10 Best GoPro Alternative – Records Your Happiest Moments

Thinking about recording your adventures? I am sure the best action camera that comes to your mind for this is GoPro. But for the people who cannot afford this high-priced camera, I think they need to check out this section of best GoPro Alternative.

10 Best GoPro Alternative

There is no doubt that the technology offered by GoPro is just phenomenal but I think it is the time that we can move on to something else too. This is why I tried to pick best GoPro knockoff which are quite similar in terms of technology and also kind of affordable too. Here is the list of 10 best options you can check out to record all your adventures.

1. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30The first one to be mentioned for the list of best GoPro Alternative is Garmin VIRB ultra 30 action camera. This is a 4K action cam which captures ultra HD footage and provides you a screen of 1.75 inches for display. A comfortable grip and of course smooth recording on every terrain.

Used for professional purposes and adventure recordings, it is going to cost you $400 bucks. However, with features like hands-free/voice control and image capturing makes it worth.

Other important features of Ultra 30 that you should know are built-in sensors, amazing voice control even in underwater, GPS tracking, 3- axis image stabilization, mobile app for live streaming through the cam, simple operation with touchscreen interface and more advanced features in the row.

Apart from all the special features and functions, the only thing which is going to irk you about Garmin is that it performs over English voice control only. However, in terms of compatibility, connectivity, and performance, I don’t think you can find an action cam better than this in the entire list given here.

2. TomTom Bandit

TomTom BanditTomTom has a lot of products to offer and this Bandit Action camera is one of them. It perfectly matches the criteria to be in the list of cameras like GoPro and also has its own syncing mobile app too. The bandit action cam is a very handy device supporting 4K resolution and ultra HD quality to shoot your adventures like a pro.

One thing which I personally liked about this action cam is its built-in motion sensors. It automatically identifies your epic and hilarious moments and highlights them too.

This is highly affordable and way cheaper than most of other best GoPro alternative mentioned here. Other features of TomTom Bandit are up to 3 hours of battery life, mounting system accompanied, waterproof dive lens, easy editing through the app, configuration of speed, altitude, rotation etc. and many more.

A very lightweight device supporting various video qualities and can zoom up to 16 MP and 60fps capture too. This is the most affordable and easy to handle device which you are going to find in this list.

3. EK7000 4K Action Cam

EK7000 4K Action CamEK7000 is an action cam by Akaso which is a professional quality used for capturing wonderful memories and videos of up to 30fps. Be it bungee jumping or kayaking, now capture everything with this wonderful and splash proof best GoPro alternative.

One of the cheapest options in this list costing only $70, it also provides you the opportunity to zoom up to 12 MP and record in ultra HD quality too. I am sure you would love to see your memories in crystal clear quality.

AKASO has incorporated the wireless facility in this cam which allows you to use wrist remote control to capture moments. This convenient use is further assisted with features like long battery life and 2 rechargeable batteries, wifi and HDMI settings with 10 meters range, smart app, 100 feet waterproof recording and many more.

EK7000 works flawlessly in even extreme environment conditions too and with additional accessories, it becomes easier to use it at various locations. This cam also comes with up to 64 GB SD card compatibility too which gives you much needed extra storage solution.

4. YI 4K Action Camera

YI 4K Action CameraThis is the time to get involved in the YI technologies with this amazing option for GoPro like cameras in form of the 4K action camera offered by them. From live streaming to great Wi-Fi coverage, this action cam has all the features which are there in other such cameras too.

Incorporated with Ambarella CPU and up to 12 MP zoom for image capturing, you get amazing 2.19 inch screen to watch all your recorded moments with great ease.

YI action cam allows you to capture 30fps videos in 4K ultra HD quality which is so clear that it looks really professional. This cam is unique as it utilizes the 7 layers all glass technology to capture even the minute detail in your videos. I am sure this is one of the best GoPro alternative you have always been looking for.

Other qualities of YI 4K action cam includes 640X360 high-resolution camera with a viewable angle of 160 degree. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app syncing capability too which allows live streaming and video editing. The 3D noise cancellation is another feature which is kind of must for the adventurous shoots especially.

5. Olympus TG Tracker

Olympus TG Tracker

Ranging at $349, the TG Tracker by Olympus is another important mention to the list of best GoPro alternative. This is the time to record all your adventurous and breathtaking videos in ultra HD quality of this action cam. It has great coverage of 204 degree angle which gives a very wide view.

The high-speed lenses can cover even minute activities like an eagle’s eye. What you get additional is the LED light and 90 degree tilt out monitor adjustment which is not there in most of the other cameras mentioned here.

Other specifications and features of this action cam are built-in Wi-Fi, freeze-proof mechanism and great environment resistant technology, GPS tracking, waterproof, and shockproof system giving smooth recording in every situation, amazing strength and quite lightweight.

It has 5-Axis image stabilization too with amazing sensors providing complete information and great detailing in the videos. Apart from all the things, TG Tracker is a special cam for the professional purposes and I think it should definitely be your travel companion.

6. Sony FDR X1000V

Sony FDR X1000VWhen Sony is providing you an amazing gift of Camera technology then why to prefer other alternatives to GoPro? The Sony FDR X1000V is quite a powerful, compact in size and an adorable piece of technology which comes with the much-needed GPS tracker and Wi-Fi connectivity facility.

It promises professional quality videos of 4K grade along with high bitrates recording too. You would glad to know that it provides the much needed highlighting feature along with the cam too.

You should also know that this Sony product requires SDHC/SDXC memory card for 100mbps recording and it varies too. Talking about the features of this masterpiece then you get 170 degree coverage angle, steady and smooth shoots no matter what the terrain is like, HD images, slow motions, face paced every kind of recording and many more.

Sony FDR X1000V is a great option you can go for when discovering best GoPro alternative. It supports multiple formats and the in-built sensors are quite amazing when it comes to various environmental conditions. I am sure this baby is going to turn out outstanding for your adventurous recording sessions.

7. APEMAN A80 4K Action Camera

APEMAN A80 4K Action Camera

Amongst various products and technological gifts offered by Apeman, A80 is one phenomenal choice you can make. It is a 4K camera just like the rest of the best GoPro alternative and also provides 20MP camera too for wonderful shots and recordings.

And not to be forgotten that the waterproof nature is great enough for your underwater experiences. It has a 2 inch display screen with and app control too which is quite handy when it comes to Wi-Fi and remote operations.

Other aspects which you are going to love about this Apeman product are 4K recording at 25fps, multiple sensors, Wi-Fi and HDMI operations, up to 4 hours of battery life, 64 GB micro SD card support, LCD screen, handy and lightweight and of course easy to operate.

What you are going to love the most about A80 is its voice control system which supports multiple languages and gives you the best hands-free experience. Amongst other details, it involves great exposure and sensitivity, tripod compatibility and quite flexible adjustment.

8. Lightdow LD4000 Action Camera

Lightdow LD4000 Action CameraAmongst all the recognized and highly popular GoPro alternative, you would be wondering that why did I mention something simple like Lightdow LD4000? But actually, this is quite an affordable product and an interesting mention in this list too.

I know that it does not even support 4K but it has this 1080P HD recording option which is quite good too. It is a low-cost investment which can turn out to be a wonderful companion for mid-range travelers.

Now, talking about the technical specifications then it has this amazing 170 degree coverage angle with 1.5 inch LCD display screen. However, it supports only 12MP camera shoots but the video captures are up to 30 fps. Other features you get with this action cam are durable and waterproof technology, 1-year guarantee etc.

Looking for a rush buy, well then you can surely go for this as best GoPro alternative or I should say mini marvel. It might not be that competent enough but still good enough to be your adventure companion.

9. Floureon Y8-P Mini Action Camera

Floureon Y8-P Mini Action Camera

Another affordable and mini version of action cam is by Floureon in form of its Y8-P action camera. Despite its small size of 2 inch display, it has this amazing bunch of features that you cannot ignore it at all. From wireless connectivity to GPS tracking, you get it all in it.

Wanderlust people who are done with the expensive GoPro cams, I think they should try this product. Although the quality restricts to 1080P but it is still kind of effective.

It has 12MP camera zoom with 140-degree coverage angle. Other features associated with it are waterproof mechanism, 1-year warranty, 180-degree rotation for car mode, tachograph operation, HDMI cable support, multiple platform support/mounting etc.

I am sure this mini option for the list of best GoPro alternative would not disappoint you at all. In fact, it is actually quite good when it comes to comfortable accessing and long recording sessions.

10. SJCAM SJ7 Star Action Cam

SJCAM SJ7 Star Action Cam

And the last one to be included as one of the amazing GoPro competitors is SJ7 Star action cam by SJCAM. One thing which straightly attracts people towards it is its amazing metal body which gives additional strength and durability to it.

Other aspects of SJ7 which you should know are waterproof support up to 30 meters, 166 degree coverage, multiple format support etc.

Talking about other specifications, then these are 12 MP camera, 2 inch LCD screen, Wi-Fi and hands-free support, remote control settings, lightweight, about 2 hours of battery and storage size expendable to 128 GB through micro SD card.

Other camera modes of SJ7 which makes it included in the list of best GoPro alternative are slow-motion recording, multiple sensors, motion detection, stabilization, auto-balance, affordable prices and many more.


These camera which I mentioned here might not be that popular like GoPro but they are quite functional though. I mean when you will discover about the handiness and the features involved you would surely feel that why you didn’t think about buying them before.

These best GoPro alternative comes from various popular brands and you can check out their prices on Amazon whose links are mentioned along. While stepping out on various locations, the main thing you need is a handy camera which is functional enough to keep a track of all your activities and I am sure these options are just the perfect for it.

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