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Loving a guy who cares for you like your father is the best thing ever. When your lover becomes your husband, then many things change. He turns out to be more responsible and more mature. He takes care of you like a father does for his new born. Stability and calmness occurs in the relationship. It is something which is for a lifetime. This is something which is not temporary but for the eternity.

There are a lot of things in life which do not stay stable. Everything has the tendency to keep on changing, and so are the relationships. One day you may seem happy with someone but another day can bring tension and stress in your relationship.

These ups and downs are more likely to occur in the relationship of husband and wife.

It is one of the most delicate relationships among all. A girl leaves her home and relatives to become someone’s wife. But this is not all. Husband also plays his part well to keep a relationship going well. His efforts may go unnoticed, but he is also as responsible for a happy relationship as a wife is.

Practicality is very much important in life. Love cannot buy you all the essentialities of life. So you should be supporting your husband in every phase of life. Because he is the one who works hard to fulfill all your desires.

Take some time out of your busy schedule to cherish the efforts of your husband. You can start this from his birthday. If you are not able to make out the birthday gifts for husband, then I am here for you.

30+ Birthday Gifts for Husband

I have listed out various affordable birthday gifts for him which are very useful. Instead of buying a luxurious and lucrative show piece, you should buy something which is needed by your husband. Here is all what can give you inspiration or can be directly used as the birthday gift for him.

  • DSLR Camera

Happy birthday gifts for husbandYou would have seen too many photography pages on Facebook these days. It is happening because photography is now too main stream for the people to follow as a passion. Many people want to make a career out of photography. But this is not necessary that your husband thinks the same. But to make him feel relieved from his office work, you can draw his attention towards photography.

In this machinery life, it is really important to take some time out for you. And photography does the same. It will make your husband loves the nature through its lenses.

It can be one of the most amazing gifts ideas. As per the concern of the brands, then there are many available in the market. You can go for the professional Canon, Nikon and many other brands for the DSLR camera. These cameras are the one which are used by the professionals. And after some time he will be very much comfortable in using it.

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  • Tablet

Happy birthday gifts for husbandFor a hard working guy like your husband, a tablet can be one of the most perfect birthday gifts for boyfriend. A tablet can be really helpful in all his office work and many more too. For his leisure time he can play different games in it. And it is really compatible to use numerous apps which may seem a bit difficult to use in our cell phones.

As per the price and brands is a concern then you having numerous options in it. If you want an affordable tablet, then brands like Samsung and Lenovo are something that you can go for. If you want to focus on the quality, then iPad are also a great option.

By connecting the auxiliary keyboard and mouse, it can be used like the laptop itself. It will increase the ease of accessing of a tablet to a higher and professional extent.

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  • New Smartphone (iPhone or Android)

Happy birthday gifts for husbandIf your hubby is making excuses every now and then to not buy a new smartphone then, you can be the one to get him that. This can be a really wise move to get him a new smartphone as the anniversary gifts for husband.

In this modern world it is really important to stay updated with the technology. So, you should also make your hubby upgraded with every new gadget and devices. It is so affordable to buy the smartphones these days. And you should be the one taking advantage of this fact.

You can pick any smartphone from the trusted companies like Samsung, Micromax, Apple, Motorola and many more. It is so important that you get such phone which has proper data storage capacity. And make sure it has a great front and rear camera too. This is what required the most these days.

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  • Watches

Happy birthday gifts for husbandNo other can value the time more than the one who works till wee hours in the office. He knows that even a single extra second can get him to be paid more. He knows that what the real worth of a weekend is. After being screwed for the entire week, he finally gets some time off his busy schedule.

To keep him on the time forever you can get him a classy wrist watch as one of the birthday gifts for husband.

There are more than hundred brands that offer you the quality wrist watches. Some of the brands are very much well known like Fastrack, Titan, Timex, Citizen and many more. If you want the luxury watches then Armani, Rado, Fossil, Tissot are the best brands.

Along with the case of the watch, you can tag some message chits in it to value the time. These classic gifts for your men are always cherished the most.

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  • Home Theatre System

If you do not wish to give him a projector but still wants to do something like that then home theatre system can be a smart choice. It is adapted to the modern technology and a really smart device. It converts your TV set into a mini home theatre. Now you do not need to go for the multiplexes and watch the movies.

Happy birthday gifts for husband

You can watch them at home that too in HD quality. I would strongly recommend you to go for the home theatre system instead of the projector as birthday gifts for your men.

Home theatre systems are a bit expensive, but they show the better quality of videos instead of the projectors. You can go for any kind of home theatre systems depending upon the budget. Companies like Samsung, Toshiba, Lenovo and many more offer the home theatre system sets. It is really one of the coolest birthday gifts.

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  • Power Balance Band

Happy birthday gifts for husbandOnly showing concern for him is not enough for the harsh life of these days. Some solid steps should be taken to prevent him from the health issues. As a wife, it should be your duty to keep an eye on the health of your husband. But you cannot be with him all the time. So you should prefer such birthday gifts for husband which can do it on your behalf.

It is claimed to use holographic technology. It resonates with and responds to the natural energy field of the body and increase the sporting capability of a person.

It increases the performance capabilities of a person. It is also found that they increase the stamina somehow for a longer run. If your husband is an athlete then it can be one of the perfect birthday gifts for boyfriend. You can also pick this one as the gift if your husband loves to jogging and running in the morning.

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  • Men Grooming Kit

Happy birthday gifts for husbandGrooming themselves is not only the right of a woman but also of a man too. Although there are not many things that are used for the men’s grooming but still there are a bit of them available. You can pick these things as gifts for husband.

You should not resemble it from the shaving kit. It is a bit different from the shaving set of a man. It includes the things of the body care and skin care. It is comprised of the skin care products like moisturizer, gel, men’s cream and many more.

You can also get him face dirt remover. It is a nice product to groom a men’s skin. As the men’s skin is really tough and harsh so you should always pick some quality products for him. Brands like Nivea, Park Avenue, Garnier and many others offer the best products in it. It is such a nice gesture towards him through the gifts for your men.

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  • Luxury Perfumes

Happy birthday gifts for husbandSmell is the individuality of a person. Many times a person is remembered by his remarkable fragrance. So it is important every time to smell perfect. A quality perfume is that which not only smells awesome but also stays for a long time. It should be durable for the entire day, and the smell should not be pungent to tickle someone’s nose.

Yes, you are getting me right. This is the time to gift your man his signature smell of all time. Perfumes can be such a nice gifts for your husband.

Instead of buying a single bottle of perfume, you can get him the miniature set of different fragrances of the same brands. The miniatures of the Dior are the best smelled. But if you want to go for something strong then Park Avenue is the best brand for men. Apart from it, other brands include Gucci, Channel, Axe and other ones.

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  • Gym Subscription

This is one more step towards the fitness of your husband. If you are seeing him getting obese day by day then getting him a gym subscription as birthday gifts for husband would be perfect. The robotic lifestyles of the people make them sit in the office and work like hell. It ultimately results in the obesity and mental stress.

It is really important to pay attention towards the drowning health of your hubby before it gets too late.

Gifting the gym subscription as the birthday gifts for husband is such a nice and thoughtful present. Make sure that the gym subscription should be of at least three months. This much time is required to get a person in shape.

The gym should have the proper machines and proper diet plan too. Try to choose for such gyms which are joined by his friends. It will make him feel more comfortable out there.

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  • Projector

Happy birthday gifts for husbandYou must be thinking that how can projector be such a nice choice as birthday gifts for your hubbi?

Then you need not worry about it at all. Your husband was a guy someday. And it is in his blood to do something exceptional with his squad of boys. So getting him a projector as his birthday gift would be the best thing ever for him.

To enjoy the love for movies, projector is the perfect device for it. Now instead of going for a movie outside you would prefer to watch it at home with him on the projector. It will give you guys a thrilling experience of watching movies or some other videos at home.

There are a lot of projectors available in the market. But choosing the right one is really necessary. You can choose the Epson Projector for it. As it is one of the best quality projectors.

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  • Golf Kit

Happy birthday gifts for husbandJust like any other women you too would have felt annoyed with the habit of your husband to spread his golf equipment here and there. But still it is the most perfect game that is played by your hubby on the weekends. It can be out of interest or out of friends. But your man can get attracted to the golf at any point of time.

If he loves to play golf with his club people, then golf kit can be the perfect gifts for your boy. How to select the best golf kit?

You can get a wooden golf kit for him. It is one of the finest golf kits that one can have. It comes with the set of various equipments in it. a golf ball, wooden golf clubs, ball markers, wooden tees, and a perfect golf bag to carry these things are a perfect gold kit.

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  • Gym Bag

Happy birthday gifts for husbandIf you are opting for the gym subscription for him as the gifts for your handsome hubbie, then you should also think about the other things too. You can also get him a gym bag too. It will be really helpful to carry his gym clothes, water bottle and other important things too. It can be such a nice birthday gifts for husband this time.

Along with taking care of his health, you should also take care of his way to gym too. This can be a really cool present for him on his birthday.

You can go for the brands like Reebok, American Tourister, Nike and many more. You should pick a spacious gym bag for him so that he can keep his belongings in it. Also, choose the barrel bags as the gym bags as they are the coolest one to pick from.

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  • Leather Flap-over Case

Happy birthday gifts for husbandIf you are irritated with the habit of your husband to lose his things every time he goes on a holiday then here is your solution. It happens that he place his razor somewhere else and the shaving cream somewhere else. But now he can arrange them all in a single case.

You can buy a leather flap over case as one of the birthday gifts for husband. This is perfect for the office use too.

He can keep his office files, purse, keys, cards, pen and many other things in this case. This case is suitable to keep the heavy things like tablets too. Now he would not have to lose his pen drives and hard drives because they can be kept safely in this leather case. This piece of awesomeness is just perfect to keep all the important things of your husband.

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  • Shaving Gift Set

Happy birthday gifts for husbandShaving kit is another present that can be used for birthday gifts for husband. This shaving kit (shaving brush, shaving cream, shaving shop) can be one of the nicest and very useful gifts for him. This shaving kit should include all the things that he wants and what required.

It should contain a shaving cream, kit, brush, after shave and many other things too. Make sure that you buy the best brand for him. You can go for the brands of Nivea, V-john and other for the shaving products. You can also keep the beard gel in it. For a complete grooming and shaving kit, it is important to keep all the things in mind.

Along with the gift set, you can also keep something funny in the kit. You can draw some fake moustache and keep in it to give it a personalized touch.

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  • Car Phone Charger

Happy birthday gifts for husbandIf your husband spends most of his time travelling somewhere out of business purpose then it is more likely that the battery of his phone gets discharged. Because of the travelling, he cannot get enough time to charge his phone. As a result, you become worried about him. It always remains in your mind that whether he is fine or not.

Now this problem has a perfect solution. You can get a car phone charger for him as the gifts for your boyfriend.

This device is perfect because it helps in charging the phone at a very fast speed. This device is compatible to charge not only the cell phones but also the tablets and music players too. It also charges the other gadgets too. It is the most perfect gift to be free from all the worried of your husband.

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  • Luxury Pen

Happy birthday gifts for husbandIf you are giving him an office diary then you should also get a luxury pen for him too. There are a lot of types of pens available in the market. Some are just like the usual ones but some are really luxurious and classy.

There are the options of choosing between fountain pen and ball pen too. You can choose from the brands like Pierre Cardin, Park Avenue and many more. This can be a perfect gifts for your sweet guy.

These luxury pens are really durable and classy too. They look perfect on your three piece suit. It makes you look more sophisticated and gentleman. It is one of the classiest gifts that can be given to a man.

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  • Bifold Wallet

Happy birthday gifts for husbandThis is yet another addition in the category of gifts for him. A wallet is really necessary for a man to keep all his small belongings safely. From the photo of her closed ones to the currency, everything can be kept safely in the wallet.

This wallet is a bit different from the regular ones. It is a Bifold wallet. It gives more space to him to keep his things well arranged. The material of the wallet should always be of leather to keep it safe from the damage. The color of the wallet can be brown or dark coffee.

This is a nice wallet to keep all the things arranged. It is really helpful in keeping the things like credit cards, identity proof, photos, and other things.

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  • Popcorn Maker

Happy birthday gifts for husbandThis may sound weird to you that how can popcorn maker be the perfect birthday gifts for him? But this is really useful gift that can be given to your husband. Many a time you would have missed some part of the movie because you were busy preparing the popcorn for your hubby.

But that is it. Now he can make popcorns on his own. And this is quite simple too. This is totally a crazy gift, but it is worth choosing for.

He can have popcorn whenever he wants. And now when you will be holidaying then he would not be calling you and asking you that how to make popcorns? This is totally useful for your husband, and it is easy to use too.

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  • Crazy Bookmarks

Happy birthday gifts for husbandIf your husband loves to read the novels and other books in the leisure time, then this is the perfect gift for him. In the meanwhile, he may forget where he was the last time he was reading the book. This is the time when he needs bookmarks to mark the last page where he was reading.

You can get him some amazingly crazy bookmarks along with the novels as the birthday gifts for him. You can prepare these bookmarks on your own. As the bookmarks, you can pick the moustache designs, goggles designs, beer bottle designs and many others too.

You can also get these bookmarks from any bookstore too. There are the ultimate bookmarks available online too. Each time when he will be using these bookmarks, he will definitely remember you and will thank you for the same.

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  • Tie

Happy birthday gifts for husbandTie is another piece of cloth which is really important to complete the three-piece suit of a man. The classy gentleman look cannot be achieved until it is complimented by the stunning tie. There are a huge variety of ties available in the market.

Apart from the ties, bow can also be used as the birthday gifts for boyfreind. Ties like plain tie, lined tie, check tie are always in fashion. Brands like Louis Phillip, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani and many other offers you the quality ties.

Instead of getting him a tie from the market you can get him a tie sewed by yourself. This is really simple to sew a tie on your own. This will give a personalized touch to your efforts. You can get him more than a single tie. It will compliment all his shirts and would make nice gifts for him.

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  • Classy Shirt

Happy birthday gifts for husbandClassy attires are always the nicest choice as the velentines day gifts for husband. For the men clothing line, you can either go or the material of fine quality and get it stitched from the favorite tailor of your husband. Or you can also go for the readymade garments too. It all depends upon the choice of your husband.

There are various brands of the raw material available if you want to stitch the shirt. Brands like Raymond’s, Linen Club, Polo and many more offers the best quality of materials. And if you want a readymade shirt then you can go for the brands like Louis Phillip, US Polo Association, Crimson Club, Jack and Jones, Levi’s and many more.

This shirt should be totally formal. Sophistication is really necessary in the terms of clothing. This is how you can get the perfect gifts for your husband.

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  • Set of Cufflinks

Happy birthday gifts for husbandCufflinks are the auxiliary buttons that are used as the buttons for the sleeve of the shirt. These cufflinks are really classy and sophisticated. You can get them from any relevant store. They look better than the actual buttons to tie up the sleeves of the shirt.

You can gift the set of cufflinks as the gifts for your business person. There are many types of cufflinks available in the market. Some are of golden color, and some are of silver. Some have the beautiful texture, and they really look classy.

There are numerous shapes and sizes of the cufflinks available according to the likes of the people. Brands like Burberry, David Yurman, Louis Vuitton and many more offer you some exclusive cufflinks for men. A perfect gentleman is the one who does not let go even a single detail of his clothing unnoticed. It is the class that stays for long.

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  • Golden Name Bracelet

Happy birthday gifts for husbandThe investment in gold is the investment in future. Gold is something whose value is always going to be precious. It is something which looks perfect all the time. The shine, the glow and the charm of the gold jewellary always stays the same with the passage of time.

You would have seen many gold jewellary for the women. But this is the time to invest in gold for your man and that too in a sweet way.

You can get a bracelet for him. On this golden bracelet engrave the name of your husband to make it personalized. This light weight bracelet will look classy as well as sweet gesture from you. It is one of the nicest gifts for him. You can also go for the personalized gold ring or chain too. But the bracelet is going to look better than the rest of them.

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  • Adventurous Outing

Men love adventures in their life. Of course, that is why they married you. Well, am just kidding. Actually, no man can see his life doomed in the four walls of his office. He loves wild expeditions, unplanned trips, crazy experiences and many more things. Many times, you would have seen him missing his old college days. He used to go on camping and road trips with his friends.

You can make all his dreams come true on his birthday. You can plan an adventurous outing for him as the birthday gifts for husband.

Instead of making the same plans on all his birthday, you can break the norms this time. Go for some forest safari, bungee jumping, scuba diving, river rafting and other breathtaking experiences.

You can also go for some road trip to anywhere. Invite your entire friend’s group for a camping outside the city. And it is going to be the best gifts for him this time.

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  • Leather Belt

Happy birthday gifts for husbandThe leather belt is just another essentiality in a man’s wardrobe. This is really necessary for a man. It gives a complete look to you when you wear the formals. Especially when you tuck in your shirt, then a classy belt must be there on your belly to make it look perfect.

The leather belt is just another addition in the gifts for men list. This is really important to have a good quality leather belt of brown and black color in a man’s wardrobe.

You can pick the best quality of belts from the brands like Armani Jeans, Woodland, Channel, Gucci and many more. These brands offer the belts which are durable and look classy and sophisticated too. Along with the belt a decent buckle is also necessary. So make sure that you buy the right one for your hubby.

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  • Office Diary

Happy birthday gifts for husbandAn office diary can be such a nice birthday gifts for husband. A person, who spends most of his time on the official work, must have an office diary. This can be really useful for writing important stuff of office and other things too.

Like the women write their personal and other stuffs in their diary. Just like that men also need a journal kind of thing which can be used for writing the important things. They can write the official things of their office in that.

These office diaries can also be used for writing the expenditure of money if he is into a business. You should definitely go for a leather covered office diary. Leather covers it from the damage through dust and water. It should also have space for keeping important papers and a pen too. It should be flexible yet strong. This can be one of the nicest and sophisticated birthday gifts for husband.

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  • Superman Goodies

He is the superhero of your life. He cares for you like the Superman. He prevents you from all the worries and tensions and suffers alone. He works hard to keep your desires and needs fulfilled. He never shows that how much hardship he has to do to keep you happy. He is the real Superman of your life. He may not have super powers, but he has his love which is above all the things.

This is the right time to salute the Superman of your life in your own way. Get him the Superman goodies as the birthday gifts for husband.

You can go for the Superman hoodies. Superman T-Shirt can also be preferred as per the weather concerns. There are also other things like Superman wrist band and Superman bags. All these accessories would look really cool. You can also pick others superheroes if you want.

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  • Trimming Kit

Happy birthday gifts for husbandHaving beard is the new cool among the men. A guy without beards looks like a small kid. But moustache and beard make him look like a grown man. This look not only makes him hot but also influential too. This is the most followed trend these days.

So, why not to help him care for his ultimate looks? Yes, get him a trimming kit for his beard as one of the birthday gifts for your men.

He will be on the top of the world for sure after getting a superb trimming kit to groom his beard. You can go for the Phillips Trimming Kit for men. It offers you a trimmer along with different types of brushes. These brushes are used for keeping the desired thickness of the beard. Along with it, the warranty card is also given. This kit is just perfect for your man on his special day.

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  • Set of Hair Gel

Happy birthday gifts for husbandGrooming their hairs is not only the cup of tea of women but also of men too. They should also be taking care of themselves more often. Now you can be the one who can help your husband on this issue. Yes, you can pick up the complete set of the hair gel as the gifts for husband.

This set is comprised of the different hair gels for men. Each gel is for the different styling of the hairs. Choose the quality product to woo your man.

You can pick the products of Gatsby, Set Wet, Nykaa and many others. You can also add some large bottles of men’s shampoo and conditioner in it. It will be looking like a great hair care hamper for your hubby. It will be like the best hair care set for him as the birthday gifts for husband.

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  • Handmade Greeting Card

Happy birthday gifts for husbandAbove all the materialistic things what counts the most is your love for your husband. It is the backbone of your relationship. This is what needed the most in all the stages of life. Something which is done by you will count more than any other things.

So you can prepare small greeting cards as the gifts for husband on your own. And instead of making so many cards, you can make a single one too. But the greeting card should be very cute and personalized.

You can add his photos on the card. All his past memories to refresh his achievements on the card can also be a nice idea. You can also make him laugh through some crazy photos of childhood. There are a lot of ideas available for the greeting cards on the birthday of your husband. It is simple yet the best birthday gifts for husband by far.

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There are various products which can be used for birthday gifts for your husband. I could not list some of the products which can also be used. Things such as a small kit for the daily usage things, Socks set of Nike, Tie pins, personalized ring and many more. There are things which you can make out on your own to get to your husband.

Some of the things can prove to be very useful for him. For example, if his trimming kit has become very old then you can get him a complete set of the trimming kit (Nose Hair, Ear Hair, Head Hair). Some of the things depend upon the Do It Yourself idea. Things like greeting cards and albums should be prepared on your own to give it a personalized touch.

All the gifts for him listed out here are really affordable. You can buy them easily from any nearby shop. They are really useful, and your husband is going to love all the products for sure.

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