Best Cheap Action Camera Under 100 Dollars

We have kicked into the New Year and make sure that you do not waste this one too. Do some adventures and get out of your comfort zone and do not forget to capture them too. Of course, the trip consumes most of your money so you definitely need best cheap action camera for video recording and capturing sporty images.

Best Cheap Action Camera Under 100 Dollars

See, most of the travelers want such devices and gadgets which are not only advanced but affordable too. Of course, we have GoPro as one option but these camera are quite expensive. Hence, you need to check out this list of best budget action camera which are mentioned right below.

1. Akaso EK7000 4K Sports Action Camera

Akaso EK7000 4K Sports Action CameraAvailable on much lesser price as compared to other action cameras, this Akaso EK7000 makes the most perfect and top choice for the list of best cheap action camera. Enabled with wifi feature and ultra HD recording option, you can make the most out of it easily.

This action camera can be recording on 4K quality and records at the rate of 25fps. Also, when it comes to taking pictures then it supports 12 MP high-quality camera which can capture up to 30 frames per second.

It clearly states that in terms of quality of images and videos, this Akaso EK7000 is way ahead than other action cams. Along with the camera you get various attachments too like mount, remote control, tethers, USB cable, stand, waterproof case and many more.

Moreover, AKaso EK7000 supports various other filter devices and even GoPro mount too. It has got this great battery life of 90 minutes and the built in editing tools allows you to improvise the media and share it directly through the app. The waterproof features further make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

2. Campark ACT74 Action Camera

Campark ACT74 Action CameraAnother 4K recording camera in this list of best camera under 100 is Campark ACT74 action camera. This camera comes with Sony sensor and also supports recording at the rate of 30 fps that too in 4K quality. Talking about the image capturing, you get 16 MP camera for it and ultra HD quality too.

The 2 inch camera screen allows you to comfortably see the beautiful moments you have captured and along with it the 170-degree ultra-wide lens makes sure that you do not miss anything.

Despite being one of the best cheap action camera, it has features which can put even expensive and popular action cams to shame. Along with the camera you get various attachments like batteries, cover, mounts, stands etc. If you are still worrying about the memory storage then you can extend it further with 32 GB SD Card.

Doing adventurous sport? Well, do not worry because the Wifi remote makes sure that you can capture everything with utmost ease. Just like other cameras it also support the waterproof feature up to 30 meters which makes it perfect for capturing your activities in water sports like swimming, surfing etc.

3. FitFort 4K Action Camera

FitFort 4K Action CameraBe it a fun road trip or extreme adventurous sports or even great environment conditions, the 4K action camera by Fitfort works amazingly in all the situations. It records in full HD mode and the 2 inch LCD screen displays you everything which has been recorded and captured yet.

A wonderful option which you can try out for the category of best cheap action camera which is not only fully-featured and advanced but also quite affordable too.

In this very package, you get a total of 19 accessories like cover, mounts, stands, batteries and many more attachments including travel bag too. On 4K quality it supports 25 fps capturing while for better rate the quality degrades. The camera is 12 MP and it also has 170 degree wide angle support too.

The lithium batteries support 90 minutes of recording and the 2.4 G wireless remote ensures capturing the perfect moments without much hassle. This action cam is waterproof too and you can use it for anything like biking, hiking, swimming, skiing and many other activities.

4. BrosFuture 4K Action Camera

BrosFuture 4K Action CameraIf you are still looking for best action cameras under 100 then you can consider the BrosFuture 4K which is an excellent action camera to capture all the fun and adventurous memories. Available with all the required features of waterproof, wifi enabling and high quality recording, this makes a perfect choice for budget cameras.

It comes with a complete accessories kit which contains items like batteries, waterproof case, support bracket, helmet base, charger, adhesive tape, holder and many more attachments.

This BrosFuture 4K camera comes with a 2 inch HD screen which brings you clear display of your recordings. You get 16 MP camera capturing crystal clear images and 4K recording at the rate of 30 fps. The built-in Wifi facility and 2.4G remote also gives additional hands-free functionality to the device.

For further ease you get app control of this action camera which is a really common feature amongst all the other best cheap action camera. The batteries are rechargeable and you can increase the storage with additional micro SD card too.

5. YI Action Camera (US Edition)

YI Action Camera (US Edition)If there could be a legit winner for the cutest camera ever then this award would have gone to YI action cam of US edition hands down. Available in cool colors of black, white and lime green, this cam is not only exceptional for its looks but for its features too.

YI has always been a great option when it comes to the category of best cheap action camera and this cool edition camera is a great inclusion in it.

This action cam is powered with 16 MP high quality camera with image sensor ability to make sure that you miss nothing. This camera is also equipped with wifi, 2.4G remote control and also Bluetooth feature too. However, it does not support 4K resolution of recording and records in 1080p at the rate of 60fps.

When compared with other action cameras in this list, this lacks somewhere in terms of technical advancements. Where other cameras support 170 degree, it approaches 1550 degree wide angle support only.

6. Veho VCC-003-MUVI-BLK Micro Digital Action Camera

Veho VCC-003-MUVI-BLK Micro Digital Action CameraThe next one is a unique addition for the list of best action cam under 100 as this is a micro action camera. Quite lightweight and handy in nature, this one is extremely simple to handle and perfect for not only action sports but for surveillance and motorcycling too.

As this is a micro camera, the specifications are quite low as compared to other best cheap action camera enlisted here.

It offers 2 MP camera and recording in only 640X480 resolution. However, when it comes to extreme sports this camera turns out to be a great option as this is so simple to use. Apart from the built-in 4GB memory you can also use additional SD card of up to 8 GB in it too.

This Veho VCC-003 camera only offers additional USB cable only and for mounts and other stands you would have to purchase them separately only. You can easily attach this camera to literally anything and with hands free mode you are free to record whatever you want.

7. APEMAN 4K Action Camera

APEMAN A80 4K Action CameraI am sure you must have heard about this 4K action camera from Apeman before as it is quite affordable and popular too. It is equipped with every single feature which is requires to capture all your hilarious moments from the adventure trip.

In fact, I personally feel that this is one of the best cheap action camera owing to its price and the accessories you get with it.

Talking about the features it has 2 inch LCD screen, 170 degree wide angle capturing, 20 MP camera for capturing high quality images, waterproof functioning up to 30 meters in water, wifi enabled, complete accessory kit, waterproof cover etc.

This camera by Apeman captures videos at 25 fps in 4K quality and there are other modes available too. Also, you just need to download the supporting app and you can directly share and edit pictures through it which is quite handy and saves a lot of time too. I think this is the best you can get at this price and also one perfect companion for your adventures too.

8. EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera

EKEN H9R 4K Action CameraNext one to join the row of best cheap action camera is Eken H9R action camera enabling 4K recording quality. It has so many recording quality modes like 25fps in 4K, 30fps in 1080P, 60fps in 720P and many more. Moreover, it has this outstanding affordability and quality factor which makes it a perfect option to opt for.

However, where other action cams are offering up to 20 MP of camera, Eken H9R offers only 12 MP but the wide angle support remains similar which is 170 degree.

So, make sure that you make most of your New Year with this amazing option of best action camera 2022. Along with the camera you get a complete kit having so many accessories like tripod, USB cable, mounts, waterproof housing and many more.

It also offers 2 inch LCD screen and supports JPG format for photos. It also offers waterproof functioning up to 100 feet in water and other features are wifi support, storage improvement with SD card, additional batteries, 2.4G remote and many more.

9. ICONNTECHS IT 4K Action Camera

ICONNTECHS IT 4K Action CameraSo, finally we have an action camera in this list of best cheap action camera which is especially made for water sports like scuba diving, surfing, swimming, underwater sports etc. You might not have heard about this cam company before this is something you can surely rely on.

It is powered by Novatek chipset NT96660 combined with Sony sensors which makes it fully-featured and effective and also helps in noise cancellation too.

IconnTechs IT 4K action camera is capable enough to capture everything from 70 to 170 degree wide angle range which means now you will not miss a thing while capturing the important moments of your life. In fact, quite like the modern camera, it allows you to focus on a specific spot too.

It allows up to 128 GB of additional storage through SD card and perfect for diving up to 30 meters deep making it one of the most reliable waterproof action camera in this list.

10. MGcool Pro 4K Action Camera

MGcool Pro 4K Action CameraFinally, you can end this list of best cheap action camera with Pro action camera by MGcool. It works like all the other action cams listed here and supports a number of functions and features which are offered by the formers ones too.

For example, it supports waterproof functionality which makes it perfect for underwater use and the wifi support allows you to set it on hands free through the remote control feature.

There is no doubt that MGcool Pro is surely one of the best action camera under 100 and offers a number of accessories along with it too like mount, kit, stands, USB cable etc. This is so affordable that you can actually consider it for gifting it to someone too.

Other features of this Pro action camera are long battery life of 100-120 minutes, durable waterproof case and it also comes with 12 months of warranty period too.

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The thing about these cheap action cameras is that they are as functional as any other popular action cameras and also they are perfect for your budget holidays too. I don’t think it is wise enough to spend too much on GoPro generations rather than picking these awesome stuffs.

So, make some smart decisions because when you will compare the prices of these best cheap action camera with those popular ones, you are going to find most of the functions and features quite similar. In fact, you can discover more such options on Amazon easily.

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