Top 10 Sexy Chinese Women (Models & Actresses)

Top 10 Sexy Chinese Women: China has gained its reputation over the years for technology and in the glamour world as well. It is a well-known country for its extreme quality fighting films including Karate, wushu and other types of Martial arts.

China has not only gained a reputation for this real and high quality of fighting genre, but glamour here is full of Chinese beauties, and I am going to introduce you to these hot sexy Chinese women through this article.

Just like the western countries, China Wood has also made efforts in term of qualities in their movies genre, and their actresses are always dedicated towards their work, they are beautiful, talented and always passionate.

In this list, it is all about Chinese sexy women who are in the top 10 list for their beauty and glamour. To know about them more, just read out this article here on hot sexy Chinese women, some of them are actresses, some are Chinese models.

Top 10 Sexy Chinese Women (Models & Actresses)

So get your brain off from the western glamour and get to know about the beauty and hotness of these Asian celebrities from China.

1). Du Juan

Du Juan

Du Juan, a Chinese fashion model, and actress who also used to be a ballet dancer. Du Juan took birth on September 15, 1982 and her birthplace is Shanghai, China.

In the history, she was the only supermodel who recognized as the International Chinese supermodel. As her super records, she was the only face on the cover of Vogue Paris from China and the Vogue China, she has appeared there a total of 13 times which is a greater number than any celebrity in China.

Du pursued a career as a ballet dancer for 9 years at the prestigious Shanghai Theatre Academy. She found it difficult to continue her ballet career because of her height, so it was tough to find a dance partner for Du who is over six feet.

She has performed as a Ford Supermodel and done several runways for brands like Valentino, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Roberto Cavalli and Chanel in 2006. These brands were the days of a debut for this beautiful Chinese model.

Other than working for these four runways, she has also lived as a global spokesperson for the international brands like Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Gap, etc. and these qualities make her best among sexy Chinese women of all the times.

2). Zhang Yuq

Zhang Yuq

Zhang Yuqi (born 8 August 1986), she has another name as Kitty Zhang who works as a Chinese actress.  She got her first major role in 2008’s CJ7 which was a fantasy drama film released in 2008 with Stephen Chow, Xu Jiao and Zhang Yuq herself.

This movie brought her a lot of media attention and brightened her further career. Zhang’s birthplace is Dezhou, Shandong, but she left there when she was 15 to learn acting in Shanghai.

There she was chosen for a role in ‘The Longest Night in Shanghai’ as a minor released in 2007. Then she was hired by an agency of Stephen Chow after seeing her in the ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

She was trained in acting, dancing, and singing, so she successfully made her debut from the film CJ7. She has a place among several hot Chinese models because she has natural beauty and also the smartness to initiate every work perfectly.

When it comes to appearing in magazines, Zhang has made her appearance in several magazines like Elle and other famous ones. She was so chosen to be the guest of honor at the Montblanc Arts Awards.

3). Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing

Her birth date is 16 September 1981; she is a Chinese actress being a television producer and pop singer as well.

She got fame during 1998–1999 in China with the TV show My Fair Princess that was on the air those days. This mega hit became Fan a super hit actress in the East. After this hit, she played a role in the Chinese movie Cell Phone that earned the highest value that year and filled Fan with numerous awards.

Her both place was Qingdao, but she was raised in Yantai. She completed her studies from Shanghai Xie Jin Film and Television Art College and also attended the Shanghai Theatre Academy for her glamorous career.

Her debut TV show was Powerful Woman in which her roles were minor, but the TV show My Fair Princess enhanced her stardom and made her known to everyone in East.

Sue to her stardom and beautiful features, she really deserves a place among sexy Chinese women. She also got hired by the Hollywood after giving her super hit performances in movies Lost in Beijing that took her to perform in Iron Man 3, Stretch, and the latest X-Men series.

4). Lin Chi-ling

Lin Chi ling

Lin Chi-ling is a Taiwanese actress, model and also hosted some TV shows. She was born on 29 November 1974 to Lin Fan-nan and her mother, Wu Tzu-mei.

After some years, they settled in Taipei, and this is the birthplace of Lin and her elder brother Lin Chi-hong. For her schooling purposes, she attended Taipei Municipal Zhongzheng Junior High School. Later, Lin was discovered by Lin Chien-hua, a model talent scout when Lin was 15.

For her further study, she went to join Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, Canada, and then to the University of Toronto. There she did her bachelor degree, double-majoring in Western art history and economics.

She is undoubtedly sexy actress and Chinese model with utmost physical beauty that brings her a place among sexy Chinese women. When Lin got fame, the media there recognized her as “The First Face of Taiwan” who has also attended as a spokesperson for both China Airlines and Longines.

She had hosted several TV shows like TVBS-G LA Mode News, TVBS-G Fashion Track, the Golden Melody Awards, etc. with the lead role in the film Red Cliff and also in The Treasure Hunter.

5). Lynn Hung

Lynn Hung

She comes among these most sexy Chinese women when you talk about the East beauty. Lynn was born on 10 October 1980, she is known as Lynn Hung, she works as a fashion model and actress in Hong Kong.

Hung is a decent Chinese model, and she came into rumors for having the perfect sized breasts during a modeling scene. Her birthplace is Nanjing, China and she came into modeling activities in the year 2006 from Nanjing to Hong Kong.

Being a fashion model, she started working as an actress in 2008 after becoming one of the top models in China. In the following year, Lynn worked hard that established her as the highest-paid model like Gaile Lai, Taiwanese Lin Chi-ling, etc.

She also got famous as the girlfriend of Aaron Kwok, a famous singer of Hong Kong. Hung who is among these hot Chinese women, she went to learn costume design and arts at Soochow University to initiate her career brightly.

6). Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi

She is one of the hottest Chinese women, also known as Ziyi Zhang who is a well-known Chinese actress and model. Other than glamour, she is also known as one of the Dan Actresses in China who has a proficiency in Martial arts.

According to records, she has also got a place among ‘10 Most Beautiful Women in Asia.’ Her popularity is amazing in China; also she got a number one in a poll conducted by FHM.  She has achieved several awards like seven international awards for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for her great acting.

Zhang Ziyi is an evergreen beauty who always looks beautiful, elegant and sexy at the same time having a lot of talent as an actress and model.

She got birth on 9 February 1979, and she got her first major role in The Road Home released in 1999 before the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and beg united with director Zhang Yimou, her another name is Yimou Girl.

The best appearances of Zhang who is among sexy Chinese women can be seen in movies Rush Hour 2, The Banquet and House of Flying Daggers both released in 2006.

7). Gao Yuanyuan

Gao Yuanyuan

Gao, again a Chinese actress who is known as National Goddess for her beauty and her super refined acting skills. Yuanyuan was born on 5 October 1979 and her birth place is Beijing, China.

She did her graduation degree from China Institute of Industrial Relations. It was the year 1996 when Gao first entered the glamour industry. She didn’t perform any studies from drama academies; even then she is proficient in what she does.

She was spotted in the Beijing’s Wangfujing shopping district and later she was chosen for performing in a TV commercial that was for Meadow Gold ice-cream.

This woman takes place among the most sexy Chinese women because of her beauty and good looks that were ranked worldwide as being one among the most beautiful women in China.

She is a true inspiration for all the young ladies there and some of them decided to choose the modeling world because of the greatest influence of Gao Yuanyuan. She is also loved on social media by uncountable followers who support her and love her skills with her elegant beauty.

8). Bianca Bai

Bianca Bai

Bianca Bai is a 23 October 1982 born; she is famous as a Taiwanese actress and model. She got her education done for graduation from Shih Hsin University before starting a career as a model and actress.

She has done fashion runways for numerous brands and nominated as the Best Actress in 2010 Golden Bell Awards for her impeccable acting in Shining Days.

Bianca Bai is 34 years old now and she is recognized one of the hottest beauty in East and also the most respected female actress.

Before turning her career as an actress, she was a well-known model in East-Asia, and she always gave her best when she started as an actress. She is married now to Donald Tang and has given birth to a baby boy.

9). Chen Hao

Chen Hao

She is a Chinese actress, singer, and a fashion model, she got fame for the movie ‘Postman in the Mountains’ released in 1998. Her well-acted role gave her a chance to perform in more films and she started getting in news after her lead role in ‘“Li Wei the Magistrate’ which was a TV drama.

Chen Hao was born on December 9, 1979 and on her journey of providing some blockbusters, she got a role for the “Pink Ladies” that was surely a blockbuster in the Chinese market.

She won heart with her acting skills in this film where her role was a sensuous woman where her purpose was to fully use the males. In 2003, she made her work with “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” and this one among sexy Chinese women got her roaring success.

10). Lin Xinru

Lin Xinru

Her birth happened on January 27, 1976 and she has been working as an actress, TV producer, and also a pop singer. They collected millions of fans by her website Sina Weibo which is like a social media website in China.

She rolled in the film The Duke of Mount Deer released in 2000 and also in the Roman in the Rain released in the following year 2001. She has also starred in some TV dramas, and she has been recognized as the highest-earning Taiwanese actress as she was born in Taipei, Taiwan.

Lin first began her career as a part-time model when she was seventeen before entering the industry of acting. She got that Jasmine Tea TV commercial as her first one in 1994.

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Women from the East have always been the goddess of beauty due to their flawless skin, smooth tone, and ultra-fir skins. This article here introduced some of the sexy Chinese women so you can find out the beauties on the top in China.

Their beauty has been celebrated for years along with their unique talents in the China Wood industry. Read here about these beautiful Chinese women and share your opinions.

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