CPAP Alternatives for Sleep Apnea

Are you a Sleep Apnea patient and looking for CPAP Alternatives?

Are you facing issues with the CPAP mask?

If yes then we come up with the best alternatives of CPAP.  Sleep Apnea is one of the serious problems that require the attention of the doctors.

CPAP therapy is one of the most useful Sleep Apnea treatments options and recommended by the experts to those who are facing sleep apnea. There are several patients who try to avoid the CPAP treatment. Even according to some doctors, “CPAP is hard to tolerate by some of the patients”.

Treatment of the Sleep apnea can genuinely affect the patient’s quality of life and health.

Let’s get started without further delay.

CPAP Alternatives for Sleep Apnea

Several alternatives are available of the CPAP treatment. In this article, we have discussed the best sleep apnea CPAP alternatives.

1. The Oral Appliance

Oral Appliance

The oral appliance is the best alternative to CPAP. The Oral Appliance is so useful and it helps to stop the collapse of the tongue and the tissues in the back that supporting the jaw in the forward position and it opens the airway during the sleep.

When you can try?

It  is an alternative therapy for the mind moderate OAT. Alternative therapy can be used when the CPAP for the all OSA. It is one of the most use CPAP alternatives.


There is some patience that lower BMI has the highest success ratio when they use the oral appliance.  It is so effective for the superior DPM.  Patient who has the craniofacial and the lower jaw and sited behind the upper jaw shows the best success when they use the oral appliance.  Person who has the neck problem cannot use the oral appliance.

Patience who never try Oral appliance.

If you are patient with sleep apnea then oral appliance is the treatments for sleep apnea but if you are facing the issues such as disk displacement then it is not useful for you.

Concern and Solutions

Concern: There is no way of the understanding if OAT will work on the patience before it tried on it.

Solution:  it is important that physicians and doctors examine the teeth, airway and jaw of the patient. They also need to study the sleep to determine the success.

Concern: it doesn’t measure the compliance

Solution: It became common throughout the years. According to the research there is no difference between the objective and the self-reported OAT. So when doctors get the reports for the patience which became quite useful.

2. Winx Sleep Therapy System

Winx Sleep Therapy System

Winx sleep therapy system is one of the best alternatives to CPAP. Winx generate the negative pressure in the oral cavity. It helps to draw the soft plate and uvula forward and tongue position.

When to try?

If CPAP treatment is fails and first line and first therapy for the patients who choose to fix it.

Other Consideration

It is one of the best for those patients who prefer to be able to change the position during the sleep.

Patience who never try this

If patience is facing the lung decease then they should never try this. Even who has advance periodical disease and lost their teeth should never use. It’s not recommended for the under 18 people.

Concern and solutions

Concern: Before trying, it cannot say that it will work or not.

Solutions:  It is effective because it studied already in the lab.

3. Surgery for Sleep Arena

Surgery is one of the most common sleep amnea treatment options. It helps to decrease the tissues on the throat that break or block your airway.

Just take in your mind that some surgeries are not so complex and some are. Once you undergo the surgery to treat with the sleep arena means the surgeries in the below areas.

  1. Tongue
  2. Upper Jaw and lower jaw
  3. Soft plate
  4. Uvula
  5. Tonslis and adenoids

Before you go for the surgery you must ask the following questions to the doctors.

  1. What is the risk?
  2. What are the side effects?
  3. What is the success rate?
  4. How it helps?
  5. Why surgery is better than CPAP treatment?

Surgery is not available for everyone. Some people get the benefits from it but some people will not. Here are some of the side effects of the surgery.

  1. Feeling of pain
  2. Bleeding
  3. Throat swelling
  4. You can’t eat oily and junk food for few weeks.
  5. You need to stay the overnight to the hospital.

Even the benefits may be not able to stay long lasting so it’s not a good option among the CPAP alternatives. Sleep arena reoccurs after some time.

Who can try this?

According to research, surgeries are not as effective in treating the sleep arena as CPAP.  If the CPAP and oral appliance didn’t work then there lot of surgeries are available for it.

4. Weight Management Program

Weight lose can be one of the best sleep apnea treatment options.  An overweight person has the issues with airway because he has thick necks.

Who can try this?

If you are overweight then you must try weight management program. There is no guarantee that losing the weight.

What to keep in Mind?

It is unlikely to make a difference in patient with the narrow nasal Passage.

5. Night Shift

It is one kind of device which worn on the back of the neck.  The device has been started when patient sleeps.  It increases the intensity of vibration until position change occurs.

When you should try?

If the CPAP combine with OSA, Oral appliance therapy and surgery proven are not help to improve the results then you can consider this one of the best CPAP options.


It helps to avoid the complication from the slide sleeping and patient should choose the pillow which is comfortable with the device.

Patience who never try night shift

If a patient has the shoulder and neck pain then they must avoid this device. Even a person who has skin sensitivity should avoid the night shift.

Concern and Solutions

Concern: It is reactive and it doesn’t keep patience off his back to start with.

Solution:  it can be one of the advantages. It provides the feedback before 15 minutes before starting the position.

6. Provent Sleep Alpena Therapy

Provent Sleep Alpena Therapy

It helps the patient to breathe freely. When the valve closes air pass through then it directed through two air small channels.  It helps to maintain the pressure, Increase the pressure and keep the airway open until the start of the next inhalation.

When you can try?

Once the treatment of CPAP fails the prevent Sleep Alpena theory has been used. Even it is also used with the chin strap therapy.


The ideal patient are diagnosed moderate OSA patient without the significance and when CPAP compliant patient and looking for the CPAP alternatives of the travel.

Patient should never try this

If patience is facing the breathing disorder, heart disease and the infection then they should never try this.

Concern and Solutions

Concern: It can’t able to measure the compliance.

Solution: There is a tool which helps to study the device and it shows it’s effective.

Concern:  There is no way to know that it works or not.

Solution: it’s like a medication, the only way to know that it will work or not is by using for at least for a week.

7. Positional Therapy

It is one of the behaviour strategies to treat the positional sleep arena.  If you are sleeping in the back then it’s probably the reason that you are facing sleep apnea.  It is also called as the supine position.

The therapy consist the device that you need to wear on the back. It helps you to sleep in the side position.

Who is it for?

According to research, position therapy is quite useful and effective for the patient.  Even it’s good therapy for those who couldn’t face the CPAP and OSA.

8. Changing Habits

There are several life style changes are available which help to snoring and improve the quality of the sleep. If you leave your bad habits such as drinking and smoking a cigar ate then you can get rid of the airway collapse.

If you stop drinking the alcohol then it helps to relax throat muscles sleep apnea. If you are still not feel the comfortable then you can also go with the cognitive behavioural therapy.  Even behavioural sleep specialist helps to get rid of the thoughts and the behaviour which is stopping you to sleep. It is not one of the best CPAP alternatives.

9. Oral Pressure Therapy

Oral Pressure Therapy

In this therapy, the vacuum pressure has been used to suction the soft plate towards the middle of the mouth with the objective of nasal airways.

Key takes away

  • If you are not comfortable with CPAP treatment then you can go for the alternative therapy.
  • Majority of people think that wearing a mask is difficult so they are going for the CPAP alternatives

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You must take the suggestion of the therapist before trying any CPAP alternatives. It depends upon your issue which CPAP alternative you will use because everybody has a unique issue. Every alternative is not available for the every patient but talk to the doctors to know the best alternative for you.

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