These headphones are of professional quality and hence provides noise cancellation property up to 32dB too which makes them more than perfect for studio use.

3. AKG K 240 Studio Headphone

AKG K 240 Studio HeadphoneThese professional quality studio headphones by AKG are an excellent example of best studio headphones for mixing. It functions on semi-open feature which dynamic design which is compatible with various studio gears like drum sets, keyboards, portable studios etc.

The frequency range of this headphones varies from 15Hz to 25,000Hz. It is perfect for long hours wearing because of the super soft ear cup material used.

The 3 meters cable which comes with these headphones are totally detachable and the self-adjusting headband not only provides great storage solution but also fits perfectly for every single user. However, as the headphones support natural sound quality, somehow sound leak is common with them.

Still, they make a wonderful deal for the category of best studio headphones under 100. The higher sensitivity and compatibility with various types of sound gears makes it perfect for mixing and teaming up with different devices too. As the headphones are semi-open you can even wear them on a single ear too and they are great for rough handling too.

4. Edifier H840 Audiophile Headphone

Edifier H840 Audiophile HeadphoneOne of the most affordable product in this list of best studio headphones under 100, you can pick these Edifier H480 headphones for a complete studio use. These audiophile headphones come with closed ear feature which channels complete sound leak protection and also fits comfortably on ear too.

These Edifier headphones also feature noise cancellation system which results in providing crystal clear sound to the user.

These H480 headphones are also available in with and without mic design too. They come with 40 mm driver and the soft leather earmuff gives comfortable experience for longer duration use. These headphones are quite durable and also comes with 1 year of warranty too.

The headband is flexible and adjustable giving perfect fit and the 2 meter long cord is long enough for comfortable use. The design is quite robust and the steel reinforcement design gives a strong exterior to the headphones too. They are also quite lightweight and flexible and can be adjusted to fit anywhere and hence perfect for carrying around too.

5. Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Headphone

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X HeadphoneThe cheapest of all in this list, Audio Technica ATH-M20X are a professional monitor headphones. Despite being so affordable in terms of price, they are incorporated with all the advanced features which should be there in studio headphones.

Acing the category of best studio headphones under 100, the ATH M20X are a 40mm driver headphones which are specially designed to function well in low-frequency condition to give an enhanced performance.

The design of these headphones are quite impressive and hence provides great sound isolation effect. The cable provided along with it is 3 meters long but non-detachable and it is also accompanied with ¼ inch snap-on adapter. They are highly preferred for tracking as well as mixing.

The frequency response range of these headphones vary from 15Hz to 20,000Hz and also comes with sensitivity for even 96dB sound. These are available in black color and with adjustable and flexible headband facility. They are perfect to use in even loud environment and provides an enhanced effect for the maximum performance.

6. Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphone

Grado SR80e Prestige Series HeadphoneSR80e headphones by Grado belongs to the prestige series and they are also one of the most advanced headphones in this list of best studio headphones under 100. From gaming to studio use, Grado SR80e makes a perfect option for all types of use.

These headphones are accompanied with 4 conductor cable and no matter whatever sound gear you use like guitar, keyboard, drumset, they work exceptionally well with all of them.

Working on open air principle, their frequency response range varies from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Attached with 6.5mm golden adapter at one end, these headphones perfectly eliminates noise. The new driver design used in Grado SR80e includes a plastic housing which moves air and reacts in a detailed way towards sound effects.

Having one of the coolest designs ever, their elimination property of transient distortion makes their sensitivity to 99.8dB/mW. You might find is hard to adjust to the headphone design in start but soon you will get habitual for it. The lightweight and more plastic involvement makes it best suitable for hour-long music sessions.

7. Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphone

Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor HeadphoneSpecially designed for heavy-duty usage, Sony MDRV6 is one of the best studio monitor headphones you are ever going to find. They are equipped with 40mm drivers which are a wonderful source of powerful and crystal clear detailed sound.

The headphones are accompanied with 10 feet long cord which ends on 3.5mm plug included with ¼ inch adapter. However, the cord is not detachable which is a bit of set back here.

To improve the power handling of these headphones, they are associated with voice coil wire made up of copper clad aluminum. Other features associated with these MDRV6 headphones are external noise cancelation property, frequency response range of 5Hz to 30 KHz, padded headband with adjustable strap, folding ear-cups etc.

Sony MDRV6 also offers an improved sensitivity as compared to other best studio headphones under 100 which is of 106dB/mW. They are also integrated with rugged and robust design allowing heavy-duty use. Although they are not lightweight but the ergonometric design distributes the weight equally which makes them suitable for long studio sessions.

8. Shure SRH440 Professional Headphone

Shure SRH440 Professional HeadphoneAlthough expensive than other headphones in this list, the advanced features on such a low price makes Shure SRH440 one of the best budget studio headphones in this list. They are not only perfect for professional studio recording sessions but also for home use too.

These headphones comes with close ear circumaural design which is perfect when it comes to eliminating noise and outside voice even in loud environment.

You are provided with a 10 feet long cable and similar to very few best studio headphones under 100, it comes with the detachable functionality. Along with the cable you get a user guide, ¼ inch gold plated adapter and a carry bag too.

The ear cups are padded which gives a very comfortable experience and these are replaceable too. These headphones are mainly used for mixing because of their high power handling and high sensitivity. As far as headband is concerned, it is totally adjustable and flexible. The unique bayonet clip ensures to lock the detached cable into ear cup which proves the design is quite handy.

9. Superlux HD668B Dynamic Headphone

Superlux HD668B Dynamic HeadphoneOne of the most affordable options in the list of best studio headphones under 100, Superlux HD668B are basically a type of semi-open dynamic headphones. Although it lacks somewhere in technology when compared to other products but as far as pricing is concerned you cannot find a better option than this.

These headphones are more oriented towards producing natural sound and also cancels outer noise in order to deliver balanced and improved output.

They are quite lightweight in design and perfect for professional studio recording sessions too. Interestingly, you get 2 detachable cable with these pieces where one is 1 meter long and another one is 3 meters long.

Talking about the design, where ear cups are padded and comfortable for long use, the headband lacks flexibility and adjustment. However, the structure is strong and robust which promises durability and rough handling too. In fact, these headphones can also be integrated with iOS devices for phone control.

10. Koss Pro-4AA Studio Headphone

Koss Pro-4AA Studio HeadphoneAnd the final choice for the category of best studio headphones under $100 is Koss Pro-4AA which are studio quality headphones. One thing which readily catches your eyes about these headphones is their unique built and design which is quite modern and attractive.

However, these DJ styled headphones loses the ability of headband flexibility and adjustment and cannot be folded too for storage solutions.

Moving on further, it is the time to list down its technical details. So, these Koss Pro-4AA headphones come with a frequency response range of 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz. Although the headband lacks adjustment, but ear cups are cushioned which are perfect for longer duration of use.

The cord provided is coiled, 10 foot long and non-detachable with 0.25-inch plug. It also includes microphone mount hardware which is absent in almost all the best studio headphones under 100 enlisted above. The smart design also enables maximum bass and also tries to eliminate noise as much as possible.

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From mixing to recording to after play, now do everything with utmost ease through these best studio headphones under 100. With a comfortable ear base to providing all the advanced solutions, they are competent enough to keep up with your music requirements.

I hope these are the options you have been looking for. As per the prices are concerned, they usually keeps on fluctuating but mostly remains under 100 only and fulfills the affordability criteria totally. You can also look for the discount deals and coupons if any to save further on their deals.

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