How to Tell If a Guy Likes You Body Language

Want to know how to tell if a guy likes you body language?

Sometimes it can be a bit hard to find if a guy likes you or not in the way that you like him. Men also can be hard sometimes if they don’t want their feelings guessed by anyone.

A guy also feels it hard to reveal his feelings for a girl, but there are some steps here on how to tell if a shy guy likes you body language.

By using these steps in your life, you can fairly know his feelings for you and also get to know if he wants to go on a date with you.

Normally men make the first move when it comes to dating their woman. But there are several cases where a guy feels shy or unable to ask his feeling.

What should you do if you are stuck in this condition? Well, to ease the process I bring you a list of signs on how to tell if a guy likes you body language so you can decide his liking for you.

So just stay close to my list of signs a guy likes you body language and enlighten yourself.

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You Body Language

Let’s get started with tips.

1). Check His Closeness with You

Check this sign first that how close he stays with you while talking or having a conversation. The more close he is, the more he is into you.

His closeness shows that he is dying to be near you and if he is making distance or if he is at a normal distance then you need to check other options here on how to tell if a shy guy likes you body language.

So you can always find you by the distance near you, a guy always stays closer to the girl he likes. He may also take a distance if he is a shy type of guy, so don’t reach any conclusion.

2). See the Way He Looks

Another best method is to observe his way of looking. Whenever you two talk or standing at a distance, you just need to observe his eyes that how he looks at you.

Do you see the lust in those eyes or they are just normal like any other guy? Also, notice if he tries to make eye contact with you and how often does he do it.

Other than the eyes’ work, you can check his way of smiling at you and if he blushes when you look at him, so follow this one carefully to go successfully with how to tell if he likes you body language.

3). His Pupils Are Widen

This one can also help you; you just need to check his pupils while talking. If you notice that his pupils are getting wider whenever he sees you then probably he feels for you, and when you come closer, his mind knows, and it makes his eyes wider.

So go with the pupils’ test and find out if he is in love with you and you continue to examine him through these steps on how to tell if a guy likes you body language.

4). See His Face Expressions

You can easily use this method of how to tell if a guy likes you body language by just checking his facial expressions.

Test if he is bored of listening to you as it is very easy to observe and you can also tell if he likes it very much to be around you and to have a talk with you.

When he is indeed in you, he never gets bored and makes his face like a lump, but he eagerly asks new things and put questions and tries to take the talk forward.

So always look for his gestures he shows like if he raises his eyebrows or smiles then these are good signs, but if he makes weird faces or does not look in your eyes then you should move on.

5). He Is Being Manly

If he feels anything for you, then he can also try showing off his body. If he goes gymming, then he can make excuses to show off his muscles and put off his shirt in front of you.

So if he does the same to you then take it a good sign that the man is eagerly waiting for you. So if you are observing his ways of showing manliness, then he is trying to impress you.

For example, if you two are seeing a horror movie then no matter how much he is scared but he would never show you that he is afraid of ghosts or some small creatures like spiders.

So just check the type of actions and make your move to other steps here on how to tell if a guy likes you body language.

6). He Acts Nervous Around You

A guy who is shy would always act like a nervous one when you’re around. When you feel for someone and can’t say anything, then you act like a nervous person.

So this is a sign that you can catch easily and know if he acts to be calm and relaxed around you. For example, if you talk to him, he clicks the pen again and again with his thumb or may adopt any other thing to keep away his nervous face.

But if you don’t find any sign of nervousness then don’t worry because some guys are really good to keep their nervousness away from their girls.

So in this case, you should start looking some other signs on how to tell if a guy likes you body language.

7). He Touches His Hair

When you are around him or talking to him directly, watch him if he runs his fingers through his hair or touches hair again and again.

Guys do it, especially when they try to look good and smart in front of someone they feel for. So if he is doing the same, then chances are he attempts to impress you.

So seek your guy for running his fingers to keep his hair looking good and continue testing him by these steps on how to tell if a guy likes you body language.

8). He Gives You Presents

He brings you gifts or presents at the most unexpected time and when none of your friends think about it.

So if he surprises you with peasants other than your birthday and Christmas without any reason, then you should take it as a sign that he cares about you.

9). He Always Tries To Touch You

He feels for you and his means he wants you so you can also notice that he tries to touch you not directly but by making excuses.

A guy always wants to make a body contact with his girl. If the same he is trying with you like holding your hands, brush your face or touches any of your body parts then consider it as a positive sign.

10). He Tries To Look Handsome

He is always well-groomed when you see him. He is always in the best attire like shirt tucked in, proper belt, clean clothes, a handkerchief, great shoes then you can also take this one as a good sign.

If he goes by you and smells fresh and use perfume to smell good, then he is making efforts for you to get you attracted to him.

11). He Checks Your Entire Body

His eyes are always on your body rolling from top to bottom and bottom to top. He checks everything about you, not in a creepy way but in a way that a guy checks his girl.

So if he does check your body but like a gentleman, admires you for your clothing choice, your lipstick, touches your necklace then be happy because he appreciates your beauty as he is interested in you.

So this way of desperately checking you out is a good thing among all other ways of how to tell if a guy likes you body language.

12). His Attention Is All For You

You can consider this one when it’s about the signs of how to tell if a guy likes you body language. He has a crush on you or has feelings for you so you can catch him anytime.

He doesn’t say “no” when it is about you, and he is always ready whenever you ask him to attend your place. So this way, his entire attention is just for you and if you agree on it then clearly he sees his chances with you.

For example, if you’re at a party, then he turns his face again and again just to see you, and he makes sure that you are all good but without making it noticeable.

Sometimes, you don’t need to look for this sign because he can be in a hurry because of an emergency and may end up with the party.

13). He Is Always There To Help You

You can use this also from the list of signs on how to tell if a guy likes you body language. This guy is always ready to help you, and he is always happy to be around you.

He often offers you his jacket when you feel cold, his umbrella when you are in the rain and assists you with everything whenever you feel helpless then he is the guy who likes you.

14). He Acts Protective

When he is with you, he always tries his best to protect you in every situation. He never wants you to feel harassed or in trouble by anyone else.

This guy always acts protective when you are with him and defend you from every trouble, and he is there just like your first-aid kit.

Make a Plan to Get Him after Working on These Body Languages

If you think that your guy is a shy person, then there are chances that you have to encourage him to so he can ask you for a date or just any casual meeting.

If you want him to reveal his feelings, you have to make a connection with him first so you two can talk comfortably.

Now you have worked on how to tell if a guy likes you body language, so it’s time to start a conversation first to get his attention and to provoke him to want you more.

You have to create excuses on that he can talk to you like you can ask him for a casual day walk. Wear a stunning dress and also carry some accessories.

So when he would see you, he praises you for your dressing sense and other things and this way, you two get to talk.

A list of questions to ask him can also be helpful but without showing it. This way, he will ask you the same or other questions.

It will create a comfort zone for you two and next time he can ask you for a date or just anywhere to hang out like a movie, a park or restaurant.

You have to invite him after getting his feelings using methods on how to tell if a guy likes you body language.

So this way, break the ice first and be more comfortable with each other for next time and enjoy your time together.

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There are certain ways that you can learn how to tell if a guy likes you body language. There are some effective ones that are very easy to get and apply on him to catch his feelings for you.

If you use these methods and examine him closely, you will surely find if he is into you or not through his body language. So try this list of signs he likes you body language and get to know if he also has a crush on you or not.

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