How to Make Your Period End Faster

Looking information that can help you in ” How to Make Your Period End Faster ?” this question, if yes the let’s begin..

When the period comes, you know that it is the time of pain, cramps, irritation and a total hassle. It’s like going to the restroom lie hundred times a day.

It is about those sleepless nights and spotted bed sheets and clothing. You get pads, tampons and blah blah blah just to end them cleanly as much as you can.

These periods can make you feel really suffer if there is an event going on and your periods are not going to end by that day.

In this situation, you think what if you can control your menstrual cycle or end them a day before.

So you may think how to make your period end faster naturally without taking any pill and just by using some home remedies.

Well to get you some comfort, I bring you some perfect solutions so you can find how to make your period end faster and get rid of that bloated stomach and all other period pains.

How to Make Your Period End Faster

So stay with my article here for make your period end faster without pills and reduce your period and enjoy your vacations or any party.

1). Exercise Regularly

Kegel Exercises

You need to follow a routine that includes cardiovascular exercise. It helps very much to promote your overall health and get you relax in your menstrual flow.

If you will add some exercise to your regular schedule then this can help you to make your period end faster.

When you exercise, it works in the way that stores less water in your body, and hence it prevents from bloating and cramps.

You can discuss with your doctor for any exercises that are best for your period’s issue, and you can also improve your hormonal health.

When you exercise, you also improve your BMI which is Body Mass index. It is necessary to have a perfect BMI because it plays the major role in your menstrual cycles.

If you are physically fit, you face a short period and light flow because you have less body fat.

Those who are unhealthy or fatty may get longer periods with heavy blood flow.

So, you should have some exercises like jogging for 25 minutes, body stretching, cycling and other light ones.

2). Say No to Tampons


Avoiding tampons is also necessary to work on how to make your period end faster. When you use tampons, they go inside and eventually block the blood flow.

Tampons usually come in the way so your blood store there for a long time, and this makes you facing long periods.

All in all, you experience increased number of days, so always use pads or sanitary napkins. Sanitary napkins don’t block the way and absorb the blood fast. So using sanitary napkins may help you greatly to make your period end faster.

3). Consume More Vitamin C

Vitamin C

The more you consume vitamin C, the more it helps to end your periods faster. When you consume things or the pills that contain Vitamin C, it helps to increase the levels of progesterone in your body.

It helps by stretching your uterine lining and allows the blood to flow down quickly. If these vitamin pills cause you any allergies like stomach upset or diarrhea, then you can take fruits that contain vitamin C, it will also help.

So include vitamin in your diet and see the amazing results in your next period. It keeps you from menstrual discomforts, and when you take vitamin C, it absorbs the iron fast and makes your blood vessels strong.

Some fruits and vegetables can be added to your diet like lemon, orange, kiwis, broccoli, berries, tomatoes, papayas, etc.

4). Apply Heat

heating pad

It is also an effective answer for how to make your period end faster. When you apply heat to your upper stomach, it encourages your system to flow down the blood quickly and without pain.

So the way, blood leaves your body faster and makes our menstrual period end faster. This method is very helpful for those who experience severe pain and relaxes your uterine muscles and helps you with pain.

You can adopt any method to provide heat to your abdomen. You can use hot water bag and place it on your lower abdomen for a few minutes and feel the comfort.

Or you can use Place a heating pad that heats while plugged in. Do this activity, 3-4 times a day until you feel relaxed.

If you are going to take a shower, then remember to take a warm bath and not the cold water. A warm bath is just right if you need relaxed muscles while struggling with your periods.

5). Get a Massage

massage during period

Massaging can be helpful if you are looking for how to make your period end faster. When you massage your abdomen, your muscles feel relaxed, and it helps to divert blood from the uterus, so you end up with your period early.

If you feel any discomfort in your periods, massaging take it all away and give you periods that are painless and bloating less.

You can take a few drops of oils like clary sage and lavender and mix these with warm almond oil.

Now take this oil in your hands and made gently your abdomen and pelvic areas. Take care that the body absorbs it completely so you can feel the comfort. Do it daily until your period ends.

6). Have an Intercourse

sex on periods

The entire concept of ending up periods faster is based on diverting the stored blood from the uterus. The more blood leaves your uterus, the more you end up your periods.

So, when you have an orgasm by masturbating or intercourse, you experience a severe flow, and this includes the blood also.

So to work on how to make your period end faster, have an orgasm so the blood can flow away from the uterus and can empty the space.

7). Get Lemon Help


Lemon does it quickly and ends up your periods faster or postpones it so you can have it later. This remedy helps you because of the acidic properties present in lemon.

Acidic juices rent in lemon, so they help to detoxify the body and help your uterine lining to open quicker.

So all you need is a glass full of lemon juice, take 1 lemon and a glass of water. Squeeze the whole lemon to the water, now you have to run this glass of lemon juice and shorten your period.

8). Drink Ginger


Same as lemon juice, drinking ginger is also beneficial on how to make your period end faster. Ginger has the anti-inflammatory properties that make changes to the prostaglandin.

It is a hormone released during menstruation, so your uterus expels and causes the blood to flow. Ginger is a great home remedy if anyone wants to delay her menstruations.

But if you have taken medicines in the past to stop your periods and suffered from the blood clotting issues then this is not an option for you.

So those who are comfortable taking this, take a small piece of ginger, and add it to a hot cup of water.

Now Crush the ginger and let it soak in hot water for a few minutes. Now, you need to trim it or separate the water from ginger and add honey to the water.

You need to drink it while it’s warm, do it 2-3 times a day and you can shorten or skip your periods.

9). Consume Raspberry Tea

Raspberry Tea

Raspberry tea is effective on how to make your period end faster because if the astringent properties.

The properties work to stimulate or when the uterine contractions, so you experience more blood flow in less time and get your period end faster.

It also keeps you from pain and cramps. Raspberry is really beneficial for a female because of the minerals and vitamins that help in menstrual cycles.

To start with the process, take some fresh raspberries to boil them in 2 cups of water. Now keep it on heat for 10 to 15 minutes and when it gets cool, strain it and consume the tea.

It starts fastening the period process when you consume it 2-3 times at the first day of your period.

10). Use Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

It is the easiest way to end up the periods faster, and it is easily available at everyone’s home.

Coconut is enriched with several antioxidants and fatty acids. It ends up your period by reducing the blood flow and helps to stop it.

If you’re going for an urgent setting where you don’t want your periods to come or want a very light period the coconut is the remedy for you.

If you take the remedy, you will get rid of changing those napkins again and again by reducing your flow instantly!

You just need to swallow a teaspoon full of coconut oil but keep in mind to consume only organic or extra virgin coconut oil.

If you feel bad about the idea of gulping the coconut oil, then you can mix it in your favorite drink and then take it in your mouth.

11). Take Green Beans

Green Beans

Green beans contain minerals and calcium, so they can be helpful with menstrual cramps if you experience heavy cramps.

You just simply need to add green beans to your diet by frying them to have a good taste. Other than this adding these with your salad is another great option.

12). Drink Enough Water

Drinks enough water

It is the last remedy here but not the least because drinking plenty of water helps to shorten the periods.

When you drink a lot of water, your body takes the fluid and run it through your body which also includes the blood in your uterus.

Drink enough water or some healthy fluids to work with how to make your period end faster effectively.  Plus, it improves your body’s metabolism and doesn’t let you face any pain or discomfort.

If you are confused that how much water you should take in a day, then divide the total weight of your body by 2.

So if your body weight is 42 kg, then you should drink at least 20 ounces of water a day to keep you well-hydrated.

Other healthy intakes like green tea, fruit and vegetable juices or coconut water can be taken as well.

But don’t try drinking caffeine, alcohol or any type of soft drinks to prevent you from any downside.

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Final Words

These are all the remedies that work effectively on the make your period end faster.  You just need to follow these regularly as described and you can see your periods getting light and fast.

You can also consult your doctor for how to make your period end faster if you feel super pain and heavy menstrual.

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