CometChat Review – An Ideal Chat Software for your Website

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of social networking platforms these days, and the major reason behind it are people who are fond of being a part of network and wish to interact with likeminded people. In such a scenario, the chat feature plays an immensely important role. To build up a community of warm and engaged people, it is essential to give them a platform where they can communicate with each other. While chatting might seem a simple task to do, building up chat feature involves lots of efforts and also has various complications associated with it. CometChat is one of the amazing software which enables you add seamless chat features and also makes it convenient to be used on mobile app. Go through CometChat review to learn more about it.

CometChat Review

CometChat Review: What is CometChat?

CometChat is PHP chat software with the help of which users can interact with each other at utmost ease. This software enables users to do almost everything which is possible with other applications like Hangout, WhatsApp etc. So, while using this app, you can easily chat, message, send or receive files, get engaged in voice conferences etc.  This is not all; the users can also expect to play games after integrating it with CometChat. In a nutshell, it is one of the best applications which enables you integrate different features and make the most of it.

CometChat PHP Software

Features of CometChat

A variety of features is available in CometChat, which can further be upgraded with each version. To get an insight into all the features let’s go through the CometChat review below.

Complete Messaging App

It is a complete messaging app which is convenient for users to use. It is built in with all the necessary and additional features which are essential for users to interact. One of the core features of CometChat is that it also facilitates broadcasting feature to the users. The users can share single message to several users at a point of time.

Options of Group Chats and Video Conferences

With CometChat, the users get the ability to chat in groups. Apart from this, video conferences can also be organized with peers such that ways of communication can be improvised. Hence for users, whose requirement includes group chats and video conferences, CometChat is probably one of the best options to go with.

Enjoy Gaming with CometChat

It is an additional feature which is just perfect to keep users engaged with the app. A variety of games can be found here. So, whenever you are getting bored, CometChat is the right software to switch to. There are 5 HTML games available that come with full browser support. Hence, for the users, who are thinking of opting for CometChat, they must note the additional benefit and feature of gaming.

Secure To Use

For users who are choosing CometChat, they should be aware that chat mechanism of the software is completely safe and secure to use. The users who want additional security can keep their group chats password protected restricting other users from accessing it. Thus, the users on CometChat need not have to worry about their privacy and security at all.

Chat Bots

It is one of the most popular features which even Facebook has integrated into its messenger platform. With the availability of chat bots, user engagement can be built with the brand. Like other chat software, CometChat also has chat bots that can be of great help to the users in different ways. One of the prominent features is that you can ask the questions to the bot between the chat without having to leave the conversation.

Available On Multiple Platforms

CometChat is available on various platforms in which your service or network is working. Thus, the application can be used on the web and also accessed as a desktop app. Apart from this, there is also the option of CometChat integration with both Android and iOS mobile platforms. For users, who wish to develop the Android/iOS app on their own can get the mobile chat SDK from CometChat official website.

Huge Plugin Library

One of the most interesting features of CometChat is that there are various plugins and add-ons enabling the users to integrate CometChat with their product. With these plugins, various features can be integrated which were not available with the product earlier.

How is CometChat the best software?

CometChat has been rated as one of the best software because it is easy to integrate with other products and is available at affordable prices. Moreover, the users can have access to the software on various platforms without having to think much before accessing it. The users who are still in doubt can even refer to the CometChat reviews left by past users and their amazing experience of using the app. Hence, the users who are looking for a good chatting platform then CometChat is probably the software to go with.


When it comes to pricing of CometChat, it is available in different plans to suit the needs of varied kind of users. One of the best things about the software is that it is available at one-time cost not requiring the users to pay for any monthly or yearly subscription charges. While ‘Professional’ package enables you to access basic features of CometChat at USD 129, the ‘Premium’ edition is available at USD 249. If you opt for the premium edition, you can have access to both professional and additional features. There is also ‘Platinum’ edition which is priced at USD 499 and has additional features of video calls, screen sharing etc.

The Last Words

Hence, the users looking for PHP chat integration software for their network can turn to the CometChat. It has almost all the features available that a user can expect from chat software. Along with it, CometChat also enables the users to play games. If we consider CometChat from the perspective of communication, even then the software scores ten on ten. Thus, CometChat is undoubtedly the best software that is rich in chat integration features with other networks giving utmost convenience to the users.

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