11 Birthday Ideas for Husband [Unique & Romantic]

Birthday Ideas for Husband: If you are just married, then it seems difficult to arrange that special day for your husband without any mistake. I mean getting ideas about how to celebrate husband birthday differently especially if it’s his first birthday with you after marriage is the real task.


Guys don’t prefer just anything or cute things like chocolates, teddy bears or any stuffed toys so you have to think out of the box to make that day very special and memorable and it is possible by having some unique birthday ideas for husband.


He would love the efforts you make for his birthday, but if you want to create an impression on his mind, then you have to do something new other than just a bouquet of flowers. 

So keep these things in mind while giving him gifts: 

·         The gift you’re giving should express your love for him

·         It can be a practical gift that he can use in his life because that would remind him of you

·         Something that he likes  to own as any musical instrument or any tech gadget

·         Any personalized thing would be great that he can keep on his desk


So this is an outline of birthday ideas for husband, now to have a real birthday gift you have to go deeper to search some really exciting and surprising birthday gifts. Because now you are wives and wives have more responsibilities than girlfriends so the gift should express your love for him.

Birthday Ideas for Husband  

I know that you all are so excited to look for birthday ideas for husband so you can make him feel very special that he has the best wife in the world. So let’s just start with my list of unique birthday ideas for husband that are Romantic and spicy.

1). Try Something Sexy and Spicy With Him 

Sexy and Spicy

It is found to be the best romantic gifts for husband, so you can try something spicy for him. You can arrange a special night for him if you haven’t already done. You all know that husbands always love to see you sexy in bed and it is the right time to fulfill their wish. If you don’t know then read 15 Really Dirty Things to do In Bed.


If you do it wisely you will make him surprised, so don’t waste time and try to spice up things with him in bed. It can be your unforgettable 1st birthday gift for husband after marriage, so be smart and take this deal.


You don’t have to put many efforts, just present yourself in front of him as you are his birthday gift. Wrap yourself as you wrap the gifts so he can pull the wrapping and see his gift.


I mean you don’t have to wear anything except wrapping your body using the birthday ribbon and stand in the bedroom in front of his eyes, rest he would understand and now have a romantic and sexy night with him.


I know this is a hot idea among these birthday ideas for husband, so those wives who haven’t heard this idea before should try this and surprise him. 

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2). Prepare a Video of His Close Friends and Relatives

Well, it’s life, and everyone is busy with their employment and other stuff. So sometimes it is impossible to attend all the occasions and parties. There would be several friends and other people who won’t be able to connect with you at the birthday party of your husband.


There would be many people who won’t be able to greet him, but you don’t have to worry about it because you are going to give him the best surprise that he would least expect from you.


To make the mission possible, you have to know all his friends, close friends, and relatives that are unable to attend the occasion. You can also find the people whom he hasn’t seen from years. Now all you need to do is to ask them to make a small video wishing him happy birthday.


Seriously this can make his day and can be the best idea in this list of birthday ideas for husband. You need to install some chatting apps on your phone and request videos from every person he knows and as the last step combine these all and present him as his special birthday present.


He will surely get overwhelmed by this idea of you, and I’m sure he would leave you with lots of hugs and kisses. This gift will make you his ideal lady and the perfect love of his life.


You can search his contact directory, his old diaries where he put the phone numbers of his old friends and also his social networking group, so prepare yourself to get the best birthday ideas for husband.

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3). Sexy Treasure Hunt

Sexy Treasure Hunt


This idea is all about creating some notes and writing something sexy on all of these. Suppose if your husband is a working professional, so he goes to the office every day taking his all necessary things like his suitcase, lunch, files, phones and other business tings.


It is a spicy one among all these birthday ideas for husband where you have to write down naughty things on these small papers and just hide them in all this stuff that he carries to his office.


You know him better so you can hide these treasure notes where he can find easily. Arrange these notes like signs of finding his birthday present or finding you in a special place. So set these notes as a treasure hunt game and surprise him uniquely.

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4). Arrange a B’day Wish in the Newspaper Corner


You all read a newspaper daily, and so are your husbands. These newspapers provide corners where you can publish anything or just any advertisement. To use these newspaper corners for wishing your husband a merrier birthday will be interesting and out of box idea.

B’day Wish in the Newspaper CornerYou just need these corners for your personal use to make this idea the best from all the birthday ideas for husband. 

So you know the newspaper he reads every morning, you just need to book your space in this newspaper. Now you need to use some lovely headlines for wishing him birthday. Also, a picture of him with you will be great.


After publishing it, you’re all set, now you only have to see his face when he finds this slot while reading the newspaper. He will be flattered for sure and will get surprised like never. He will thank you from the bottom of his heart for this much effort to make his day special. 

5). Invite His Colleagues to Wish Him

I think this is going to be the best idea from my list of best birthday ideas for husband. To have a successful plan you have to invite his colleagues and close friends on his birthday. 

Invite His Colleagues to Wish Him


You can also invite any family members with whom he hardly meets in a year. When he sees all these unexpected people, it will be a real surprise for him, and he will greatly thank you for this precious moment. 

6). Gift Him His Favorite Thing 

You both are married and love each other, so I’m sure you know his hobbies well than anyone else knows in this world. You surely know his interests, what he likes and what he loves. So just need to make a list of these items that he is interested in.


You can gift him just anything but to see a real surprise on his face you should gift him the things what he loves. So from this list of his favorite things, choose one or two to gift him on his birthday.


The gifts will surprise him if these are from his hobbies, it can be anything like a Guitar, a recipe book if he is indeed in cooking, a baseball bat, a new helmet, etc. so this way you can make his birthday special by choosing from these birthday ideas for husband. 

7). Wish Him Well With On a Radio Channel 

It is not just the best one but a unique one among all these birthday ideas for husband. If you and your husband love listening to these radio channels in your home or while driving your car, then radio broadcasting from his favorite Radio station in your voice will be an overwhelming surprise.


You can have your special line in his birthday that you always wanted to say to him and let him know how much you love him. You can also call him to that radio station after touching his birthday and see his reactions for his loving and caring wife. 

8). Have Some Flirt 

Have Some Flirt 

It is the best feeling for him when you flirt and that’s why this is the best fit from these birthday ideas for husband. If you haven’t flirted with him for weeks or month then it is the right time to remember him that you love him and you want him.


Believe me, this is the perfect gift for him because all he wants is his wife showing him endless love all the days. So start flirting with him and make all those feelings alive again after ages. 

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9). Design a Scrapbook and Surprise Him 

There are several moments in life that you want to remember for your entire life because these were the best one you spent with him. Then you don’t have to keep them in your mind because you can write those all in your scrapbook, write in detail as much as you can so whenever he reads all this matter he feels like lying all those moments again.


This will take your bit efforts but this will be a valuable gift for him, and it is worth doing from the category of homemade birthday gifts for husband. Other than just writing the text you can also add the pictures of those moments, and this will make your scrapbook like a speaking book.


So be a creative person for his birthday and make this birthday present special from my list of birthday ideas for husband. 

10). Plan a Romantic Evening 

Romantic Evening

After getting done with the entire day’s activities, it’s time to go with him on a romantic evening or set a romantic date just like you did it before marriage.


Husband love these types of romantic surprises for their wives, so chances are that he is going to love these romantic things that you would arrange for him. You have to plan these in advance in any place like near the beach, in a hotel or at his favorite destination.


After surprising him with the beauty of the place, have an exotic dinner together to make this moment memorable.  You two can stay there for a night and enjoy your romantic night gazing the sky and the stars, sharing your happiness and pain and feel the love and passion again. 

So choose your favorite one from these birthday ideas for husband and surprise him. 

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11). Cook His Favorite Food

cook his favourite food

If your husband is a great foodie creature then what can be better than cooking his favorite recipe? If he loves experimenting in the kitchen, then you can make him a new dish that he hasn’t tested before.


Fill his belly and her tongue with the awesome sea of taste and make this day enjoyable for him by adding his favorite drinks with the lunch.  You can surprise him the entire day from morning breakfast to dinner and don’t allow him in the kitchen.


So prepare delicious food every time he feels hunger and share the fun and taste together and end it with his favorite desserts, so I think this also deserves a place among the best birthday ideas for husband. 


Women get over excited when it comes to arranging something special for their loved ones, and if it is about their husband, then there is no limit of excitement. A woman always wants some best birthday ideas for husband to surprise him more than ever. 

My list of birthday ideas for husband is just for these wives who want to see their husband happy on their special day.

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