17 Short Girl Problems That Every Short Girl Faces

Being short is not just a matter of height, but it affects you in many ways. When you are short in height, you face several short girl problems that are far away from taller girls.

People take it too seriously that you are a short girl and the worst ones when they show pity on you. You feel sad because you may need someone’s help just for picking up some pocket if chips in the general store.

Other than just facing trouble for reaching the cupboard, there are so many craps in this world that are short girl problems.

Being short is sometimes offensive too, and you feel like rejects from the society.  The most embarrassing situation is when you face any taller girl to talk and you are like staring a satellite.

These girls always face short girl problems because they feel the whole world is ditching them just for being short in height without seeing their other traits.

17 Short Girl Problems That Every Short Girl Faces

So I here bring you the list of short girl problems, so have a look here and find out what are these possible short girl problems.

1. Swimming Pool Is Not Something You Enjoy

Everyone is a fan of swimming pools and especially in summers, but for short girls, it is more like a trouble.

So when it comes to enjoy swimming pool or take swimming classes, short girl problems arise.

There are several things comes in your mind like: you should try out kids’ pool because of the short height, what if you float in the adult’s pool, what if anyone makes fun of you.

You feel all this, because you feel like drowning in the pool and you can’t do anything about it.

When you are in the pool, you automatically draw everyone’s attention, and that is not a good thing. Even your friends notice it, and you think about making short friends and hang out with them.

2. Sitting behind a Tall Person Is Really a Crap

It is also one of short girl problems because you always feel like a baby around everyone. For example, if you have ticket for a movie and you are sitting behind a taller person chances are you’re going to miss the entire picture.

You may also feel it like a funny scene where you have the ticket but can’t watch your favourite movie. Also, other people make fun of you because of this seating arrangement.

Though getting rid of this situation is quite easy, all you have to do is just ask another person for changing the seat with yours.

But in many cases, you may feel awkward if the person asks you the reason for changing the seats and the whole moment can get ruined.

3. Gym Is Like a Giant Hall

Going to a gym is a good idea but not always because even there you have to endure the trouble which is twice as compared to the tall people.

Suppose if you have to deal with the exercise balls, you feel like who made these giant balls because you are unable to use them properly.

4. If You Are In the Bar, You Are In Trouble

This one out of other short girl problems is really common because going to pubs and bars is normal these days.

The moment of trouble is when you raise your hand for putting an order, and no one can see you because of the other long hands around.

So you face trouble even with bartenders and t is really difficult to put an order for your favorite liquor until you are standing face to face or ask someone else to order for you.

There are some options to make you noticed by people around you. These activities are somewhat funny, but you have to do it to get your drink.

You can shout, stand on the bar’s counter or create a scene. So, short girls have to think a lot just to get a glass of beer.

Now you are by the road for a cab after getting done with the bar’s and bartender’s things. Luckily you can get your drink, but you face a lot of difficulties when you need to get a cab to reach home.

You may feel blended with the crowd because you are short and no one hears when you yell “Taxi.”

Tall people always have this with ease without getting their lungs in the mouth and this way it is also a major one among short girl problems.

5. Dresses Are Just Not For Your Height

Even if you wear a sweatshirt, it seems like a dress on your body that you don’t need to wear anything like bottoms.

You may get in several funny moments and awkward also when you go for to buy a dress. You may have heard sentences like “Sorry, Ma’am we don’t have short dresses” or “you should check kids’ section.”

I know these are really embarrassing moments because you don’t feel like a kid anymore and you are mature enough to be in adults section.

So it’s not just about the sweatshirts because it is difficult every time you go for shopping, and you hardly find that one dress that goes somewhat good with you.

If you are a fan of miniskirts, then just forget it because either they are midi or maxi according to your height but not mini. So if you really want a mini dress, you have to tailor it yourself otherwise, no chance.

Just like finding dresses, finding pants is also false in short girl problems because you are stuck either in the case of waist or height of that pair of pant.

Short ladies always need some changes to wear clothes, and so they have to avoid several; fashionable clothes because they are just out of reach to their bodies.

6. Everyone Says “Oh You’re Short.”

You always notice it people saying these types of sentences like “Gosh, you are really small” “how adorable your height is” “you are like a tiny creature” etc.

People say it without any reason and just because your height, so you may feel these moments awkward as you clearly have nothing effective to say in return.

7. Working All Day with Stools


Shirt girls always feel like they should carry a step stool everywhere. It might be a joke for people with tall heights but if you are a short one you may feel like a child because you need a stool to execute your every work.

Even in the workplace, you may require steps tolls the entire day and may get comments on your height or people murmuring for how short you are.

You may feel getting stool even when you want to see in that mirror and sometimes the big height of stool in case your mirror is not reachable.

So this is really weird when you get stools everywhere, and so this one is my list of short girl problems. You may need these stools everywhere like in the kitchen, bedroom, and even bathrooms sometimes.

8. Your Every Single Pound Is Noticeable

I, You think that you are short so your weight is not noticeable because of your tiny body structure. But it is only a myth because when short people get a pound, they may get more noticeable.

As your figure is small, you have to be careful about your diet because no one wants to look like a walking potato.

So you may face these short girl problems because of extra weight, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take a healthy and balanced diet.

You are under pressure for just everything, but you have to follow a healthy lifestyle with a gymming routine.

9. You Are Always a Teenager

It is another trouble in short girl problems because no matter what you age is, people always see you like a teenager and see you as a 15 years old girl.

Sometimes you can be asked for showing your ID before entering a bar or pub or any place where teenagers are not allowed.

10. You Are Always Cute To Everyone

You always hear words like you’re cute or so cute and you can’t do anything about it because it is your height and not your appearance.

It also gets among short girl problems because you are just tired of hearing this word “cute” and now it is an awful word for you.

There is nothing made for you like “sexy” or “hot” but just cute. People also call you “fun-size” and “candy sized” sometimes.

11. People Feel You Helpless

You are short, so you need help everywhere and especially with those shelves that are out of your reach.

You may get help easily, but it is because people find you helpless and not because they want to get friendly with you. So it is just helping you out and then goodbye thing always.

12. Bring In Concerts Is A Waste of Money

This is also a major trouble among short girl problems because everyone from every generation wants to become in concerts.

Imagine a situation, where a concert is happening in your city of your favorite singer or band, you have got the tickets, but when you reached the venue, you get nothing to watch but the heads.

You feel like the crowd is going to put their steps or unable to see you and you feel exhausted. The whole money thing is wasted, and you can’t do anything about it except some moves like jumping, hoping to catch a few looks of your favorite dude.

13. Your Walking Speed Is Always Less

Walking speed is also included in the short girl problems, it doesn’t matter how fast you walk because you’re two steps is equal top women’s only one step.

When people can get the bus just by walking fast, you have to cover the distance like you are running a marathon.

You try really hard to match steps with your partner while walking around holding his hands and there is nothing left romantic because you have to focus on your speed.

14. People Think You Are Made For Their Shoulders

Your friends and family members always find you a good thing but just for losing their shoulders on you.

They really think that you don’t have any problem and they take it casually when you try to pull off their hands off.

15. Your Feet Don’t Touch the Floor

It’s not just about sitting on a regular chair or stool, but you face this issue even while riding your bike or car because putting your steps on the ground is like a dream for you.

You always feel like hanging in the middle of something, and there is no way to get the ground until you are off of your vehicle.

People who are less than 4 feet face troubles reaching the pedals, and it seems like driving is not just your thing.

16. You Feel like Your Head Is Only for Patting

Just like you pat your puppy or cat, others don’t feel any difficulty in patting your head or back.  You find it really frustrating sometimes and even yell, but due to the short height, you again start getting those pat moves.

17. Walking Through a Huge Crowd Is Like Calling Your Death

If there is a rush going on the road and unfortunately you are walking with it, you may feel like calling your death because no one sees you actually and you feel like you are going to die if you don’t walk with all open brain.


When you are short, you have to face uncountable short girl problems that do not get less with time but increase as your age steps forward. You always look for someone who can help you, and it seems impossible sometimes to carry all the things perfectly.

Though you don’t always have to see the short girl problems but start focusing on advantages and live your life to the fullest.

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