CometChat 4th of July SALE: The Ultimate Chat Interface for Mobile Apps and Websites

Super-advanced chat functionalities aren’t limited to just Billion dollar corporations anymore! Although Cometchat has a client-base which includes some of the top organizations and institutions on the planet, including JP Morgan Chase, Harvard University, Polaris etc. It has contrastingly brought forward an extremely pocket-friendly 4th of July sale even for the light-pocket newcomers!

Let’s give you some reasons to consider Cometchat, and let me tell you the sale offers and discounts are available both for new registrations as well as existing customers so worry not!

Why should you care?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, and didn’t pay a lot of attention to the industry, you’ve missed out on some big opportunities.

E-mails were a thing of the past, today people believe in instant, real-time conversations and solutions to their problems.

And not just problem solving, you can also send the offers, discounts, and every other conversion booster strategy you can think of using the same chat box!

The thing is, if you’re serious about your digital presence, you’re going to need a chat-software. Not just any software, but one which tops the charts when it’s compared to others. And once you have a glimpse of what Cometchat is offering, you’ll not have a lot of doubt left regarding the statement.

So what’s being offered?

Facebook Style Floating Chatbox:- Doesn’t matter if you own a blog, a company, or anything else. As long as it’s on an URL, Cometchat let’s you turn it into your own social –network by integrating a Facebook styled chatbox at a position you prefer!

Facebook style floating chatbox

Desktop Chat Messenger:- You don’t have to shell out a fortune, or mortgage your house in order to get a full-fledged, white-labelled desktop chat messenger developed now! That’s included along with Cometchat as well! Your very own messenger app!

Desktop Chat Messenger

Let me come clean and tell you that even without the 4th of July discounts, I still feel Cometchat is “Under-priced”.

Because the kind of features and functionalities being offered, if developed individually will cost a Fortune, literally!

Not to mention the “not so professional” support or haphazard management. But with Cometchat, not only is the support great, but the integration as well. In most cases it takes less than 5 minutes to set it up completely!

Not just Admin-Visitor, but Visitor to Visitor chats supported as well:-

This is what makes it a “social-network” kind of chat-software. With Cometchat, your visitors can interact among themselves as well, add friends and what not!

So that’s one more reason for them to come back to your platform. It gives your website the potential to be a real-time, chat-supported forum where like-minded people can come, interact, and solve their problems without you needing to intervene.

You don’t have Fancy Servers, Not a problem!

There are numerous chat softwares out there offering the 4th of July sale maybe, but why are we talking only about Cometchat?

Well because it was built keeping the “startup” factors in mind, impounding only the minimum-server load, so even if you’ve the worst servers on the planet; Cometchat won’t mind and run seamlessly on your platform.

A list of Advanced Functionalities

Apart from letting you create a custom, white-labelled (with your custom branding) mobile messenger as well as desktop app, here are some of the reasons why Cometchat is “the” chat software to go with:-

  • Video chat
  • Mobile SDK (Integrate chat into your own mobile app).
  • Automatic translation of foreign languages to your local ones!
  • Real-time document collaborations supported!
  • Games available to keep the users engaged.
  • Screen-sharing functionalities.

And these are just a fraction, a figment of what’s possible with Cometchat.

Universal Integration

Doesn’t matter if you’ve a custom coded HTML site, WordPress, Joomla, Ning, Oxwal or any other CMS or OS powering you.

Cometchat supports you, period!

It can be integrated with nearly every popular (and not so popular) CMS and coding language out there.

Universal Integration4th of July SALE!

4th of July SALE!

  • Sale for new customers, on the general products.
  • Sale on “Upgrades” in case you wish to upgrade your package!
  • Need to renew your subscription? Can’t be a better time than this!

And there’s something special to the mix!

Exclusive 4th of July STICKERS! Show off your patriotism (or even just support and love for America?)

Grab the deals here, they’re limited and are being snatched like hot potatoes!

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